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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Tuesday 12/08/14

3 messages
English hdubc - last answer from (RAP), Tuesday 12/08, 07:27.
Trying to make a competitive half deck with these two clans. Right now I'm using Marlysa Cr, Zhu Tang, Shifou, and Fei. Lucy, Charlie, Nabrissa, and Diana. Any help would be much appreciated!
1 message
I have the CRs for FPC, and Blaaster for the Bangers. I'm trying to make something competitive for T1. I've been using Blaaster, Graf, Randle, Bodenpower, Marlysa, Fei, Kusuri, and Shifou. Any edits from or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Monday 11/08/14

2 messages
English -X-Toxic-X- - last answer from qwaiker, Monday 11/08, 15:36.
So I haven't been active for 3-4 years now, just hopping on for a day or two and having a play, but now I'm looking into starting properly again. Loving mono Vortex in elo but wanting something different to add, what clans go well with them? I know it depends on the strategy, but any suggestions help

Thanks in advance!
Sunday 10/08/14

5 messages
English qwaiker - last answer from qwaiker, Sunday 10/08, 10:03.
I'm wondering if it's still possible to make a budget ELO deck, and I have made a deck that I think is decent:


If you guys have any other budget elo-based decks, feel free to post them in this thread.
Friday 08/08/14

6 messages
English Soiuku - subject is closed
Been in ELO and poking around decklists.
Seems Wee Lee made people notice Ulu Watu
My question : Will Wee Lee still prove to be a powerhouse?
Thursday 07/08/14

5 messages
English (RAP) - subject is closed
Looking for good elo deck around 31k
Wednesday 06/08/14

10 messages
Português 0 ShadowSlay - last answer from {Titan}, Wednesday 06/08, 21:45.
Can anyone help me build a ELO deck with 50000clintz? please
Monday 04/08/14

6 messages
English Freakgasm - last answer from troll4663, Monday 04/08, 07:26.
I have been playing the Freaks in a mono deck ever since I started with UR. Obviously, because the Freaks bonus does not stack, there really isn't a good reason to do this. I am now going to switch over to a half deck with the Freaks and the Pussycats together. I have chosen the Pussycats because I really like the synergy between the Freaks bonus and damage reduction. Once you have your poison in, damage reduction can make the gap you have created impossible to close. I own 30 of 50 Freaks and only a few Pussycats. I currently have about 10k Clintz to spend on the Pussycats. Obviously, at 30 of 50 Freaks, I own pretty much all of the best of the clan. Notable holes in my collection are Bogdan and Splata Cr. I was thinking that, because I own such high quality Freaks, I would buy just the best 2 star Pussycats and fill the rest of the deck with killer Freaks.

Who would be some Pussycats that you think are worth purchasing for such a deck? I mostly want two and three stars. I do, however, already own Ditha and Louise who would be great additions to this deck if I can make the room. All in all, just let me know which Pussycats would be best for this deck and also what Freaks you would or would not include.
Saturday 02/08/14

1 message
English Lucks7ven LoA - subject is closed

Is this team any good? Feedback appreciated Note: I have swapped out Gatline and Ray for Pilzken and Brianna.
Friday 01/08/14

3 messages
English troll4663 - last answer from Six Nations, Friday 01/08, 10:48.
Effie? What happened to Wanda? Where did Ivana go? Is Ella with her?
4 messages
English bOCneehog - last answer from troll4663, Friday 01/08, 10:24.
At the time of writing this, Brody has 7% of the ELO ban vote, despite his perma-ban on Monday.

PSA: You can all stop voting for him because he is banned anyway...
Thursday 31/07/14

75 messages
English 0 the oracle - last answer from Melchiah 8, Thursday 31/07, 17:35.
Before you guys start bashing me blah they are weak against SoB/SoA blah STOP and think about it!

