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1 message
Title says it all, please post here or message me if interested.
1 message
I have a lot of 564 Anibal that I am looking to sell.

I am asking 3.7k a head with a majority being 0xp.

Total price is: 2086800 ( I can settle at 2mil secure trade)
2 messages
English 0_Kiki - last answer from 0_Kiki, yesterday at 00:16.
As the title says I would like to exchange 2 Magnar 0 xp for 1 Marjory 0 xp, I have 464 Magnar 0 xp so I can do this a total of 232 times. PM me to set up a trade.
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English 0_AAR - subject is closed
J'echange mes Spyke 0xp contre big 5s

j'estime Spyke 0xp à 34k/t

mes offres:

210 Spyke 0xp contre Lyse Teria Cr
275 Spyke 0xp contre Guru Cr
275 Spyke 0xp contre Kiki Cr
280 Spyke 0xp contre General Cr
285 Spyke 0xp contre DJ Korr Cr
Sunday 31/08/14

1 message
I want trade my Kiki Cr (full) who I value 9m400k

I'm looking for:

- 9m400k in cards + cash (min. 1M and max. 3m100k)

- 9m650k if you offer just cards

I accept Crs playable and also lots of Riots 0 exp, but I listen to all offers

The evaluations will be done at the moment of the offer

Thank you
2 messages
English Faint Man - last answer from Lucks7ven LoA, Sunday 31/08, 15:52.
1 message
1)Vickie Cr 0xp (640k) for 64 Liona 0xp/full
2)Vickie Cr full (630k) for 63 Liona 0xp/full
3)Splata Cr full (800k) for 80 Liona 0xp/full
4)Lamar Cr full (820k) for 82 Liona 0xp/full

5)Guru Cr 0xp (10M) for 1000 Liona 0xp/full
3 messages
English Squirtroll - last answer from -m40-, Sunday 31/08, 13:33.
Looking for around 9.2m, taking most offers into consideration, although i am not accepting any sort of unplayables.

also looking for dounia lots
16 messages
English Faint Man - subject is closed
I want to sell my Leviatonn for my mini games
to add prizes
25,000 each
1 message
Simple as the title
my 0xp Dregn x7 for your 0xp Dounia x2
4 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - last answer from AKP_Kaiser, Sunday 31/08, 04:23.
I sell 100 Lear Barduh 0xp 14k/each
1 message
Looking to sell 30 Vermaire 13000/each.

MP for Offers!
1 message
I trade x2 full xp Dounia [400k] + 1x Jackie Cr 0xp [210k]

i value them at 610k in total and I'm looking to trade them for 60x 0xp Heegrn Cr

thank you
Saturday 30/08/14

1 message
English Saga - subject is closed
I'm trading my 0xp Lady that I estimate at 38k for Chikko Cr that I estimate at 15k + 23k complement

I take anything as 23k complement

1 message
English Tazzino_GK - subject is closed
Sell :
100 Wonder Lana 0xp 375k
1 Emeth Cr 0xp 80k
1 sakura 0xp 10.5k
Search cash mp thanks
1 message
English Pumjection - subject is closed
Prix: 220k/T

par vp, only cash
1 message
English 0 Jamox - subject is closed
Hi, Im currently looking for:

~Valter Bianco
1 message
I'm selling 50 Jose Star s
550 a head.
PM if interested.
4 messages
English ToM_bOmBs - subject is closed
220k each as I got offers of that, but looking for people willing to deal that now rather than later.
2 messages
English UD NORONHA - last answer from 0 Sousa, Saturday 30/08, 15:06.
Im looking for 5M Cash and 4.5M in Cr's

- No doubles
- Playable Cr's mostly

Leave your sugestions

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