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Thursday 24/04/14

2 messages
Español O Fede - last answer from -beheader-, Thursday 24/04, 12:26.
A quiet day in Clintz City, when suddenly a terrible wind picks up ... people run trembling with fear, hiding in their homes and praying to God for their lives ... The clans join forces to try to destroy the hurricane but suddenly something mysterious shining inside ... what is it? The clans have broken the covenant that they did and now fight each other to discover what is inside of the "Eye Of The Hurricane"

The beginning of the history
The hurricane reached clintz city. The clans are quick to fight but many do not arrive on time ... only a few fighters have made ​​it to the meeting place ...the must to start the hard battle versus the hurricane

First Stage Rules:
32 groups
4 Players per group

1st and 2nd each group continue to the next stage.(almost someone use the "kit" (look in prizes))
The first player win a 1.000 clintz card

You must to play 100% of your games

In the end of the phase you can change your point for bonus: look in prizes


1st 150k in cards + donation
2nd 100k in cards + donation
3rd 50k in cards + donation

i will donate:
Chikko Cr
Lin Xia
Cage Troy

donations are acepted


Event by: -beheader-
Tuesday 22/04/14

Monday 21/04/14

4 messages
English Saga - last answer from Saga, Monday 21/04, 01:24.
Edd's Sucessor

Every round a new mission will be given from the Don. The mission will be related to either Survivor Deathmatch Tourney or Elo. Examples of some missions are:
Reach 1200 in Elo
Get 300 Deathmatch
Get a top 100 in DT
Reach 8 survivor.

The level of difficulty of the mission will determine how long you've got to complete the mission:

★ = 48 hours (2 days)
★★ = 72 hours (3 days)
★★★ = 96 hours (4 days)
★★★★ = 128 hours (5 days)
★★★★★ = 152 hours (6 days)

When you have completed the mission as evidence you must post a screenshot in the turkish section of this event.

The people who fail to complete the mission in the given time will be eliminated and will have to face Prince Jr.....
The people who complete the mission will go to the next round where they shall receive another mission from the Don. The missions will get progressively harder.

There will be a speed round every 3 rounds where the first half to complete and post a valid screenshot in the turkish section will go to the next round. If you are not then you will be eliminated and sent to Prince Jr.

We will keep on playing rounds until there is a winner.
Sunday 20/04/14

2 messages
English DUC RAP - subject is closed
Wednesday 16/04/14

1 message
✫ It´s your Elo ! ✫

Do you think that the current ban´s are wrong? Here, you can choose the ban´s yourself and play the Elo that you like!
Saturday 12/04/14

Friday 11/04/14

7 messages
English Saga - last answer from Saga, Friday 11/04, 22:04.
Easter Lottery 2014! = Join up

Prizes are:

1. 80 percent of Jackpot
2. 10 percent+B Bazooka
3. 5 percent+B Bazooka
4. 5 percent of Jackpot

Draw to be done by a mod
Tuesday 08/04/14

2 messages
English Cyber - last answer from BA_Hydro, Tuesday 08/04, 18:30.
Inspired by the movie - Frozen. Elsa and friends are coming to Clintz City to aid Frozn clan to wipe out the serious pollution threatening Mount Glatz. Help to sabotage the 5 most powerful companies with strong links to the government responsible for the pollution.

Snow Wars 2


1) 1 outstanding match against each ET player.
2) Deck format will change at any time so it is recommended if you have a good collection.
3) Check the Turcke section to see when the big 5 evil companies are striking and arrange the matches accordingly. If you cannot make it at that timings, I am not obliged to give you any points or walkover.
4) This is a 2 weeks event.

Registrations will close between 46-48 hours from this thread.
Saturday 05/04/14

2 messages
English KingsshadowX - last answer from Ark Assassin, Saturday 05/04, 11:18.
Free lotto for our new guild Eternal Wanderers oh and feel free to join or donate every bit is appreciated and every member is welcome. One of the few active guilds left in UR.

Eternal Wanderers Promotional Lottery!

edited by UM_AaaBattery Saturday 05/04, 11:18
30 messages
English Randy630 - subject is closed
Ok guys the winner of this one will get 7.5k Guess my Favorite card In UR and you will claim the prize
Sunday 30/03/14

2 messages
English CB DarkBlood - subject is closed

Please join up and rate green, also hoping to be sponsored great prizes!!!
Saturday 29/03/14

3 messages
English Saga - subject is closed
(This is staff approved)

Please join this newsletter as to when my next streams will occur. My next stream is Saturday at 12:30 GMT+0
Thursday 27/03/14

1 message
Lotteria 60
follow us on the event
we accept donation also of 1 clintz
good luck
Wednesday 26/03/14

2 messages
English Saga - subject is closed
Http://www.twitch.tv/moe_2000 starts in 50 minutes 19:30 GMT+0
Tuesday 25/03/14

1 message
English -Archael- - subject is closed
Find my event upvote join and tell friends
Monday 24/03/14

1 message

Second edition of THE OLD SCHOOL ELO ... You always wanted play with old rules in elo, isn't it? With Wee Lee, Yayoi, Jackie Cr, Shakra, Leaders, semi-evo characters! This event is created to let have all the opportunity to play with those rules, I hope you'll enjoy it

- 128 players.
- Min. level: 45 / Min. rank: Hero.
- 1 week per phase.
- 6 phases.
- 12 life points/pillz
- Phases 1-4: +3 Points per win, +1 point for draw
- Phases 5-6: +3 points per win
- All the characters that are releases from the 01/01/2011 are banned
- I banned DJ Korr Cr, Guru Cr, General Cr, Kiki Cr, Lyse Teria Cr and Kolos for obvious reasons.
- 2 Screenshots in case of inactivity sent in 2 different days.

You can see all the rules (included format decks) in the Český forum of the event

Prizes by UR Staff
Sunday 23/03/14

4 messages
English Shanks Miagi - last answer from CB-robbie CR, Sunday 23/03, 20:07.
Event-Battle Royale

~Starts after getting 512 players~
1. At any point in a round i could change 1 small key point to the event (add or a subtract an ability, take away or add Elo Banned cards, take away or add collectors, allow or disallow leaders, change clan options) The two things i will not change is star count and life/pillz count. These will remain.
2. ONLY the winner can ask for a reset.
3. Screens must have at least 2 separate attempts to contact the player on 2 different days.
4. Fair play and Respect to players.
7 Round Event
Round 1 - 64 teams of 8 top 4 in each team move on
Round 2 - 32 teams of 8 top 4 in each team move on
Round 3 - 16 teams of 8 top 4 in each team move on
Round 4 - 8 teams of 8 top 4 in each team move on
Round 5 - 4 teams of 8 top 4 in each team move on
Round 6 - 2 teams of 8 top 4 in each team move on
Round 7 - 1 team of 8 top 4 WIN
1st DJ Korr Cr + 25% of jackpot
2nd Marlysa Cr + Splata Cr + 25% of jackpot
3rd Kerozinn Cr + Vickie Cr + 25% of jackpot
4th Tanaereva Cr + Jackie Cr + 25% of jackpot

edited by Shanks Miagi Friday 21/03, 15:24

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