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Wednesday 16/07/14

4 messages
English Cyber - last answer from TrainWreck_, Wednesday 16/07, 05:03.
I have 8 Caelus Cr 0 xp valued at 185k each.

I am looking for lots of staple cards (ELO playable or no/DT penalty or not) that are valued at a win-win for the both of us. I am particularly interested in Copper Cr 0 xp (85k), GraksmxxT 0 xp (55k). I will also look into any other proposals offered and negotiate from there.

Dont hesitate to PM me. Thank you.
44 messages
English ChangeIsGood - subject is closed
I only accept cash.

Starting bid 100 clintz each

No reserve price.

The auction ends 68 hours and 12 minutes from this post. thanks!
which equals 2 days and 20 hours and 12 minutes
this means :00 posts are valid.
The auction ends July 16 00:01 GMT (:00 posts will be taken, :01 posts will NOT be taken)

edited by Artemis-BZ Sunday 13/07, 17:36
Tuesday 15/07/14

1 message
English AKP_Kaiser - subject is closed
100 Hemdall 0xp 23k5/each , and 99 Fixit 0xp 8k/each

sorry for the last subject,i dont see the market for price of fixiti,i posted wrong
5 messages
ελληνικά prive001 - last answer from prive001, Tuesday 15/07, 20:32.
Looking for playable Crs pm me
3 messages
English 0_0_0_0_0_0_0 - subject is closed
As the title states I have :

Ongh full xp

Vermyn N 0xp

Uranus 0xp

GraksmxxT full xp

I'm looking for :

Cortez + 100 k in non crs

Thanks mods

Pm me if interested
4 messages
English LOA RAP - last answer from LOA RAP, Tuesday 15/07, 16:09.
I want to trade
my Isatis,Laura,Milena,Thormund,Ray,Sabia,Pilzken,Dean,Arnie, and 6 k cash
I m looking for
Jose Star, Kazayan, Lady, McArthur, Oxen, Rubie, Wendel
I know Every thing but plz trade
2 messages
English leduc1984 - last answer from Artemis-BZ, Tuesday 15/07, 13:56.
I have for trade or sell
16 Revok 0xp
10 muse full
10 Steve full
7 Gus 0xp
6 Kawamashi Cr 0xp
4 redvek 0xp
4 Naliah 0xp
4 Logan 0xp
4 Dallas 0xp
4 wonder lama 0xp
3 magmar 0xp
3 Aaron 0xp

im looking for card like Raven Yayoi noctezuna pm me in private to dealing ty
1 message
I trade my Jackie Cr 215k
for little interesting lots
or plaing cr as blaster or emeth
and cash
1 message
English leduc1984 - subject is closed
16 Revok 0xp
10 Muze full
10 Steve full
7 Gus 0xp
6 Kawamashi Cr 0xp
4 redvek 0xp
4 Naliah 0xp
4 Logan 0xp
4 Dallas 0xp
4 Wonder Lana 0xp
3 Magnar 0xp
3 Aaron 0xp

je regarde pour des grosse carte comme lilzabeth Yayoi Raven Noctezuma enoyer moi vos offre en prier pour negocier merci
5 messages
English XC levi 69 - subject is closed
I sell /trade my Shawoman Cr 0xp
If cash 900k
If cards 950k (only unplayable crs)
14 messages
English 0 Lethal - subject is closed
I accept cash and berzerks (only Graven Konrad Clive Spyke)

starting bid 500 per head
no reserve price

end date 15 July 2014 3:30 pm IST (GMT + 5:30)

edited by Artemis-BZ Sunday 13/07, 07:33
1 message
starting price 440
I have 380x Jody
2 messages
English fraiture - subject is closed
Hi guys, I'm offering 11800 clintz for a Clive full xp

Thanks in advance!
11 messages
English ---SiM-HoA--- - last answer from Endless Panda, Tuesday 15/07, 01:15.
I am looking for either 910k in cash, 920k in cards.

Cards I'm looking for

Mulligan (400/t) [BULK]
Liona (10.5k/t) [BULK]
Playable Cr's (i.e. Miss Twice Cr Full (260k) , Kerozinn Cr (690k) etc.)
High Valued Non-Cr's (i.e. Graks, Zatman)

All prices are negotiable, happy trading
Monday 14/07/14

9 messages
English DUC-KevinAFCA - last answer from Taxaviz, Monday 14/07, 21:21.
Since Armanda Cr has risen to almost 2M value, i decide to make an new offer.

Offer i will consider:
1,65+ M Cash
Tradeoffer with at least this value containing Kerozinn Cr
6 messages
English Famous Falco - last answer from Famous Falco, Monday 14/07, 19:00.
I would like trade my Kerozinn Cr (0xp), Cassio Cr (0xp), and Kreen Cr (full) for a Splata Cr (full).

Please PM me if you are interested.
1 message
I sell Lao Cr 0 exp for 1M negotiable..i'm looking for cash and CRs
6 messages
English Jamox360 - subject is closed

I have:
21 Waller - 0.5k/e - 10.5k
34 Graven - 8.5k/e - 289k
30 Nabrissa - 11k/e- 330k
20 Stooge - 0.95k/e - 19k
25 Miss Derby Queen - 0.35k/e - 8.75k
49 Zoid - 1.3k/e - 63.7k
20 Yodd - 2k/e - 40k
17 Hemdall - 24k/e - 408k
22 Vermaire - 15k/e - 330k
51 B Bazooka - 5.6k'e - 285.6k
23 Samia - 0.3k - 6.9k/e

I am looking for clintz, or;

Lots of:
El Chiquito
Lee Moon
Tasty Tast

Or Individual Copies of:
Florida Jane
Sah Brinak
Vermyn N
Heegrn Cr
Noodle Cr
Boris Cr
Chiara Cr
Veenyle Cr
Edd Cr
Jane Ramba Cr
Marco Cr
Robb Cr
Sylth Cr
Kenny Cr
Emeth Cr
Kreen Cr
Copper Cr
Smokey Cr
Dahlia Cr
Blaster Cr
Kalindra Cr
Caelus Cr
Alec Cr
Jackie Cr
Nahi Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Vickie Cr
Lamar Cr
Splata Cr
Tessa Cr

Pm me for a faster response

3 messages
English Endless Panda - subject is closed
Looking for Kerozinn and Vickie or Lamar.
1 message
I sell 100 Daddy 0 xp for 13750 each. I sell them for high value cards (bulks), CR's and clints. If u buy them all i give u discount! Just tell me ure offer!

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