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7 messages
English brahmaman - subject is closed
Hello, I have for sale/trade a few lots.

42 Uranus full xp 24000 per

1400 Nobrocybix 360/ per

250 Beef 0xp 5000/per

60 Kinjo full xp 7500/per

50 Yookie full xp 900/per

50 Yookie 0xp 1200/per

480 Frankie Hi 0xp make offer

I am searching for Crs for trade and of course clintz. As always prices are negotiable.
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English -KriminalZ - last answer from -KriminalZ, yesterday at 17:23.
i am buying lots of Hindelga 0xp at 11k/t each
i have some cash
Kolos 0xp
Lizbeth 0xp
Dalhia Cr 0xp

pm me for faster response
4 messages
English LukeShkreli - last answer from -KriminalZ, yesterday at 17:19.
Hey I am trying to unload cards FAST in a bulk sale at a Hefty DISCOUNT
These cards include
Vickie Cr ** 615,000 market value
Seldnor Cr *** Market value 90,000
Jane Ramba Cr * Market value 40,000
Zatman ** Market value 40,000
Hikiyousan**** Market value 17,000
2x Slyde Crs (*,***) combined Market Valued 18,000
Rolph ** Market value 13,000
*- Indicated level of card currently
COMBINED suggested value of 835,000 will accept offers of much less!!
1 message
I sell 5x Smokey Cr 0xp
I value them at 80k / unit

I accept:
-Caelus Cr, Jackie Cr, Tanaereva Cr any xp
-Vickie Cr (I give the Smokeys + 200k)
19 messages
English ZaIn KiNgZ - subject is closed
Hey friends give me 750 cards and in return i will give u a Caelus Cr, who is interested pm me
6 messages
English airman24 - last answer from airman24, yesterday at 13:53.
I have
Lamar Cr 0xp
10 Seldnor Cr 0xp
2 Diyo Cr
3 Geuner Cr 0xp
6 Miss Twice Cr 0xp
2 Veenyle Cr
7 Page Cr 0xp
Reine Cr 0xp
6 Swidz Cr 0xp
2 Chiara Cr 0xp
Jim Cr (220 xp)
80 Tobasco Fire 0xp
70 Pilzken 0xp
40 Virginia 0xp

Looking for
Playable Crs
20k+ Cards

Preferably no bulks ! (it depends on the card) XD

Thaaanks !
2 messages
English WP- JackFrost - last answer from WP- JackFrost, yesterday at 12:48.
Im trading my Yayoi for



pm if interested
2 messages
English DUC-KevinAFCA - last answer from Cyber, yesterday at 11:22.
Got Emeth and Blaaster for trade.

Please no doubles, no NB
3 messages
English DarkCollosus - last answer from DarkCollosus, yesterday at 04:00.
Today i am selling / trading 6 El Divino 's. I value them at 32k ea.
I am mainly looking for clintz, but will consider trades for bulks of Tameshi or B Bazooka.
Thank you.
1 message

I want to complet my collect, if someone can sell me Manon Cr or Scarlet Cr 0 xp or full xp

I offer 1M2 cash in private sell,
I can offer 2M5 cash for both

Thx in advance

Be cool
Tuesday 22/04/14

2 messages
English DUC-San - subject is closed
J'achète 1 Jackie Cr

*195k cash
*125k cash + 1x Smokey Cr 0xp
*55k cash + 2x Smokey Cr 0xp
2 messages
English 0 jismark-UM - last answer from DUC-San, Tuesday 22/04, 16:28.
Lowest offer wins! i prefer 190,000 clints. pm me for negotiations. thanks mods!
1 message

I would like to sell some lots :

Lot 1 : 62 Toro 0xp
↝ 22k/u

Lot 2 : 41 Kolos
↝ 53k/u

lot 3 : 51 Arno 0xp
↝ 16k/u

Contact me by PM, my price are not fixed.

Thanks to all
7 messages
English WP- JackFrost - last answer from WP- JackFrost, Tuesday 22/04, 14:01.
Im trading my whole Skeelz clan (dont have caelus)

for Roots:

Copper Cr

Charlie 0xp

any cards of these will do...

pm if interesed
4 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed
Jackie for 200k
tan man for 275k
5 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed
I think the market price is really high right now
looking for one for around 840k
1 message
Hi people!
I'm interested in ALL your Dreen 0xp. I pay 800/head.
Directly in my private sales
2 messages
English CN Mafioso - subject is closed
Sell Skullface Cr 0xp 205k

-prefer cash, but also expensive non-cr
-no NB
-no unplayables
-no doubles

pm me

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