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Tournaments and events

If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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English Goralion - subject is closed
Here are some nice events that you can JOIN and win great cards!

Other events by players supported by Staff

IHTW: The King of Kings
The main event where you can win a Marlysa Cr! There are 10 qualifiers, each winner of the qualifier wins a Vickie Cr with a ticket to the main event. All info and qualifiers is in the Turkish section!
Current Qualifier: None at the moment

Events by Staff

World Cup 2014 UR Edition
Clintz City is organising the World Cup! Sign up a total of 4 players (Goalkeeper. Defender, Midfielder, Striker) in this team event to represent a country and make your own history! Amazing prizes to be won!

Win New Blood cards every Friday! Check this thread for more details!


Event-Battle Royale
Jack, Queen, King, Ace. Who will claim the titles?! We will have 4 rounds devoted to finding the top competitors. This Event will incorporate formats only found in events, there fore the players we are looking for must be versatile, and who can adapt to change. Event Pros, for while the rounds in the event run key details of the format could be changed at any point. Good Luck! 512 player event. Top 4 win a multitude of Cr cards, 1st place gets DJ Korr Cr ! As well, top 32 players win a prize!

5 - QuickDevils Event - 5
Once a year i bring hell to Clintz City!
Be a Mercenary and claim the bounty after you hunt a wanted player down!
General Cr wil join forces with the strongest player of this event!
5th Edition of QuickDevils Event!
Start: 1 March 2014
Don't Miss it!

Current one: Elimination Chamber V
A new event style! Elimination Chamber Series. [ recurrent event ]
Read the rules carefully!
32 players - 24 hours to register.

Current one : Red Or Black #1
[ Reccurent event ]
An event where luck will decide you fate! Will you choose red or black?
There is also an battling side to this event!

Super Series
Big event with great prizes and 25 qualifiers
all details in the rules of the main event

The EN Event Team - Add them to your friend list and join their "newsletter" event to keep updated with their events!

Cyber - Cyber-holic
Quickdevil - QD Event Information ~ Quickdevils HoF
Shanks Miagi - The Mini Shanks Games
yellowjarl - The Void Realm
-CALLOUS- - CC Circuit Players
Sir B00BY - Aggravating Arrangements
IM_Hookienoop - Hookie's Bureau of Excitement
mahdin_DvF - A Merry Scrooge Xmas To You ---- Mahdin Event Information ----
ChangeIsGood - Underground Informant
HoA-Predator - Pred's Event Information
W M Daexen - Memorial Mayhem

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English Infiniti - subject is closed
! You must be at least level 40 to create events !

This guide was made by Infiniti for the EN community with some help of Quickdevil (other communities can take it if they want). If you have any questions, please post them and I (or someone else) will try to answer it. To find the part you want to read faster, press CTRL + F then type the number of the part.

Table of contents:

1] Battle events:
- 1.1 - Creating the event -
- 1.2 - Setting up the event -
----- 1.2.1 - Filling in the details
----- 1.2.2 - Setting random, the deck format, life, pillz ect
----- 1.2.3 - Setting the scoring points
----- 1.2.4 - Setting the matches
----- 1.2.5 - Allowing players to join
- 1.3 - Starting the event -
- 1.4 - In between rounds -
----- 1.4.1 - The Inactivity problem
----- 1.4.2 - Moving to the next round
- 1.5 - Finishing the event -
----- 1.5.1 - Closing the event
----- 1.5.2 - Distributing the prizes

2] Getting staff sponsored prizes

3] Other event tools
-- 3.1 - Avatar / event picture
-- 3.2 - Jackpot
-- 3.3 - Creator’s share
-- 3.4 - Event restrictions
-- 3.6 - Creating groups
-- 3.7 - The difference between eliminate, withdrawal & replace.
-- 3.8 - Simple tools

4] Known glitches
-- 4.1 - The mail glitch
-- 4.2 - The group glitch
-- 4.3 - The "guest" glitch
-- 4.4 - The BL'ed player PM glitch
-- 4.5 - The battle history glitch

Anyone who can edit is fully allowed to (no permission required) if for example a glitch is fixed or if I have said something wrong.
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English UM_AaaBattery - last answer from wghheghfuehui, Friday 04/04, 14:59.
Public events or forum posts advertising anything outside of the Urban Rivals or Fantasy Rivals websites, unless promoted by staff, are against the rules and will be closed. This included things like Facebook pages, Youtube channels/videos, Twitter e.c.t.

