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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Friday 03/10/14

7 messages
Deutsch Schnitzel_TpU - last answer from Milteon_TpU, Friday 03/10, 08:53.
✫✫✫ The_UnKnOwN_RooKieS ✫✫✫

The new talent promotion edition of

*We are now searching for the diamonds of tommorow*

*We are searching for people who are having fun in this game and who wants to learn more and more about it

*We are searching for eveybody who is interested in elo and whose objective is to join the main guild

*We are searching for people who haven't found their favourite mode and who are searching for it

*If wearing our guild Tag is not a problem for you, then you can join*

We offer:

• A lot of experience about the game

• Tips & Tricks about different formats

• An informative forum

• Motivation to improve yourself

If you feel concern, then here is your home

Present yourself in a few words to an a founder or an admin

• Who are you?
• How old are you?
• Where are you comming from?
• What do you expect from this game?

We will answer you as soon as possible

We are currently developping ourself and looking for new members for our main guild ``THe_PeRFeCT_UnKnOwN``

Founders: CurLy_TpU & 0 Calix TpU

Co founder: Schnitzel_TpU (He is in charge of the guild when Calix or Curly are not present)

Admin: Loop-TpU
9 messages
English Jamox360 - last answer from -Legendatwork, Friday 03/10, 06:42.
Hey guys,

To get the 10 guilds for Deal or Steal Competition I would like to visit the active guilds of the EN community

Please post below if you want your guild to take part in this, and I will come visit
Thursday 02/10/14

2 messages
English randygene.franc - subject is closed
Just join.. and enjoy.

edited by UM_AaaBattery Thursday 02/10, 10:54
7 messages
Português Giftpilz - subject is closed
Hello i'm looking for a guild thats its active and willing to take a returning player ,

I'm just asking for a place were i can meet cool people that can help me improve my game .

I'd rather join an active guild over a ghost town.
Wednesday 01/10/14

26 messages
Español DuelMasterK - subject is closed
Hello i'm looking for a guild thats its active and willing to take an unskilled player ,

i'm just asking for a place were i can meet cool people that can help me improve my game .

no ghost town guild plz
3 messages
English Mighty jude - subject is closed
Where a fun and friendly guild to new player you don't have to be exceptionally good , we will help you get better. Join our guild and get bonuses and power-up and advices.
At least level 10
Active once a week
Help your guild mate.

Crimson Enigma

Crimson Enigma

edited by ArtemisBZ Tuesday 30/09, 05:06
Monday 29/09/14

Friday 26/09/14

10 messages
English Pidtwicky - subject is closed
Hi everyone,
My name is Pidtwicky, i'm a 26 years old french and i'm looking for an english guild, were people avoid as much as possible SMS language.

I've been away from this game for almost 3 years now (maybe more), and i'm trying to get back on tracks.
An active forum would be very appreciated, as I try to improve my english.

Thx for your attention,

22 messages
English Shrekmate 1-0 - subject is closed
Any takers?
1 message
English Marco Pantani - subject is closed
What mean example "Ambre penalize in tourny mode"???
Thursday 25/09/14

35 messages
English Goldfiend - last answer from Steel X_HoA, Thursday 25/09, 17:54.
We are a new guild full of potential! I need an experienced player to can manage upcoming events for the guild. No specific requirements; just have fun!
Order Of The Knights

edited by ArtemisBZ Friday 25/04, 01:17
1 message
Aussie Uprising

This guild is predominantly for Australian/NZ players who are determined to be active and never to give up on crushing there opponents & just enjoy playing the game. We are however now becoming more multicultural and will accept other players from different countries (level 20 & above only, once we become active again with active members), no exceptions. We have a never say die attitude and are always here to help our members in any way possible. We have been inactive for way too long and its time to change that, we are a fully leveled guild that's ready to become active again!! Join a old and ready-to-dominate again guild now, Aussie Uprising
1 message
Русский Thrombolytic - subject is closed
Feel like being a rocket surgeon? Join the guild and make it official!

Rocket Surgery

(We like to have fun.)

edited by ArtemisBZ Thursday 25/09, 06:01
Wednesday 24/09/14

45 messages
English Shrekmate 1-0 - subject is closed
I guess the rules say I can't post my name, where I live, or my password.

So what can I say?
1 message
Русский Thrombolytic - subject is closed
We will accept anyone! We are just looking to have a big guild with lots of friendly, active, and talkative members. Nobody will be kicked, and we are just looking to have fun. That being said, we are warriors, so we do kick some butt!

The guild thread: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/guilds/guild/?id=2020207
Tuesday 23/09/14

8 messages
English lemme win - subject is closed
Hey guys I'm looking for an active guild which is set , sorry guys don't want to join a new guild ATM , and the primary language of the guild should be English

Sunday 21/09/14

1 message
English {OC} Tri - subject is closed
Looking for a guild that has an active forum.

I don't really play the game itself however I do talk, a lot.

Pm me or post
1 message
English lemme win - subject is closed
New guild for everyone to share there ideas and tips to play , to help each other out and have fun on the forum
To join you just need :
1) to be active

Here is the guild link , join up :
Saturday 20/09/14

18 messages
English CB DarkBlood - last answer from CB DarkBlood, Saturday 20/09, 17:56.
We are unique in some ways?
We offer champions
We offer help
We offer rewards

What Clintz bank is here to is to give a chance for the young players, prizes as well and to release full potential.

Whether you are lonely, there will always be someone about to give you a hand.

We don't just give, you have to make the effort to do well in modes such as Daily Tourney.

Many players have benefited joining Clintz Bank and after 2 weeks many players have walked away with at least some decent card.

If you feel bored or tired of your inactive guild feel free to stay with us, we will make it as homely as possible for you.

This may all be but words but do try and see for yourself.
Why not join Clintz Bank?

Clintz Bank
Clintz Bank

edited by ArtemisBZ Sunday 20/07, 05:38
7 messages
English Spykeiartist - subject is closed
P.S. I want all the spammers to know that this does count as an introduction, i am introducing myself as an avatar maker. And if you still feel this shouldn't be on this forum, then you give me the link for the forum to put this message. This was the most suitable forum for this message.
Inspired by Xigu and 0 Teo, a new avatar maker has come to settle in the Clint City with a dream to make avatars for all of Clint City's residents. But everything comes with a cost, but good that the cost for a good avatar is negligible that this avatar maker offers for making good avatars
So, if anyone is interested in getting some avatars made for their account for only 4k, please contact me (Spykeiartist)

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