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Sunday 24/08/08

1 message
Need a cheap Bloodh got 5.7k anybody willing to sell him to me.
1 message
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Please pm me with your prices and i will see what i can do i'm looking for

2 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Im looking for Sentinels i can ether buy them or i will trade


please pm me offers or if you have a card i need from sentinels i have none at the moment i will post here when i get one so ether post here or pm me
2 messages
English 0utlaw - last answer from k-rek, Sunday 24/08/2008, 18:12.
Buying jackie 10000 any lvl
4 messages
English Simply_Kaye - last answer from kaneholt10, Sunday 24/08/2008, 16:13.
I want to buy Charlie and some of the Ulu Watu cards.. Anyone can provide some in a bit lower price than the market?
2 messages
English enz0- - last answer from kaneholt10, Sunday 24/08/2008, 16:10.
2 messages
English Yankees13 - last answer from TB Bukowski, Sunday 24/08/2008, 15:53.

Propositions please send on PW.
1 message
Buying Azel for 2000.. sell to me straight away
3 messages
Česky 0 Spycee - last answer from WindtheGreat, Sunday 24/08/2008, 12:53.
I selling 3 Sandy
4 messages
English vkngs10 - last answer from TDDP, Sunday 24/08/2008, 12:32.
Selling Kolos for vickie and i have the Kolos
1 message
I am looking for Bloodh pm me with the price
2 messages
English Alceus-TUK - last answer from kaneholt10, Sunday 24/08/2008, 09:07.
I just got an Eklore at level 40 and i might trade it,what do you think i should ask for it?i would like a Guru Cr but i know nobody would do that.
2 messages
English vkngs10 - last answer from kaneholt10, Sunday 24/08/2008, 08:57.
Azel 2000
Sandy 150
Cell 175
Niki 175
Mac Hen 170
flyr 200
Samantha 200
Meyen 200
ghestling 200
grazilla 200
and any other card u would like to sell for 150 il buy it
2 messages
English 3L Janissary - last answer from MDelRey, Sunday 24/08/2008, 08:52.
Charlie lewel 4 (only 375 xp) 13500 clintz..
Yayoi lewel 3 (only 15 xp) 8600 clintz..

who do you need these cards??
3 messages
Português Mariolopes17 - subject is closed
Hey im selling Charlie for no less then 10 k make your bids
1 message
1630 Clintz plz
3 messages
English The Giver - last answer from The Giver, Sunday 24/08/2008, 05:10.
I will trade 1 0 xp marco for 1 Nistarok and 1 Cassandra and 1000 clintz
4 messages
English winner mon - last answer from winner mon, Sunday 24/08/2008, 03:15.

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