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Sunday 13/04/14

1 message
English cofferide - subject is closed
My lvl 3 Rahanpah for Leela any lvl.
1 message
Im trading my 6 Boris Cr (65K) for Roots the playable ones like

Noodile Cr

any of these will do

pm if interested
10 messages
Português uP Hardwell - last answer from -Daoc-, Sunday 13/04, 07:56.

I'm selling 94 Robb Cr 0xp!!!
Price: 55k each

I can accept good offers too!

1 message
Trade available for General Cr or other big 5

from a combination of these cards, just let me know which ones you want
Marlysa Cr 1.4 million
Rass Cr 1.0
Berserkgirl Cr 1.0
NDololo Cr .9
Lao Cr .85
Flavio Cr .85
Dragan Cr .8
Aldebaran Cr .8
Vickie Cr .6
Ambrose Cr .35
Ombre Cr .3
Reine Cr .3
Tanaerva .275
A Award Cr .2
x3 Jackie Cr .2
Skullface Cr .2
x3 Caelus Cr .175
Copper Cr .08
x2 Kenny Cr .06
Sylth Cr .04
Marco Cr .04
x2 Edd Cr .025
x2 Chiara Cr .02

also, I have 600k available for whatever other cards you would want to add to this list, or if there is something specific you are looking for maybe I could round that up
1 message
I'm selling 5 Jane Ramba Cr's for 45k each or 225k all together
Saturday 12/04/14

7 messages
English adb98 - last answer from adb98, Saturday 12/04, 22:06.
Hello, I would like to buy about 50 Tuck for 4500 clintz a head. I also have some Graven (full) and some Mokra (0 exp) to trade as well if you are interested!

Contact me if you are interested or would like to negotiate. Pm for a faster response. Thanks for your time!
3 messages
English LUPIN of LOA - subject is closed
Marlysa Cr 1.4 million
Rass Cr 1.0 million
Beserkgirl Cr 1.0 million
NDololo Cr .9 million
Lao Cr .9 million
Flavio Cr .8 million
Aldebaron Cr .8 million
Vickie Cr .6 million
Tanaereva Cr .25 million
x3 Jackie Cr .6 million
x3 Caelus Cr .45 million
Copper Cr .08 million
Janie Ramba Cr .04 million
total 8.82 million
1 message
The price on the market is actually 180k. I change my card only for other cr
I don't care of the experience (full or 0xp is the same for me)
I will consider every cr you can offer from caelus to chikko
I won't take in consideration every offer that is far from my requests
write me in pm
2 messages
English WP- JackFrost - last answer from LW-Roronoa, Saturday 12/04, 16:41.
Im selling my Skeelz (including Caelus Cr) for 350K all in all


im willing to trade them for the whole Ulu Watu + clintz or Sentinels + Clitnz

if interested pls pm me or message below
4 messages
English WP- JackFrost - last answer from LW-Roronoa, Saturday 12/04, 16:39.
Im selling my Caelus Cr for 190k (negotiable)

or im trading it for whole Ulu Watu or sentinels (except cr)
ill add more Skeelz if not enough

pm if interested
3 messages
English 0 Spycee - subject is closed

I have a lost of cards on market for sell or echange.
But I can’t writte a specific price, the mason is – „You have carried out too many actions on the Market in a short period of time. Please wait and come back later. To avoid this problem, ease up on the Market.“

Accept :
⋆ Clintz
⋆ Cards

The following cards are for sale or exchange :

All Stars
4x Saki, 2x Jessie, 1x Dallas, 6x Oyoh, 1x Essie, 89x Alexei, 39x Flo, 7x Asporov, 24x Mario.

4x Vermyn N, 6x Juicy Lord, 2x Bodenpower, 1x Shogunn, 49x Fifty, 90x Lennox, 7x Leila, 22x Laetitia, 15x Dud Z, 24x Gyro.

