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Monday 22/09/14

2 messages
English TIW_Tra91 - last answer from popblue3, Monday 22/09, 02:06.
I sell:
x100 Lost Hog Cr 0xp 35k /each

i'm looking for:
clintz / cr that you can offer to me by private message
Sunday 21/09/14

3 messages
English ChangeIsGood - last answer from popblue3, Sunday 21/09, 23:44.
I have:

14 Kinichaw 0xp 14.5k each
10 El Divino 0xp 31k each
10 Noctezuma 0xp 80k each

I would like:
Jackie Cr (Full/0xp)
Marlysa Cr (Full/0xp)

Contact me for offers, or post here.
1 message
English GenT_Espan0 - subject is closed
Lyse Teria Cr 7M
Shawoman Cr Oxp 800k
2 Kalindra Cr Oxp 300k
25 Boris Cr Oxp 450k
30 D4 Funk Oxp 300k
900k cash

TOTAL: 9.750.000

Trade in vp
5 messages
English L4F-Durrrr 88 - subject is closed
I'll Trade / sell my Lyse Teria Cr for min 2kk Cash + Cards
I only accept following cards:
Dounia Cr 0xp > 275k
Leviatonn 0xp > 27k
XU52 0xp > 14k
Toro 0xp > 20k
Draheera 0xp > 8k
Noctezuma 0xp > 75k
Marjory 0xp > 6k
Oshitsune 0xp > 8k
Dr Copernica 0xp > 28k
GraksmxxT 0xp > 50k
Cyb Lhia 0xp > 4k
Ongh 0xp > 50k
Ruru 0xp > 12k
Zoe 0xp > 12k

Just pm me
3 messages
English - Elkas - subject is closed

j'echange les suivantes: Cr's,Lots & Cards

- Lots -

73x Anita 0xp - 1,3k/e

108x Anita full xp - 1,2k/e

65x Gradymag full xp - 1,2k/e

12x Tameshi 0xp - 2,5k/e

8x Tameshi Full xp - 2,3k/e

- Cards -

Lizbeth 0xp - 68k

2x Hemdall full xp - 17k/e

Charlie 0xp - 55k

2x Yayoi 0xp - 34k/e

Lady full xp - 43k

Zatman full xp - 28k

- Collectors -

2x Blaaster Cr 0xp - 145k/e

Rhed Cr 0xp - 18k

Dalhia Cr full xp - 100k

Caelus Cr 0xp - 170k

Chiara Cr full xp - 21k

2x Kenny Cr 0xp - 65k/e

Robb Cr full xp - 66k

Tessa Cr full xp - 797k

Manon Cr 0xp - 1,23 Mil


- Clintz
- Collectors - Lamar Cr 0xp - 800k
- Kerozinn Cr 0xp - 690k
- Diyo Cr 0xp - 95k
- Geuner Cr 0xp - 90k
- Splata Cr 0xp - 775k
- Vickie Cr 0xp - 610k
- Page Cr 0xp - 83k

1 message
English ll__ll__ll - subject is closed
I offer 14 Kinichaw 0xp = 181.000

Caelus Cr = 171.000

pm me pls
1 message
Hello everyone !

it's kind a special subject, I am looking for 2000 Morlha ! (lwhatever the level)

There are my prices :
- 1 to 250 => 350/u
- 251 to 500 => 400/u
- 501 to 1000 => 450/u
- 1001 to 2000 => 500/u

I pay full cash ! Let's go !

Contact me by private message or put them direct in my private sells

Thanks to all !
1 message

I'll like to sell some lot, I am looking for cash only.

1_ 1270 B Bazooka 0xp ↝ 4700/u (min 100)
2_ 210 B Bazooka full ↝ 4500/u (min 100)
3_ 700 Aaron 0xp ↝ 6k/u
4_ 270 Clive 0xp ↝ 13k5/u (min 100)
5_ 100 Baby Q 0xp ↝ 4k5/u
6_ 100 Sah Brinak 0xp ↝ 14k5/u

Contact me by private message if you are interested
6 messages
English Jamox360 - last answer from Jamox360, Sunday 21/09, 14:21.
Hi there,

I have 22 Mefisto of mixed experience
I value these at 17k/e or 374k
I would prefer cash, but all offers will be considered

Please message me if you are interested
5 messages
English Faint Man - last answer from Faint Man, Sunday 21/09, 13:57.
6 messages
English ngn_tr - last answer from Faint Man, Sunday 21/09, 13:56.
Splata Cr 830k
Cortez 0xp 50k
Kolos 0xp 50k
Wee Lee 0xp 30k
Noctezuma 0xp 70k
tanaereva 0xp 310k
11 messages
English ScOoP_HoA - subject is closed
PM me if interested..
3 messages
English Squirtroll - subject is closed
Adding 20k comp

also accepting Guru Cr +400k
Kiki Cr +600k
1 message
English ScOoP_HoA - subject is closed
3xfull xp
1x 0xp

Private sale
2 messages
English Spykeiartist - subject is closed
Me and ScOoP_HoA finally manipulated Shogunn to 24k!!
so i make this offer to sell my 5 Shogunn for 20k each
and the buyer gets a free avatar too!
PM me if you are interested
1 message
Here I have:

Jean x 98 .......... 460.6 most 0 xp
Elvira x 15 ......... 73.5
Lea x 14 ............ 51.5
Michael x 9 ........ 252 all 0 xp

Total 837.6 for Vickie Cr + Dounia Cr (or cash). Thanks and pls pm me or post here.
4 messages
English Faint Man - subject is closed
GO! GO! GO! FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INEED THEIR FULL COPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 message
Looking for 0 exp Version of my Noodile I have 20 Noodile (full) I can give 300 clintz per Noodile.
2 messages
English chakkal2001 - subject is closed
Hi all,
I'm willing to exchange my full Tanaereva Cr (310k clintz value market at time of posting)
Blaaster Cr (140k clintz) + Jackie Cr (240k clintz) I will add 30k clintz to compensate for difference
Blaaster Cr (140k clintz) + Dalhia Cr (100k clintz) + compensation
Other offers involving Blaaster Cr.
Contact by PM.
6 messages
English LUPIN of LOA - subject is closed
mannon cr----------1.2
Dounia Cr x 9--------2.5
Emeth Cr x 2----------.12
Jane Ramba Cr x 2---.09
Robb Cr x 4-------------.24
Jackie Cr x 3-----------.6
Copper Cr--------------.07
Vickie Cr----------------.6
Marco Cr x 3----------.15
Marlysa Cr --------1.3
el davino-----------.02
Flavio Cr-------------.8
Dragan Cr-----------.8
NDololo Cr----------.8


for your Guru Cr

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