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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 18/07/14

4 messages
English SPT rozzo - last answer from Taxaviz, Friday 18/07, 17:27.
Hello i need DJ Korr Cr (10M) or Kiki Cr (10,5M)

I can offer
General Cr (9,5M) + 500k or 900K cash

we will use private sales
1 message
I want to sell my Marco Cr 0 xp from 53 k clintz , anyone intereested?
1 message
Sell Rass Cr 0xp for 860k cash or for Kerozinn Cr+ complement of 200k
11 messages
English Faint Man - last answer from Faint Man, Friday 18/07, 13:45.
27 messages
English play_0 - last answer from Taxaviz, Friday 18/07, 13:44.
I have all the frozen clan except for Kalindra Cr , for trade or sale , pm me with a reasonable price or trade with these cards

cards accepted
Crazy Carlo

and other useful Vortex and All Stars
3 messages
English Force ofNature - subject is closed
I am offering Marlysa Cr 0xp and I am looking for Jackie Cr, Vickie Cr and 500,00 clintz.
PM me if you are interested, thanks!
2 messages
English Six Nations - subject is closed
Selling a 0xp Charlie for 72k

PM for faster response
3 messages
English nacnac2 - last answer from Artemis-BZ, Friday 18/07, 09:10.
Entire Vortex clan for sell or trade! make offers
8 messages
English -KriminalZ - last answer from -KriminalZ, Friday 18/07, 06:28.
Hello, i have few doubles
100 Tameshi 0xp ( 2.7k each )
Robb Cr ( 51k)
Striker (35k)
Blaaster Cr ( 117k)
Vermyn N (30k)
Spyke ( 31k)
Akendram 0xp ( 10.5k)
Liona 0xp ( 10.8k)
Rad ( 12.8k)
Bridge 0xp (9k)
Ongh ( 49k)
Gil ( 32.8k)
Jane Ramba Cr ( 40k)
Pilzken (23k)
Raven ( 34k)
Bloodh ( 18k)
Aurora (18k)
Kerry ( 17.7k)
Reeve (27k)
sledj ( 6.6k)
Lady (36k)

AND i also have Vickie Cr full xp ( 670k ) and i add 30k cash for your Lamar Cr full xp

pm me for offers, thanks!
1 message
English bokneehog - subject is closed
I have 5 Parmabarb to trade for Kenny Cr. I have clintz to add as well, PM me for negotiations
1 message
Hi i'm trying to sell:

Flavio Cr 0xp (1M)
Sum Sam Cr full (1.3M)
Beltran Cr full (214k)

I accept any offer except for lots of cards under 50k...write me in private, we can talk about the prices
Thursday 17/07/14

2 messages
English AKP (Ezio) - last answer from AKP (Ezio), Thursday 17/07, 21:32.

I sell
50 Vryer 0xp 500/u
17 El Gascaro 0xp 5500/u
200 Cage Troy 0xp 600/u
41 Magnar 0xp 4300/u

I search cash but I will accept Aaron 0xp 5k/u and Brody 0xp 10k5/u
1 message
My 6 Chad Bread Cr valued at 48K each (288K total) for Jackie Cr and GraksmxxT valued at 200K and 54K respectively for a total of 254K.

34K gain
6 messages
English HSS jawa - subject is closed
My 4xBalorg 0xp. for any card over 1000ctz
6 messages
English Faint Man - last answer from Alecors-MU, Thursday 17/07, 19:48.
3 messages
English Uos-Paolo - last answer from Uos-Paolo, Thursday 17/07, 14:41.
I ask a supplement of 10k for each one
4 messages
Deutsch TC-Mad Killer - subject is closed
I wanna trade my Flavio Cr (1020k) for the following cards:
Tanaereva Cr (290k)
Jackie Cr (200k)
Alec Cr (180k)
Caelus Cr (180k)
Smokey Cr (80k)
Emeth Cr (70k)
overall 1000k

Send me a PM or offer in this thread, different offers are ok too.
1 message
Each Kent is 600Clintz. P.M me if interested.
10 messages
English lewis100 - last answer from lewis100, Thursday 17/07, 05:38.
Sell Lamar Cr full xp and Diyo Cr and Swidz Cr 0xp

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