18x Graven, 1x Elvis, 1x Taylor, 99x Kostner, 14x Melanie, 3x Gus, 38x Norman.

Fang Pi Clang
2x Ryuichi, 1x Shifou, 2x Tameshi, 1x Sung Tsu, 3x Macumba, 4x Zhu Tang, 7x Kati, 10x Linda, 3x Rei, 16x Xia Leming, 29x Yumi, 8x Sai San.

33x Crassus, 1x Madelone, 2x Wolfgang, 3x Cassandra, 9x Pyro, 96x Miss Ming, 49x Igor, 39x Maamoon, 36x Vassili.

2x Brok, 2x Ayah, 6x Stompah, 9x Haaken, 2x Mikaal, 2x Annuqa, 207x Niqiloda, 2x Windzy.

3x Rolph, 65x Methane, 38x Hriger, 9x Bristone, 5x Gork, 75x Dr Saw, 34x Igniss, 2x Erika, 39x Vladimir, 79x Dolly, 27x Elke.

2x Pandagran, 146x Wonder Lana, 12x El Gascaro, 54x Gatuchica, 107x Derby Queen.

6x Eduardo, 3x Scopica, 7x Pegh, 51x Greow, 14x Eggman, 29x Jean, 1x Benicio, 44x Psylo, 47x Scotty, 14x Wendy, 56x Elea, 32x Rodney, 30x Ronald.
2 messages
English Q u i r k y - last answer from Q u i r k y, Saturday 12/04, 11:48.
Pm me for a deal. Thanks.
4 messages
English 0_Levi - subject is closed
i sell Lamar Cr 0xp
---> cash-620k
---> cards 630k
---> cash and cards limiting upto 625k+

pm me
have a nice day !
2 messages
English thebigK7 - last answer from thebigK7, Saturday 12/04, 00:02.
For sale/trade: (All 0xp except the CR)

14 Agustino 260/e
5 Doug Snop 960/e
3 Graven 6500/e
16 Marzo 225/e
11 Stooge 650/e
16 Dr Ergo 800/e
4 Ganx 800/e
6 Cage Troy 600/e
5 El Mercurio 1200/e
15 Irwigo 225/e
18 Miss DerbyQueen 250/e
15 Jarez 250/e
5 Davis 600/e
21 Waller 450/e
23 Samia 250/e
7 Kephren 1250/e
17 Muller 200/e

1 Kinichaw 13500
2 Tabasco Fire 4200/e
8 Betelgeuse 5800/e
6 Parmabarb 9000/e
1 Clover 8000
8 Nabrissa 12000/e
6 Curlix 13800/e
5 Sir Barks 2900/e

Trade only:
4 Noctezuma 72000/e
1 Blaaster Cr (full) 110000
5 Sylth Cr (full/0xp) 50000/e

Looking for:
CRs over 500k (Lamar Cr, Splata Cr, Kerozinn Cr, etc)
Specific CRs 200k-500k (ask for more info)

Not a complete have list but a majority, if looking for something specific PM. PS is fine usually, larger exchanges SE may be preferred. As always prices are "somewhat negotiable". Thanks, PM or post
Friday 11/04/14

2 messages
English Fruz- - subject is closed
Je souhaite vendre:

8 0XP 3* cartes (Carliot, Marzo x3, Mitch x2, Myke, Noon Stevens) pour 290/tete.

4 0xp 4* cartes (Candy Jack x4) pour 550/tete.
7 messages
English A Awso Cr - last answer from 0 More0rBless, Friday 11/04, 21:27.
Selling or trading my Marlysa Cr (1.55m) and Lamar Cr (635k)

Strong preference of cash, not looking for lots and will only accept playable Cr's such as Jackie Cr, Tanaereva Cr.

PM any offers, thanks
1 message
My Tessa Cr by the market price now 860K, 655K is Kerozinn Cr.
The difference may be in the cards or in cash.

A greeting.

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