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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Sunday 06/04/14

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English DA_Banana - last answer from Tagux, Sunday 06/04, 20:23.
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English Infiniti - last answer from - sad, Sunday 06/04, 18:51.
We've had quite a few game versions now, so what's your favorite one and why?

-> Java

-> V1
Link to be found?

-> V2

-> V3

-> V4

I am one of the few players that played all 5 versions and my favorite would V2 because it's fast and only has what's needed

edited by Infiniti Saturday 05/04, 10:59
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English Detective Bliss - last answer from thebigK7, Sunday 06/04, 03:26.
Saturday 05/04/14

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English DA_Banana - last answer from ) LoA Yellow, Saturday 05/04, 23:55.
New classification ranking what a cards stat value would be if let me just show you
8/5 stats
-5 opp damage min 1 = 8/10 stats (Pussycats bonus = -2 min 1 so it's 2.5 Pussycats bonus and La Junta 2+ damage is also a bonus so it is +5 damage)
-8 attack min 3 (Ulu Watu is also a bonus so instead it is add 2 power)
total 10/10 stats
total stat worth 20
El Divino is 10/7 worth 17
keep it going
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English ) LoA Yellow - last answer from DA_Banana, Saturday 05/04, 16:45.
A geological experiment to dig deeper into the earth than ever before led to a terrible discovery. Dinosaurs had not been driven into extinction, but deep underground instead where they adapted, evolved, erected kingdoms, waged war amongst themselves, and eventually became a hiearchal empire. The dinosaurs now know the surface is not only inhabitable, but also inhabited by their next conquest...or prey.

Bonus: Copy Opp. Bonus
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English wghheghfuehui - last answer from wghheghfuehui, Saturday 05/04, 13:04.
I was thinking of some changes:

changes suggested by everyone -
1) a coliseum only button in collection page
2) a universal ur clock

changes suggested by me-
1) a new 1000 credit pack which can give a cr ( kawasswami to Vickie Cr)
2 ) a new option for select all in collection pro for cards with multiple doubles
3) a weekly ur quiz .....in which a person who answered correct would be put into a cr draw
4) allow bb code on forums

any suggestions ??? you all are free to criticise the changes
Friday 04/04/14

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English 0 Cow - last answer from 0 Cow, Friday 04/04, 23:21.
Recently I have had trouble logging in to my account NextLvLStr4ts
Every time I press 'Connect to Facebook' the login page refreshes and I can't get into my account.
If anyone has had this problem and knows this solution help me out plz
1 message

This card is actually a solid addition to the GHEIST Lineup.
Yet, I don't think people see him for what he is ; he is essentially on par with Hawkins (I'd rather have an SOA over an SOB card anydays ) and his stats are stable. So he has Courage you say?? That's actually a blessing as I see it; he goes first and ties? He wins and saps -2 Pillz evening out the pills spent on both sides (Or maybe even puts you ahead by 1 )
Zero Dead , Arkn ? Good cards, but I hate the SOA matchups.
Gork hates SOA matchups and needs to lose to get his ability. I can start offensive with Balorg and stay offensive with him. His 7 Power makes him able to keep up with the other 2*s in Roots , Nightmare , Piranhas.
Yet, why is he underestimated?
Do you feel any cards in these newer packs don't get the credit they deserve?
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English AsianRepublic - last answer from Bemmoth, Friday 04/04, 04:54.
Urban Rivals, in it's current state, has made some good choices and bad choices (I'd say the bad choices are more see-able and overshadow the good choices)

I will tell you this...
-Levels don't matter
-ELO is unbalanced
-Urban Rivals population has not changed in size, at least in a good way.
-Deathmatch is a completely useless mode now. (Used to be the room you would mission now)

Just to point out some of the bad things about UR. What would you change about UR to make it a game that could keep new and upcoming players while keeping older players happy?
Thursday 03/04/14