Huracan, no doubt has easily one of the best bonuses in game especially ELO. Rescue hands down had the best bonus, but Huracan now bests the limit by starting at a WHOPPING +14 attack. Also, its almost a joke that they don't even have to be used in mono, half decks make the best combinations, coupled with something defensive like Jungo/ Pussy or wtv they can work great. By starting with an advantage like this, it is actually incredibly EASY to keep on the advantage and not losing the edge on your bonus, keeping that +14 attack for 1 or 2 more turns.

Comparison with other +/-attack clans: Makes other clans seem like a joke, only Montana/Uppers come CLOSE~

Anyway, enough with the bonus, lets look at the cards and synergy.

Zapatino: easily one of the best 2*s, in the game with support of its bonus. 2* counterpart Ivy (considered a good card), she has a least potent bonus (in most cases) and a higher minimum.. what?

Derby Queen: Sorry what? You say 7/5? For a 2* with a beast bonus? Wow.. i dont care if its situational, reprisal is one of the easier activation skills.

El Gascaro: Good card, but ability is almost broken together with bonus. And your opponent has to block too, 6 damage is no easy deal.

El Matador: Great stats, solid ability albeit situational again works well with bonus.

Continued on the next post..
6 messages
Deutsch wild-lionXX - last answer from wild-lionXX, Thursday 31/07, 10:41.
Lately i've been playing lots of ELO, and the deck i prefer, is Jungo so i've been looking around the forums for advise but i didn't find a good (budget) combo Jungo elo deck
Friday 25/07/14

1 message
Check out this deck: [I]des of March let me no what you think and how well do you think it should compare this week. Thank you!
11 messages
English NebulaLord - last answer from bOCneehog, Friday 25/07, 05:42.
This is my deck ,I still think theres some modification needed .Any suggestions from viewers are accepted .Thanks .

Dalhia 5s Scubb 4s Raeth 4s Taljion 3s Greesh 3s
Tula 2s Amiral Coco 2s Parmabarb 2s

I have lots of Piranas clan cards to replace any of them so any advice is affordable and acceptable. Thanks again .
5 messages
English 412rayray - last answer from troll4663, Friday 25/07, 05:33.
I run a mono-Skeelz deck n have finished 1300+ with it on multiple occasions. Lately not so much. I feel I need more Dr, would like to add Kephren or someone. Any help is welcome.
The deck:
Chiara Cr
Dr Falkenstein
I have most of the Skeelz n a ton of other Dr's. Any hell is much appreciated
Wednesday 23/07/14

27 messages
English HipHoppa - last answer from HipHoppa, Wednesday 23/07, 16:31.
Don't get me wrong, I've got no love for Rescue. But this week I figured I'd throw together a Rescue deck for ELO and maybe get some mission points. But then I noticed that Sledge is perma-banned and started looking at my other options and things just went downhill...

Without Sledge, Piranas eat Rescue for breakfast. Reeves is a poor substitute. Even with his reprisal activated, he only beats Rekved if you use all pillz. 11 pillz and under, Rekved has the advantage. No other Rescue card can deal with Rekved head-to-head. Coleridge, Puff and even Taljion are going to be very hard for Rescue to deal with as well. Rescue does have DR, but Piranas have pill manipulation. If your only choice is to try to force a big card like Reeves through and then DR your way to the win, I don't consider that a very reliable strategy.
Monday 21/07/14

2 messages
English qwaiker - last answer from 412rayray, Monday 21/07, 09:52.
I know that it's not the biggest deal in the world to experienced ELO players, but I'm proud of myself for finally getting in the 1300s

Here's the deck I got it with: deleted
6 messages
English dannyack1 - last answer from dannyack1, Monday 21/07, 02:15.
Narrowed down to 9 cards: Angelo, Gianfranco, Paolo, Don, Sharon, Veccio, Spiaghi, Vermaire, and Waller. Which 3* shuld I remove to get 25* total???
Wednesday 16/07/14

3 messages
English jerromy - last answer from jerromy, Wednesday 16/07, 06:24.

these decks were made cause of the glass warriors it gose around them.

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