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Strategy and Tactics: General

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Friday 29/08/14

7 messages
English 0 AyGaming - last answer from 0 AyGaming, Friday 29/08, 03:36.
So.. I noticed the no good templates or card makers/creators for UR like there is for Pokemon, MTG and especially Yugioh.. so I started to work on my own template .. Its going well so far just need to finish it up
Here the card I made
I know they are supposed to have the same name...
Tell me what you think of my cards
PM me if you want me to make you a card or if youd like to help
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English 0 AyGaming - subject is closed
Title says it all
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English Soiuku - last answer from TheOPG, Friday 29/08, 01:50.
For one, the card isn't terribly good, and it was easy to see it coming.
I figured that a promo comic character card , like the Soleil promo character cards would go Cr .
Also, the thing about Dounia Cr is that I would gladly part for her now for profit because tons of people will buy Newbloods to get her. That in turn lowers / drops the price considerably for other cards in newblood.
I like this turn!
And Dounia Cr will probably drop in price after the 1st!
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English 0 AyGaming - last answer from 0 AyGaming, Friday 29/08, 00:05.
Here are some cards
Mega Rules:
Only one Mega in a deck
Cannot have Mega and its non mega (ex. M Venusaur and Venusaur)

http://snag.gy/ditVW.jpg Venusaur
http://snag.gy/wwcWX.jpg Mega Venusaur
http://snag.gy/1oR3y.jpg Charizard
http://snag.gy/tnYhi.jpg Mega Charizard X
http://snag.gy/DfNL4.jpg Mega Charizard Y
http://snag.gy/FP849.jpg Blastoise
http://snag.gy/GtMqF.jpg Mega Blastoise

And just for fun Kolos 2
http://snag.gy/0SirI.jpg Kolos 2

Tell me what you think!
6 messages
English (RAP) - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Friday 29/08, 00:02.
We can win good points in dt if we use a 28* deck?
Thursday 28/08/14

26 messages
Deutsch DVC - Banana - last answer from DVC - Banana, Thursday 28/08, 20:38.
Hello folks,

You all remember the last winter when the fruit army rolled the game !
Now summer is comming and it's time to launch a new avatar army, this time it's about anime, manga, video games, epic movies characters ... whatever

As always for this unique hand-crafted work you can offer a card if you like the job
Wednesday 27/08/14

21 messages
English CB Gab - last answer from TheOPG, Wednesday 27/08, 18:48.
PLEAZE don't wait that much on giving us Collectors again.. You could maybe release 1 CR on October and 2 on December.. Something like this.. This way you could avoid this market changes.. But without these events that give us a clue that they are coming.. Make it a total surprise.. I believe this would make the game better But if you do it, you should do it without a "pattern".. Make it unpredictable.. SURPRISE US!!
47 messages
English 0 AyGaming - subject is closed
Http://snag.gy/etrqU.jpg Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Full
http://snag.gy/OFyZw.jpg Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Compact
http://snag.gy/NAOhT.jpg Destiny Titan Simple Full (I can do all class mutliple colors)
http://snag.gy/AlGZi.jpg Destiny Titan Simple Compact (I can do all class mutliple colors)
http://snag.gy/E3hqT.jpg Destiny Hunter Exciting Full (I can also do the titan for now)
http://snag.gy/XcERP.jpg Destiny Hunter Exciting Compact (I can also do the titan for now)

If you want I can change the font, placement of things, of course what the the avatar says
Tuesday 26/08/14

6 messages
English CB Gab - last answer from CB Gab, Tuesday 26/08, 19:52.
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1ftGYOyyE0 This deserves more attention
Monday 25/08/14

1 message
I implore other players who are experts in their clan of choice that also has a vast majority of them to do the same. I will make a simple guide that shows three elements.

1. A list of all ELO worthy cards in my opinion.
2. A list of Numerical Deck Building as based on stars and the star count the clan shines best in elo in.
3. The Elo team that has worked for me.

1. ELO worthy cards
-2 StarsB Ball, Lil Jey, Kevlaer, Massiv, Graff, Bennie, Doug Snop)
-3 StarsKreenk Ld, Juicy Lord, Carlo, Naykee, Randal, Kevin, Loocio, Garrik, Tasty Tast, Dud Z, Kluwn)
-4 StarsDuke, Platoona, Blidgey, Vermyn N, Chlora, Lucas, Shogunn, Blaaster Cr(when not elo banned), Bubbles)
-5 StarsB Bazooka, Zoe(when not elo banned), Willy, Angie, Fixit, Lennox, Bodenpower)
2. Deck Types
A. 5-heavy: (3)5*cards and (5)2*cards
B. PowerSplit: (2)5*cards, (1)4*card, (1)3*card and (4)2*cards
C. Pyramid: (1)5*card, (2)4*cards, (2)3*cards and (3)2*cards
D. 1Heavy&1Light: 1(5)*card, (6)3*cards and (1)2*card.
E. 4-heavy: (4)4*cards, (1)3*card and (3)3*cards
F. 4/3 Split: ((3)4*cards, (3)3*cards and (2)2*cards. (Recomended)
G. 2 Lieutenants: (2)4*cards, (5)3*cards and (1)2*card
H, No Newbies: (1)4*card and (7)3*cards
I. Threeeeeee!: (3*cards
J. Dual, Dos, Duo, Double: (2*cards

