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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Wednesday 15/01/14

5 messages
English 0 GURU - last answer from 0 GURU, Wednesday 15/01, 06:49.
Help with this deck, recommendations green ratings etc. deleted
4 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from HoA-G0mby, Wednesday 15/01, 03:29.
Tuesday 14/01/14

1 message

So far i've had trouble against Nightmares and Piranas in low star hands. Any advices on this week's Elo?
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English misterjones - last answer from wasteroftime, Tuesday 14/01, 09:24.
I am aware how Oshitsune can affect games, undercutting 7-powered cards and creating insurmountable pill/life gaps. For example, in a hand of all 7-powers or less with no DR/SOA, you can safely put 4 pills on any character in round 1 and still have enough pills to overcome a full-pill play with Oshi.

But good luck finding that hypothetical in competitive ELO. Berzerk, Montana, Junkz, and Jungo all have at least 2 staples with either SOA or protection: power, and nearly every clan (notable exception: Bangers) has some combination of SOA, attack manipulation, and multiple 8+ powered cards that can go pill-for-pill with Oshi.

No other card that is frequently ELO banned is so easy to counter-- it's not difficult to build a deck where half the cards neutralize Oshitsune in some way. So, my question is... why do people still spend their ban votes on this guy, when much more solid choices are barely acknowledged?
Monday 13/01/14

12 messages
English EA-Maynstream - last answer from EA-Maynstream, Monday 13/01, 20:49.
I currently am using an Ulu Watu deck this week for ELO, but i'm having trouble making decisions on some characters. Any help is appreciated

Daddy Jones*

Obviously, I currently have Daddy Jones, but to my understanding, he's more of a type 2 card. The DR isn't necessary because I already Gabrielle and Eugene, and losing with 5-stars isn't fun. Here's some of my thought process for the other 5-stars

Hikiyousan- Great 10/7 stats with ability and bonus. I'm really just going for a hard hitter for my 5-star, so he fits the job.

Serena- 10/6 with protection:bonus is really solid. The damage is getting a bit on the lower side, so i probably won't use her.

Lulabee- Same reason as Serena; too low damage.

Oraya- This is the card i'm leaning towards the most. She can gap 10 when her ability is active, so that makes this card a whopping 9/10! The only gripe is that Eddie's heal won't be as useful when she wins a round.

Taigo is nice, but I feel like Dave is a better card in general. Better life gap, and Dave gets more attack than Taigo after 5 pillz. I guess Taigo is useful for lower pill battles, and I probably shouldn't be using my 2* for high pill shenanigans.
Sunday 12/01/14

5 messages
English HoA_Colours - last answer from HoA_Colours, Sunday 12/01, 10:58.
Hello guys i am having trouble reaching 1300 but as you could see in my profile i could not even pass 1200. should i use a different deck or a different strategy i really need help this is the preset i use.

MONO Rescue

and if you would look in my profile i really am exactly at 1200. as it is hard for me to advance. if you could offer me help please post here and tell me a clan that i could use so that i could advance further. or atleast help me with tactics and mitigations
Wednesday 08/01/14

18 messages
English Ayii - subject is closed
This guy really needs your help.
Please post your decks below to help me build up my elo for this week.
Dont be shy to give any ideas. I'll accept it and try it.
5 messages
English 412rayray - last answer from 412rayray, Wednesday 08/01, 18:44.
I'm goin for Hopper Ld n need a lil advice. My deck:


For the last spot should I use Psylo or Moegura? I can't afford Niva or I'd prob go w her. Any help is welcome
Tuesday 07/01/14

17 messages
English bOCneehog - last answer from stanky_skull, Tuesday 07/01, 23:06.
I recently reached the higher levels of ELO (1300+) and for some reason people's behaviour changes at this tier. Whenever I am about to KO someone, they leave the battle, and sometimes even when they realize they can no longer win, they leave the battle. Why is this? Is there a points benefit to leaving the battle as opposed to being KO'd? If that is the case, I think the scoring needs to be revised.
9 messages
English EA-Maynstream - last answer from 412rayray, Tuesday 07/01, 10:16.
I have a mono Berzerk deck that i'm using in ELO and I can'y really find with 2* I want to use.


