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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Monday 01/11/10

14 messages
English -Argos-ZS - subject is closed
I'd love to elaborate, but the title says it all. Music lover, active player (well, on the boards) and insane as hell. Any offers?
Sunday 31/10/10

1 message
English Elentier - subject is closed
Hey im looking for a guild who is active and will talk and help often.I am lvl 11 currently and i am willing to learn.I am also rather new so friends would be great too
3 messages
English The_Jakeinator - subject is closed
The Followers of the Apocalypse think that all this fighting will result in all our deaths. So we gather Supplies and Followers, ready to create a new world after this one ends.

Don't think we're pansies, destroying those that are going to cause this will most likely delay destruction, or quicken it, either way we're finishing something.

Anyone is welcome, just be an active member, and respect your fellow Survivors. And be sure to kick any ass you see.

Leader: The_Jakeinator
9 messages
English Florabot - subject is closed
Well i'm just bored haven't been motivated to play cause usually my guild does but lately my old guild just been abandoned so yea.I'll try to play when i can. I'm active when most of the guild is. I'm a Good guy. yea
Saturday 30/10/10

13 messages
English On3- Zecueid - subject is closed
Part 1: Dawn

Vansaar and President Ka Te are walking down the hallways of the Clint House. “Look at this Vansaar, this building is created for the sake of governing the city. But instead the city is governed by clans instead. If it is not the La Junta that is creating a war of their own, it is the Nightmare monsters that are causing fear to the public. It’s like as if we the government are useless.”

“But President, those 2 clans are one of the main soldiers in our army. Without them we have no hope to go against the other giant countries.”

“Unfortunately I have to agree with what you said. Without them, we will most likely been invaded easily by other countries.” President Ka Te suddenly thought of something and told Vansaar, “I know! Vansaar we need a clan as well that is able to control them. A clan that is able to maintain the balance in the city. Therefore, I am ordering you to make that clan.”

“Me? With all due respect president, I Don’t think I am able to form such clan.”

Don’t look down on yourself Vansaar. I been with you for many years and I know you are the only person who is capable of such thing. Your leadersh- Wait… we shall call that clan the Leader clan. You will form a Leader clan that will control the balance of the city. You will find the members for this clan.”

“B-but… how will I find such people?”
12 messages
English On3- Zecueid - subject is closed
Part 1: Hugo the Leader

“What’s your name soldier?”

Hugo heard the voice from the commander who was tied up behind him. “Name is Hugo, Commander Vansaar.” They were in an interrogation room located in an unknown place. The Clint City government had sent some of their armies to help the Allies forces during the World War II period. Few hours ago, Vansaar and Ashigaru were ambushed in their base camp. Vansaar was caught while Ashigaru was reported missing. Hugo had been sent for a stealth mission in order to Rescue Vansaar however was caught doing so.

“Well… what clan are you from? I recognize a lot of faces in Clint City but I Don’t seem to know you.”

Hugo snorted. “Me? I Don’t belong to any. I am just a regular person who works as a clerk and takes joy in seeing my own daughter smiling face when I reach home. If I could reach to my shirt pocket right now I can show you a picture of hers.”

Vansaar laughed a bit, “So a family man. What’s her name?”

“Her name is Teria, after her mother’s name. She should be 9 months old by now. If she was a boy, he would have been named Hugo Jr. But all wells end wells. Now she is the joy of my life. What about you commander? Any wife or kids?”

“Me? Been busy since the first war. No time to settle down. Ha Ha. I believe that you were devastated when President Ka Te announced the participation of Clint City in this war. No father would like to part with their loved ones.”
2 messages
English Dare Wizord - subject is closed
Hello, we need new members for our guild, we offer strategy advice, buy and sell cards of any type or level, helping you to level up your self and your cards and building strong decks. We accept any and every one. I hope every one who joins enjoys there time at the guild, if you want to join here is the link http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1143365
6 messages
English sohmax - subject is closed
Just started playing this game a couple of weeks ago and would like to join an active group to share deck ideas and play with the same people regularly. Message me if you're looking for someone with a competitive spirit!
3 messages
English PS3-TF2 - subject is closed
If you sing and/or play an instrument (to a decent level) or consider yourself to be a musician, join!
We stick together and help eachother out. For instance: advice, cheap cards, and when we have more members, in-guild tournaments with prizes
Try it out
(No noobs!)

