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Sunday 12/10/14

2 messages
English MU Gorfang - subject is closed
Hi!, I have a full Caelus valued in 180k and I Am looking for 3 Charlies + 10k clintzs.

If you are interested you know what you have to do
1 message
800,000 put it in my PS
1 message
I want to buy your Vryer, I'll buy any Vryer for 450 Clintz. I prefer 0xp but I'll take whatever. Just send it in my private sales, THANKYOU
1 message

i trade my Lyse Teria Cr 0xp (6.8m)
i accept:
cash + 2%
crs: Marlysa Cr 1.3M, Lao Cr 900k, Lamar Cr 870k, Jackie 220k, Tanaereva 310k etc.
Can also accept small lots (max 1-2)

Mp me
18 messages
English 0_AAR - last answer from 0_AAR, Sunday 12/10, 16:10.
Okay, I got some lots, and I'm looking for Zapatino... massive bulks of Zapatino

I got:

XXXX Rekved -> I want 5 Zapatino 0xp per 2 Rekved 0xp
XXXX Tameshi -> I want 5 Zapatino 0xp per 3 Tameshi 0xp
XXX Naliah -> I want 5 Zapatino 0xp per 2 Naliah 0xp
XXX Mefisto -> I want 19 Zapatino per 2 Mefisto 0xp

BONUS: I got 443 Stooge 0xp... as soon as you have traded me at least 50 Zapatino 0xp.. the next offer will be available: 2 Stooge 0xp for your Zapatino any xp!
2 messages
English 01 NaNo - subject is closed
Good morning forum

i sell 100 Qubik 0xp for 15.5k/each for cash
i trade 100 Qubik 0xp for 16k/each for cards

My research are almost crs. Mp me
1 message
I'm trading 2x C Wing 0xp = 14.4k for 3 Pr Hartnell any level 12k. I've only got 28 c wings so hurry
7 messages
English 0 Emilio - subject is closed
LOT: 30 Uranus
PDD 23k/t

LOT 1:
12 Methane
PDD 8,5k/t

35 Draheera
PDD : 10k/t


13 Wardom
pdd : 15,5k/t

LOT 20 C Wing

PDD 8k/t

LOT 15 Lola
PDD 8k/t

LOT 58 T Gaank


LOT 125 Naele 0 xp

PDD 9,5k/t

lot 40 Boyle

LOT 25 Nellie
pDD 6,2k/t

LOT 7 Shakra 0 xp
PDD 34k/t

LOT 550 Naliah 0 xp

PDD 3,7k/t

LOT 72 Krung 0 xp

PDD 2,7k/t

LOT 30 Sekutor 0 xp

PDD 3k/t

J accepte:

Mercury 6,5k/t
Raskal 7,5k/t
Molder 450/t
Grace 7k/t
Kenjy 480/t
grounchy 13,5k/t
Octana 20,5k/t
Dr Copernica 31k/t
De Couture 1,2k/t
Alexandrea 1,1k/t
Pr Hartnell 4,5k/t
kerozinn 670k
vickie 630k
splata 820k
tanaereva 330k
caelus 180k
jackie 230k
dounia 290k
page 83k
geuner 88k
diyo 90k
cassio 95k
copper 75k
graks 55k/t
Uranus 21k/t

everything is negociable.
IN priv sales.
Saturday 11/10/14

3 messages
English RAMZYxUK - subject is closed
I would try and buy a GraksmxxT for 50k clintz lol. it is a little low but this is the place for purchases etc so i would like to find a cheap one if i could from a nice person
1 message
Português DLK_Shiryu - subject is closed
I want to trade my Lao Cr 1050 k clintz by your Vickie Cr 640 k clintz + Tanaereva Cr 330 k clintz + Emeth Cr 80 k clintz

1 message
English RAMZYxUK - subject is closed
The following cards are 0 xp:

Tasty Tast x2
Caesar x2
Rey Mono
Bridge x2
Proffer Man x2
Molder x3
Karnor Ved x2

i also have 7 bristones full xp
Elvis full xp

what i would like is:
Miss Stella

just tell me what you want for the card.
2 messages
English (RAP) - subject is closed
I trade my jakie cr + kerozine cr for lama cr
who is interested,pm me
2 messages
English brahmaman - last answer from Cyber, Saturday 11/10, 14:53.
Trade my vickie full xp and Saki 0xp for vickie 0xp. Please pm me only.
5 messages
English Atlas TpU - last answer from Atlas TpU, Saturday 11/10, 14:36.
I propose Kero+ Compliments for a Tessa Cr.
6 messages
English Cyber - subject is closed
I have 130 D4 Funk 0 xp to trade and I value them at 9.5k per head.

This is my proposals for some cards.

1 D4 Funk 0 xp (9.5k) for your 1 Campbell 0 xp
7 F4 Funk 0 xp (66.5k) for your 1 GraksmxxT 0 xp
9 D4 Funk 0 xp (85.5k) for your 1 Copper Cr 0 xp

While stock last!

Put the cards in my private sale and I'll send the D4 Funk 0 xp over.
16 messages
English - Pillman - subject is closed
Hi there,

I wanna trade the following Collectors:

- Vickie Cr (Full Xp) 620k

- A Award Cr (0xp) 330k

- Sum Sam Cr (0xp) 1,24mil

I'm Interested in other Collectors:

- Selsya Cr 285k

- Thaumaturge Cr 285k

- Ombre Cr 380k

- Ambrose Cr 396k

- Page Cr 85k

- Beltran Cr 255k

- Nahi Cr 235k

- Swidz Cr 174k

I'm looking for 0xp version of each Collectors,I won't accept full
If you have other offers with only Collectors,post here or just PM me

P.S.: I'm NOT looking/interested in lots,all the posts/PMs with lots will be ignored so don't waste your time.

Thank You!
7 messages
English HarleyxQuinn - subject is closed

I want to sell the following cards:
-48 El Chiquito 0xp (200 per card)
-1 Miranda full xp (1900)
-1 Mini Mosu full xp (170)

I am looking for cash (comment if you wanna buy with clintz)
But if you wanna trade throw me an offer in PM if you want an answer fast.

1 message
English Axis-Mundi - subject is closed
5 messages
English Reason_Behave - last answer from Reason_Behave, Saturday 11/10, 11:32.

I have to offer these
Ambrose Cr 0xp 400k
200k in cash
Kazayan 0xp 25k
Bogdan full xp 23k
2x Esmeralda full 3k

total worth of 654k clintz

for Kerozinn Cr full.

PM me for a deal or negotiations.
1 message
I trade my Lamar Cr 0xp valued 850k vs your Splata Cr valued 815k + 20k cash comp

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