Thank you for reading.


edited by UM_AaaBattery Friday 04/04, 14:59
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English Quickdevil - last answer from Quickdevil, Saturday 29/03, 19:03.
Start : August 2014
Project XL II

Second version of Project XL, Only this time without qualifiers.

- Direct registration.
- 15.000 Clintz Entrance fee.
- No Return of clintz once you did sign up!
- Minimum of 500 Players - Maximum 650
- a skill format for each round.
- 7 rounds + final.
- 7 days per round.
- 3 days registration time per round.
- 5 Mini-Games
- 2 Lotteries
- 1 Avatar Mini game

7 rounds + Final. [ each round will last 7 days + 3 registration days ]

Round 1 + 2 Activity rounds.
Points Reset.

Prize List :

1st : DJ Korr Cr + Sum Sam Cr + Splata Cr + Elya Cr + Miss Twice Cr + 3M Clintz
2nd : Kiki Cr + Scarlett Cr + Vickie Cr + Jackie Cr + 2M Clintz
3rd : General Cr + Marlysa Cr + Lamar Cr + Kalindra Cr + 1M Clintz
4th : Guru Cr + Manon Cr + Sigmund Cr + Blaaster Cr + 500K Clintz
5th : Lyse Teria Cr + Dragan Cr + Ombre Cr + 250k Clintz
6th : Scarlett Cr + Flavio Cr + Melissa Cr + 150K Clintz
7th : Manon Cr + Kerozinn Cr + Tanaereva Cr + 100K Clintz
8th : Marlysa Cr + Lamar Cr + Selsya Cr + 50k Clintz

9th : Shawoman Cr + Sigmund Cr + Beltran Cr
10th : Berserkgirl Cr + Ambrose Cr + Alec Cr
11th : Armanda Cr + Reine Cr + Swidz Cr
12th : Rass Cr + Tanaereva Cr + Dalhia Cr
13th : Lao Cr + A Award Cr + Page Cr
14th : NDololo Cr + Jim Cr + Emeth Cr
15th : Splata Cr + Jackie Cr + Robb Cr
16th : Tessa Cr + Dwain Cr + Marco Cr

17th : Flavio Cr + Nahi Cr
18th : Dragan Cr + Swidz Cr
19th : Aldebaran Cr + Blaaster Cr
20th : Kerozinn Cr + Copper Cr
21st : Vickie Cr + Seldnor Cr
22nd : Lamar Cr + Dalhia Cr
23rd : Elya Cr + Cassio Cr
24th : Sigmund Cr + Diyo Cr
25th : Ambrose Cr + Kreen Cr
26th : Melissa Cr + Page Cr
27th : Reine Cr + Geuner Cr
28th : Ombre Cr + Kenny Cr
29th : Tanaereva Cr + Smokey Cr
30th : Miss Twice Cr + Chad Bread Cr
31st : Skullface Cr + Robb Cr
32nd : Caelus Cr + Jane Ramba Cr

33rd – 48th : Jackie Cr
49th – 64th : Copper Cr
65th – 96th : Emeth Cr
97th – 128th : Sylth Cr

Prizes of 4 mini games will be covered by Jackpot Clintz.

Extra prizes Most amount of points after the round.
Round 1 : 4x Noodile Cr ( 1 per sub-event )
Round 2 : 4x Noodile Cr ( 1 per sub-event )
Points Reset
Round 3 : 4x Page Cr ( 1 per sub-event )
Round 4 : 4x Nahi Cr ( 1 per sub-event )
Round 5 : 3x Beltran Cr ( 1 per sub-event )
Round 6 : 1x NDololo Cr
Round 7 : 1x Marlysa Cr
Round 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 [ No points reset ]
Final 64 Will battle 1 Vs 1

Important rules :
- Deckchange is forbidden
- Leaders are forbidden
- Huracan is banned from all formats.
- Fairplay is required
- Special rules for screenshots
- Special points system each round, also for unplayed matches!

Screenshot Details ;
- The screenshot most show 2 attempts to reach your opponent(s)
- You must ask for a date to play and give your opponent 2 avaible days + times yourself.
- if your opponent ever responded you must show that part as well

Project XL II
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English Euzebe - last answer from riezaah.davey, Saturday 18/01, 13:13.
More and more lotteries are organized in our community and some are
created to scam players. That's why we need new rules about these events.

