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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Saturday 28/06/14

5 messages
English play_0 - last answer from jerromy, Saturday 28/06, 05:27.
I was recently playing a dm for fun and look

Today at 20:07 Death Revers vs Stillenor (12-0)
Today at 20:07 XM-Bhorse vs Play_0 (7-2)
Today at 20:06 Death Revers vs Stillenor (12-0)
Today at 20:05 Death Revers vs Stillenor (12-0)
Today at 20:04 Death Revers vs Stillenor (12-0)
Today at 20:03 XM-Bhorse vs Play_0 (5-2)
Today at 20:03 Death Revers vs Stillenor (12-0)
Today at 20:01 Death Revers vs Stillenor (12-0)
Today at 20:00 Death Revers vs Stillenor (12-0)
Today at 20:00 XM-Bhorse vs Play_0 (0-4)
Today at 19:57 XM-Bhorse vs Play_0 (12-0)

that guy death revers always plays the same guy and koes him on first round every time
22 messages
English Six Nations - last answer from jerromy, Saturday 28/06, 05:13.
How about some missions for the leaders?

For example:
Timber- finish 100 fights through KO with Timber in hand

Then upon completion it unlocks:

Vansaar- gain 100,000 xp with Vansaar in hand or send 100 characters to the next level with Vansaar in hand

Then upon completion it unlocks:

Hugo- win 1000 rounds with Hugo in hand

Then upon completion it unlocks:

Bridget- win 150 life points with Bridget in hand

Then upon completion it unlocks:

Ashigaru- inflict 50 poison damages with Ashigaru in hand (had no idea what to put for him)

Then upon completion it unlocks:

Eyrik- win 150 fights with Eyrik in hand

Then upon completion it unlocks:

Ambre- win 60 fights by ok finishing with Ambre

Then upon completion it unlocks:

Eklore- remove 100 pillz from your opponent with Eklore in hand

Then upon completion it unlocks:

Morphun- gain 100 pillz with Morphun in hand

Then upon completion it unlocks:

Vholt- block 1000 damages with Vholt in hand

Rewards could be credits with increasing amounts every time

Monday 23/06/14

2 messages
English teeheemancer - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Monday 23/06, 17:59.
So yeah been joining a shizz ton of free events and i've noticed that some events just close down without even posting who won or events that keep extending like months and all without even doing anything aside farming donations. I know it's free and all but could be better if we get at least a message or something.
Sunday 22/06/14

9 messages
English AsianRepublic - subject is closed
I just wanted everyone to know I'm a fish.
11 messages
English ManOfLuckHOA - last answer from Thoazol, Sunday 22/06, 07:19.
I was wondering If this could get any of the UR Staff's attention with this.

Im not sure if this happened to anyone else but I would like to change my name, but the name I wish is currently in use by someone whose last played game was in 2009. I was wondering if I could request the name since he no longer plays.
Saturday 21/06/14

183 messages
English Kefalo - last answer from jerromy, Saturday 21/06, 07:21.
I just started a guild for new and casual players, and I believe UR actually has a nice future in front of it, or at least potential for it, and I've been around for a while. So I don't say this lightly or rashly, but:

Unless they remove the XP changes right away, this game is dead as a dodo. UR was, once upon a time, not so much a game but a moneymaking scheeme with unprecedented sucess based on the fact that it offered a non-fantasy experience for people who weren't into gaming or fantasy and mercilessly mooched off all sorts of pop culture. As a game, and as a project it wasn't often very well balanced and quite often the economic side and tratment of customers has been criminal. Allow me to explain:

- Lacklustre rewards for missions untill the ld/legendary scheeme
- No real way to play it without spending money on it
- Symbolic possible clintz gain
- Symbolic possible XP gain
and so on and so forth

Still, over time a lot of stuff improved and made the game more acessible. Around the time ld's and new bloods appeared it moved from "obvious scam" to "playable game". A huge, huge, huge part of this was the XP bar which allowed people to play their cards immediately and spend more time playing instead of doing meaningless tasks.

