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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Sunday 10/09/06

8 messages
English Dr.Ido - subject is closed

Preview pictures of members of the new All Star clan are available on two websites. See it on the URTournament website (english): http://www.urtournament.org/ or on Mac Leod's Blog (french): http://mac.blogspace.fr/

All the webmasters wishing to also receive pictures and information about the new characters can contact us at the adress press AT urban-rivals.com

1 message
English Hatem - subject is closed
3 messages
Deutsch 1VT-Benny-EVO - subject is closed
I dont know how you can be better at that
13 messages
Česky cBp_Fojtik - subject is closed
I prepare 4 characters just before leveling, 2 characters just before level 3, one before level 4 and one before level 5. After 20 minutes of play all were leveled and I have about 220 points. I was number two in this moment. Finally I end 6th - there was better prepare players with bigger leveling bonus. Will be reduced or nulified bonus from leveling? And when? Tournaments are not about players ability, just about preparing creatures for leveling!!!
Saturday 09/09/06

4 messages
English The Unkown - subject is closed
I am so lucky i went an bought 1000 clintz with 10 credits an then i went to the market i had 1653 i think then i said i think i shud buy Hugo but then i said isnt something cheeper so i reloaded the page(i was on the leaders only page)amber was about 2000 when i frist saw it but when i refreshed the page it was 1000 clintz for a lvl 3 Ambre lol that was great i bought it so fast.lol
9 messages
English The Unkown - subject is closed
How do i sign up like i mean register for urban rivals tournament
An my other question is how do i quit a guild on the regular urban rivals.
10 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
..is not random.
The rules is that the player with the highest sum of (yellow) stars will start first (in case of equality, it's random), UNLESS you've got Ashigaru, then it's always your
3 messages
English Ji Nius - subject is closed
When are the new Sports Clan Cards gonna be available?
21 messages
English Laid2Rest - subject is closed
someone tell me how its possible that I fought a card against its own double and i had three pillz on it and they had none and my card still lost....that makes no sense at all
4 messages
English Choo choo-aod - subject is closed
Someone join my Guild the Army of Pinoys if not I'll just go back to my old guild
Friday 08/09/06

3 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
The Clint City Ledger is online on URTournament.org.

The Ledger is the alternative newspaper to the uppity Clint City Times.

The Ledger is also looking for reporters so msg me if your interested.
2 messages
ελληνικά RP-KARKER - subject is closed
4 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
Can somebody please explain to me why Vicki Montana has a price tag of 69000 ?
Thursday 07/09/06

4 messages
English das-Deacon - subject is closed
When 2 cards are played who attacks first? cos i notice that even when i play the card first i don't always attack first. is it a random chance?
Wednesday 06/09/06

3 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
I think i speak for more than one person when i suggest that you put a "Loss by default" on anyone who times out a battle on their turn.
2 messages
English Master Spark - subject is closed
Like crushing other players? How about chalenging the Elite and winning? Or do you like to get rid of opponents with one blow? If you are any of these, you are here.
Tuesday 05/09/06

2 messages
English thug_g8 - subject is closed
How do u play theis game
3 messages
Česky Matula8 - subject is closed
Hey people, it may sound stupid but what the hell does that evo means?
1 message
English LazyHorse - subject is closed
Have? That's the one thing about the old market in java that I missed; you can see what abilities a card on sale has before you buy it.
Monday 04/09/06

4 messages
English The Unkown - subject is closed
I am wondering if i dont go on my person for like 1 year or 3 mouths will it get deleted?
Im just curious because i might not be able to go on it for a while since school is opening tommorow for me.

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