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Tuesday 08/04/14

1 message

I am willing to trade 2x Guru Cr full xp , both exstimated at 10,5M

the first guru can be exchanged ONLY vs your DJ Korr Cr (10M) + complement around 500K

the second Guru Cr can be exchanged ONLY vs a 0xp Guru Cr + 25 000

We will use private sales, with the help of a moderator if necessary
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English CrosMarz - last answer from DT Tricky, Tuesday 08/04, 17:06.
Hemdall (0xp) 21000 x2
Wee Lee (0xp) 32000
Vermaire (0xp) 13000
Parmabarb (0xp) 8300
La Cobra (0xp) 17000 x2
Kuei (max) 10000

Add me : CrosMarz

pls feel free to PM me
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English Mr r0ck-WHP - subject is closed
Jackie Cr x4FULL x6 0XP, 2M 60k
Kenny Cr x12, 840k
Caelus Cr x3FULL x1 0XP, 720k
Vickie Cr x1, 650k
Blaaster Cr x4 FULL x1 0XP, 550k
Chiara Cr x13, 260k
Tanaereva Cr x1, 290k
Charlie x4, 240k
Alec Cr x1, 200k
Copper Cr x2, 160k
Marco Cr x2, 80k

TOTAL 6M 50k + 2m clintz
1 message
English AssoDiCuori - subject is closed
Hello to everybody i sell or trade the following cards

• 70 Angelo (37 full+33 0exp) 5k/t
• 56 Moses (24 0exp+1 semi-evo+31full) 5k/t
• 31 Tremorh (9 0exp+7 semi-evo+15 full) 7k/t
• 8 Lizbeth 0exp 60k/t
• 6 Hemdall 0exp 19k/t

i'm interested to:

• cash ∞
Manon Cr 1.35m
Jackie Cr 200k
Tessa Cr 830k
Tanaereva Cr 275k
• ...

if you are interested contact me, all is negotiable

Monday 07/04/14

1 message
English YungJayCee - subject is closed
265k please.
2 messages
English akeeyu - last answer from Arunarsirakul, Monday 07/04, 21:05.
113 full xp 975 ea
167 0xp 1000 ea
all for 275k
2 messages
English k3ns31 - subject is closed
Hello everyone!
I would like to trade my Numar 0xp for Raven and Ahkab.I am willing to trade trough Secure Trade.
3 messages
English AsianRepublic - last answer from DT Tricky, Monday 07/04, 15:38.
Hello Urban Rivals community.

I am here to sell 109 Vermaire, 24 of which are full xp, 85 of them are 0xp.

Here is the price listing:
Vermaire Full xp: 12,500/ea
Vermaire 0xp: 13,000/ea

5 messages
English UR_Genie - subject is closed
Im selling all my Anibal at 3.6k full or mixed and 3.8k 0xp

I have 285 0xp and 88 full or mixed!

Total price is 1399800 but if you buy it all i will knock it down to 1.25mil thats almost 150k extra in savings on top of the under market value!!!
5 messages
English Cyber - last answer from Cyber, Monday 07/04, 13:24.
Lot 1: 100 Stompah - 10.5k per head
Lot 2: 250 Diana - 13k per head
Lot 3: 70 Campbell - 9k per head
Lot 4: 50 Chiara - 22k per head
Lot 5: 600 Sabia - 1.7k per head

I am looking for...

1) Cash
2) Jackie Cr 0 xp (210k)
3) Mokra full/0 xp (13/14k)
4) Rolph full/0 xp (11/12k)

Dont be afraid to PM me if you have any other offers to make for any of the lots.
1 message
I need a Noctezuma, simple as that. I need to trad for him if possible because frankly I don't have 70k clints laying around. I do have a decent amount of trade stuff tho. Message me about what you would trade him for. I don't have and cards in the range of 70k so make sure to message me with a list of what you're looking for from low to high cards. I've got alot of doubles of stuff that easily amounts to 70k.
1 message

150 Full Treeman
100 0xp Treeman

Interested in high valued cards!

Post offers below or PM me!
2 messages
English playallday_0 - last answer from playallday_0, Monday 07/04, 03:27.
I have :
2x Diana 0xp ....... 11.5k each
And..... 2x Jautya for 4700 each
Sunday 06/04/14

5 messages
English 0_Jess - last answer from 0_Jess, Sunday 06/04, 21:50.
I'm only looking for cash in this thread
i have 3 lots of inexpsive cards
lot 1 370 full xp Titsouk 500 clintz a head total 185k
lot 2 115 bball mix exp's (mostly full) 400 ctz a head total 46k
lot 3 50 Clover Noel mix exp 350 clintz a head total 17.5k
1 message

I am looking for some Kolos 0xp, I buy them for 50k/u cash in my private sale

1 message
I sell 200 El Divino 0xp
I look for 35k each, but give me your offer
1 message
Trade my Splata Cr for your Lao Cr
- Secure trade -
2 messages
English -Daoc- - last answer from -Daoc-, Sunday 06/04, 15:17.
I´d like to trade 100 Nabrissa 0exp vs 10 Blaaster Cr 0exp.

I can also trade 10 vs. 1 (if you dont have 10 Blaaster Cr 0exp)

4 messages
English -Madridista - last answer from MU-damian, Sunday 06/04, 12:34.
* Accept clintz
* Negotiated price
* Offers PM

~8,7k each

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