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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Monday 21/04/14

23 messages
Русский XC-MeRLiN - subject is closed
Today is the day the world remembers the supreme sacrifice made my Jesus by becoming Christ.
Not just Xians and Muslims (for whom, he is Prophet Isa), our very world respects and praises this unique man, Jesu, who, by example, has led humanity to redemption and salvation.
May your sacrifice be forever remembered, noble human being, we bow before you, Jesus.
Love you.
Peace for all!
Remember this day with thanks, observe it with dignity, and celebrate his resurrection on Sunday, come on, rejoice.
But responsibly so.
Stop fighting, start loving.
Love you all!
Sunday 20/04/14

3 messages
English Six Nations - last answer from Six Nations, Sunday 20/04, 14:41.
Which ELO banned cards warrant no penalty in DT? Thanks
3 messages
English Capn Clintz - last answer from DUC-San, Sunday 20/04, 09:22.
Does anyone else have this on their cards they obtained in packs years ago? As I was seeing how far some cards traveled recently a lot of my older cards are saying that if I obtained them in a pack; yet if I brought it on the market it may or may not say it was obtained from a pack by X. It does say "Obtained from an unknown source." on some I got from the market but not many.
Saturday 19/04/14

4 messages
English DA_Banana - last answer from DA_Banana, Saturday 19/04, 15:28.
Just getting a white screen when using chat in moth v3 and v4
tried restarting multiple times
7 messages
Русский XC-MeRLiN - subject is closed
So... you got a guild, you got your Rec thread, and neither your guild members nor the general public don't care a damn?
My brother, I was in your position just a few years back, with a noob guild called E X C A L I B U R but then I discovered this amazing internet business of making even the enemies post.
Of course, this trick comes at a price. It is a very modest fee of 10 Caelus Cr a year (I do it much cheaper than my nearest competitors, WP_Bauldy and Babs Hartley).
You can pay by direct debit easily by sending your account details and password to sexymerlin@ladygagamail.insanity.uk, and I will manage your guild Rec thread.
Good business proposal, aye, don'tcha think, but mind you, after tEaster, the price will go up to the original 22 Caelus Cr a year.
So come on, rush me your passwords at the above mail address, and the first 7 dodos will get a Merlin signed Ken Sex Doll (after the UR Barby is released) in your post in 1932456 days.
Come on!
4 messages
English HoA-Predator - subject is closed
2 messages
English AceClip - last answer from YourPetChicken, Saturday 19/04, 00:05.
What are the poker chips for? I haven't got any but I see them at the game screen. What are they for and how do you acquire them>?
Friday 18/04/14

13 messages
English DA_Banana - last answer from YourPetChicken, Friday 18/04, 20:30.
Wee Lee and Tanaereva Cr with no penalties
with a half of Wee Lee Tanaereva Cr Shaun and Fanny you have a half of 14 stats only with 2 2hkos and a giant wall
perfect to team up with your sentinels (exploit Copper Cr and Hawk) skeels (caelus all the things) skakhrom? (best stay away if you want 2hkos) Huracan (no exploits but beast clan) and yeah
just keep the next half at 12-15 stars and you have a perfect half for t2
1 message

173 messages
English Jamox360 - last answer from XxBloodFirexX, Friday 18/04, 17:28.
Post your pack results here!

This can be used to find average price of packs, rarity quantity etc.
2 messages
English EA-robbie CR - last answer from DUC-San, Friday 18/04, 17:22.
My deck is compatible with collesium game mode but I still cant play it anyone have any ideas?
5 messages
English Bemmoth - last answer from Pilluminati, Friday 18/04, 14:02.
Just a thought. New ability/bonus that boosts the next card played.

Defeat: Assist: +2 Damage/Power. When you lose with this card, the next card you use is assisted with +2 damage/power.
Defeat: Assist: Protection: Power/Damage. When you lose with this card, the next card you use gains Protection: Power/Damage

Can make + Life per Damage cards even more deadly if you have + damage, can make some 1HKOs for La Junta/Fang Pi Clang (even in ELO), can make All Stars create nice power gaps if + power, etc.

Can also make your opponent think about putting an extra SoA into the deck (could bring Stop: Ability cards into play?)

I'm sure there could be some sort of balance by looking through the cards, but the idea is lose with 1 card, then the next card becomes stronger (or maybe make opponent's card weaker).

Or, maybe even change the ability to Cripple (probably not Bonus, since they'd probably all be splash cards).
Cripple: -2 Damage/Power. If you win with a card, your next card gets -2 damage/power, min 1.
Cripple: SoA. If you win, your next card doesn't have an ability (In this case, you can't just win with 1 card, then throw out a DR or Defeat: + Life card for life gaps).

These card will have slightly higher base Power/Damage than normal, but winning with them will result in a negative effect for your next card.
14 messages
English ZEPPELlN - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Friday 18/04, 04:38.
Hi guys I'd just like to ask you fellow players what you think (or what prevalently) is the use of ELO-banned cards at present? Please excuse the ignorance as I took a three-year or so hiatus from the game, so I'm not at all used to the game at all right now.

I was rather alarmed when I found out that using non-ELO banned cards in tournaments would mean having deductions in your battle points. Knowing this, it seems these cards have been reduced to collector cards in their own rights, seeing battle only on special occasions. Granted, some can be used despite the points reduction, but I personally don't think it's worth it. What are your thoughts? What do you use your non-ELO cards for?

P.S. I'm not really ranting that I can't use my cards in the tourneys, just really wondering how they're used now considering times have changed. Thanks for taking the time to read through all this.

(Shout outs to Wise Men Distracted by the way please take me back )

tl;dr: non-elo cards suck now, yes / no why?
Thursday 17/04/14

2 messages
English Philon - last answer from -sCapeg0d-, Thursday 17/04, 08:33.
I'd love to get some input on my preset.


It is a part of a guild contest, so I would appreciate any happy face ratings.
Thank you!
Wednesday 16/04/14

4 messages
English ) LoA Yellow - last answer from ) LoA Yellow, Wednesday 16/04, 22:57.
I got this idea while doing missions.

Clan: +2 Attack

A similar theme to the Rescue Bonus, but goes as high as +8 attack. The trade off is that if SoB hits a card with this bonus, it still recieves +2 attack from each of its clan mates, virtually making SoB into -2 opp attack against them.
6 messages
English Six Nations - last answer from Six Nations, Wednesday 16/04, 15:15.
Shouls I have Craho or Plunk in my mono Roots deck?
1 message
I've posted a Review of UluWatu, please check it out guys

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE4crDH-sJQ - Part 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP6Tyq2xuVQ - Part 2

if you havent already subscribe to the channel for more Urban Rivals and Pokemon content
7 messages
English AceClip - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Wednesday 16/04, 04:26.
Hello what is the meta right now in Urban Rivals? Clans etc?
Tuesday 15/04/14

30 messages
English TaguX - last answer from SinMade, Tuesday 15/04, 09:11.
Now that we have clintZ and tokenZ should not we have also creditZ and even lottery ticketZ? how come did not the staff thought of it?

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