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Strategy and Tactics: General

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Wednesday 15/10/14

60 messages
English theking6198 - last answer from theking6198, Wednesday 15/10, 09:46.
Hey guys what's the amount of clintz u should have before considering yourself a "Playa" (very rich) I'm not gonna say my fortune out loud cuz of hackers.
6 messages
English 0 Shrek - subject is closed
And not me... Especially the one with the recent scamming crisis...
Don't want to make myself look like an arrogant brat...
2 messages
English TheLastMyth - last answer from CN Mafioso, Wednesday 15/10, 03:53.
Im trying to buy credits using a gift card that i bought at the store i have a visa and a mastercard they both dont work instead when i try and use it and error comes up and says that it cant be used because it has been denied by the card issuer i have also tried buying credits using itunes and the app but it still does not work is there anything i can do or any reason why my cards arent working anymore i used to be able to buy stuff online just fine buying this gift cards
Tuesday 14/10/14

7 messages
English lance.manion.90 - last answer from theking6198, Tuesday 14/10, 20:20.
I'm trying to get used to the new interface (IOS and PC), but ran into something weird when trying to sell characters.

Most of the time,the cards I have appear with representative prices next to them. These prices seem to differ depending on the level of the particular card. So if I have three copies of Gwen, one at level 2 and three at level 1, I'll see four entries, each with a price next to it. The suggested selling price for the highlighted card will appear below, and seems to be one clintz more than the representative price.

More and more often though, I'm seeing "N/A" appear as both the representative and suggested selling price for cards. Cortez, for instance, shows up this way.

I thought it was maybe because there were none for sale, but when I check the market, there are a bunch of them available.

Has anyone else run into this behavior? I'm finding that I'm able to put cards up for sale a little faster with the new interface (IOS version used to reset to the start of the clan list after every sale), but if I have to keep switching to the market to find the current low sales price for a card, then switch back to my collection to sell it, it's going to suck all of the fun out of the game.

I'm trying hard to find things to like about the new interface (I really miss the old music), but this particular problem is making that really tough.

-- Tony

Increasingly though, I'm selecting a card to sell
6 messages
English - Pillman - last answer from theking6198, Tuesday 14/10, 17:32.
I wanted to ask if its worth buying Collectors now,I mean with the Slot Machine and the inflation + I looked at the market prices of some Crs and they are worth a lot more than lets say 3 months ago.Should I wait a little bit more or just go buy them right now?
42 messages
English - Pillman - last answer from theking6198, Tuesday 14/10, 17:24.
So,I want to ask something about two missions, the missions are:

"Daring gamble"
Lose 100 Pillz by Backlash

"Heroic sacrifice"
Lose 250 Pillz by Backlash

Now,there are only TWO cards with the ability: "Backlash: -X Pillz Min X" (Norman and Raquel)

So my question is:How in the world can I lose 350 pillz (in total) by Backlash,when there are only TWO cards with that ability?
28 messages
English CB Gab - last answer from theking6198, Tuesday 14/10, 09:00.
After getting all Leader we don't get any reward for leveling up.. So I had a idea:
After winning Vholt, we should win clintz by each 5 lvls we do.. And the clintz we'd get is our lvl * 1000!

- Lvl 55 - 55K
- Lvl 60 - 60K
- Lvl 65 - 65K
- Lvl 70 - 70K
- Lvl 75 - 75K
- Lvl 80 - 80K
- Lvl 85 - 85K
- Lvl 90 - 90K
- Lvl 95 - 95K
- Lvl 100 - 100K

After getting to 100, you win by each 20 lvls (120K, 140K, 160K, 180K, 200K, ...)
4 messages
English TheLastMyth - last answer from TheOPG, Tuesday 14/10, 06:11.
As title says i will be buying 420 credits and i am wondering which packs i should buy and which clan to buy to make the most money i possibly can and how much money i would be looking at getting 420 credits
Monday 13/10/14

13 messages
English CB DarkBlood - subject is closed
If anyone is out there, whether it's a friend or anyone? I would like some help.

I know I may be rich and own the crs, but I'm trying decent to earn it through out the game, like a noob putting it that way.

By doing that like any player would do: play DTS etc and posting in peoples PM box but I suggest writing this thread to do it...

So it's up to the audience to decide... would you help me reach Guru Cr with little presents?
My birthday is soon so please consider too.