Free lotteries :
No problem with these lotteries, they are allowed.
- The organizer must clearly give the list of all prizes he gives
- The organizer must explain in the rules how winners will be chosen
(if a moderator will draw winners or if a moderator knows about this
lottery and is seeing to it)

Donations :
You could ask for donations or agree to receive some BUT ALL cards
MUST be given to the players who joined your lottery.
You must give the list of ALL donations.
It must be clear : the organizer mustn't keep clintz or cards for him/
herself. He/she could be blacklisted or even banned for scam.

Lotteries with entry fee :
It is allowed only if you follow these rules :
- The organizer must explain how the jackpot will be given.
Example : 80% / 20% or 10 x 10% or 50% / 30% / 20%
- The organizer mustn't keep a part of the jackpot for him/herself or
he/she will be blacklisted or even banned for scam.
- The jackpot cannot be used to buy collectors (or even other cards).
The jackpot must be given to players.

Random selection of winners :
I advise you to be honest with random.
Your friends are not supposed to be more lucky than the others.
You could ask a moderator to help you to organize your lottery and do
the draw for you.

Of course, if you are using multiple accounts to win something, all
accounts will be banned.
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English Yoda_LoA - subject is closed
We see a wide variety of these. Some are good. Some could be a bit better. So what should you include in your thread?

-Start with a prefix
Something like that
-Title it after your event so people know right away what it's called. A good name will intrigue people and get them to look.

-Who can join?
Levels, languages, specific countries or guilds
-How many can join?
Is there an entry fee?
-What rules are there that may be different than the regular game?
-Is there a deck format?

Link to the event page:
-This is very important so players can find your event from here. You can do this a couple of ways.
1. Copy the URL from the search bar on the event page, like this:

2. Go for the shorter version that shows the name in green.
-take the end of the URL
-Replace the = sign with a colon :
Mayday! Patrick’s Day! Event 1

Make it interesting:
-Tell us why we should join your event.
-What prizes can we win?

Remember, the more people who join your event, the more successful it can be.

Good luck,


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English Aikilius - last answer from Soiuku, yesterday at 23:24.

Because it's been a while since I do not play at UR, I decided to give my collection to ONE player.
There are about 700k Clintz (look at the description of the event for details).

Here is the link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/fr/events/?id_event=102145
And don't forget to share the link to your friends

Thank you and good game everyone!
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Jin Kisaragi - last answer from Jin Kisaragi, yesterday at 17:40.
Do you have what it takes to utilize your persona to lead you to victory not only in battle but in politics ?

Do you like an event full of trust and betrayal ?

Do you have what it takes to above all survive?

If you think you are up to the challenge and can handle doing some reading, a lot of potential Cr's await you as prizes.

The return of the original starts now:

Persona 2
1 message
Mystery Clanwar 2

The Clint City Clans are fighting against each other again. Take part at „Mystery Clanwar 2“, the sequel to „Mystery Clanwar“ and help the different clans on their way to the top.
Rules: http://docdroid.net/fet1

1. Vickie Cr
2. Sigmund Cr
3. Ambrose Cr
4. Tanaereva Cr
5. - 8. Jackpot

8 players missing! come in and fight in 1vs1 battles!
Wednesday 30/07/14

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English -SiM - last answer from -SiM, Wednesday 30/07, 23:28.
UR First Annual Fantasy Football League Would anyone be interested in joining? It is in fact AMERICAN Football. PM me if interested, we can work out league scoring, draft dates, entrance fees etc. together

MUST have an ESPN.com account to join!
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English mihalll7_UM - last answer from mihalll7_UM, Wednesday 30/07, 13:37.
Super Series

an event with great prizes.... but first you will have earn the right to play it

this event will have 25 qualifiers where you can fight for a place in the main one
this event will not start for some time, as the qualifiers have to be made first
during the qualifying season it will serve as informer
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Brah & Zroh Vs The World

Come in come in! A Battle event co-hosted by Zroh and brahmaman

Play off in a tournament of 16, searching for 1st place to then play off against both the hosts in the chance to WIN BIG in the WINNERS RUN!

1000 Clintz to join but only HALF of the contestants will walk away with nothing.

Prizes include Dregn , Charlie , Noctezuma , Jackpot , Chiara Cr and MORE!
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English CB Redblood - last answer from bokneehog, Wednesday 30/07, 05:25.
All you have to do is join and rate green and you may be a lucky winner.

