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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Wednesday 23/01/08

13 messages
English Emcoldier - last answer from TnT_MeRm, Wednesday 23/01/2008, 01:50.
I have recently made my first full Montana deck, they do pretty well, but they tend to lose against other Montanas, Nightmares, and Rescue decks.

Currently my deck is...(I tend to not care abt stars) This is for general play

Montana 28*

Angelina 2*
Don 5*
Gary 5*
Giovanni 3*
Mort Bax 4*
Pino 2*
Prince Jr 2*
Ricardo 2*
Simon 3*

Any suggestions??? I'm on a slight budget of 200-400 clintz on most cards, except for Don, but I prolly wont be getting that many clintz in a while...
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ελληνικά Mack_the_knife - subject is closed
Hi I am here to whine again....
So everyone now uses Kolos or what? I ve played 6 ELO games this morning and it was Kolos, Kolos, Kolos...
And everyone seems to follow the same uber-skill tactic: wati for you to spend some pillz and then throw it on you with fury... yipee!
And yes I am sure I ll get some "use SOA cards" but that's not the point... the point is that Kolos is the noob ticket for ELO... I wonder if they ll consider forbidding the card... the fact that I ve encoutered him 6/8 battles speaks for itself... I rest my case...

Tuesday 22/01/08

8 messages
English Zahmet - last answer from Zahmet, Tuesday 22/01/2008, 19:40.
Hi all, Im a new guy here so bear with me if this is a noob question.

Why can't you use Upper in ELO? Does the "banned" clan change around or someting?
Ive started play about a week ago and I got myself a Upper deck from the minor clintz i got and playing daily regulary trying to get extra clintz and credits Im not asking for gifts or anything I just want to know why the clan that I happen to pick is banned in ELO?

Resque seems to be the flavour of the months and the clan that people think is the most overpowered not Upper, also Nightmare looks abit better but also more expensive, Upper was kinda cheap to get 8 decent cards for and I can almost survive on the bouns alone.

Anyway Im geting offtopic, why can't I use Upper? and will it ever change or shall I start look into a new clan if I want to play ELO and skip tying to get the more expensive Upper cards?
Monday 21/01/08

2 messages
English Elite Star - last answer from Force Majeure, Monday 21/01/2008, 22:33.
Jane Ramba

I could use GHIEST instead of La Junta. I've got:

I've also got some nice Pussycat cards:
Baby Q
Cassio Cr

Ulu Watu:
Wee Lee

And no, I dont like Rescue T-T
18 messages
English Raynos - last answer from XC 1984, Monday 21/01/2008, 20:15.
Alright, ive been playing a bit of elo right now and trying to make my own deck builds,

now either im unlucky and get weak draws or unlucky againts good opponents but my score seems to be stuck around 1000 with win-loss-win-win-loss-loss-win etc. (i blame Rescue +12 atk GAH!)

I wouldnt say that its due to my complete failure at playing this game as i feel im good, just that my decks are built wrong,

now i would like some advise for what deck and clan combo to use:

I have pretty much all the good 2*-4* cards (non cr of course ) from:

Roots (very little there )
Ulu Watu
Nightmare (besides Dieter, which is next on the buy list, and Timmy which is far too expensive)

Ive also got some Rescue due to buying new blood packs, but i dont want a pure Rescue deck i dont believe in "if you cant beat em, join em"

My 5* cards are: Bodenpower, Peeler, Shakra, Erpeto, Lulabee

(i also have lamar, Emma and Clara, and am willing to buy CHEAP All Stars and Pussycats but prefer to play an elo deck with the clans i have currently)

That's all for the cards i have, i would like some advice on:

What's a good clan combination for elo?

i will be grateful for deck builds if you have the time

and finally ill post my current elo deck for good measure

Vermyn N
Juicy Lord

Thank you for reading if you got this far and please post some helpful tips for me

2 messages
English XxDsTrYrxX - subject is closed
Hey guys, i was wondering what is the best Leader... also i want to know which Leader has the courage+3 pow
9 messages
English deadman7 - last answer from Lewster48, Monday 21/01/2008, 17:56.
68 messages
English skillz_4_u - last answer from PanzerElement, Monday 21/01/2008, 17:54.
Wich is the stronget cr
Kiki Cr 8/8 ability -4 opp attack, min 1-
DJ Korr Cr -8/8 ability -3 opp damage, min 1-
spalta cr- 5/8 ability - stop opp ability -
Guru Cr- 7/8 ability - stoop opp bonus

what do you thing
13 messages
English Tinuvial - last answer from PanzerElement, Monday 21/01/2008, 17:41.
Or: ''Is John enough?''