2 messages
English Phinal - last answer from Thoazol, Thursday 03/04, 19:50.
So I'm trying to get Futoshi & am on the Tatane mission, I bought 2 of her so chances of having her in a match are higher but if I get both of them I dont think winning with her counts towards the mission is that true of am i just being crazy because im worried i wont get it in time? Also the LD page said the mission was "unlockable until 04/05/2014" for th last mission (the one im on) So do i no longer have a time limit or will the mission expire if I dont have it completed by tomorrow & does it expire on that date (04/05/2014) or only after that date & what time zone does it go off of? THANK YOU for taking the time to read this question from a noob all feedback is appreciated
14 messages
English qwertymann - last answer from YourPetChicken, Thursday 03/04, 14:06.
I am rather curious, for those of you who have played the newer Fantasy Rivals, which do you prefer and why?
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Română Chuckila - last answer from Houhox, Thursday 03/04, 10:08.
What's up with those automatic listings of Pegh at exactly the same price (2695), with 0 minute, 0 seconds left in the listing time (even though it stays on the market until someone click to buy, when it says it's not available anymore).

And every time it's the same user selling: - Oxxy.

If this is a bug/exploit, it's rather annoying.
Wednesday 02/04/14

34 messages
English Capn Clintz - last answer from Jamox360, Wednesday 02/04, 13:20.
So whose the longest that still plays regularly here? With greats such a Pein, Welcometohell, kiwi, or countless others quitting over the years. Whose the oldest left? I don't see many 07s left here but we can't be the oldest.
Sunday 30/03/14

10 messages
English Wakayama3 - last answer from DeepEnd, Sunday 30/03, 20:16.
Post ur funniest timeout reasons here!

Starting: Dropped my phone in the floor so the battery fell out
11 messages
English Kefalo - last answer from AsianRepublic, Sunday 30/03, 18:32.
Seriously, there are waaaaaay too many people just hitting me with a mission character and abandoning game. I haven't actually seen this kind of behaivior before - people ussally at least let me hit THEM back with at least on of my own, but these kids just abandon as soon as they're done.

What happened to DC punishments? How about making it not advance your missions if you DC? That would sort it out in a hurry.
6 messages
English 0 Don - last answer from 0 Don, Sunday 30/03, 14:44.
I need someone who's very good at using software's such as: Photoshop, gimp, Serif etc etc...

I need help to design something, message me for more info. You will be rewarded handsomely

No time wasters please, need a design of high quality Thankyou.

Share this around please so your friends can see
11 messages
English Soiuku - last answer from DUC-San, Sunday 30/03, 10:58.
Why do people price this card at such a high price?
Liona is average for a Freaks 4 Star, and the 5's and 4's have stiff competition for her spot.
Frankly, I don't understand this, does anyone see a potential price drop though?
Saturday 29/03/14

23 messages
English EA-Maynstream - last answer from Foreyo, Saturday 29/03, 05:19.
Hello everyone, and welcome to the Pack Science thread. This is a thread dedicated to figuring out what to buy with our hard earned credits. Of course, you could straight up but 200 clintz for 1 credit, but the main thing that players spend their hard-earned credits on are packs.

This thread is designed to break down the nitty-gritty stuff about packs: which pack gives you the most bang for your Buck, what clans to choose in the non NB packs, and pack conversion rates (2 Ultimate= 180 credits and 1 Titanium=180 credits, but you get more character for the same amount of credits with Titanium)

I'll start it off with pack conversion rates
Friday 28/03/14

1 message
We've a hot topic for elo presets, let's make one for Coliseum. Just post the current/upcoming coliseum and follow it up with your preset. Whether you're looking to show off or need help with strategy or compatibility, post your ideas here.

I'll start with Armageddon http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/presets/?id_preset=2728022
20 messages
English Vasshu - subject is closed
Vasshu here. A veteran of the UR community. I have amassed myself a large collection over my time. Since i never play nor do I intend to continue collecting, i wish to give everyone an opportunity that I had when i first started. I'm going to give someone my entire collection. For free or 1 clintz as requested by the trader. Just contact if you're interested

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