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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Sunday 08/06/14

6 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed
Potato Flavored Potatoes a fun guild with tons of people and no activity
we are accepting new members that are
good at insults
mentally ill
join Potato Flavored Potatoes today
21 messages
English Sweet Melody - subject is closed
Hi guys! I just wanted to introduce myself to the public, and I'm also looking for a guild for starter players like me. I'm beginning to like this game a lot more so I'll be playing much more frequently! Please read my bio and I hope we can be friends!
Saturday 07/06/14

1 message
English HarleyxQuinn - subject is closed
Because my previous guild wasnt good i made a new one.


This guild wants that you have fun in this game and in our guild and we want to get stronger. Our goal is to make you stronger.

We have some rules:
-Level 10+
-Fair play max. 5%
-Play 1 match in 1 month
-Active on forum and chat
-Nice to other members

We can train you to get stronger and help you with decks and cards.

We also make a avatar for yourself for 2k. Contact Collin master if you want

We also organise events for the guild.

We hope you will join this guild and enjoy it.


edited by ArtemisBZ Saturday 07/06, 04:35
Thursday 05/06/14

1 message
English SwaggieMaster - subject is closed
Nura_Clan is a guild who did a best for yokai.The yokai is an Demon or like monster who eat human liver. Nura_clan has come to clint city to protect from other yokai. Free to join , We have no Fear! .

We only Accept:
Level 5+ , Level 5-100+
The Prefect Founder : SwaggieMaster .

We hope you all joined we. We need you xD . Only STRONG people can join.

Reward : Who Level 40+ & 4 rank will get be administrator.
(1200xp in 1 week)

We are (Nura_Clan)

edited by ArtemisBZ Thursday 05/06, 06:22
Wednesday 04/06/14

1 message
English HarleyxQuinn - subject is closed
Hello guys,

District 1 is a new guild from a friend and me.

We dont want to be one of the best guilds we only want fun.

-Minimal level 15
-Fair play maximal 5%
-D1 in your name.
-You need to speak english so we can understand you

What do we want from you if you are in the guild:
-Be nice to other members
-Be active on guild forum (If you can)
-Play 1 match in 2 months

What can we gice you:
-Tips about this game
-Help if you need that
-Special events with prices

Please take a look on our page or join our guild.

We hope to see you soon,


D1-Crimes and (D1)-Ejl
1 message
English zul scolexy - subject is closed
This is my new own guild . come on join this guild .

edited by UM_AaaBattery Wednesday 04/06, 15:41
5 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed
I would like to visit a guild for a few days - 1 week that would enjoy having me over
i do tend to swear a bit but i can tone that down
Tuesday 03/06/14

4 messages
English 2701Storm - subject is closed
Hi alk guilds out there I just came back to this game after about a year and am looking for new active guild as I am now firmly back in UR
3 messages
Português W__Unknown__W - subject is closed
Hello, do you need a guild? With people who you trust? Well join in, we'll be having some cool games on the forum soon, you just need to be lvl 20+ and speak at least one of these: Português, English.
Dont be shy come on by ;D

edited by ArtemisBZ Tuesday 03/06, 06:28
Monday 02/06/14

1 message
English SwaggieMaster - subject is closed
You must join my guild. i need a newmember . fast join my guild Shadow In The Dark . good guild

edited by ArtemisBZ Monday 02/06, 06:18
Saturday 31/05/14

5 messages
Jin Kisaragi - subject is closed
I've been around for quite a while, looking for a new place to hang around/join.

Stat things that some people care about:

Survivor type two 16 wins
Survivor Elo 10 wins
Elo highest 1312

Post here or pm either works. Prefer having people to talk to, if I wanted silence would have stayed in the guild I founded long ago.
4 messages
English Scarface777 - subject is closed
Come join Bio-Rats we are new and friendly people look for new players to join and anyone can join from level 5 and up so come join us today!!!!!!!!

edited by ArtemisBZ Friday 30/05, 08:17
Friday 30/05/14

18 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed
We are the Potato Flavored Potatoes
we are the second most active guild in Murica (working on that)
we are active
we work hard and play hard
we insult and troll each other like it's our business (which it is if you join our guild)
we do not flame or racially insult
we are accepting anybody over level 10
nobody is too nooby to join our guild (we're the king of noobs)
join now
once again
Potato Flavored Potatoes
Thursday 29/05/14

1 message
English Kappuccino - subject is closed
Take Root: This guild is for dedicated Roots players looking to get this clan on the map. If you want to represent this clan as a player then join our guild and let's show them all what we are made of. You will need to wear the Roots logo as your profile picture and put TR (take Roots) at the end of your name. It should look like mine for example SlyGuy TR. Send a message if you are interested.

edited by ArtemisBZ Thursday 29/05, 13:48
Tuesday 27/05/14

1 message
English Divine Havok - subject is closed
Welcome one and all to the Havok festival! where Chaos and bloodshed are some of our favorite activities!

Hello im Divine Havok, Founder of the Havok Festival! This is my first ever forum message board post and i'm also recruiting for members to join and make our guild strong. I will be holding many fun events with prizes... but don't expect much as the guild is still young. As we grow so will the rewards. For more information visit the following link

as for information about myself i joined in 2009 and went on a hiatus for a long time due to a computer issues but now i'm back and ready to start some mischief

edited by ArtemisBZ Tuesday 27/05, 05:57
8 messages
English WP-Peace- - subject is closed
I want to go exploring, I have no set list and hardly anyone will know me, but i am looking for guilds that accept visitor's.

I see a lot of people go on a guild hop, checking out all the great spots, and instead of doing all the research myself I thought i would ask you guys. Where's a good place to go, what is the current vacation spots?

Anyone have a set recommended list I should visit?
Or just the generic guild list lottery? XD
Monday 26/05/14

4 messages
English Fireshearth - subject is closed
Hellooo everybody! I recently just got back into Urban Rivals after quitting the game for a long time. I remember the last clan being out was the Berzerks XD. But after coming back, I have a lot of new Crs and have to learn all this new stuff out! I'm looking for a good clan to get back into the game! I also deleted all my friends so looking for new ones again.
Friday 23/05/14

5 messages
English Osmoses Jones - subject is closed
What is this becuz it wont let me participate in a tournament
Wednesday 21/05/14

2 messages
English Celtic Jack - subject is closed
New/old player here. Played for a while a few years back, recently came back to the game. Still working out what clans I want to play.
Tuesday 20/05/14

1 message
English C4nadianBacon - subject is closed
The MOST Canadian guild has just been released! Join MoosePlayingHockey now!

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