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Business men and women talk here.
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Sunday 10/08/14

1 message
86 0xp and 14 full xp, total of 100 Ward hg.

I value them at 500 clintz each, 100*500= 50k

I am looking for cash and maybe trade for a GraksmxxT + 8k in your favor.
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English ---SiM-HoA--- - last answer from ---SiM-HoA---, Sunday 10/08, 17:21.
I am selling 37 copies of Liona (12 full, 25 0xP) for 11k/u

Cash only, PM me
1 message
English 0 Jamox - subject is closed

I have;
71 Kamekun Mixed XP
47 Rakhan Full
46 Rahanpah Mixed Xp
30 B Bazooka 0xp
3 B Bazooka Full
30 Graven Mixed Xp
26 Devil Dog Mixed Xp
20 Campbell Mixed Xp
16 Belmundo Full
16 Westwood Mixed Xp
15 Oxo Mixed Xp
11 Scooty 0xp
11 Mulligan 0xp
11 Gradymag Full
9 Hemdall 0xp
8 Sir Barks 0xp
8 Nabrissa Full
7 Cleo 0xp
6 Clive 0xp
6 Kephren Mixed Xp

I am interested in anything really, just make me an offer

3 messages
Deutsch 0-d4r L4F - last answer from 0-d4r L4F, Sunday 10/08, 15:12.
I sell/trade my Dragan Cr full (900k) and 2 x Page Cr full (85k)

I only want Clintz and / or following Cards:
Jane Ramba Cr (45k)
Emeth Cr (70k)
Smokey Cr (88k)
Alec Cr (180k)
Miss Twice Cr (240k)
Splata Cr (825k)

Pn me your Offer
greetings from Austria
2 messages
English Magus Medivh - subject is closed
So yeah as the title says
i want to trade my Marlysa Cr + clintz
for ur (Splata Cr + Kerozinn Cr)
1 message
English ZZ-James - subject is closed
I sell:
Armanda Cr : 1,2M
Scarlett Cr : 1,4M
Shawoman Cr : 970k
Sum Sam Cr : 1,2M
Elya Cr : 700k
Kerozinn Cr : 700k
2 messages
English AcaBbe - last answer from AcaBbe, Sunday 10/08, 11:36.
Hello, i need this Cr full or 0xp at this price:
-1 Blaaster Cr a 143k clints
- 1 Dalhia Cr a 102k clints
-Lotti di Robb Cr a 50k
-Vickie Cr 600k clints
-3 Jackie Cr 194k clints
-Tessa Cr 720k clints
-Lotti Kenny Cr a 60k clints
-Lotti Edd Cr 30k clints
-Lotti Jane Ramba Cr 40k clints
-Lotti Chiara Cr 22.500 clints
-Lotti Copper Cr 72k clints
-Lotti Emeth Cr 67k clints
In privee ty
1 message
I have finally saved up 18k clintz. Is anyone willing to sell me a bee boy so my collection can be complete?
2 messages
English 0 Mr Holmes - last answer from 0 Mr Holmes, Sunday 10/08, 05:40.
Looking for lots of Liona for 10,500. just send to my ps thanks!
Saturday 09/08/14

1 message
Looking for cards that add up to about 33k (that's 1k less than market price currently).

I will trade for around 31k worth of cards if you can trade me a Nabrissa.

Please PM me if you are interested, I will most likely forget to check here.
1 message
I want to sell Bristone which is Full XP for 4000
5 of Bristone full xp for 18 000.

0 xp Methane for 8700
16 of Methane 0 xp for 142000

PM for quicker rsponse ..
1 message
Liona- 10700 each
Boomstock-3900 each

Thank you~

Please put them in private sales.
8 messages
English OC_Striker - last answer from OC_Striker, Saturday 09/08, 17:02.
Hello everyone!!
i have a few cards that i want to trade for
these are-
3x Igniss {800/piece =2400}
1 Gatuchica {400} {0xp}
1 Daddy Jones {11500} {0xp}
1 Hikiyousan {15400} {0xp}
1 Dounia {6500} {0xp}

interested in
Hammer {13000} {0xp preferably}
Liu {7000} {0xp}
Striker {28000}

also want to trade my 0xp El Gringo for your full xp El Gringo without compliment
6 messages
English ---SiM-HoA--- - last answer from ---SiM-HoA---, Saturday 09/08, 15:45.
Hello, I am buying the following GHEIST cards (0XP) only for the prices followed (minimally negotiable.)

Rolph ~ 10.5k/t
Leviatonn ~ 25k/t
Toro ~ 19k/t
Arkn ~ 3k/t
Z3r0 D34d ~ 7k (Only want one copy)
Draheera ~ 7k (Only want one copy)

What I have for trade:
1200 Westwood (price negotiable)
+ Others, just ask

Or send cards directly to my PS and shoot me a PM.

Or post here.

Or do nothing.

Happy trading
4 messages
English 0 Mr Holmes - subject is closed
Buying Liona any xp for 10,500 clints. send on my ps thanks!

thanks mods
1 message
Tyd 510 0 exp MAX PRICE
Tula 790 0 exp MAX PRICE
Murray 780 0 exp MAX PRICE
Yookie 780 0 exp MAX PRICE
2 messages
English CB Maad - last answer from CB Maad, Saturday 09/08, 03:07.
The title says everything.. Thanks
Friday 08/08/14

1 message

i buy bulks Dregn 0xp 55k each via ps, fast cash

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