Now that's gone. Listen, whoever is developiing this, listen carefuly: the XP bar made the game PLAYABLE. Max level cards aren't overflowing the market because there's no demand for maxed out cards - they are overflowing the market....
Friday 20/06/14

3 messages
English troll4663 - last answer from DA_Banana, Friday 20/06, 07:37.
Why aren't smurfs allowed? League of Legends allows them.
Tuesday 17/06/14

7 messages
English skullfrog - subject is closed
Starting about three days ago I have not been able to fight in the training rooms for an unknown reason. The game is always telling me it can't find an opponent, and when I try to fight someone in the room a message comes up that says they have a deck that is not compatible for this room even though it says they are currently playing in it ! Sometimes a message will come up telling me my deck is to strong, but even when I change who is in it I still have no luck . Does anyone know how to fix this??
Monday 16/06/14

2 messages
English GWNGeneralZod - last answer from ---SiM-HoA---, Monday 16/06, 06:14.
Just downloaded the recent update for the UR app, and now all my rare characters have a purple name bar instead of gold! (The Ld characters are still purple too.)
Also, since they changed how leveling up characters works, I level up my newer characters when using the app because it won't let me pay.

Saturday 14/06/14

9 messages
English karim7 - last answer from Taxaviz, Saturday 14/06, 23:15.
I am going to buy a Titanium pack (If UR decides to give me my credits after installing apps) and I was wondering what are the top 4 clans in which I can get a bigger benefit. I was thinking Pussycats, Nightmare, Uppers and Skeelz, but that might suck real hard. Any ideas? Cheers
Wednesday 11/06/14

9 messages
English WMDuessel - last answer from -Mordecai, Wednesday 11/06, 20:22.
It's probably been brought up already, but this is what it says in Team Chman's profile:

Bad news :,(
teamcHmAn a explosé en vol en juin 2004
la "societe" teamchman n'existe plus

or, according to Google translate:
Teamchman exploded in flight in June 2004
the "company" Teamchman no longer exists

Rass however was released on 29/06/07, was the card released posthumously? I'm curious.
11 messages
English freeziepop84 - last answer from Daxose, Wednesday 11/06, 18:16.
Just seeing if its just me. I have been loosing and unusually amount if them. The odd thing is I only lose by 1-2 points or the lowest amount of pillz they can use. Have tried changing up the cards I use or oder and amount of pills I use and same results. Like deathmatch and survivor, face alot of the same people and certain people NEVER lose going second in the round. I can go all in on a 2 damage card as example and they still win ..... Anyone know of any hacks out now that can do that? If so what can be done to stop it?
Tuesday 10/06/14

17 messages
English Eloxia - last answer from slowtortoise, Tuesday 10/06, 03:10.
Normally I'll complain about how the new clan is too strong but then I look at their cons and I realize that they're just as good as any other clan. However, I have yet to see really any downsides the the Riots except their lack of attack manipulation. Their bonus unless you have SOB will always activate, gaining them +3 pills best case scenario. This would be fine if their cards weren't so solid.

Now let's take a look at some of the cards in the clan.

For our two star options we have:
Boomstock the 6/3 Courage: +2 Power/damage and Kenjy the 7/2 Reprisal: +10 attack. Both of these options are fantastic 2 stars, I would call them overpowered, but very solid. Both of their downsides are their turn operative abilities, but other than that they're both very powerful cards.

Four our three star options we have: Molder the 8/1 -4 Opp. life min 4, Dr Van Wesel Ld the 9/3 Reprisal: Copy Bonus Opp., and Reeplay the 8/4 Protection: power. Molder is amazing, unless he's hit by SOA he's able to dish out 5 damage while also having his 8 power back him up. Dr Van Wesel Ld is the first card ever to have 9 power, which works stellar with his ability to copy the opponents bonus, his only downfall is his 3 damage and his turn operative ability. Then finally we have Reeplay the 8/4 beast with the ability to protect her power from decreasing, very solid card, her weakness is her ability to get hit by damage reducers.

