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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Sunday 10/02/08

4 messages
English diedsoul - last answer from 0- JP, Sunday 10/02/2008, 22:46.
Which ELO deck would be better? All cards are maxed cause i don't like non-maxed cards

Z3r0 D34d



Z3r0 D34d



Z3r0 D34d


So? Oh, other suggestions are welcome too.
4 messages
English Twitchie - last answer from SP0NG3 B0B, Sunday 10/02/2008, 19:38.
I am trying to make a Nightmare deck. One for elo and another for just tourniments what cards should i get?
17 messages
English Jugga Raven - last answer from rgeesey, Sunday 10/02/2008, 18:03.
So like i wanted to start a Roots deck....
the cards i got are not so good
Kiki 2*/5*
Miken Moose 2*/2*
Zlator 2*/4*
Svethlana 2*/3*
K Cube 2*/2*
Cell 3*/3*
Mort Bax 2*/5*
Gary 3*/5*
Crystal 1*/4*
Kharl 1/3*
Mikki 2/3*

im new so i dont have much clintz...
so cheap would be perferd
27 messages
English elfayra - subject is closed
Well...i've being thinking, Charlie is pretty much the only great card left that's not banned from ELO, i mean there's Dorian but he has no ability or anything so that's okay. He's the replacement for Jackie but common. Charlie? 7/8 with a possibility of -4 opp damage or 8 damage? That's very over powering in ELO. Also, why is Baby Q banned from ELO when Yayoi isn't? Yayoi is even better and the SOA is probably more useful and harder to stop in alot of cases. Its probably better the other way around. Wat do u guys think?
Saturday 09/02/08

4 messages
English Kygore612 - last answer from Alxh, Saturday 09/02/2008, 21:42.
Esmeralda (U) *2
Crassus (U) *4
Wolfgang (U) *4
Zoltan (C) *3
Dieter (C) *3
Kenny (R) *4
Sheitane (U) *2
Timmy (R) *3
6 messages
English cheese_14 - subject is closed
This event that im hosting is called "THE CHANCE EVENT"

first you must be thinking OMG HES A SCAMMER, the answe to that is NO, I've already run a tounrey and all the winners got their prizes and if i dont do what i say the admins/mods can ban me

there are 10 slots, to enter all you do is send me a card for 50 clintz and you're in, i will send you a number (if youre the first person i will give u the number 1, the 2ns a number 2) and so on from 1-10. The card can be as bad or good as you like, once i get 10 people i shall put in the numbers into this random number generator:

LINK: http://www.mdani.demon.co.uk/para/random.htm

from 1-10 and it will pick a number, the number that is picked will be the person who wins, when you win you get 9 cards out of 10 (i shall keep 1 for organising the even BUT if u think me keeping 1 card is unfair i shall give all 10 to the winner)

Post here if you've entered and what card you're entering, any questions you can post here or PM me, take a chance, you might win big!
7 messages
English excelsiorloy - last answer from Raynos, Saturday 09/02/2008, 02:23.
Looking for Nightmare/ghiest typ 1 decks please post them here remember to put wat lvl the cards are at when there in the deck ty for your help in advance
Friday 08/02/08

7 messages
English DARK3R OF DEAD - last answer from 0-FS WMD, Friday 08/02/2008, 13:03.
Heres my strategy for lvling up..
ok you use only one clan in your deck at a time (due to there bonus) they will be better the using different clans
4 messages
English Nites2Dreamz - last answer from SP0NG3 B0B, Friday 08/02/2008, 09:33.
Hey all. I'm fairly new to this game, just started yesterday, and I could use some deck advice. I want to make a deck using La Junta but I am torn between using them with Montana or Uppers. Any advice as to which I should go with?
4 messages
English SP0NG3 B0B - last answer from SP0NG3 B0B, Friday 08/02/2008, 09:30.

20 messages
English TNT_Shadow - last answer from 0- JP, Friday 08/02/2008, 02:27.
Hi i was thinking of makeing a Montana deck
could you help plz
9 messages
English Seibeizehn - last answer from 0- JP, Friday 08/02/2008, 02:25.
I'm using Bridget now but think to exchange her for GraksmxxT +Dolores Boss for Baby Q
then the deck will be:

Cassio Cr
Charlie (lvl 4 or Wanda on lvl 1)
Baby Q


With mine deck i got like 80-85% win ratio in Type1 even with Rescue and others-but mostly that are non-KO wins
+done with 3 lose 1 win round on mine site lol_ i didnt wanna play other char than females but really think about Graksxxmt_
i will be gratefull for your'e opinions
Thursday 07/02/08

34 messages
English CakeGod - last answer from von Hohenheim, Thursday 07/02/2008, 22:05.
This is to decide which one is the best clan for good!
state which clan you choose and why

My personal chpice would have to be Bangers
Generally the cards look good, there clan bonus makes them all have great power
There rares are of a good lvl selection, Blaaster and Willy together can win a match easy.

My least faviote deck has to be Sakorhm
I have seen so many people try and play these and fail
They just dont have a good spread of lvls, the lvl 5s are good but no lvl 2s and 3s to back them up
also generally most of there cards look pretty odd.

But thats just my opion you choose people of Clint City
Wednesday 06/02/08

15 messages
English Wizzy95 - last answer from ibtd, Wednesday 06/02/2008, 18:03.
Nightmare 14*

Kolos 5*
Dieter 3*
Sheitane 2*
Kenny 4*

Sakrohm 11*

Graksmmxt 4*
Uranus 3*
SkrumxxT 3*
Caciope 1*
13 messages
English excelsiorloy - last answer from excelsiorloy, Wednesday 06/02/2008, 17:25.
Whats a good clan to buy into. Clans i have....
All Stars
Ulu Watu
and Fang Pi Clang
7 messages
English Diaboliz3r - last answer from Diaboliz3r, Wednesday 06/02/2008, 11:21.
Wat do u guys think is the best lineup for fang pi clan in a 4/4 and monoclan for ELO?

and wat r the must-haves?

p.s. i know wats ELO, but wat does it stands for anyway
5 messages
English primeribs - last answer from Mack_the_knife, Wednesday 06/02/2008, 10:56.
Ok. So.. Ive dived into this game. And its fun. But I have no idea what Im doing. I looked at the newbie guide, and got some more cards, but im still totally clueless.. Any advice?
3 messages
English Stalkingdemon - last answer from Force Majeure, Wednesday 06/02/2008, 09:15.
How does this really work? its a bit confusing for me.

i get the part that +1 will be given for each character of the same clan in your party including the character with the support damge.

ex. Rick with 3 other Sentinel will give additional 4 damage

my question is how does this affect if there is only one character? will it still get an additional +1 damage or the support damage will not trigger?
5 messages
English AOD_CKANE - last answer from AOD_CKANE, Wednesday 06/02/2008, 03:54.
Got an idea for a UR Card? Want to share it with your fellow players? Then Go to the ClintCity FanCard sectiona nd create your card there.

We will be adding the ability to rate each players card. Try to add some art work (just not the same without it) but because you can add art ALL Cards must be reviewed prior to post.

Note: right now your character will simply be added to the db as a picture and stats. When I get a chance I'll add code that formats the info into a UR card.
11 messages
English excelsiorloy - last answer from excelsiorloy, Wednesday 06/02/2008, 03:08.
Im looking for some good deck combos nothing more then about 30k incase i have to buy the cards but i have all Rescue most Pussycats most Fang Pi Clang alot of ulu watus and All Stars so plz help him with this problem thank you

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