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Saturday 13/09/14

8 messages
English Tourensol - last answer from ArtemisBZ, Saturday 13/09, 05:38.
Hey there,
Can any of you suggest me a good T1 deck?
I have around 250,000 clintz at my disposal and I grew tired of my Nightmare and Skillz decks already.
I would appreciate any help, especially decks being able to actually perform a 2HKO.
Friday 12/09/14

1 message
The Twelve Gods of Olympians - Apollo Lottery

- Free entree.
- Minigames !
- Maybe meet some friends?
- Relax and maybe win CARDS!

!!!!!! People get chosen by : Random.org!
Printscreen all the Numbers and post it in the comments section!
I never keep the donated cards and i'll List you in the 'Prizes to be won' section , What you gifted! !!!!!!!

The Twelve Gods of Olympians - Apollo Lottery
Join NOW!
36 messages
TuR-Momiji - subject is closed
Hello everybody.
As Miss Clint City 2014 is almost here, i wanna do a little contest.

You have to make an poem with following 4 words:
- any female card name from UR (like Dounia)
- accident
- sash
- talent

It has to be written as adjacent rhyme (AB AB AB AB) and has to be at least 8 lines long.

Deadline will be 11.09.2014 6:00 AM

1. Prize are 10k Cintz
2. Prize is an Miss Clint City Card by choice (you can choose)

I myself will be the only judge

Example for an poem with adjacent rhyme:

The cornfield stretched a tender green

To right and left beside my walks;

I knew he had a nest unseen

Somewhere among the million stalks:

Hope to see some poems.
Sunday 07/09/14

2 messages
English UoS_LemonHaze - last answer from UoS_LemonHaze, Sunday 07/09, 12:40.

Join this event and then the other lottery-satellite.

In the various lottery-satellite (minimum 2 per day it will), it will have a limited number of subscribers and you will pay a tuition fee varies from 3k to 15k and / winner / s will win the jackpot.
If you can not win a lottery-satellite you get 3 points in this event;
If you participate in a lottery-satellite is otteniene 1 point in this event.

After so many points in the main event to win the jackpot of this event + other attractive prizes.

PS: Sorry for my english
Friday 05/09/14

5 messages
English Trippie - last answer from Famous Falco, Friday 05/09, 16:39.

An event with both individual and team aspects with a Lyse Teria Cr for the winner!
Wednesday 03/09/14

3 messages
English HoA-Predator - last answer from H zerOrez A, Wednesday 03/09, 20:35.
Will you and your team be able to conquer the clans of Urban Rivals?

Come and organize a team in this fun team knockout event!

Clan Conquerors

First come, first serve, so you will have to be fast!

Thanks hope to see you in the event.
Tuesday 02/09/14

1 message
deleted deleted deleted deleted
Monday 01/09/14

1 message
Commencing the Annual Purge:

Everything is legal including murder for 12 hours.

The government and all aid including hospitals, police etc shall be stopped.

You must fight your way through the night to stay alive!

Only 5 shall stay Alive Tonight!

Have you got the courage to stay alive on this night?
Join up people and take revenge on the ones you hate!

The Annual Purge.
Sunday 31/08/14

2 messages
English - Pillman - last answer from - Pillman, Sunday 31/08, 01:12.

26 messages
English Jamox360 - last answer from Gipsy Joe, Sunday 31/08, 00:38.
Hi there,

Colossal started a competition of Deal or Steal events (D0S), but he left before he could finish it
Therefore, a group of players would like to re-make this competition

Deal or Steal Competition

How it would work:
There would be a certain amount of guild qualifiers
There would be a few non-guild D0S
And also a few D0S only for the people who lost a D0S
The top 4 of each of these qualifiers would go through to the semi finals, where the top 4/8 again woul go through the final
We have a few willing event holders, but would need more

To qualify for a guild qualifier:
Your guild must be able to provide 16 active players, and a willing event holder
If you think your guild would be able to do so, please leave a comment below
Also, if you are interested in hosting a D0S, then do also comment below

edited by mihalll7_UM Friday 22/08, 20:43
Saturday 30/08/14

1 message
☬Best☬EN☬Events☬ is a newsletter containing the BEST events that the English community has to offer.

You will be notified via PM whenever an event uprises aswell as whenever certain events are open.

With lotteries for cards aswell and new events coming out every few days, why not join ☬Best☬EN☬Events☬ ? it is completely free .

Friday 29/08/14

4 messages
English PALOFGAMES - last answer from PALOFGAMES, Friday 29/08, 00:27.
I'm looking for an awesome new design for my pic.

The Brief

- Must contain (PALOFGAMES)

- A nice image self created would be nice but not needed.

- Doesn't need to be UR related

The best entry will receive 10K.

AVI Makers wanted!
Thursday 28/08/14

1 message
Good evening or good morning!
The International WOP Guild is born! Would you be willing to take on a wop guild with your alliance? Think you will be able to compete with the best guilds in the game? Apply and woppez!

If you need information, mp me!

Friday 22/08/14

1 message
Scommetti CR !

Fast before cr coming. Bet on the next cr, 50k and more of jackpot and a little lottery.
Monday 18/08/14

Sunday 17/08/14

Friday 15/08/14

4 messages
Deutsch CurLy_TpU - last answer from CurLy_TpU, Friday 15/08, 08:41.
We are starting the third volume of the famous "I say what you do (International)" Will you be able to play your favorite clan? Can you pass the challenge that your opponent will present you? Can you meet the challenge? In that case you are exactly in the right place in my event: I SAY WHAT YOU DO


Event schedule

After you opponent has been announced send me the name of your opponent and the clan he or she has to play.
The clan you will have to play will be announced when you and your opponent have both send me your choices.
This will be posted in the Greek comments.

You will only have 2 days to announce what your opponent has to play. If you do not send me your choice the match will count as a lose for you and you will be eliminated from the event.

64 players in round 1
1:1 battle (KO-phase)
32 players in round 2
1:1 battle (KO-phase)
16 players in round 3
1:1 battle (KO-phase)
8 players in round 4
1:1 battle (KO-phase)
4 players in round 5
1:1 battle (KO-phase)
2 players in the finals
1:1 battle

* Finale *

Platz .1 Vickie Cr + 50 % Jackpot

Platz .2 Tanaereva Cr + 30 & Jackpot

Platz .3 Jim Cr + 20 % Jackpot

Platz .4 Nahi Cr

Thx Raquella for support
Thursday 14/08/14

1 message
Español JennyZ WMD - subject is closed

Wednesday 13/08/14

3 messages
ελληνικά dXm_Chemist - last answer from dXm_Chemist, Wednesday 13/08, 23:25.
Skeelz Academy Treasure Hunt

My students, welcome to the annual Skeelz Academy Treasure Hunt! This year, I quarantee you that there will be run, blood and of course, prizes!

You have to surpass many challenges (fights, puzzles, quizzes and missions) until you reach to the treasure. Be the fastest and claim the big rewards!

Max players: 20 (10 teams of 2 players)
Min level: 30
Entrace fees: 500 clintz

-The first team to find the treasure wins 2x Caelus Cr
-A lucky team that will reach the final stage will win the jackpot (10000 clintz-Kate taxis)

Skeelz Academy Treasure Hunt

By dXm_Chemist (Bigtot)

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