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Monday 07/08/06

1 message
English StormWhisper - subject is closed
You rarely see these posts, but I want to give a shout out to CDS Pouic Evo (Well I'm guessing it's Pouic, CDS is his guild and well we all know what Evo is). Anyway this guy is probably one of the most fair players in this game. When I've EVOed with him even in a tourney, if one of his characters beats one of mine that had the 6 Pillz, He goes out of his way to give me a second win.

You see very few players willing to go that far, and for that I'd like to give Pouic my personal thanks, and encourage others to follow his example of fair play above and beyond the call of duty.
Sunday 06/08/06

7 messages
English StormWhisper - subject is closed
Noted Bug. I've seen this happen repeatedly usually when I'm getting attacked, since I rarely have the Bonus Damage 2. However I can definately confirm it is not working for at least the character Fifty, as my opponent attacked me with him during a match with the bonus active and I only took 5 damage. The Fifty was lvl 2 at the time, which is when he does 5 damage normally.

I do know it works for other characters Lao for example has no problems hitting me for 10. It may just be Fifty or the Bangers team in general. More testing is needed but this is definately something I've seen happen more than once.
2 messages
English Zubbus - subject is closed
At another player's profile, I can send him a message, but how do I see my own messages?
Or is the option not there because I never get any messages...
4 messages
English Eat At Joes - subject is closed
Clint is really hard to come by when your fighting for it... is there any way for a newbie to make clint fast
6 messages
English wardin - subject is closed
Your graphic designer needs to pay attention to ligatures.....

your new Phonos and Globumm ad reads "C*NT CITY" ...... VERy VERy BAD!!!!!
2 messages
English teten - subject is closed
Who wants to fight me talk to me whos to fight me
3 messages
English crowley098 - subject is closed
How do I get out of a battle, the enemy won't move. I'm winning too, I think baptiste boss wants me to surrender.

sorry if this turns out to be a double post, since my fist subject didn't show up.
Saturday 05/08/06

2 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
He knew he was gonna lose, and dropped out..hate such people..to all you cheaters out there, please play fair and square..
3 messages
English ddt - subject is closed
Im trading Fifty for 360 clintz. from ddt
2 messages
English MisterMoo - subject is closed
I recently got Ambre to level 5 and saw the ability "courage 2" what is that supposed to mean???
6 messages
Deutsch Jolly Roger - subject is closed
Why does it say "the battle has timeout" even when i'm not in a battle.

I challange a player, he doesn't respond and then this stupid message flops on my screen....how can i avoid that???
Friday 04/08/06

3 messages
English DrBunnyevo - subject is closed
What's up with the smiley faces? What do they mean?
2 messages
English evo-weskull - subject is closed
I cant make a public sale... i do the process and it doesnt show up on the market
2 messages
English Oldrepublican - subject is closed
I cant figure out how u do public and privet sals,
i try but then this error comes up saying i need to buy cards from the shop but i already bought 3
1 message
English Collin - subject is closed
Hi I'm Collin and I have started a guild and wwe need people so if any one will join we will let you in it is called The Supreme Demons we need people please join.
3 messages
English A Ravenshadow - subject is closed
Time for another idea / suggestion (could someone please stop my head from working?).

Whilst playing a few hands with some friends, I thought that it would be nice if there were an easier way to be able to challenge people you knew and trusted to give you a good and fair game.
It would be very nice to have a kind of %u2018friends list%u2019 that you could add and remove people from to make it easier to find the people you like to battle with.
2 messages
English Hotshot10ras - subject is closed
Is there any way possible for someone to give cards to another person with them having to pay that person?
Thursday 03/08/06

1 message
English DEATH1902 - subject is closed
Any suggistons to add to my deck or to lvl them up

lvl 1 Fifty
lvl max Platoona
lvl max Syd Noze
lvl max Natrang
lvl 4 (almost max)
lvl 2 Flyer
lvl 1 Hugo (almost 2)
lvl 1 Morphun (almost 2)
lvl 2 Candy Jack
lvl 1 Cell
lvl max Wanda
lvl max Yayoi
lvl max Pulsar
lvl max Carlos
lvl 1 Venus (almost)
lvl 1 rebbeca
lvl 2 melissa
27 messages
English Kedanna - subject is closed
I don't see a board for this, so I'm not sure if the staff is open for ideas, and I see no way to e-mail them, but what the hey, lets post some ideas here!

Accelerate: when you turn it on, let it stay on.

Rather then just a bar for levels, maybe we can get some numbers too?

Timing out/Quitting, its cool the way it was changed, but I still like the bot idea, that way if you're not just being lame and you had to go, you might still be able to come back and finish.

Guilds now as far as I can tell do nothing, how about adding a "guild" option in the buying/selling of cards, or even add a guild bank for clintz?

Elo mode, I'm level 23 and my deck is a legal elo deck, but I don't want to do elo fights, maybe add in something to turn it off?

I'ld like to have a card made and I have an idea for it that I think more go nicely for a Leader card, any chance of that happening?

Timing out: An option to keep waiting would be nice too, I've been teaching friends how to play only to have it time out mid-lession/match.

I think that's it for my ideas, I might have more later, and if the staff lets this message post, I think it'll be great if others shared their ideas too!
9 messages
English Coure - subject is closed
I have just played Maf2013 in an ELO match, and his pills were refreshed to 12 at the beginning of each round, so that having used all 12 pillz on his first round, he then still had 12 pills. Not a good game

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