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Tuesday 19/09/06

1 message
English Rajk - subject is closed
Hey i welcome all of u in my guild that is snake
21 messages
English Me10c - subject is closed
Can i ask why the hell when my character is using more piles then the other one , have more atk then the other one , starts first and etc. why am i loosing 5 out of 6 .. times.
3 messages
English AOD vino man - subject is closed
I Don"t know how, but i am ELO. how do i get out, and if I can should i?
2 messages
Deutsch Goth667- - subject is closed
A german speaking only guild

ich such noch immer leute für die gilde, soweit ich gesehn hab die einzige rein deutsch sprechende gilde
hoffe ihr unterstützt mich
Monday 18/09/06

5 messages
Česky cBp_Fojtik - subject is closed
Your weekly ELO tournament results:

You end up 10th over 416 players with 1330 in ELO
The top player ends up with 1382 in ELO
The Jackpot was 82389 Clintz and you won 246 Clintz!

This is what I get after harp playing in ELO tournament. I investigate in ELO much more energy and time, and get only 246 clintz for 10. place.
May be I was unlucky. I want to ask: there is said that 3 random players among the top 25 gain colector card. And 10 random players among the remaining players gain rare card. Are these 10 random players from top 25 or from all players?
I thing that clintz will be distributed the same way like in every day tournaments.
It is good idea to not give top players really big winnigns - for cheating preventing. But this situation is the other extrem, hard playing withought winning is disgusting.
4 messages
English Sjoerd - subject is closed
Can you have 2 accounts on one ip?
5 messages
Deutsch Jolly Roger - subject is closed
4 New character arrive at CC.
2 for the Sakrohm and 2 for the Sentinel.

btw isn't kookaburra a kind of australian fishing bird (the largest of theire kind)???
2 messages
English TnC-Macthorpe - subject is closed
I find myself a mite bit peturbed by the new cards for next week. I get where they are from but everything I seem to find is in French. Anyone know of anywhere we can get more info in English and maybe English translations of the comic itself.
5 messages
English Coure - subject is closed
Can people make their minds up on EVO plz, I just played someone who thinks it is that the first 2 cards that they play should have 6pillz on them, other people argue over who should play 1st, and as for the ones who just don't play EVO when they have it in their names, just annoying. Either make it a set rule within the coding, or scrap it
10 messages
English Dr.Ido - subject is closed
Attention everyone! A message from outer space was received today by Nobrocybix. Experts say they cannot reveal anything before next Monday. More details soon...
Sunday 17/09/06

2 messages
English DD_Daviiiid - subject is closed
What is Malmoth's ability ?
4 messages
English TouchMeSoftly - subject is closed
Eye-berserk has challenged you to a battle.
My cards
Charlie Tanaereva Gabrielle Yayoi

Eye-berserk has Left the battle. LOL? ranked 11th elo nice!
6 messages
English 0TurinhoEVO - subject is closed
Which is the formula for winning/lossing points when playing in elo mode? is there some bonus for a KO?
5 messages
English duratan - subject is closed
I cant play in the tournement, i try but nothing shows up, i installed flash but it still didnt work, and someone help me?
3 messages
English chris hardy - subject is closed
Hey im startin a gang called that flyin renecvks if u want to join u got to beat me if ur a benner come when ur up a level by the way im free from chris hardy(Leader AND CREATOR OF REDNECKS)
3 messages
English Oldrepublican - subject is closed
Need a partner to lev up some cards
1 message
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
A new article has been posted to the Clint City Ledger!

Keep in touch with all the news that's fit AND not fit to print about your favorite city.
Saturday 16/09/06

2 messages
Português CBUR - Admin - subject is closed
Is there a easier way to get new cards instead playing tournaments?
and is a good way sell ur leveled cards and buy new ones without level or something like that? can someoen share ur experience
2 messages
English fefinoEo - subject is closed
It is 8;09 terny jest started and naw i am froze inmy 1st battle date is 9/15. any chance i can git my clint anny way?
4 messages
English Rebooth - subject is closed
Can I ask? What 's with the Letters beside the characters when ever we post a the name of char here in the Message Board?
like for example Nobrocybix (C) Ambre(R)

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