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Thursday 09/10/14

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English Saga_Cr - last answer from Spykeiartist, Thursday 09/10, 12:59.
Halloween Lotto 2014

There will be some minigames with Nightmare cards to win and a big lottery at the end

Draw will be done on the 31st of October by a mod.

There are 3 draws:

The Lottery Draw (composed of the jackpot)
The Donation Draw (composed of donations)
The Saga Draw (composed of my donation)

Join up
Sunday 05/10/14

1 message
Registre 1 cr's (private market)
Friday 03/10/14

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Română Vladutzuu - subject is closed
This is my first attempt of turnament .

The prices will be :

1)Baby Q

The turnament fee will be 2000 clintz.

Rules for this turnament:

1)Stars must be equal to 25 or less
2)Only 8 cards per deck
3)No doubles
4)Only one level 5 card
5)No Cr

Once i have 8 players i will set up the matches.

Good Luck to all
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English Infiniti - subject is closed
Step back into the Shadows

One lucky (non-friend/guildmate) that comments on this thread will be allowed into this lottery.

I'll use random.org to find that person. It couldn't be any simpler.

Small rules:
~ No consecutive double posts (you can post more than once, just not twice in a row)
~ Must contain at least 3 words in that post to be considered a post
~ No only number/gibberish words posts
~ No only smileys posts
~ No copy and paste the same stuff posts
~ No insults

Begin or not, your choice, the prizes are nice though and can only get better.

RESULTS ( read comment 218 )
Comment 131 sn0ekenbijter!

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Wednesday 01/10/14

Saturday 27/09/14

2 messages
English L4F-Durrrr 88 - last answer from L4F-Durrrr 88, Saturday 27/09, 10:02.
Everybody is welcome
D4R Lotto
Wednesday 24/09/14

16 messages
English mihalll7_UM - last answer from mihalll7_UM, Wednesday 24/09, 19:47.
Super Series

an event with great prizes.... but first you will have earn the right to play it

this event will have 25 qualifiers where you can fight for a place in the main one
this event will not start for some time, as the qualifiers have to be made first
during the qualifying season it will serve as informer
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English lemme win - subject is closed
So , I have a habit of getting bored of a game and coming back months later , so I've decided that every player who posts here will have a chance to win 50% of my collection when I get bored , but there is a twist u can only win if u are on my friends list , u have a few days to post , after 25th u no more people will be allowed and AFTER 25th ALL PLAYERS WHO I PLAY AGAINST WILL BE ADDED TO MY FRIENDS LIST .

So to win 50% of my collection value u will have to post here and hope u play me UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH
As, for the rest of the money , 25% OF THE REST OF THE MONEY WILL BE EQUALLY DONATED TO 10 PEOPLE ON MY FRIENDS LIST and the rest will go to my guild so try to play me and post here for a chance to get lucky

AND U CAN PLACE A BET ON WHO WILL WIN THE 50% , IF YOUR BET IS RIGHT U GET 1k out of my collection value
Tuesday 23/09/14

74 messages
addiction08 - last answer from lemme win, Tuesday 23/09, 12:07.
Recently, my internet was really slow so I can't play UR properly. So, I decided to conduct a social experiment.

The aim is to have a conclusion on how many market investors would react if a newbie PM'ed them asking for cards. I recently PM'ed people who sell bulk cards in the market, and trying to "beg" a copy from them. I don't really need the card, I just wanted their feedback. Most of the feedbacks were negative, flaming and cursing me like hell. Some even blacklisted me, which is a funny thing lol. Luckily, some were really generous enough that put cards in my private sales that worth even up to 200k/card (you know yourselves, thank you), but I cancelled those private sales to me because I was just aiming for their feedback.

I will still keep PM-ing people to "give me some cards", and after gathering the results that I wanted, I will immediately cease the study.

After that, I will be conducting a lottery for the cards that "I begged" (I'm making sure that I have copies of the cards that I beg), and I will be mentioning the result of the experiment.

