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Business men and women talk here.
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2 messages
English XC Levi 69 - subject is closed
I trade my 0xp General Cr vs your full xp General Cr + 7k cash(negotiable)
2 messages
English Eric WMD - last answer from Eric WMD, yesterday at 08:01.
Hey, I have 113 copies of Beeboy for Trade:

Beeboy 0xp = 29k
Beeboy full = 28.5k

Name your Crs you wanna trade and I only trade at market value. Mostly I'm interested in Sigmund Cr, Lao Cr, Sam Sung Cr, but other are fine
6 messages
English canopusHOA - last answer from CO_Moctezuma, yesterday at 04:46.
I have two 0xp Jackie CRs. I would like to trade them for 20 Dr. Copernicas. I am willing to take other offers, though I prefer cards in NB. Thank you!
1 message
I want to sell my 25 Oyoh for 110 000 or
Sedlnor Cr or two Kenny Cr
or maybe some other cards
just inbox me
2 messages
English 0 Nomi - last answer from 0 Nomi, yesterday at 04:25.
As the title says, i want to trade my Seldnor Cr 0 xp for a Robb Cr full xp (intended for play, not interested in 0 xp) + GraksmxxT (same). I can listen to offers. Thanks.
Sunday 28/09/14

2 messages
English lord of war 15 - subject is closed
I want to trade or sell my Selsya Cr
250 000 Clintz
The 8 cards in my list:
Ed 12
Lin Xia
+ 100 000 clintz
Thank you Inbox me
2 messages
Español vural11 - last answer from vural11, Sunday 28/09, 21:15.
My 1 Charlie 0xp for 14 Lennox 0xp
my 1 Charlie 0xp for 14 Askai 0xp
my 2 Grace 0xp for 4 Lennox or 8 Askai 0xp
my 1 Dr Copernica 0xp for 8 Lennox or 8 Askai 0xp
my 1 Charlie 0xp + 1 Aaron 0xp for 1 Ongh 0xp

pm me
1 message
English 0_AAR - subject is closed

je vends 100 Zatman 0xp pour 34k/t

fin: 21:30

3 messages
English lord of war 15 - subject is closed
I have 3 Kolos 0xp +1 Kolos full xp
9 Gibson full xp + 1 Gibson 0xp
Neil 2 stars
Dash Full xp
So i don't trade or sell individuly it's package all the Kolos together , all the Gibson together . Dash and Neil are just for sell or trade
Inbox me
9 messages
ZacharyThomas - subject is closed
I value her at 5.7k each

i have anything for trae
Ongh Charlie
Dounia Cr

pm me to discuss prices and how many Lindsey you have
3 messages
English Faint Man - last answer from Faint Man, Sunday 28/09, 08:03.
4 messages
English O Isatic - last answer from O Isatic, Sunday 28/09, 06:39.
i have various cards to sell off
18x 0xp Tasty Tast@1600/t
1x full Christelle@ 13500

also i wish to trade my lvl4 Reeve for a full xp Reeve
1 message
I buy all your Irene 0xp 1k for each privates solds
2 messages
English Axis-Mundi - last answer from (UP)Mad-Salt, Sunday 28/09, 00:19.
As the title says Edd Cr full xp for Dawn send a pm for your offer.
Saturday 27/09/14

7 messages
Español CO_Moctezuma - last answer from CO_Moctezuma, Saturday 27/09, 23:33.
For 330K 0XP
3 messages
English - BuSi - - subject is closed

I have a lot of B Bazooka 0xp to sell for 4000/each in private sell. Send me a pm if you're interested.
5 messages
English Magus Medivh - subject is closed
My account was hacked cause of UR's great security
My crs sold out low and my collection has gone shit
But Ur is not gonna give me back my cards
SO why should i play UR anymore
F**k u UR, I'm quitting
1 message
English AssoDiCuori - subject is closed
Hito everybody... Ladies and Gentlemen, come here!!!!..today i have for you, a very interesting lots. They are all normal cards 0 exp certified. Today your only difficult choise will be which lots i will buy! Because i will value all kind of offer with cr playable and not playable, cash coffee and pocket money xD Then, come to look what i have to trade:

Lotto Mars : 200 Virginia 0EXP 17K/T
Lotto FUNKY : 100 Willy 0exp 16k/t
lotto MARMO : 50 Jay 0exp 18k/t

i accept:
CR playables and not playbles, i will make some example like Tanaereva Cr 310k, Caelus Cr 170k, Kalindra Cr 0exp 160k, etc etc

if you are interested send me a pm or write here your offer i will value her.

i will trade in private sale or with a mod

Friday 26/09/14

2 messages
English popblue3 - subject is closed
My offer for Lamar Cr is

- Vickie Cr Max xp
-170k clintz

pm or post here if you want to trade.
2 messages
English Spykeiartist - last answer from Spykeiartist, Friday 26/09, 17:26.
I am willing to trade your Mona (any xp) for my Jane Ramba Cr + 10k case
PM me if you are interested

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