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Strategy and Tactics : Deathmatch Mode

This brand new mode is exciting but which ultimate deck will rule all Deathmatches? Share your best combo and tactics here.
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Monday 03/03/14

4 messages
ελληνικά NextLvLStr4ts - last answer from playallday_0, Monday 03/03, 10:53.
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English Da_Banana - last answer from CN Mafioso, Monday 03/03, 01:53.
Can be used in dm though
Friday 28/02/14

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English Da_Banana - last answer from Da_Banana, Friday 28/02, 20:43.
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English Da_Banana - last answer from Da_Banana, Friday 28/02, 17:57.
Since i obviously don't have enough money to keep buying lvl 4 caelus when he levels up to level 5 it'll be Plunk to either Milton or Liam
Wednesday 26/02/14

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English Da_Banana - last answer from Da_Banana, Wednesday 26/02, 13:57.
Wednesday 12/02/14

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English Johnson Randy - last answer from Johnson Randy, Wednesday 12/02, 22:08.
Sunday 09/02/14

1 message
[DM EXT25]Sporting is expensive
Oxen and Randy for the 2HKO's with each other and Jackie or a furious Saki/Zatman
Saki and Zatman can KO with Lamar Cr and a furious Wendel or Jessie is also very unpredictable
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read the description!
and pls R&C
Friday 07/02/14

29 messages
English Da_Banana - last answer from Da_Banana, Friday 07/02, 21:59.
I am a DM extended player so i will only discribe DM from this mindset. If 25 or standard player wants to post their guides on dm then i am glad to have them post on this thread

In dm Extended there are the 3 most important things: 2hko Overpowering and Ambre (Morphun is not generally advised) and 1hko which is a whole different story (will get to that later)


Your goal is to make it possible to have a 2hko in every hand
In a deck like this deleted a hand without 2hko is nonexistant
if you have even ONE 5 damage or four damage card make sure your deck is chock full of 7-8 damage cards

Try to get cards that make it really hard to stop a 2hko against them cards like Hawk, Jackie, and Fixit are meta in dm

These are probably the best clans for overpowering (in order)
Ulu Watu Bangers Uppers Huracan Montana (with vickie if not GHEIST is better) And GHEIST
Ulu Watu is self-explanatory Tons of 8 powered cards and cards like lullabee and Daddy Jones

They don't have any raw 8 power like Ulu Watu But with cards like Shann Beeboy and Fixit you'll see what i mean

This is not as obvious of one but when you meet your first Dorian Jackie Cr Hefty Ambre hand you'll see what i mean

They have unchecked 12 attack manip on the first turn
El Divino has 30 attack no pills on first turn
Noctezuma played 2nd is like a new and improved Vickie Cr
Lumber Jack beats every single power manipulator IN THE GAME

Monday 03/02/14

2 messages
English NIUGs - last answer from BA_Mihir, Monday 03/02, 17:55.
Operation: Knockout

Rate this and test it

Suggestions are welcome
Sunday 02/02/14

4 messages
English AngryBird420 - last answer from AngryBird420, Sunday 02/02, 05:52.
Thought i would share my new dm deck haven't done any matche with it, but i had a similar deck.
Friday 31/01/14

Saturday 25/01/14

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Friday 24/01/14

1 message
Sorry for spamming but...
Monday 20/01/14

Saturday 18/01/14

17 messages
English BA_Mihir - last answer from BA_Mihir, Saturday 18/01, 05:45.
Just having fun
Ambre Caelus Cr Jackie Cr zornando Mechakolos Kolos GraksmxxT
now this last card
whom should i play:
or jst Uranus?
Wednesday 15/01/14

1 message
Ghumbo was needed he is boss

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