Thursday 28/10/10

3 messages
English AndrewMcAliste - subject is closed
You know i was really starting to like this game until I realized that none of the guilds recruit people that are low level. Why is this? Later on in the game when i have all the skills and cards i need, my need for a guild will decrease. I've also noticed that these guilds with higher level members also have less activity than other guilds. Why is this? Because people of higher levels really don't need a guild. The guilds should be open to players of all levels, if you want me at level 50 take me at level 10, guide me and my ratings will be higher. Guilds are meant to support other players, and who needs more support than the new guys.
3 messages
English --Shanester-- - subject is closed
We Need New Recruits!
We're Looking For Fresh New Experienced Players To Join Our Ranks,

Were In Need Of New Personnel Thats You Please Join Our Delightful Guild And Enjoy What We Have To Offer. We Have Many Cool And Friendly Characters Who'll Make You Feel Warmly Welcomed And Comfortable.

Levels 55+

Not A High Enough Level Though?

Not To Worry We Have An Academy For Those Under The Requirement Level


So Please Join Us We Await Your Presence In Our Guild!

Horo WolfSage - Administrator For The Unforgetables

Any Questions ???

Feel Free To Ask Us We Try And Help You The Best We Can
11 messages
English Soul 22 - subject is closed
..........join now
As u know that the Vortex is in clint city and we have to stop them...Join us. and we will fight together...
level 25+
Fair play must be good
Have fun
4 messages
English -ROT-Phoenix - subject is closed
Are you new to the game and still unsure of what to do and what are the best things about this game?

Are you intelligent and friendly and you want to meet other active players that are willing to help?

Do you want to some day join a great guild full of active and friendly players?

If so then join us at if you are under level 30. by joining us you will gain lots of information that has been passed down to us from our main guild the Ravages of Time . But you can only join the ravages of time if you are level 30+ , so stay with us a while and learn our secrets before you graduate to the Ravages of Time .

Being a member of also entitles you to enter the Ravages of Time lotteries that will be held. So if you are new to the game come and join us and get ready to start your journey with the ROTS to become the best of the best.

We have experienced players who know a lot about the game and are willing to share that info, all are welcome as long as you are minimum level 10. Join us today to look after your Urban Rival future.

Thanks and
c you soon
7 messages
English Gene Genie - subject is closed
We are currently recruiting for Ravages of Time
We are trying to become one of the best and strongest guilds on Urban Rivals. We are going through a new era and are looking for active talent. If you are under level 30 you should join our University first called and then join us in our main guild when you reach level 30+. We are looking for strong active players who want to become great players and be part of a great guild.
If you are reading this then you speak english, which of course is a requirement.
1 message
English CivicChris - subject is closed
I dont know what to do........... >.<
I just want a guild.... thats a Complete Retard funny annoying retarded and ramdon guild any takers?
Wednesday 27/10/10

5 messages
English damonp - subject is closed
Hey all! just created my guild. ANR! (Am Now Recruiting) Will accept players of any level.
2 messages
English FlukyShot - subject is closed
Heya, I'm Fluky I'm a real fun person so my friends say If you're looking for a chat, always PM I'd be up for it, add me as a friend please, I'm new, need some friends.


Fluky a.k.a Shane
11 messages
English Ice - subject is closed
Hey there everyone. I haven't really done a proper introduction yet so here goes.
Well, I'm Ice (real name being Michael) and I'm an 18 year old college student.
I found UR long ago and some people may know me.
I look forward to meeting new people!
2 messages
English balls39740347 - subject is closed
Ugk now recruiting join now!!!!

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