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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Thursday 30/01/14

22 messages
English EA-Tabz - subject is closed
Elysium Aether is a new guild.
There are no level requirements
Guild Admin spots can be attained for loyal hard working members after time.
Have fun!
Elysium Aether

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1 message
English DA-DEXTER - subject is closed
I recherche lot of Flanagan 0xp 650/e and Tremorh 0xp 5000/e

directly in my PS!
Wednesday 29/01/14

4 messages
English Diggy928 - subject is closed
Time Conquers All ... or does it?

We invite you to come find out, and join us on a journey to conquer time and space!

TCA has dropped all entry requirements, and invites anyone to join.

This is by no means a free ride for anyone hoping for handouts, although we do have several excellent players willing to share advice. We consider ourselves a family, and would like to see everyone contributing to improving themselves and the guild as a whole.
Sunday 26/01/14

2 messages
English saravanan7 - subject is closed
Plz PM me if i can join ur guild
Friday 24/01/14

2 messages
English MechaKolus - subject is closed
1HITKO is a guild that is recruiting members who love to play and win by K.O...if your one of these players you are more than welcome...we also allow others to enter come join the massacre!!!
3 messages
English -Arkham - subject is closed
I do them 1k per card
Thursday 23/01/14

2 messages
English BlackSchythe - subject is closed
Hello everyone.

I've created a guild for people who play once in a while and want to enjoy the benefits of being in a guild without the pressure of having to play daily.

Please join because I'd like to hit at least the minimum so the guild isn't immediately dissolved.

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Wednesday 22/01/14

2 messages
English AngryBird420 - subject is closed

Searching for few more Dm players


Min lvl 100
5 messages
English Shaojiao - subject is closed
Old Prosperity is about loyalty and discretion. We must be united against our true enemies.

We take respect very seriously. If you're found to be disrespecting someone on any matter, have it be religion, race, orientation, gender, or anything that someone feels bullied by, chances are that you'll be kicked depending on the severity. If it's a misunderstanding, simply say sorry even if you don't feel that you're wrong. It's all a matter of disputing the situation and being responsible for your words. No one is interested in drama or foul attitudes. We try our best to avoid both, but if we encounter them, we do our best to make everyone feel okay coming out on the other side. If it's found that it's unnecessary to kick you, we won't hold it against you once the issue resolves.

- Charlotte

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Tuesday 21/01/14

3 messages
English Bryan-Francis - subject is closed
If You Are a fan Of Power Rangers Then This is the guild For You Because I Am a big Power Rangers Fan Since Season 1 And Still am a fan
Here is the Link To join

edited by Artemis-BZ Tuesday 21/01, 03:52
Monday 20/01/14

2 messages
English 20TARZAN10 - subject is closed
Looking for new recruits or old players. Its fair game for all.
Sunday 19/01/14

3 messages
English Bryan-Francis - subject is closed
Hi to new players and current players please come join the guild bio rats wwe are a fun guild to join we help each other out we are made up of all different place in the world so come check out bio rats you won't be sorry

edited by -Wicer- Sunday 19/01, 19:07
Friday 17/01/14

2 messages
English Death Striker - subject is closed
Ronin Zombie Killers
Come and be a part of our dysfunctional family here at UR. We are all experienced players...and by We, I mean me, myself, and I and Zombie lover and a few others. We decided to form a new guild and create a place that was both welcoming and exciting. I guarantee that you wont regret your decision.

edited by Artemis-BZ Friday 17/01, 02:58
1 message
English Death Striker - subject is closed
We are looking for awesome players both experienced and newcomers. If you want to be a part of a more condensed guild with fewer members to focus on deck building and light conversation about random subjects, then join us. We are a bunch of friendly folks and speak both English and Spanish. I think this other guy speaks some German but he usually presents dumb facts. http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id:0
Thursday 16/01/14

33 messages
English -Daoc- - subject is closed
nobody knows me, but I feel like to make again a thread.
My name is Daoc and I spend my time in the cold Winter using my PC.
You know this ? Awful weather everyday during the whole Winter ... but this Winter is kind of strange. No snow and sometimes sunshine for some hours! That´s strange guys! We have to stop the climate change.
Anyway actually I spend my free time with going out with some friends and alcohol (depends on weather) or playing this game, I wish I can stop playing one day ._. or watching animes.
What about you guys? what are you doing?

P.S. sometimes I am busy with school stuff too *cough*

Sunday 12/01/14

1 message
English Ackley2012 - subject is closed
We are looking for active people to join our guild and we are a new guild for the new year and looking for only 30 people for our guild and we have 16 players now and after we get 30 players we will see how things go befor we open up for more people to join .

edited by Artemis-BZ Sunday 12/01, 05:32
4 messages
English Death Striker - subject is closed
We are looking for two players of any level to launch our clan/guild and work on making it awesome in every sense possible. You will not experience any of the following if you join us:
We are a very open group and very knowledgeable. We have been playing this game for a long time and know the ins and outs of building a great deck. http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/
2 messages
English dwainejenson - subject is closed

Check out the guild webpage

We are a growing guild looking for new and experienced players.
Saturday 11/01/14

2 messages
English dwainejenson - subject is closed
Looking for a guild that is all about TEAM and SUCCESS? Well The Dark-Horses is the guild for YOU! The guild is very new and we are looking for new members to help! New members are needed!! Here is the weblink to the page:
http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id=0 Please take a look at it!


The Dark-Horses

edited by -Wicer- Saturday 11/01, 02:35
11 messages
English MF_khalil - subject is closed
Guys this is a scammer who is lying please help me get my 600k.


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