2. Shining Stars: 4&3* cards are good. ELO is ability run & good abilities lie at this tier.

3. My ELO Team: (Blidgey, Bubbles, Doug Snop, Dud Z, Duke, Graff, Juicy Lord, Tasty Tast)
5 messages
English kung-fu dk - last answer from BA_Hydro, Monday 25/08, 16:11.
I've just returned after a good while to urban rivals. i've been looking at some of the cards that've come since i've been gone, and Dr. falkenstein piques my intrest, given that i play skeels. is he used over Belgosi now? thats all i really wanna know
9 messages
English Soiuku - last answer from Soiuku, Monday 25/08, 14:24.
Took a look at the newest Release for Uppers , and while I know they dominate everywhere else. .
I wasn't happy with Christelle , despite the addition of a COB .
I can't see the card ever making it big, or people wanting to use this card.
Why? Rubie for example is 5/6 and SOA which is far more useful.
But, to tack on to that, Christelle suffers from low power and being able to be ripped apart by SOA or SOB as an ability. Even a lot of Skeelz cards can tear Christelle and Rubie to pieces.
So there's Oxen who isn't a bad card, but he strikes me as average damage and low Minimum Life Reduction which saps his usefulness.
Finally, looking at the 2's and 5's they are all average as well, with Wendell and Lady being possibly the best of their 2* and 5* categories.
But they are Below Average in total, and frankly, Christelle while an interesting and useful card isn't going to help the clan with 7 and 8 Power the norm for a lot of newer cards and with 9 Power on the Horizon, yet another way to destroy Uppers rears its head.
So I need to ask , is Uppers a doomed ELO clan?
My vote, is Yes.
(Unless they get a Good 2 Star other than Wendel / Jose Star )
Sunday 24/08/14

11 messages
English johnsont01t - last answer from CB Gab, Sunday 24/08, 21:44.
Interested in the best leaders for each team
Saturday 23/08/14

11 messages
English Exulpher - subject is closed
Me and my friend m-bison decided to do a quickie review of the newest cards.

Let us know what you think in the comments or on here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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English MySetaHardrive - last answer from Trippie, Saturday 23/08, 10:29.
Good Day,

I would like to present a new discussion to the staff and the players regarding Kolos. I am asking if there are others who believe that this card single-handedly ruins this game...if it is left unaddressed. Kolos has a supreme and unfair advantage over any of the other one-hit KO cards. If this card cannot be modified or removed then the only fair solution is to make a one-hit KO card for each of the other clans...it doesn't have to be all at once, but sometime. They also need to be of equal power/ability. The General doesn't count because he is stopped by any clan with a SOB bonus or any character with a protected SOB ability. The General is also unaffordable to 99.999% of the world. Mechakolos doesn't count either because he is only a one-hit KO card half the time. I have been very vocal about this and have spoken with others who share this opinion. Perhaps if we rally as a community the game developers will feel obligated to take some kind of action. Other thoughts or comments?
3 messages
English Jaxx_Hoa - subject is closed
So, my blog has been gaining attention of the time i have been doing it. After a suggestion from someone, i have decided to have a guest writer on here.
Let me clear some things up.
1. You WILL get full credit.
2. You only have to write a deck review once a week for friday.
3. Send it to me by Thursday by the latest if you get the part. ( So i can add pictures before the post goes live on friday.)
4. You will have to write deck reviews.

How to apply:
1. Write a review on this deck http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2768843&list
2. send it to me via pm with the title ' My blog Review.'

1. Pros and cons of the deck in the specific format (in this case, ELO)
2. A rating without any personal changes
3. A rating with your personal changes.
4. Make it informative.

Entries will close Sunday the 23rd at Midnight UK Time.
The winner will be announced Sunday the 23rd at 2:00- 4:00 Uk time

Good luck :3 Any questions you may have, feel free to ask here.
Once the winner has been chosen, i will put their UR account on the site and people can send their decks there.
4 messages
English 0 AyGaming - subject is closed
If you're going play on Xbox one you can post your GT and we cpuld make a UR fireteam
Friday 22/08/14

3 messages
English CB Gab - last answer from bOCneehog, Friday 22/08, 20:34.
This collectors thing.. Could we make an event to try to make it faster? Like:

No DR.. All cards must have 5*.. 2pnts per victory and the person with the highest score would win the cheapest CR.. This could be done by the Event team
21 messages
English kanggren - last answer from CB Gab, Friday 22/08, 14:51.
I have a question about token rewards.

Gold , Silver , and Bronze token CR reward is different ???

and if it is different, where can i see it ? ( I try really hard , but i failed sorry )
Thursday 21/08/14

18 messages
English 0 Shrek - subject is closed
Since Loa RAP was last on the forums ...

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