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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Friday 05/10/07

5 messages
English Wulf Meister - last answer from Kevin Fellows, Friday 05/10/2007, 19:20.
I need a guild that I can be loyal to. A guild that has active members, nice admins, a training grounds, a chat room, and holds their own tournements.
1 message
Who wants to join my guild and its free if you do its called redmetal
5 messages
English OMEGA ONE - last answer from tofu_pork, Friday 05/10/2007, 13:59.
If you think you a great player and active im only looking for 8 members to join this guild...so that we can have a stable relationship and a strong sense of friendship and rank as the best one day...postulate as soon as possible.thank you.


ps# remember watching TV is like taking black spray paint to your 3rd eye...keep the creative flow alive.

1 message
I am making a guild called "i love noobs " who will join.if iget more than 3 people i will make it.
1 message
Uncle Sam wants YOU! haha na, u don't even need to be aztec, it'd be cool tho, if ure interested hit me up or chekit out,, http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=96330 AJAJJAAIII!!! lol
2 messages
English killerjoker911 - last answer from killerjoker911, Friday 05/10/2007, 00:41.
The silver serpents are now here come and join
Thursday 04/10/07

1 message
Yoshilord from the Snoopy and Woodstock club needs members

This club is dedicated to Snoopy and Woodstack from peanuts but will allow othe things to be included
If you like the show peanuts you should come on down

Snoopy and Woodstock http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=96274 (copy and paste into web browser)
1 message
I'm new to this. This game looks fun. Someone recruit me and teach me how to play plz.
3 messages
English Dark Cerebrus - last answer from Gus Lee, Thursday 04/10/2007, 20:32.
Hi am new
and am still geting use to how things work aroudn here
if any one has any tips i would love to hear them
1 message
Im accepting lvl 5 or over plz sigh up and become a legend the fate of the world is in your hand

1 message
The Fighting Love Babies are recruiting members now......please join us, we are not only taking high level players, but all players, we help our members to understand the game, what is smart to do, and other tricks of the game that will help u trough the game.

Come and join us at: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=82104

The fastest growing Guild!!

Best Regards

2 messages
Português rui_gilito - last answer from Corvi_Umbra, Thursday 04/10/2007, 14:15.
Hi im Gil and i started playing today i read all the tutorials but i still have some questions.

Does guilds have weeknesses and powers? like the guild Pussycats is powerfull against Montana but is weak against Sentinel for example.

and if what i say is correct how do i know the guilds weak and good points against others guilds?

and another question is i only got new cardes by buyng rigth?

Thanks for the help
8 messages
English man lyk spark - last answer from Gavilan, Thursday 04/10/2007, 12:54.
I have posulated to sooooo many guilds any none have accepted me so when someone w/b to this message and i join add me quickly lol
1 message
Hey.... wazzup.. wanna be a shadow freak??? novice are not allowed int his guild.... so why not join??? active and experienced players are needed in our guild. we are also looking for credit buyers and some good elo players. by the year 2008... seniors not allowed... join now!!!!
Wednesday 03/10/07

2 messages
English moses1973 - last answer from bkd9898, Wednesday 03/10/2007, 22:52.
Not been playing long but i have the hang of it, lvl 18 atm but ready for elo, lost 8 matches out of 40 playing with a elo deck normally challenging peeps far higher level than me, Looking for a elite guild pref with ts or vent and active, english speaking and game for a laugh please! Im currently ranked NO.1 in ireland (ok there arnt that many of us lol) please get in touch!
6 messages
English beeronb - last answer from Cakaro, Wednesday 03/10/2007, 21:39.
I have been looking to join a guild for ages but can't find someone that will let me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please let me join!!!!!!!!!!just tell me the name of you're guild and i'll join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 message
Juntem-se a mim e a minha guild. esta guild tem prémios semanais, torneios e leilões todos os dias!!!

esta semana os prémios sao os seguintes:

1ºprémio: Vladimir
2ºprémio: Loma Noju
3ºprémio: Dr Saw

só a aceitamos tugas e brasileiros

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