There is the event link enjoy.
Monday 28/07/14

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We are starting the third volume of the famous "I say what you do (International)" Will you be able to play your favorite clan? Can you pass the challenge that your opponent will present you? Can you meet the challenge? In that case you are exactly in the right place in my event: I SAY WHAT YOU DO


Event schedule

After you opponent has been announced send me the name of your opponent and the clan he or she has to play.
The clan you will have to play will be announced when you and your opponent have both send me your choices.
This will be posted in the Greek comments.

You will only have 2 days to announce what your opponent has to play. If you do not send me your choice the match will count as a lose for you and you will be eliminated from the event.

64 players in round 1
1:1 battle (KO-phase)
32 players in round 2
1:1 battle (KO-phase)
16 players in round 3
1:1 battle (KO-phase)
8 players in round 4
1:1 battle (KO-phase)
4 players in round 5
1:1 battle (KO-phase)
2 players in the finals
1:1 battle

* Finale *

Platz .1 Vickie Cr + 50 % Jackpot

Platz .2 Tanaereva Cr + 30 & Jackpot

Platz .3 Jim Cr + 20 % Jackpot

Platz .4 Nahi Cr

Thx Raquella for support
Sunday 27/07/14

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English SadSong - last answer from SadSong, Sunday 27/07, 13:14.
For the 'hunger games' what district is ireland in?
2 messages
English Zroh - last answer from HoA - Frozen, Sunday 27/07, 08:22.
Does the name of this event ring a bell? I would hope so, the Kill or be killed series was originally created by the formidable mahdin_DvF , he created this event, but unfortunately it was stopped.
Im here to revive it.
KOBK is an original non-battle, quick firing event. In which 10-15 players murder each other by using several actions.
These actions are always changing.
Use ⌭ Grenades ⌭ or ⌭ Explosives ⌭ to do damage, or trick your opponents with ⌭ Reflect ⌭ to make there own actions kill them. In a frenzy of twists and turns, see if you can come out the victor. There are many games of KOBK played every day, so make sure to join ◉KOBKCENTRAL◉ to ALWAYS be informed of new KOBK games.
Season 1 of KOBK is currently under way, each season has 5 games.
Can you make it into the hall of fame? Can you kill? Or will you be killed?
If any of this sounds appetising to you, make sure to join ◉KOBKCENTRAL◉ right now.
The best part is the event is completely free.
I hope to see you in ◉KOBKCENTRAL◉ and in future KOBK events.
Many thanks
Saturday 26/07/14

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Русский XC-MerLiN - last answer from HoA-Predator, Saturday 26/07, 19:38.
Staff / event team, it has been a year since LOA Daigon left us. Being one of the most compassionate, just and loved mods in this game, and more than that, a wonderful fellow human being, don't you think we need to commemorate him with an event?
If staff sponsors prizes, that would be great.
Otherwise, we will have to raise funds to organise an event befitting the memory of my great friend.
Please voice your opinions, and let us see what comes out of it.
We will take it up from there.
Friday 25/07/14

2 messages
English Gareth - last answer from Gareth, Friday 25/07, 09:48.
Have you always defined yourself as someone who loves mono decks and crushing your opponents to win big cards like Vickie Cr? Join this: CLAN BUFFS! Mono Masters and trample your opponents to succeed
Thursday 24/07/14

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English mihalll7_UM - last answer from CHR0, Thursday 24/07, 17:13.
Do you enjoy non-battling events?
do you enjoy playing fast event?
do you enjoy risk?
do you enjoy shooting people in the face?

then join
Deadly Gambling
an informer about upcoming events
Wednesday 23/07/14

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English Zroh - subject is closed
Hello everyone, i have recently gotten permission to revive a old event.
deleted is a fast paced, non-battle event which is based on luck and a bit of skill.
Free of charge to enter, this game offers quick rounds in which players can win various prizes.
15 players per game, each game lasts for about 30 minutes, with 10 minute rounds.
In deleted you must use certain actions resulting in you to either deleted
There are different outcomes every game and you can play as many times as you wish for free
So if this sounds enjoyable to you, come have a go at deleted
Thank you to mahdin_DvF for giving me permission to bring this back
Thank you all and i hope to see you on deleted


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