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Wednesday 25/06/08

3 messages
English DAFT Cr - subject is closed
Im selling an Estalt (max xp) from Nightmare clan if anyone is interested only for 725 clints
send me a message if you want it..
4 messages
English Inactive - last answer from Chain Devil, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 22:17.
Looking to buy Svethlana and Gwen both 1* and not for 1k like it is on Market, it's just ridiculous.
4 messages
English El Guap0 - last answer from --Steeze--, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 21:50.
I need a level one Chiro
i have 315+ clintz and a bunch of max level cards
-el guap0 (the 0 is a zero)
9 messages
English Travooo - last answer from shinorocks, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 19:55.
Any offers?
3 messages
English Pillow9 - last answer from UM-Pinstripe, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 19:41.
I have the following cards to exchange or sell. PM me with offer

Ombre Cr
3 messages
English JACCS - last answer from JACCS, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 19:11.
Hi! I change my Lyse Teria Cr 0xp into another Lyse full + Small Complement,
to being possible in Clintzs or Crs.PM.tnx!!
8 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 15:58.
1 message
I'm buying Splata Cr is anyone selling it for a bit under the market price
3 messages
English ARMADA_3 - subject is closed
Any offers?
3 messages
English 0LD_Dingo - last answer from 0LD_Dingo, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 14:39.
As I said I'm trading my Kenny and Morphun (both fully levelled up) for a Kerozinn Cr any level.
15 messages
English 0LD_Dingo - subject is closed
I'm selling a level 4 Charlie (U) with only 4xp. This is a great opportuinity for people sick of having to buy and re buy charlies in a hurry. So make the most of this amazing card and post your offers here!

Only serious offers please
69 messages
Română V3ctor - subject is closed
Welcome to the 13th edition of RG. Each of u who post have a chance of winning one of these cards: Alexei or Amelia. There is only one rule: Tell me what u think about this deck: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=75845&from=list.

This will end one day after i post it.


Good Luck!!
8 messages
English Gumbo123 - subject is closed
As title says... See my sales if you don't believe me... XD

I am looking here first before going through the hassle of using the French forums, if there happens to be anyone interested...

PM me or post here...
2 messages
English Azure Demon - last answer from Vule 0, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 11:50.
Seliing Vickie 23000 Clintz
Selling the Gxxt's from Sakrohm for 3000 and 7000 each.
14 messages
Română 3M Allex - last answer from 3M Allex, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 10:24.
20 vickie


30 marco

any lvl !!!!!!!!!
7 messages
English Sulfox - subject is closed
IM selling Spycee Andsom smokey and rhed OFFER ur clintz on each AND i accept Uppers cards or vickie
5 messages
English shorty12 - subject is closed
Buying whole decks of 8 or more for 1,928 clints. Does not matter what type or cards they are. my main pryoridy is to buy and collect cards.
232 messages
English LawLessChaoz - subject is closed
All you have to do is guess the cards and it is yours.


Clue 1: It is a Rare

Ill add more clues later.
Ends July 1st.
5 messages
English guardian-x - last answer from crazyo, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 03:33.
Tilte says it, any lvl is fine, but i though 540 for was a bit too expencive,
330 was hard for me to earn,

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