I've got John in a pack and the first thought was, finally a good 3rd lvl Sentinel, so I thought about the following deck:

Sentinels 25*

Miss Chloe 5*
Copper 5*
John 3*
Skiner 3*
Carlos 3*
Rick 2*
Klaus 2*
Aurelia 2*

Post your comments
Is it worth trying?
8 messages
English geoff10 - last answer from Tanto89, Monday 21/01/2008, 15:37.
I worked out what i thought i should have gotten for my last battle, and it doesnt add up...
i got 22 points, but when i worked it out...

victory score: "25 minus the sum of the levels of the 4 characters in your team", i had 3 lvl 3 cards and a lvl 4. that's 25-13 which should be 12

round by round score: i won with 3 of my characters, one lvl 3V3, one 4V2 and one 3V2
thats 7 points, 19 total

but then i had 6 pills left with a KO win... thats another 12 points i should have gotten, making 31.
where did the other 9 points go???

i might be missing something stupid, but this seems really wierd to me, and since i always try to maximise my points by keeping as many pills as i can (occasionally losing for trying too hard), i feel kinda ripped off

am i wasting my time and effort in risking KOing without using all my pills?
9 messages
English VanceXT - last answer from VanceXT, Monday 21/01/2008, 09:52.
Hey everyone,

I'm pretty new here, but totally hooked. I spent $50 on packs, sold all the cards I wasn't using, and ended up with about 60k clintz or so. I still need a few things like kenny and Methane, but I thought the best way to invest the clintz would probably be in a CR.

I'm not level 20 yet, but I'm looking to get into ELO. Any advice on a CR (or two) that would serve me well and hold it's value?
5 messages
English Raynos - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Monday 21/01/2008, 04:02.
How about a deck (type 1) Designed purely to take advantage of random

It will need quite some +atk cards and high power, and im not sure what else

Do you guys have any ideas about decks that take advantage of the randomness of the game?

And Pure Rescue is obvouis enough for me to come up with it btw
6 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Monday 21/01/2008, 03:57.
When will the next comic come out..they didnt write the date or anything
Sunday 20/01/08

12 messages
English Me10c - subject is closed
I realy need to know how can i survive the random
if i have 8 more atk then my opp - i loose
if i have 16 more - i loose again
i have lost much with 25+ more

and i told my self lets try with 6-7 less atk to see what will happen
i loose and again i loose

is the only way to survive to have x2 the opp char , but then how are the pills going to be enough for the whole match ?
27 messages
English Raynos - last answer from Raynos, Sunday 20/01/2008, 00:53.
Freaks 14*

Spata cr 5*
Wofgang 4*
Zoltan 3*
Esmeralda 2*

Uppers 11*

Dorian 3*
Jackie 3*
Zatman 3*
Samantha 2* (maybe Gina Glitt 2* for extra dmg reduction?)

Splata Cr + Esmeralda + Wolfgang can be used to get the poison across, and Wolfgang + Zoltan is dmg reduction ,

Question is do you think Freaks can be played with Splata Cr and Uppers as back up? or are Freaks still hopeless? (i know they wont work in elo )

suggestions please


Saturday 19/01/08

16 messages
English ill skills - last answer from ill skills, Saturday 19/01/2008, 21:06.
I was wondering if there is some kind of penalty for quiting out of matches? If not there most definitely should be. I'm new to this game but am already getting tired of sore losers quiting matches once they know they've been beat, essentially robbing my cards of experience. At the very least if someone quits, the other person's remaining cards should gain XP as if they won their fights.
10 messages
English pink gurl - last answer from neon striker, Saturday 19/01/2008, 21:05.
Hello everybody
8 messages
English deadman7 - last answer from PanzerElement, Saturday 19/01/2008, 14:12.
It is currently

Kenny (R)
Nistarok (R)
Striker (U)
Bodenpower (U)
Lamar (R)
Marina (R)

tell me what i should change
3 messages
English geoff10 - last answer from TnT_MeRm, Saturday 19/01/2008, 09:24.
Can anyone help me out a bit?

i dont have a lot of money to spend, since i cant win many fights now that im above level 12... i dont want to go into type 2, because i think i have more of a chance in type 1...
but 3/4 of all the fights i get into are full Rescue decks, mayb with 1 Leader thrown in to buff them even more.
i cant win, coz the +12/+16 attack means that i have no way to win any rounds without using at least 2 pills (and thats only if the opponent sends a card out with no pills on it

so does anyone know of any cards that will help me have a fighting chance against these guys? (remembering that i only have
or am i gonna have to give in and make a full Rescue deck myself if i ever want to win any?

my deck right now is:
Kharl (5/5)
Mort Bax (4/7)
K Cube (5/2)
Timmy (7/2)
sventhlana (*/4)
slyde (5/4)
Mark (6/1)

and i have Zlatar (3/ and Cell (2/7) that arent in my deck right now
14 messages
English Gen_Grievous - last answer from PanzerElement, Saturday 19/01/2008, 00:53.
For this to work, you need poisoners and life healers including Bridget. Just Hit the poison first and get on with the show! No more problems. If you have Kenny, make sure also to make him win without activating fury, half the pills with the poisoner but make sure the poisoner hits first.

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