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10 messages
English 0 Emilio - subject is closed
I trade my :
2x Guru Cr 0 xp 9,7M / tete
DJ Korr Cr 0 xp 9,9M ./ tete
Armanda Cr 0 xp / 1,4M tete
Sum sam 0 xp 1,3M / tete
scarlett 0 xp 1,4M / tete
manon 0 xp 1,2M / tete
Rass Cr 0 xp950k / tete
NDololo Cr 0 xp 900k / tete
2x shawoman 0 xp900k / tete
aldebaran 0 xp / 900k tete
2x Berserkgirl 0 xp 850k / tete

I trade for :
* GraksmxxT 0 xp 53k / tete
* Uranus 0 xp 20k / tete
*Herman 0 xp 5k/tete
*Nellie 0 xp4k / tete
*Magnar 0 xp3,4k / tete
*Dregn 0 xp55k / tete
*X-0DUS 0 xp 29 k /tete
*Dagg 0 xp 20k ./tete
*Shaakarti 0 xp15k/ tete
*neale 0 xp8k / tete
*Oflgn 0 xp6,5k/ tete
*Shakra 28k ./tete
@@@@@@@ Dr Copernica 0 xp30k /tete
@@@@@@@ Octana 0 xp 18k /.tete
@@@@@@@ Grounchy 0 xp / 10k tete
@@@@@@@ Grace 0 XP 6,2K /TETE
@@@@@@@Pr Hartnell 0 XP 4,5K /TETE
@@@@@@@ Boomstock 0 XP4K / TETE
@@@@@@@ De Couture 1,2K / TETE 0 XP
%%%%%%%Jackie Cr 0 XP 200K / TETE
*Charlie 0 XP 48K /TETE
*Yayoi 0 XP 32K / TETE
@@@@@@@@ Tasty Tast 1 300 / TETE 0 XP
@@@@@@@@ Rekved 4 100 / TETE 0 XP

&&&&&& Toro 0 XP 18K /TETE
Wardom 0 XP 13K /TETE
Rolph 0 XP 9K /TETE
Draheera 0 XP /8K TETE
Methane 0 XP 6K /TETE
Bristone 0 XP / 3,5K TETE

Nice chance
in priv sales
4 messages
English -riuga- - last answer from Faint Man, yesterday at 15:39.
21 Aaron 0exp 4,5k/t=90k tot

200 Houtay 0exp 950clint/t=190k tot

pm me or post here
5 messages
English BA_Hydro - last answer from BA_Hydro, yesterday at 13:55.
I have a 0xp general , looking for full xp General Cr + 20k compliment
32 messages
English Faint Man - last answer from Faint Man, yesterday at 13:35.
X4 Wanda 0 exp =3200
x19 Yayoi full = 36,000
x6 Leviatonn full =27,500
x31 Umba 0 exp=660
-PM me or post here.-
1 message
Umm the title says all buying 0xp Karnor Ved for 300/head
not accepting bigger lots than 10 atm...
pm me ur offers
1 message
I buy Irene 0xp 900 clintz each.
2 messages
ελληνικά (S) Purple - last answer from Faint Man, yesterday at 11:22.

I'd like to trade some Hindelga 0xp, 13'500/each. Looking for :

- Cortez 0xp : 60'000 -> 5 Hindelga 0xp
- Kolos 0xp : 50'000 -> 4 Hindelga 0xp
- 5 Sasl Lovelace : 50'000 -> 4 Hindelga 0xp
- 2 Spyke 0xp : 60'000 -> 5 Hindelga 0xp

Pm for offers
7 messages
English ll__ll__ll - last answer from ll__ll__ll, yesterday at 11:05.
16 Kinichaw 0xp - 13k for each one´

4 El Divino 0xp - 29k each one

15 Lobezna , 6 0xp , 9 full xp - 650 each one

3 El Mercurio 0xp - 1000 each one

please pm me
3 messages
Español JuanMaDiaz - last answer from Faint Man, yesterday at 05:30.
Sentogan x109 for 50.5k!
3 messages
English canopusHOA - subject is closed
I'm sellingi two 0xp Jackie CRs. I'm mainly interested in Dr. Copernicas, but will take other offers.
Friday 19/09/14

11 messages
English WP_Bauldy - last answer from UoS_Kappa, Friday 19/09, 20:58.
As it says.

Some have history stretching right back to their 2006 release.

2 are 0xp the rest full.

3 million clintz.

Offers considered.
2 messages
English chisashiro - subject is closed
I want to borrow a Pericles to unlock mission? Please private sell me and i will sell back to u. I will put Dalhia Cr (or any other equal value card) as a collateral.

we will exchange Dalhia Cr +5k with ur Pericles, then we exchange the card back.
2 messages
English Squirtroll - last answer from MU-Cisco, Friday 19/09, 06:11.
Adding 20k comp

also accepting Guru Cr +400k
Kiki Cr +600k
Thursday 18/09/14

2 messages
English AKP (Ezio) - last answer from AKP (Ezio), Thursday 18/09, 19:52.
Hi everyone

I would sell 200 Brody 0xp
12k/u in cash
12k5/u in card

i accept :
Aaron 0xp 4k5/u
Dounia Cr 0xp 299/u
Tessa Cr 0xp 820k/u
Irene 0xp (max 50) 1k3/u
I would like 500k in cash (minimum)

contact by pm or here
1 message
Hello to everybody i trade some of my Virginia full vs Dr Copernica 0exp

i offer 2 Virginia(14-15k each) vs 1 Dr Copernica (28-30k)

we will trade in private sale

1 message
Buy 2* 0xp in VP 200CTZ/cards, no fulls
2 messages
English Angelx3 - last answer from -Oizo, Thursday 18/09, 15:59.
My Jackie Cr 0xp for your Dahlia cr, Smokey Cr and 30k
9 messages
English Ethan kun - subject is closed
So, just today I was very happy upon hearing that Dounia became CR. Finally, I can show off Caelus Cr to my loyal UR friend. That time I had about 8000 clintz. I bought Carter, Stella, and Wakai. I was left with little clintz (cant remember). Then I sold Dounia for 267,998 clintz last noon. Tonight (in our place), I passed by Dounia's page to see some reactions about her being a CR, and I expected to see some Dounia reviews. Then I checked out the market offers, having looked thrice, I didn't see my market offer, I had a short excitement until I looked at my clintz. It's 256, and it's still low! I only got a short increase in my clintz and won 2 tokenz in tourney. I checked m y sales and My Dounia Cr was already bought. The price was still there. But I'm so devastated.

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