Thank you all for reading this thread if you had the chance too.

For all those who help me I will create a official DarkBlood event and it will show who has helped me and who I am grateful too.

Love you all!

CB Darkblood
41 messages
English CB Gab - last answer from yaoihuntresse, Monday 13/10, 17:26.
1st - Nova with 13.7
2nd - Grace with 13
3rd - Keitha with 7.6

My vote went to Sasl Lovelace and she's 8th with 4.3.

What do you think the cards will be for each one of the top 3?
I believe that if Grace wins, her stats will be: 6/3, +1 pillz per round.. I can't think of any stats for Nova and Keitha..
18 messages
English TheOPG - last answer from KitsuneKatsumi, Monday 13/10, 15:13.
One thing I've begun to notice in the past week or so is that a lot of cards available in the market have been going up in price. This isn't a sporadic rise, as at least half to 2/3rds of the cards seem to be rising, and more often than not the price increase has been in the double digits (10-20% price increases). I myself am not much of a market guru, but does anyone have any ideas or theories as to why card prices are increasing?
Sunday 12/10/14

31 messages
English Pingerz - last answer from {Titan}, Sunday 12/10, 22:24.
Just a general question, why are so many threads in this forum being closed so early? For example, DragonRage1124's thread regarding which clan he should pick was still up for discussion and we should be able to have at least one thread to discuss the recent hacking incidents. I agree that the silly threads should be closed, but why are the chat/debate/discuss threads being closed so early?
2 messages
English theking6198 - subject is closed
26 messages
English Soiuku - last answer from theking6198, Sunday 12/10, 21:19.
This feels really really nice.
I mean, the buttons are big, tabbed, and give me access to things that I actually care about.
No more tickets , their is an easier room select with updated characters, though I do not feel that Nekurenbo should be the ELO mascot if you ask me, and it looks gorgeous.
I'm definitely happy with this more modern and easier to use interface, thanks UR Staff.

Sporks :
Do you guys like these changes?
How do you feel about the different / new mascots for the rooms?
17 messages
English Jamox360 - last answer from theking6198, Sunday 12/10, 20:17.
Everyone seems to always be going on about how the tapjoy offers are so great, but I have never received a single credit.

Which offers are people doing?
Can someone give me a run-down on how to Tapjoy? Thanks
19 messages
English CB Gab - last answer from theking6198, Sunday 12/10, 13:56.
New CR's..
New bonus or ability..
9 powered cards..
New interfaces (Old Beta version and current interface)..
Basically, everything that is new, 75% of the players hate it.. WHY?
66 messages
English TheOPG - last answer from - Pillman, Sunday 12/10, 10:41.
A while back, I created a thread to test the waters for an Urban Rivals RP on these forums. I got some support, some anti-trolling, and the thing has now faded from memory. Now I'm back, and ready to get the party started!

The premise is simple: the Nightmare clan is launching an assault on the La Junta's secret base in the Northern Mountains! Its sole defender, Isatis, cannot hold off the invasion force by herself and has called in reinforcements from La Junta soldiers in Clint City. Will her comrades arrive in time to save the base, or will help arrive from unexpected sources?

If there is a character you want to RP as in this game, post him/her/it below! You can play as any Urban Rivals character regardless if they are legendary, collector, banned, etc. There are a few restrictions, though. I can’t allow clan leaders, Kolos, Mechakolos, and Uchtul for various reasons (PM me if you want to know why). I will also reject characters that wouldn’t make sense being in the Northern Mountains at this time (Striker or Havok, for example). At this time I'm hesitant to let people play as the Nightmare, but if we get enough interest I'd love to make it a PvP game.

If you'd like to play in this, let me know what you want your character to be below. If you have any questions about this endeavor, post them below as well!
13 messages
English Jamox360 - subject is closed
12 messages
English Jamox360 - subject is closed
Whoever is closing threads is getting annoying

E.g my tap joy thread IMO should stay open as it is helpful for people who want to know how to tap joy xD
Saturday 11/10/14

30 messages
English yaoihuntresse - last answer from TheOPG, Saturday 11/10, 17:02.
Did anyone else check this new video on UR's official YouTube page (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuXoR_BdD1M). It seems that we're getting a new mode and if it's as good as the into, I'm looking forward to it.

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