Kawamashi Cr


*He's the card i'm having trouble with. Melanie is a staple, but i'm not sure who to put for the second 2*. I use him because it's always nice to have some attack manipulation, but i'm thinking I should use another card.

Esther- Very dependent on ability, also I have Konrad's poison.

Darril- Very predictable and easily played around, very weak to SOA.

Bernie- Creates a smaller life gap than Drummond after Backlash, also Cornelia is better.

Cornelia- Has more attack than Drummond pill for pill at 5 pillz. The downside is that I have to pill if I predict a bluff; with Drummond I can just throw him down and watch his ability save me from pilling.

Miho- Way too ability reliant and weak to attack manipulation. The upside is better damage than Drummond and she can do pretty well against a lot of cards with SOA or attack manipulation.

It's really between Miho, Cornelia, and Drummond at this point. Even though I do like having the attack manipulation, at higher pill rounds Drummond seems to fall very short when Cornelia would have won the round. And Miho just bring a whole different dynamic than Drummond and Cornelia. I'm leaning away from her due to the weakness to attack manipulation, and the fact that the Berzerk is already kind of weak to attack manipulation.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
Monday 06/01/14

3 messages
English engrcva - last answer from HoAzeem, Monday 06/01, 18:54.
He's been in ELO Vote ban for almost 2 months now. Haven't used him or any Huranca HD is he really that essential for the Huranca HD to work?
Saturday 04/01/14

8 messages
English EA-Maynstream - last answer from wasteroftime, Saturday 04/01, 16:17.
So I recently played a Pussycats deck and I realized that they were using Charlie. I then checked the ELO ban list and I saw it wasn't on there. I recently came back into UR a few days ago, so did the staff decide to unban Charlie? I'm pretty sure she was permabanned when I left about 9/10 months ago, and i'm not sure why she still wouldn't be banned. She's pretty much as overpowered as a card can get.
Friday 03/01/14

7 messages
English EA-Maynstream - last answer from DUC-San, Friday 03/01, 22:14.
I've just got back into UR after a hiatus of about 1 year

I've reverted back to my favorite game mode, ELO, and i recently made a mono Montana deck that works pretty nicely

Prince Jr


Edd Cr


Any suggestions for the deck? I've been doing pretty decently with it but I lose more games than i'd like.
3 messages
English Cakeman Icing - last answer from Cakeman Icing, Friday 03/01, 08:32.
Currently, right now I have 1316 ELO points. I just earned some points by doing 5 matches of ELO today.(Friday)

By the end of this week, will I have enough to get my 10 credits?(1300+)

Sorry for the bad grammar and this same old repeated question.
7 messages
English zero flame - last answer from JO3SHMO, Friday 03/01, 00:11.
Well, this is what i got right now:


Cutey *3
Dudley Ld *4
Mawpin *2
Pan *3

C Wing *2
Dreadlash *3
Dregn *4
Izsobahd *3

i think got the pilling down for the ELO until 1200, however after that i just seem to lose, please tell me what i did right and what i could have done better in this deck. Thanks
Tuesday 31/12/13

5 messages
English VolcanicPanik - last answer from SperoSpera, Tuesday 31/12/2013, 16:46.
Hi all, lately I've been getting into ELO and rotate between Mono Sentinels. Huracan and La Junta
My current deck is:




Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated
Monday 30/12/13

16 messages
English 42--Lukaz--42 - last answer from troll4663, Monday 30/12/2013, 22:11.
Ok, so I've just started playing Elo seriously and I've been struggling to make a deck, can you please take a look at this one and give any pointers if necessary or alternatively a pointer to a whole new deck idea.

Any help is much appreciated,

Thanks Lukaz
Sunday 29/12/13

5 messages
Română letsrule - last answer from Cyber, Sunday 29/12/2013, 03:53.
Hi can someone help me make an elo deck I'm thinking of making a All Stars and Roots or All Stars and Junkz deck but i cant use Marina and Saki and i need a not so expensive deck because i tried until now to make a deck and i made always 1100 points and after i was losing

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