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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Sunday 07/11/10

7 messages
English xNipple - subject is closed
The guild i am in at the moment isnt very active, nor is it very well-known. anyways, i want to join a guild with many active members and a good reputation, and also dont mind the fact that im level 14 (for now, anyways). i am very active, chatty and hav a great deck for my level

here is the link to the preset i use atm(not my own creation):
Bangers Only
also, here is a link to my best win with the deck:* screenshot):

i wil regularly use the forums of the guild, attend events and tournies that dont cross over with school times, and generally help out friendly people and the guild with game tips and advice. i am english and can't speak other languages well, so wud want a fully-english guild. hope u can help a fellow player out
6 messages
English Tyler Derden - subject is closed
Hey i go by the name tyer derden and i have created a new guild called "open for business" to help spreat the growth and knowledge to the best way to have fun and get better at this game. the best way i know how to do this is through the help from other players that want to co-op together to help each other out. if this sounds like something that you are interested click on the below like and join up.

hope to hear from any and all players intersted soon

Open For Business
7 messages
English WP_Woey - subject is closed
HI! Im a relatively new player and im wanting a guild. Im Level 18. heres some things about me:

-Im 18 Years Old
-I LOVE Jungo Cards
-I am willing to spend real money to get where I want to go (spent £15 on cards today)
-I am British (Scottish if you must know)
-I'll admit, I do have quite a bit of money on this game (Clintz)

Thanks. If you need to more anything more about me: ASK!
Saturday 06/11/10

1 message
English Dkizzle - subject is closed
Its a new guild only a few members of RL friends but looking to make some new ones. Real laid back will take any lvl with no Requirements but that you can crack a joke in guild chat everyonce in a wile...working to get all the stuff that these big guilds r posting will start guild tourneys and give aways soon as we got enuf people..andget few lvls higher are selfs ...mostly english speaking but long as i can get the punch line yer good with me ...google translator = win...lol...http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1148234
10 messages
English HonorGuard - subject is closed
Well anyways, I'm looking for a decent (as in not noobish but rather well organized) guild. I don't specialize in any mode, I just win everything I play. If any guilds are recruiting, leave a message here. Also I may have exaggerated a little bit
25 messages
English HiFromBuddha - subject is closed
Heavenly Heights is a great guild for beginners, from our newsletters to our card giveaways.
Heavenly Heights is recruiting and we hope get more members as fast as possible.

BUT! You need to be:

*At least level 10
*Try to have a good fair play rating

So Join Heavenly Heights
2 messages
English The Flash - subject is closed
academy of rejects

We are an active , growing guild with 19 members.If you speak english that would be nice.We are very active on the message bord and have an event in progress.We also have a thread and we say #'s and whoever get's to a certain # will receive a card.Also join if you like anime , but you don't have to.So join academy of rejects today!
6 messages
Português BusterGendo - subject is closed
Just started playing the game (Lv 17). Looking for a guild to learn more and improve in the game.
Also, just released my first Public Preset -> http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1590533
Check it out and leave your thougths.
3 messages
English - L - subject is closed
If you like Junkz, strategy ideas, deck building ideas, or just the name =P
join the guild you wont be sorry Junkz Junkiez~
2 messages
English John.Mcclure - subject is closed
Hi all i am John from the USA im looking for a guild to join
2 messages
English Gene Genie - subject is closed
What time does UR run on, what time does ELO end. I'm in Eastern Time zone USA, what time GMT does it go off. What time is the latest my ELO wins will count?
1 message
English barrette2 - subject is closed
We are a new guild searching for members in admin ! It's all about the market, sell your cards there, exchange and buy! Weekly tournaments are organized and a new debate is created monthly. I am trying to create a fun friendly enviroment.

Of course the is critiria :
level 30 +
active on the guild forum

1 message
English The Flash - subject is closed
Join the academy of rejects today!
We currently have 18 members and an event in progress.
If you like to have fun this is the guild for you!
2 messages
English ImPrinceDylan - subject is closed
TNA revolution is recruting!we are awsome!
this guild has events, contests, and fun activities!
NO.1:you have to be lvl20 or up by december5th
NO.2:you have to get 500BPs per week and 1500BPs per month
NO.3:you have to put TR before your name
NO.5 you have to be able to have fun!

JOIN TNA revoluion!
Friday 05/11/10

2 messages
English Grixxxle - subject is closed
Apply now limited to 30 spaces. A new guild which will rise to the top

Message me for more detail

Remember Lvl 20 +
3 messages
English ImPrinceDylan - subject is closed
Join my guild!we are awsome but to get to the full awsome meter(~)
| |
| |
we need more people
you have to be lvl20 or up by december5th
you have to get 500+BP's per week and 1500 BP's per month
you have to put put TR before you name
and the first 3 people to join the guild exept for sean06 and dylbot3 will become administrators!
6 messages
English Destroyer321 - subject is closed

First I will start with a bit of information about myself then follow up with guild information.

I am Destroyer321 and I might have a low level, but I have some skills when it comes to this game.
I really enjoy the forums, yet I hardly ever post on them, because I enjoy other opinions before my own.
I am dedicated and have just gotten on since the past 2 years (yes that's right I left for a while)
Now I'm back and playing in mostly deathmatch and ELO games (Phyllis is banned so not so much ELO)
I am a very fair player and enjoy a good fight and reasonable people.
If you have any questions or just want to be friends then message me! I don't bite....

------Now for the guild info-------

I am back and ready to spread my clan further than ever!
Anyone out there who is strong willed (that get's on frequently) shall join my guild
I accept any level player, but you must have some knowledge of the game
My guild was built around equality through level (no one is better than any one else just cause your say level 100)
This guild is to help the noobs and further the higher leveled players skill
I might be a low level myself, but I have one more than enough battles to know how to play
If you are interested than please message me and I shall view you

P.S. Don't think that there are not any members in my clan I just deleted those who havn't been on in 31 days which was a startling 34 members..
Thursday 04/11/10

55 messages
English thegoldenorc - subject is closed
Hi there from all the Orcs to all those aspiring players looking for a new challenge.
We pride ourselves in being the No.1 all British Guild and believe we offer a fun, exciting environment in which to play the game. For Level 55s and above, apply to:

For Level 30s and above join our 100+ Orc Army, the largest all British Guild, join in the daily banter and learn the finer arts of the game.

For Level 5s and above, we have a thriving training guild, learn the basics of the game, advance up the Orc Ranks, get tips from some of the best, most of all work as part of a great team, who love playing this great game.

Please bring your sense of humour with you and free coffee and doughnuts for all joining this month Thanks for reading and hope to see you very soon.
1 message
English Tyler Derden - subject is closed
My handle is Tyler derden and i am the admin to this guild. i am looking to build a guild of players that are interested in having fun and sharing knowledge about the game. seeing what works and what does not is the best way to gain a wealth of knowledge and i would like to get a groop of players to gether to do just that. if you are interested check it out at the below like

hope to hear from any and all players soon


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