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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Tuesday 23/09/14

12 messages
English WP_Bauldy - subject is closed
As it says.

Some have history stretching right back to their 2006 release.

2 are 0xp the rest full.

3 million clintz.

Offers considered.
2 messages
English Ippo-Sugoi-Gs - last answer from Ippo-Sugoi-Gs, Tuesday 23/09, 18:31.
Selling 61 Zatman 0xp 33k/T

accept cr 0xp : Jackie Cr 215 k, Caelus Cr 170 k, Seldnor Cr 100 k, Vickie Cr 605 k, Kerozinn Cr 660 k ...

10 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - subject is closed
Hello,i sell

50 Zatman 0xp 33k/tête
Dragan Cr full 860k

i trade :
3 Dounia Cr full + 4 Brody 0xp for 3 Dounia Cr 0xp
2 messages
English 0 Nomi - subject is closed
Seldnor: 125k
Cassio: 98k
I could listen to a Robb Cr offer, but it would have to be below market price.
2 messages
English -A-KooR - last answer from AssoDiCuori, Tuesday 23/09, 16:34.
I want to sell 1x DJ Korr Cr. The price is 9,5M. I accept cash or cards. Pm me to negociate.
147 messages
English CB DarkBlood - subject is closed
Every day I will sell a card well under the market price, First post here gets it for that price.

Tasty Tast for 600 Clintz. BUY IT NOW!

7 messages
English 0 Hokage - last answer from 0 Hokage, Tuesday 23/09, 14:02.
I want to sell some cards -
Lost Hog Cr (22k)
Marco Cr (52k)
Noodile Cr (17k)
Coby (21k)
Jessi (3.9k)
Noemi (3.2k)
Cutey (2.6k)

If you want to buy the cards at the rates given then PM me.
26 messages
English - Elkas - subject is closed
Hello everyone,

I want to sell/trade some: Cr's,Lots and also cards

- Lots -

73x Anita 0xp - 1,1k/e

108x Anita ful xp - 1,3k/e

65x Gradymag full xp - 1,3k/e

12x Tameshi 0xp - 2,3k/e

8x Tameshi Full xp - 2,1k/e

- Cards -

Lizbeth 0xp - 65k

2x Hemdall full xp - 16,8k/e

Charlie 0xp - 55k

2x Yayoi 0xp - 34k/e

Lady full xp - 40k

Zatman full xp - 27k

- Collectors -

2x Blaaster Cr 0xp - 145k/e

Rhed Cr 0xp - 16k

Dalhia Cr full xp - 100k

Caelus Cr 0xp - 169k

Chiara Cr full xp - 22k

2x Kenny Cr 0xp - 65k/e

Robb Cr full xp - 66k

Tessa Cr full xp - 797k

Interested in
- Clintz
- Other Collectors
1 message
I want to sell my Spyke (full xp) for 26.5k
or trade for Striker and i will give you my Spyke and 4k
5 messages
English Spykeiartist - subject is closed
Anyone interested in selling Robb Cr (full xp) please contact me
i will make an avatar for you too (my gallery: theurfan.deviantart,com/gallery/)
2 messages
English Gareth - subject is closed
I have one Marlysa Cr (Full) which I estimate around 1.3mil and 5.7mil in clintz
I estimate Lyse Teria Cr at 7mil!
2 messages
English troll4663 - subject is closed
Any takers? Offers at 250k or above please, best offer wins.
1 message
I'm really looking for for Kerozinn Cr plus cash or cards or both
I'm looking to get about 1m, but I'm willing to hear offers. Pm me or post here
2 messages
English AS-NORTE -A- - subject is closed
Batch Rate Madelone by these cr
1.Sigmund Cr
2.Flavio Cr
3.Shawoman Cr
4.Rass Cr
5.Berserkgirl Cr
6.Dragan Cr
7.Aldebaran Cr
8.NDololo Cr
9.Lao Cr
10.Sum Sam Cr
11.Manon Cr
12.Marlysa Cr
13.Armanda Cr
14.Scarlett Cr
The Madelone I value at 14k I offer the necessary number of Madelone until the value of the card offered according to their market value covered, I have 199 full and the rest 0XP
Monday 22/09/14

3 messages
English popblue3 - subject is closed
Selling Elya Cr atm for 615k on the market. could go lower if more people under cut me.
12 messages
Español vural11 - last answer from vural11, Monday 22/09, 21:58.
10 Charlie 0xp 55k/each one
2 messages
English robotkhatiwada - last answer from robotkhatiwada, Monday 22/09, 16:15.
I HAVE 123 B Bazooka........... 65 FULL REMAINING 0 XP @5K EACH
2 messages
English Ruslan_EPG - last answer from Ruslan_EPG, Monday 22/09, 15:32.
160x Windzy as it says 64 full xp and the rest 0 xp price for each if you buy all at once 2k if lower amount we can work a deal
2 messages
English Manahan10 Cr - last answer from Faint Man, Monday 22/09, 14:57.
Im Selling my Dalhia Cr Full xp Contact me if you are interested

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