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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Sunday 21/11/10

1 message
English X_xxken - subject is closed
Jedi Card tricks currently recruiting
win must be higher than lose even if it's by 1
green face
English language
and must be active in UR

follow link for more info JOIN NOW!!!

2 messages
English HiFromBuddha - subject is closed
*Sigh* I'm a bit down because i left Heavenly heights and decided to move on.

Anyway I'm looking for a guild. I have no idea. Hmm preferably a fun one and not logical and no sense of
humour. Um yeah i guess that's it.
2 messages
English BiggieSmalls75 - subject is closed
Hey guys, I've been around UR for a little bit and am looking to become a part of a guild. Right now I run a mono Sents deck but am also interested into expanding my collection into other clans. If there is a guild that can help me do that, please tell me.
1 message
English VeryStrange - subject is closed
When you join The New Guy Guild you will gain many friends, we wright random quotes on the message board (wich is really fun)

so, if you want to join click on the link below:
2 messages
English Kate - subject is closed
We wolcome ALL! Contests and giveawas each week!
" target="_blank">http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id

Saturday 20/11/10

3 messages
English Jet-Life - subject is closed
Whats up, Im looking for a guild with collectors / knowledgeable players, i have a pretty good collection at least i think so lol, im a pretty Chill person. Just looking for some other Chill knowledgeable collector peeps to play with.
2 messages
English leoliam2 - subject is closed
My newly created guild Uppers lowers is for people who own either an Uppers card or a Jungo . people requiring help at the beginning are aslo welcome. pls join : )
2 messages
English Pkmn Riolu - subject is closed

Neo-Space is a guild for up-and-coming players who have mastered the basics and are starting to construct their decks via whatever cards catch their fancy!
-You must be active (two times a week most weeks)
-You must be Level 10+
-You need to be serious about Urban Rivals
-You must have a fair-play rating of 80+%
-Remember, all are welcome (That abide to the above)!!!
1 message
English 0-Homer - subject is closed
- ELO 1200
- Level 30
- Active in Guild Message board and Guild Chat
- Friendly
- Helpful
- Loyal
- Active

If you have this come and join now you are welcome in this guild.

for those pinoy player sali na kayo welcome kayo

Game Heroes
2 messages
English Nestman - subject is closed
Recruiting for my new guild Root of all Pillz! Visit the page for more info: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1163730
Friday 19/11/10

4 messages
English Drake Paine - subject is closed
Veritas Aequitas

Latin for Truth and Justice, this clan's name reflects the honor by which they live their lives. A slave to no group nor government, these brave men and women have sworn an oath to defend Clint City from it's many enemies... no matter how great the personal sacrifice.

Be apart of something greater than yourself... let us take back the night from this plague, this infestation that tries each day to take our dear city from us. Together, we MUST prevail.

6 messages
English SimonW_UM - last answer from SimonW_UM, Friday 19/11/2010, 10:54.
Forsaken Dreams...

Chapter 1: Hel's Master

"I seek what you took from me many years ago, Hel. And I aim to get it back!" hissed out a figure bathed in dark shadows.
"I don't know what you..." Hel started to reply until a green clawed hand suddenly came out of the shadows and deftly slapped Hel which caused the girl to collapse in shock.
"DO NOT DEFY ME!" enraged the deep hissing voice as it retracted the arm back into the shadows.
Holding her bruised cheek from the blow the figure had struck out at her, Hel glanced up at the shadow-like form as a green face emerged with a frown of silent fury upon its face. The Spectre was a cruel beast who enjoyed tormenting others. If you were to cross him he could snatch you in his shadow-like grip and you would never be seen or heard again.
"Hand me the artifact," commanded The Spectre, his reptillian-like green hand which had struck Hel a few seconds ago once more coming out from the Cloak Of Shadows that he wore. It was outstretched as if to clasp something. Glancing up at The Spectre in defiance, Hel felt his eyes Pierce hers which made her glance away. With an intake of breath, Hel exhaled and a small beam of light trickled from her mouth.
With his bony green fingered claws stretching down, The Spectre grabbed the trickle of light and then lifted his arm, letting the light curl around his fingers in an everlasting cycle.
"You have done well, Hel. But do not disappoint me again," hissed The Spectre.

(to be continued...)
5 messages
English Straylightrun - subject is closed
Ok so Im pretty new and still trying to figure things out, but one thing is confuddling me...when I look at my collection/deck, some of the abilities/powers are different than when Im in game. Whats that all about?

For example Ricardo says -12 opp attack, min 8 but in game its like at -4 or something like it.
Thursday 18/11/10

1 message
English Reap-DvF - subject is closed
The most private guild n all of America has finnaly created an Academy
Min Requirements
1100 or higher in ELO

FCM: Alpha wants you ppl if you have what it takes move on to step 2
1 message
English ZBombman - subject is closed
Read these stories first before reading this.
Vansaar - http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&subject_page=0&id_subject=1625417
Hugo - http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&subject_page=0&id_subject=1470527
Dawn of the Leaders - http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&subject_page=2&id_subject=1625453

Dawn of the Leaders: Vickie

Vickie was raised in a small farm. However, when you find out she's the Don's mother's niece's second cousin by marriage's god-daughter, it all becomes clear to her that she can become somebody. After she was sought out by Don, she joined the Montana clan and immediately became one of the most feared in the clan. She met Lyse Teria who was also equally respected and feared in the clan. Lyse Teria was from an ordinary family but does not have any family connections with Don. However, Don had always treated Lyse Teria as if she is his daughter. Vickie was close to Lyse Teria as the time passes seeing her as her equal. Until one day when she received news that Lyse Teria died in a mission. She couldn’t believe the news and asked Don what was the mission about in order to obtain clues for what had happened to Lyse Teria. But she was shocked that Don was not interested in it and stated that Lyse Teria was a disposal. By that time, Vickie then realized that Don does not care what happens to the people around him even though the person is very close.
11 messages
English NvM - subject is closed
If your an active member and want to make lots of friends and develop as a player then DvF [A]cadamy is the guild for you.
There are no minimum requirements all we ask is;
Be Active
Be Friendly
And help us grow as an acadamy!

Looking forward to meeting all of you !!

5 messages
English OC-Vanity - subject is closed
Haha after defecting from Open casket I wanted to make a new guild to pass down my knowledge and abilities as a player to any guild members, I also want to help with money issues with my guildmates and to generally just be a very relaxed guild. I really want this to be successful and for that to happen I need dedicated guild members.
Wednesday 17/11/10

2 messages
English Kottonmouth89 - subject is closed
We are looking for active people that wanna have fun in a guild we are open to all levels but there are two rules to follow
1. the first rule is at least one post a day
2. is have fun

if you are interested just click here
1 message
English Hinokami - subject is closed

If you seek knowledge and power above all else join project phoenix, the next urban rivals legend.

level 15+ only please. must be active.

recruit your friends, make new ones, and share battle winning strategies each other.

if we all help each other, winning big in tournaments, ect. benefits all as we can fund collections and stronger decks
5 messages
English spitz the god - subject is closed
THE VOLTS are now recruiting. Anime lovers please feel free to join. I love talking anime with people. with so much anime in my collection there is few i have seen :3 This guild is still new and has few members, however i really hope that it can flourish. Hope to see you all in the guild

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