I will post the event link after my experiment is over

Thanks mods

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Monday 22/09/14

1 message

Fast lotto
Sunday 21/09/14

12 messages
English kdkfk - last answer from CB Gab, Sunday 21/09, 18:07.
Guess my fav. card and win 8k
i know they aren't alot but i bought credits once and i got shit so that's all i have
1 message

Welcome to this beta for urban rivals bingo

How it works? On Saturday at 19:00 GMT+0 I will draw numbers from randomorg one by one. The one who gets all 9 numbers first wins the big prize.

How to get bingo cards? There will be various ways:

*You already win a bingo card for joining the event
*The first 4 people to join get a bingo card
*You will have to face 3 other people in 3 winning matches. For every person you beat you win a bingo card (if they are inactive then you can post a screen in the turkish section)
*You can pay 9,000 clints to buy one. This will then be added onto the big jackpot. On Fridays for a certain hour it will be 20 percent off (I will send a pm on the hour)
*There will be a UR quiz on Wednesday where you must submit answers on Friday. The 3 people with the highest scores gain 2 bingo cards

You can choose the 9 numbers for your bingo card. They must not be the exact same numbers as another bingo card (the list of combinations taken will be posted in the spanish section of the event)
1 message


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Saturday 20/09/14

10 messages
English Reap-DvF - last answer from Reap-DvF, Saturday 20/09, 16:44.
It's a lottery, and it's happening now and it has a steep price, and it's staff sponsered, and colossal (everyone's fave god) hosted it and...yeah


Previous Prizes include:
Dahlia Cr
Kalindra Cr
Emeth Cr
Dounia Cr
Kerozinn Cr

New Hour Lotto I

edited by Reap-DvF Friday 29/08, 05:35
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English Jamox360 - last answer from Jamox360, Saturday 20/09, 13:06.
A Lotto most days
Join World of Jamox to learn when these are available
Friday 19/09/14

5 messages
English FAF-Raven - last answer from FAF-Raven, Friday 19/09, 13:37.
It seems that a new form of gemstone would have appeared are: the Pinkalit!
Muller, the first exploiter of this rock would have discovered that the stone would have a special power. After several expert, Muller found that the pink Pinkalite could bewitch anyone at the option of the holder, but it is not all it seems that this gem is not "alone". After several adventures, Florida Jane, have found a new form of Pinkalite, but this time in blue, then there would exist several breeds of Pinkalite in the world, if that's the case, young urbanniens it is our duty to prevent these stones do not land in the wrong hands! But for that to each his own camp!

Event: Mission Code: Pinkalits!
Registration fee: 1000 clintz
1: Marlysa Cr + Cr Kerozinn
2nd: Lao Cr
3rd: Vickie Cr
4th: 95% of jackpot
5th-46th: Florida Jane (+2 Lady drawn)

For the last 40 did not reach the stage 10: Muller Sakura + Cr
For the player with the highest score in Phase Killer (I, II, III): Lady

/! Feel free to ask me questions! /!
For more information on the phases see english Party Event!

Thank you for playing: 7402528 and Staff for lots!
Thank you for playing: 16689250 which help me a lot in this project!
Thank you for playing: 1982160 for the pretty picture of the event!
Thank you to my guild (guild: 1982160) which helped me to complete this project with their support!

Thursday 18/09/14

1 message
To keep up to date with my latest events, join -> The Infinite Universe
1 message
Mini Lottery - Games - ​​Challenges ... ready to be placed in the game?
Wednesday 17/09/14

1 message
I will be taking over this event for now.

Turret #4

The prizes will change ever so often.
Sunday 14/09/14

8 messages
Deutsch CurLy_TpU - last answer from CurLy_TpU, Sunday 14/09, 20:47.
TpU presents TuR

TpU proudly presents TuR

We proudly present our Academy The_UnKnOwN_RooKieS and for the Birthday of it we ll start a welcome into the Community event.

For all Newcomers and those who think they are one

Platz 1 : Kalindra Cr

Platz 2 : Cassio Cr

Platz 3 : Robb Cr

Platz 4 : Lost Hog Cr

first round : 8 groups a 4 players - the 2 best of each group advance to next round

second round : 4 groups a 4 players - the 2 best of each group advance to next round

third round : 2 groups a 4 players - the 2 best of each group advance to the final

final : 4 players - all against all - may the best one win

Multi ACC not allowed

Have fun and join

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