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Sunday 27/07/14

2 messages
English The Maver1ck - last answer from xXMitsukaiXx, Sunday 27/07, 21:11.
I am looking to sell or trade 75 copies of Mefisto in one lot.
I value them at about 13,000 each or about 975,000 for the lot.
I accept clintz or Playable Crs (combinations may be accepted as well. Pm me for faster negotiations
9 messages
English UoS_NaNo - last answer from -KriminalZ, Sunday 27/07, 19:59.
I'm sell/trade

125 Wonder Lana 0 xp 4300/each
2100 Rahanpah 1200 0 xp 4000/each

I'm looking for cash and collectors I'm waiting for pm
2 messages
English unikho - last answer from unikho, Sunday 27/07, 19:44.
I'm sellin a little lot of 86 Houtay 0xp at 850 each

via private sale
6 messages
English ---LiLi - last answer from unikho, Sunday 27/07, 19:43.
Je recherche des lots de carte
Standard ou rare
150 à 10k/u
Minimum 20 cartes

Merci de me mp
8 messages
English Mezzo7Sangue - last answer from Mezzo7Sangue, Sunday 27/07, 17:14.

I'm looking for a little lot of Copper Cr 0 exp, I value him 95k, these are my offers:

16 Copper Cr full valued 90k (2 are 3* but with some xp) + 5k/each vs 16 Copper Cr 0 exp

Marlysa Cr 0 exp valued 1m480k vs 15 Copper Cr 0 exp + 50k

Waiting for mps
5 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - subject is closed
I sell 50 Hemdall 0xp 23k/each and 95 Fixit 0xp 8500/each vp
3 messages
English Mezzo7Sangue - last answer from Mezzo7Sangue, Sunday 27/07, 15:07.
Hi guys

I'm selling the following crs, I value them as market price, but I can do a little discount (NO ridiculous offers please )

Shawoman Cr 0 exp - 915k
Aldebaran Cr 0 exp - 865k
Selsya Cr 0 exp - 215k
Page Cr 0 exp - 82k

NDololo Cr full - 885k
Jim Cr full - 265k
Cassio Cr full - 85k
Geuner Cr full - 84k
Page Cr full - 82k

I accept:
- Cash
- Tessa Cr 860k
- Splata Cr 830k
- Kerozinn Cr 675k
- Vickie Cr 650k
- Jackie Cr 200k
- Caelus Cr (only 0 exp) 165k
- Copper Cr (only 0 exp) 95k

I'll not accept lots, so don't ask please

As I said, everything is negotiable
4 messages
Deutsch L4F-Durrrr - last answer from L4F-Durrrr, Sunday 27/07, 14:57.
I'm searching for Lyse Teria Cr
I can give Money and Cards.
Pm me when you have a Lyse for trade / sell
3 messages
English Uw-giangiball - subject is closed
I would trade my Kiki Cr 0xp...I will value all your offers,but I prefer cash or dj Korr,but I Can accept all....so...do your offers
5 messages
Português 0 Karlos - subject is closed
Trading my Lyse Teria Cr 0xp for your full + 15k.
PM for faster response, ty
3 messages
English -SiM - subject is closed
Hello, I am buying each and every Mulligan for 475/t.

If you have over 100 copies, it's 490/t

Over 200, 500/t.

PM me and we can work something out, or just send your Mulligan to my PS and I will buy them.

2 messages
English Faint Man - subject is closed
As the title says.....
2 messages
English k3ns31 - last answer from k3ns31, Sunday 27/07, 03:34.
Hello everyone!

I would like to trade my Aldebaran Cr 0xp,Tanaereva Cr 0xp,El Matador 0xp,Uranus 0xp,Rosa 0xp + 78200 clintz for Elya Cr and Vickie Cr.

"Aldebaran Cr 0xp" --------- 901000 clintz
"Tanaereva Cr 0xp" --------- 298000 clintz
"El Matador 0xp" --------- 13500 clintz
"Uranus 0xp" --------- 22000 clintz
"Rosa 0xp" --------- 4300 clintz
78200 clintz
1317000 clintz

Also I'm looking for: Marlysa Cr,Manon Cr,Tessa Cr, Lamar Cr y Splata Cr.

I am willing to trade trough Private Sale or Secure Trade.
Saturday 26/07/14

1 message
Looking to trade my Lamar Cr 0exp for a full level one plus 10k compliment. PM me for fastest response. Price is negotiable
1 message
Buy Jackie Cr 190k if interested please put in my private sales
7 messages
English CHR0 - last answer from Famous Falco, Saturday 26/07, 18:14.
I would like to sell my Splata for straight clintz but I might be open to trades in Cr's and good cards. No bulks for ex: 200 Boby Joby's.

Mainly looking for Clintz, Offer up, please do not lowball your heart out.
1 message
English GenT LaCaiGi - subject is closed
Hello everybody,

I said nearly everything in the title but I can also sell an Elya Cr 0xp for 670k.
Feel free to contact me.

Nice weekend.
11 messages
Română 0Bho - subject is closed
Hi, I exchange a lot of CR, and search at least 40% in money

i trade :
- 100 Blaaster Cr 0xp 140k cad
- Sum Sam Cr 0xp 1.3M
- Elya Cr 670k
- Kerozinn Cr 0xp 690k
- Marlysa Cr 1M550k
- 2 Seldnor Cr ( 1 full 1 0xp ) 90k cad
- Diyo Cr 0xp 83k
- Geuner Cr 83k
- Splata Cr 850k
- 2 Kalindra Cr 145k cad
- Miss Twice Cr 0xp 270k
- Selsya Cr 0xp 225k
- Sigmund Cr 0xp 620k
- Flavio Cr 0xp 1M020k
- Lyse Teria Cr 0xp 7.6M
- 3 Vickie Cr 675k cad
- Ambrose Cr 0xp 385k
- Ombre Cr 0xp 340k
- Cassio Cr 94k
- Manon Cr 0xp 1M270k
- Beltran Cr 0xp 215k
- Kiki Cr full 10.5M
- Nahi Cr 0xp 210k
- Page Cr 90k
- A Award Cr 0xp 210k
- Aldebaran Cr 0xp 950k
- Guru Cr 9.8M
- Dragan Cr 0xp 835k
- Skullface Cr 0xp 205k
- Swidz Cr 0xp 140k
- Rass Cr 0xp 940k
- Jim Cr 0xp 280k
- Tanaereva Cr 0xp 305k

PS for 100 Blaaster Cr 0xp accept : cash DJ Korr Cr 10M, Guru Cr 9.8M, Kiki Cr 10.5M, General Cr 9.1M

For others cr i accept
- 40% cash + CR
- Jackie Cr full 200k /// 0xp 205k
- Caelus Cr full 165k /// 0XP 175k
- Copper Cr full 78k /// 0xp 85k
- ..........
- ..........
1 message
The Title says it all.
Pls message me with your offers

2 messages
English baltusu - last answer from baltusu, Saturday 26/07, 10:15.
[TRADE] my Vickie Cr 0xp for your 13 GraksmmxT, pm me, please

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