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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Saturday 02/10/10

2 messages
English M-Chief 117 - subject is closed
Thanks for clicking our link,so your asking yourself..why should i join SO? well,Spartan Omega is a guild that will never die and will always be here, its members are asked to be loyal and stick together to raise its stats and rep.

[HISTORY] Spartan Omega was created by a player named Master Chief and was founded on Astro Empires,Spartan Omega history runs back 2-3 years and will continue for however long its legacy will be carried to whatever game you travel to.

[REQUIRMENTS] there is non really, just be active and work to make the guilds averages better and keep its name alive.

[SO] Spartan Omega" target="_blank">http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_[SO] Spartan Omega
2 messages
English The Flash - subject is closed
is a fresh new guild that accepts anyone!First 5 members will be admin. Don't wait another moment just join today!
8 messages
English AntiAngel - subject is closed
I am Anti Angel the last guilds I have been in have fell apart or grown too big I am looking for a small english speaking guild and am lvl 25 post here or pm me.

I wont go down with out a fight
11 messages
English SKP Hando - subject is closed
Helle everybody,

How do you do ! I am Hando, a french player, i want to visit different Guild and perhaps join one of them.
My Personal best recorded, in the ELO Hall Of Fame, is 1389 ELO. And i have good result in DT too.
Do not hesitate to send me a message.

Sincerely yours,

Friday 01/10/10

3 messages
English (JD) - subject is closed
This is the time to join a guild that is rising to greater levels. Legends of the Dark is growing and we need skilled players who are commited in representing our guild to the fullest. When facing victory or defeat we never leave the battle field. Our players play till the very end with honor and respect. We are recruting levels 18 to 30. Must have a low withdraw rate. http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1102730
2 messages
English UE_SUPER - subject is closed
Welcome to http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1108847 ! A guild looking for loyal, active, and rule following members that can show respect to all and will expect the same respect back. We have the following requirements to be in this guild.. 1. Must be 20+ 2. MUST be a active player 3.ELO
We are not just here for the moment but people who intend to be around for years to come. If that sounds like its up your ally then you may just fit in fine. Any questions contact me and ill answer as soon as i get it.
Thursday 30/09/10

6 messages
English Evinral - subject is closed
Hello! We are a fun orientated small guild just starting out, wanting to make a name for ourselves. We are accepting all types of players, from collectors to ELO enthusiasts. Message Evinral for an invite!!
3 messages
English Cashtrion_HoA - subject is closed

This is a guild for anyone...if they like to bluff or lie.

Anyone can join, but i do ask for you to be active(No im not asking for 24/7).
Wednesday 29/09/10

11 messages
English Green (TW) - subject is closed
Welcome to ! A guild looking for loyal, active, and rule following members that can show respect to all and will expect the same respect back. We have the following requirements to be in this guild.. 1. MUST be an active player 2. Must check the GB (guild board) often as in everyday multiple times a day 3.Must be in guild chat as long as you are in game, its only a box at the bottom of your screen. We do not carry Elo or Monthly BP requiremnts due to work, school etc. However we will do activity checks. ALL those who join and dont follow, will be removed. As we are a new guild currently accepting lvl 25+, green face or better. If your applying just to be in a guild, dont bother appling, its a waste of our time as well as yours. Its a commitment to be in a guild but remember just like anything else you only get out of it what you put in. We are not just ur everyday guild. We are memebers leaving an existing guild, that fell by the wayside due to lack of communication. We are not just here for the moment but people who intend to be around for years to come. If that sounds like its up your ally then you may just fit in fine. Green and Demonic_BG are your leaders, any questions ask them and we will answer as soon as we get it.
2 messages
English Evinral - subject is closed
That's right! Very Impressive Guild Name is recruiting! We are a small guild at this moment, but we are hoping to grow. We welcome all players who just want to lay back and have fun!
Apply at our guild site today!

2 messages
English Aeonia - subject is closed
This Is my First time in a Mod like this. I have played many different games outside and inside computers, but I really like the looks and feel of this. Can anyone give me pointers
2 messages
English LanceIceBurn - subject is closed
Hi we are looking for members currently right now we are excepting applications from all levels so please apply
3 messages
English x Lime x - subject is closed
Its Called Fruit Blast and we give free prizes away every week! level 10s and up should join its a great place o stay we are all freindly and all active thanks Lime
Monday 27/09/10

3 messages
English x Lime x - subject is closed
Im looking for a guild with people that are on most of the time english people a quite place and people who do Guild matches Thanks Lime x
Sunday 26/09/10

37 messages
English 0_AAR - subject is closed

a very active guild,

you fight a lot?

and do you love fun on the forum?

join us now!

For more rules read us description.

if you think its nothing for you, Why not try?

we hope to see you
1 message
English (JD) - subject is closed
Legends of the Dark is opening its gates to new members. Become a legend make your name well known in battles of iconic status. We never pull out of battles. Victory, defeat or draw we finish our battles till the end. No member is left behind. Now is the time to be part of LEGENDS OF THE DARK. If your looking to join a guild or wanting to get out of a old guild this is your chance. Be cloaked in Darkness rip through the shadows and emerge victorious.We have honor and respect for all players. http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1102730
1 message
English MakaDawn - subject is closed
Active user. Working with Montana's as my main deck. Active 12 + hours a day. Leveled up twice today. Ranked 314th/2605 in the latest tournament.

Looking for any guild that will take me. Very dedicated to game. Currently requesting recruitment to the retribution academy but willing to join another.

Please respond here or send a message to my account.

Thank you!
15 messages
English This_NamePI - subject is closed
Very active & good battler. My deck is Askai, Hystrix, Nahema, Radek, Dreen, Flyer,Kawan, Sentogan. I'm active in the forums a lot and I like to do fun guild games
Saturday 25/09/10

2 messages
English 0_AAR - subject is closed
I'm dumped again... ;(

who has a good guild for me ?
13 messages
English Silver Tiger - subject is closed
Things are slowing down for me, as a result, I am not as active as I once was. Though on occasion, I do get active for upto a month, depending on how bored I am. So, I am looking for a Guild, that will allow a person with my condtitions, who will accept me. Also, no Guild with low levelled players please, I am a good battler after all....

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