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Friday 22/08/14

1 message
Hi im looking to buy Noctezuma for 78k
i am also looking for beetleguese and lelena for 5 k a piece willing to pay 90 k for all
1 message
Jackie for 217k and tan man for 298k and both for 510k
2 messages
English andersons9119 - last answer from andersons9119, Friday 22/08, 19:14.
i need some cr cards for my collection.
i will buy this cr cards.

Tanaereva Cr--->. max. 280k or trade
Kenny Cr ---> max. 55k or trade
Page Cr---> max. 75k or trade
Geuner Cr---> max. 70k or trade
Nahi Cr.

you can write your offers.
6 messages
ελληνικά prive001 - last answer from eleos83, Friday 22/08, 15:51.
Up for trade:
General Cr
Lamar Cr
Vickie Cr
Blaaster Cr

want marlyssa
cards + cash
no unplayable CR
4 messages
English AKP (Ezio) - subject is closed
Hello everybody

I sell

200 Brody 0xp 11k7/u
200 Cage Troy 0xp 620/u
125 Smith 0xp 650/u
100 Hemdall 0xp 23k/u
13 Lear Barduh 14k5/u

I'm looking for
Aaron 0xp 5k7 (6k for 100)
Pr Hartnell 4k5/t (5k1 for 100)
6 messages
English Gareth - last answer from Gareth, Friday 22/08, 14:38.
Hi! I have 2 Full Noctes and 16 0xp
I valuate them at about 80k/85k (160k/1.36m), if you want to buy (pure CLINTZ) I will only do it at this price only.

I am looking for any USEABLE CRs, for example Jackie Cr or Caelus Cr
1 message
I sell:
100 Westwood full xp 450 clintz each
200 Westwood 0xp 470 clintz each
100 Dr Norton full xp 400 clintz each
250 Dr Norton 0xp 410 clintz each

If you buy ALL the cards, I sell them for 280.000 clintz
3 messages
English Faint Man - last answer from Faint Man, Friday 22/08, 12:02.
I am trying to buy the copies of Tula Tyd Murray Yookie and Sunder
Help me guys to reach my goal 500 each card

and I have 136 Sliman and 400 Jody
9 messages
English brahmaman - subject is closed
Hello, I wish to trade a 0xp Kiki Cr.

I value Kiki Cr at 9.2 million for the right lots

I am looking for copies of kenny, tanaereva, graks, jackie, Ongh. I value all cards at market price. Please pm me with offers.
4 messages
English Xonia_LoA - subject is closed
I want to sell or trade my 0xp NDololo Cr. Clintz preferred, but not necessary.
6 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - subject is closed
I have 4 Dalhia Cr 0xp i need 40 Liona 0xp ( we can talk if i add cash )
2 messages
English -FredoSantana - subject is closed
All my Noland's(160 of them) are 0xp, looking for any xp Pr Hartnells!
PM me for faster response!
1 message
English - Sage - - subject is closed
Hello everyone

im searching Tessa Cr!
I want to pay 800-810k for her.
Just put her in my private sell if you agree!

Best greets,
Thursday 21/08/14

2 messages
Español Eduardo Villa - last answer from AKP_Kaiser, Thursday 21/08, 20:10.
My Lyse Teria Cr for full + 100k (the complement can be negotiable)
4 messages
English -FredoSantana - subject is closed
Looking to sell 160 Noland's 0xp. I value each at 2300.
Looking forward every offer, pm me for faster response!

2 messages
Deutsch CN Mafioso - subject is closed
52 Liona Oxp. Priced at 10.8k each. Prefer clintz, but can accept cards as well...
1 message
I have a full Don which i want to trade for a full Clive it's just one and i need it urgently
6 messages
English Bus-A-Bus - last answer from Bus-A-Bus, Thursday 21/08, 11:04.
Manon Cr and 500k clintz for Armanda Cr and Lao Cr.
Anyone interested pm me plz
1 message
Pm me i buy them 60kea
1 message
English FH-ulquiorra - subject is closed
Looking for cash (~220k)

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