So far the 2/3 star of this clan are all very solid, with few weaknesses.
Saturday 07/06/14

13 messages
English Kefalo - last answer from Rift120, Saturday 07/06, 03:24.
I see a lot of hate towards the Duel mode. However, every other mode takes much more time, rewards anything but big collections and tons of talent / free time more, and generally upsets my daily schedule. Some players can get to their ELO Mark in an hour or 2, some can play just one tounrey and that's it, but I'm pretty sure most can't. Most players can't get anywhere in survivor and in deathmatch the rewards are not al that exciting and you generally run into all sorts of crap.

So while I'm a veteran and all that, I mostly play duels and do missions in classic (or now in the guild room). This also means I log in every day, check my market stuff, check my guild, and play my daily duel. Sometimes I play some ELO, sometimes I play a tourney, but for tourneys you have to set your schedule by Urban Rivals, and ELO can be swingy and it's hard to predict how much time it will take.

But if you have an hour and want some relaxing play, there's no reason not to do a duel. What's with all the "remove duel from premises" hate posts? I don't see many here, but then the english speaking forums aren't very active, but every other post in the italian forums on any topic is about removing Duel...
Friday 06/06/14

3 messages
English ManOfLuckHOA - last answer from Memento Mori, Friday 06/06, 20:34.
Just a question to the UR crew on when the secure trade system will work again?
Tuesday 03/06/14

6 messages
English EN Octopus_Ld - last answer from HiFromBuddha, Tuesday 03/06, 10:08.
The Four Character will be show at 2015. 1:00 pm
The Card name is : Polka** , Halock*** , Locer***** , Hemikok** . (this * mean is a star)
5 messages
English wats_happenin - last answer from AsianRepublic, Tuesday 03/06, 07:08.
I'm a tad confused with this guy

Is he a human to begin with transformed into Jabba the Hutt's second cousin?

Or was he always Jabba the 3rd and takes on human form to sell stuff?
Sunday 01/06/14

5 messages
English YourPetChicken - last answer from Kefalo, Sunday 01/06, 14:23.
As the title implies, this is a place to talk about the newest clan to join Clint City. However, this thread is purely for discussing and speculating about the fluff/lore/story aspects of the Riots. Any discussions about the mechanics of the clan, such as "What will they play like?" and "Will the Patriarch be as silly as Noctezuma?" are best left to a different thread.
Saturday 31/05/14

26 messages
English BA_Mihir - last answer from Tanto89, Saturday 31/05, 15:31.
Forgive my memory, but could someone please re-aquaint me with the facts on as to why standard was removed?

And as a proposal, which I've not exacrtly thought much in-depth about, why dont we bring back standard?
My logic bein given that the changes brought to xp, we've made life harder for the newbies, and standard was supposed to be something pro-newbies so why not bring it back?
Friday 30/05/14

15 messages
English HipHoppa - last answer from hashburki, Friday 30/05, 21:05.
So I bought an Elite pack this morning and picked Huracan, Bangers, Fang Pi, and Riots. Didn't get a single Riots card. Whatev. I went about my day. But then I started thinking. What are the probabilities in such a situation?

I mean, say I get a rare in my pack. does that rare have an equal 25% chance of being from one of the 4 clans I picked? That would mean I would have a 25% chance of getting Octana, and I just can't believe UR would allow that to happen, right? So what are the percentages if one of the clans only has 4 cards in it? Do they skew it towards the other 3 clans? Do they take all the rares from all 4 clans and pick one at random? That means my chances of getting Octana would be incredibly low. Now that I think of it, that's probably the way they do it.

If that's the case, is it really worth it to throw Riots in there knowing that the chance of pulling one is so low? Maybe. Because in this case, you're only basically picking 3 clans so your chances of getting a card from one of those clans increases...I dunno. Just stuff to think about...

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