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Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments

Tournaments are run every two hours. Get pro-tips from the best players and reach the top.
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English badna0 - last answer from Kefalo, Tuesday 13/05, 00:28.
Hi, I'm badna0, and I'm a pretty avid DT player. Not a tournament victor (yet), but have managed respectable top 10 finishes, a few top 5's, and a personal best of 803 bp. I'd like to give a few pieces of advice for dt's.

Trying to improve on the previous iteration of this guide: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2049903&subject_page=0#answers

Since the abolishment of T1/T2, I don't feel a lot of the DT rules mentioned in the guide are as relevant as they used to be. I'd like to outline a few principles for constructing and playing a good DT deck.


1. Building a deck: Aiming for a higher star count (27-30-ish stars) is usually a good idea. A good deck simply needs several nukes with good round winning potential in order to put 2hko pressure.

Links to good decks:
First Place-In Spyke We Trust V2 (standard)
DT Standard Conquered (standard)
E PER LA PRIMA VOLTA!!!!!! (extended)
The strongest decks that I've seen have these higher star counts. Notice how some of these decks can be relatively cheap, too. (
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English TnT_MeRm - subject is closed
What is the Daily Tournament (DT)?

 Despite its name, DT is actually a tournament that happens every alternate hour which last for an hour every day.

Daily schedule based on your time zone, GMT +13:
[12:00 - 13:00], [14:00 - 15:00], [16:00 - 17:00], [18:00 - 19:00], [20:00 - 21:00], [22:00 - 23:00]
[00:00 - 01:00], [02:00 - 03:00], [04:00 - 05:00], [06:00 - 07:00], [08:00 - 09:00], [10:00 - 11:00].

 To play, all you have to do is go to one of these rooms: Type 1, Type 2, or ELO – fight using a valid deck and score as many battle points as you can during the duration of the tournament.

The key to success: (Results may vary)

1. Golden Rule: Play Fast (Win fast / Lose fast) & Don’t quit

“DT is not about who got the most wins - It's about points accumulated per minute regardless of the outcome. Always think about saving time off your game. Eg: 3x 2 minutes with 10 points (lose) will be the same as 1x 6 minutes game with 30 points (win)”

2. Choose your deck wisely:

→ a. Low star count:
- (T1) Less than 25 stars deck
- (T2) 9 – 10 cards with 26 star count

“You earn more points if your characters defeat a higher level opponent”

→ b. Use high damage cards (Aim 2 hits K.O)

→ c. Limit your deck to 1 of the following OR avoid these cards completely:

- Damage reducers

“This will depend on the card – consider the card’s usefulness in your deck”

- (+) Life ability

“In DT, it’s about the cards not the clans... Don’t be afraid to use clans with + life bonus provided you have the 2 hits K.O tactics in mind... On the other hand, - life is always acceptable as an option”

- Permanent ELO banned cards

“For every permanent ELO banned card in your draw, 2 points will be removed from your battle points as a penalty”

3. Extra Battle Strategy:

→ a. Save Pillz for K.O (Adds + 2 to your battle pts at the end of your match)
→ b. Type 1 vs Type 2 (Different rooms but both can be used for DT equally – just pick whatever suits your style)

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the deck that works best for you

5. Have fun

 Special thanks to my handy-dandy husband, W M Daexen, for providing good structure and clarity to this guide and to Mr Intelijent, for prompting each point using his own DT guide version 

(Mr. Intelijent) http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=1950131&subject_page=0

(UR) http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=tournament


Note: This thread is still under construction, if you have any suggestions or opinion about the topic please feel free to leave a comment. This will be finalized and locked once the UR updates about the game is done.



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English Jaxx_SW - last answer from Jaxx_SW, yesterday at 20:39.
Amazing deck for DT. Started 16 miz later than anyone else in the DT, and still managed to finish 60/509. R&C http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2761423
Monday 21/07/14

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English ManOfLuckHOA - last answer from HP -Lordgaby-, Monday 21/07, 05:21.
Saturday 19/07/14

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English CB Titan - last answer from CB Titan, Saturday 19/07, 16:20.

This deck has helped me get over 375 points before. This week the best i have had is 13th, as you can see on my guild's page (Clintz Bank). Im only telling you the guild so that you don't call me a fraud or something as there is proof. I know top ten is possible for this deck. It has a low number of stars to maximise points. Owen and Sammy make easy 2hko's. i didn't use Copper Cr because he is penalised.

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sportster tourney

reached 83rd in first attempt
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English 0 Zenos - last answer from 412rayray, Saturday 19/07, 03:44.
So I just recently got back into UR and im confused by the new scoring for DT. it used to be low stars are better and that winning more rounds got you more points. but now I see nothing but 25 star decks in T1 ad a tonof 2HKOs.

then I looked it up and I couldn't find concrete answers on the new meta and if all elo banned cards are penalties or just the ones with the trophy down symbol.

can someone give me a concrete description of the scoring and the general idea behind deck making these days
Friday 18/07/14

1 message
http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/presets/?id_preset=2760711 my Piranas T1 deck
So,what do you think,what should I change?
I finished 8.th and 18.th in DT,but I think there are some improvements to make
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English jerromy - last answer from jerromy, Friday 18/07, 05:04.
Thursday 17/07/14

15 messages
English Elite Lamar - last answer from Famous Falco, Thursday 17/07, 19:51.
After this news penalizations what clans are you going to use? And what deck?
Monday 14/07/14

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English Absurd Turtle - last answer from Six Nations, Monday 14/07, 16:59.
Hello. I want to buy Skeelz deck T2 type. I have 50k clintz. Any suggestions?
Monday 07/07/14

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English jikwarrior - last answer from Thoazol, Monday 07/07, 19:24.
Raven, Emeth Cr
Draheera, Mechakolos
Mokra, Grak, Copper Cr, Hawk, Lehane, Herman, Lennie, Zatman!
Do you know unpenalized cards?
Friday 04/07/14

14 messages
English Madanga Fu-Fu - last answer from troll4663, Friday 04/07, 21:35.
What clans do you think are the most effective in DT
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Bagadur - subject is closed
If you really want to win the tournament, but Don`t like popular sets, may be Roots desk is good. They can survive against Sentinels, GHEIST and La hunta.

If you playing just for fun, consider you revenge to Sentinels:
1) The opponent really wants easy and fast victory, so play very slowly. Your defeat will take several minutes and it`ll be impossible to win Tournament for opponent.
2) If you are really hardcore guy, die by time out in the end. It`ll halve the opponent victory points.
Thursday 03/07/14

Wednesday 02/07/14

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English play_0 - last answer from play_0, Wednesday 02/07, 13:05.
Saturday 28/06/14

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English CaPtAiN DaViD - last answer from JizzPants, Saturday 28/06, 17:24.
Thank you
Friday 27/06/14

4 messages
English play_0 - last answer from play_0, Friday 27/06, 13:21.

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