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6 messages
English Ex-LiLi - last answer from unikho, yesterday at 19:43.
Je recherche des lots de carte
Standard ou rare
150 à 10k/u
Minimum 20 cartes

Merci de me mp
8 messages
English Mr Makaveli - last answer from Mr Makaveli, yesterday at 17:14.

I'm looking for a little lot of Copper Cr 0 exp, I value him 95k, these are my offers:

16 Copper Cr full valued 90k (2 are 3* but with some xp) + 5k/each vs 16 Copper Cr 0 exp

Marlysa Cr 0 exp valued 1m480k vs 15 Copper Cr 0 exp + 50k

Waiting for mps
5 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - subject is closed
I sell 50 Hemdall 0xp 23k/each and 95 Fixit 0xp 8500/each vp
5 messages
ZacharyThomas - last answer from Malawi Gold, yesterday at 16:09.
Looking for cards/clintz equal to 360k

pm me if u have offers or wanna discuss price.

3 messages
English Mr Makaveli - last answer from Mr Makaveli, yesterday at 15:07.
Hi guys

I'm selling the following crs, I value them as market price, but I can do a little discount (NO ridiculous offers please )

Shawoman Cr 0 exp - 915k
Aldebaran Cr 0 exp - 865k
Selsya Cr 0 exp - 215k
Page Cr 0 exp - 82k

NDololo Cr full - 885k
Jim Cr full - 265k
Cassio Cr full - 85k
Geuner Cr full - 84k
Page Cr full - 82k

I accept:
- Cash
- Tessa Cr 860k
- Splata Cr 830k
- Kerozinn Cr 675k
- Vickie Cr 650k
- Jackie Cr 200k
- Caelus Cr (only 0 exp) 165k
- Copper Cr (only 0 exp) 95k

I'll not accept lots, so don't ask please

As I said, everything is negotiable
4 messages
Deutsch L4F-Durrrr - last answer from L4F-Durrrr, yesterday at 14:57.
I'm searching for Lyse Teria Cr
I can give Money and Cards.
Pm me when you have a Lyse for trade / sell
3 messages
English Uw-giangiball - subject is closed
I would trade my Kiki Cr 0xp...I will value all your offers,but I prefer cash or dj Korr,but I Can accept all....so...do your offers
5 messages
Português 0 Karlos - subject is closed
Trading my Lyse Teria Cr 0xp for your full + 15k.
PM for faster response, ty
3 messages
English ---SiM-HoA--- - last answer from 0_AAR, yesterday at 13:11.
Hello, I am buying each and every Mulligan for 475/t.

If you have over 100 copies, it's 490/t

Over 200, 500/t.

PM me and we can work something out, or just send your Mulligan to my PS and I will buy them.

2 messages
English Faint Man - subject is closed
As the title says.....
4 messages
Español xXMitsukaiXx - last answer from xXMitsukaiXx, yesterday at 05:03.
I am buying characters full xp from the following clans (NO crs):

-Ulu Watu
-Fang Pi Clang

I am trying to buy every normal character in the game, if you have a good deal for me and want to help me acheive my goal please send me a private message. No jokers, please -.- Also, don't offer me cards 100 or 50 clintz cheaper than their market price.. I'm sure you are all aware that buying every single character is very expensive and well, I'm not rich...I'm looking for bargains and good prices from the clans mentioned above at a good price so that maybe I can buy atleast 2 full clans for now... thank you and have a nice day!
2 messages
English k3ns31 - last answer from k3ns31, yesterday at 03:34.
Hello everyone!

I would like to trade my Aldebaran Cr 0xp,Tanaereva Cr 0xp,El Matador 0xp,Uranus 0xp,Rosa 0xp + 78200 clintz for Elya Cr and Vickie Cr.

"Aldebaran Cr 0xp" --------- 901000 clintz
"Tanaereva Cr 0xp" --------- 298000 clintz
"El Matador 0xp" --------- 13500 clintz
"Uranus 0xp" --------- 22000 clintz
"Rosa 0xp" --------- 4300 clintz
78200 clintz
1317000 clintz

Also I'm looking for: Marlysa Cr,Manon Cr,Tessa Cr, Lamar Cr y Splata Cr.

I am willing to trade trough Private Sale or Secure Trade.
Saturday 26/07/14

1 message
Looking to trade my Lamar Cr 0exp for a full level one plus 10k compliment. PM me for fastest response. Price is negotiable
1 message
Buy Jackie Cr 190k if interested please put in my private sales
7 messages
English CHR0 - last answer from Famous Falco, Saturday 26/07, 18:14.
I would like to sell my Splata for straight clintz but I might be open to trades in Cr's and good cards. No bulks for ex: 200 Boby Joby's.

Mainly looking for Clintz, Offer up, please do not lowball your heart out.
1 message
English GenT LaCaiGi - subject is closed
Hello everybody,

I said nearly everything in the title but I can also sell an Elya Cr 0xp for 670k.
Feel free to contact me.

Nice weekend.
11 messages
Română 0Bho - subject is closed
Hi, I exchange a lot of CR, and search at least 40% in money

i trade :
- 100 Blaaster Cr 0xp 140k cad
- Sum Sam Cr 0xp 1.3M
- Elya Cr 670k
- Kerozinn Cr 0xp 690k
- Marlysa Cr 1M550k
- 2 Seldnor Cr ( 1 full 1 0xp ) 90k cad
- Diyo Cr 0xp 83k
- Geuner Cr 83k
- Splata Cr 850k
- 2 Kalindra Cr 145k cad
- Miss Twice Cr 0xp 270k
- Selsya Cr 0xp 225k
- Sigmund Cr 0xp 620k
- Flavio Cr 0xp 1M020k
- Lyse Teria Cr 0xp 7.6M
- 3 Vickie Cr 675k cad
- Ambrose Cr 0xp 385k
- Ombre Cr 0xp 340k
- Cassio Cr 94k
- Manon Cr 0xp 1M270k
- Beltran Cr 0xp 215k
- Kiki Cr full 10.5M
- Nahi Cr 0xp 210k
- Page Cr 90k
- A Award Cr 0xp 210k
- Aldebaran Cr 0xp 950k
- Guru Cr 9.8M
- Dragan Cr 0xp 835k
- Skullface Cr 0xp 205k
- Swidz Cr 0xp 140k
- Rass Cr 0xp 940k
- Jim Cr 0xp 280k
- Tanaereva Cr 0xp 305k

PS for 100 Blaaster Cr 0xp accept : cash DJ Korr Cr 10M, Guru Cr 9.8M, Kiki Cr 10.5M, General Cr 9.1M

For others cr i accept
- 40% cash + CR
- Jackie Cr full 200k /// 0xp 205k
- Caelus Cr full 165k /// 0XP 175k
- Copper Cr full 78k /// 0xp 85k
- ..........
- ..........
1 message
The Title says it all.
Pls message me with your offers

2 messages
English baltusu - last answer from baltusu, Saturday 26/07, 10:15.
[TRADE] my Vickie Cr 0xp for your 13 GraksmmxT, pm me, please
4 messages
English Isocka GK - subject is closed
I want to trade my Kiki Cr 0xp 10.500k

i'm looking for:
cash 2M min.
Marlysa Cr 1.500k
Tessa Cr 830k
Dragan Cr 800k
Vickie Cr 670k
Kerozinn Cr 670k
Tanaereva Cr 295k
Jim Cr 260k
Jackie Cr 200k

no bulk thanks

waiting for your offer

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