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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Monday 30/06/08

17 messages
English marnotrawcaUM - last answer from 007monkeyman, Monday 30/06/2008, 01:32.
Since the lotteries are banned, I'm organizing a tournament, where prize will be Willy
ticket cost - 375 clintz
I need 16 people to take part
like in title - it will be KO tournamnent
1st round, quarterfinals, semifinals and final
after I have all people, I will make a tabel
after fight winner is to say the result in this subject
Sunday 29/06/08

99 messages
English soliuz - subject is closed
1st beteenka
2nd: Jeeves
3rd: Zatman
4th: Mona
6th: trinkm
to join just say "if a hot dog vs a hamburger i believe ( your answer)" be creative no wisen himers
61 messages
English Anger_HM - last answer from Killingshadow, Sunday 29/06/2008, 12:19.
The entry fee is 950 clints..(i will tell the "bad" part first)
The first prize is 20k..(makes the entry fee too small..XD)
The second prize is 10k
The third prize is 5k

The rules then : -
Type 1
No doubles
Play in Danger zone
Best of 3 match
Post your match result here..

Signup ends at the end of May/first week of jun
The entry fee process will be like this: -
(for those who can sell) sell to me card for 50 clints,i will return it for 1000..
(for those who cannot sell) i will sell you a card for 950 clints
Must have at least 20 people

Any question, pm me.. My inbox is always open..
I will end this post with three words for you :
Dominate Your Opponent!!!

See you all laters,
Thursday 26/06/08

11 messages
English martin_010 - subject is closed
The fee is 500 clintz
16 player needed
winner gets 7000 clintz
rules is that your deck can only have four of a clan
Leader are only card baned
30 star limit
fees will not be colected untinl july 6th
Wednesday 25/06/08

22 messages
English Boss Z - last answer from Exstyles, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 16:47.
This will be my first tournament that i'm creating... although i'm new at this there are alot of specifications...

~ Every card in your deck must be 2 stars, 5 of them must be maxed out cards.
~ Your deck cannot contain more than 3 clans, so pick wisely.
~ The battles will take place in the "Fight Club"
~ Battles will be single elimanation
~ Battles will start once 16 players sign up.
~ The results of each battle must be posted so i know who is moving on.
~ I will post the battles (i mean who against who (so there is less cheating)
~ Each player will need to pay a 200 clintz entry fee

First place will recive 1500 clintz, second will get 1000, third will get 700
If you need an example too look at... http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=70806&from=list

If any of the specifics are obvious, I'm sorry, like i said this is my first time...
4 messages
English Dennis1012 - subject is closed
Rules: any card aloud but max 30 star ,only up to 8 cards , and fight in dark corner
fee it will depend on players partici pating maximum 16 people 1000 clintz i sell card to you for 1050 you sell it back for 50 clintz , minmum 8 people 500 clintz i sell card to you for 550 you sell it back for 50
prize: 16 players it will be Kolos
8players it will be either Mona or ottaivia
panalty for stealing card from me and not selling it back
i can report you and you probly get banned or black listed
lieing about losing person who lies i will also report
lastely this is K.O. out tourney 1 lose and your out
now have fun if people hate the fee because it's to high write it here and i will change fee and the prize to lower value one first 8 or 16 will be it i will msg you tommorow
Tuesday 24/06/08

3 messages
English Dennis1012 - subject is closed
Im holding a knockout tournament u can only have a 30 star deck no doubles and leaders are banne
i need at least 16 ppl 2 join
u send me a card 4 50 clintz I wi;; send it back for 50 clintz so really only 400 clintz fee
PRIZES:- 3 piranhas
1st:- Aktara (C)
2nd:- Dr Saw (C)
1# no lying if lost
2# have fun
3# follow every other rule and all will be fine
p.s i get 100 clint profit
also i'm participating so really
i only need 15 ppl
interested post here or pm me
Sunday 22/06/08

9 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from Gryazzie, Sunday 22/06/2008, 01:18.
Only for people who think themself that are powerful...............

Entrance fee - 500 clz
1st prize 50%
2cd prize 30%

There will be no third prize.........................................and yes...the organizer must have some profits too

since lots of people uses 1337s cards like jackie , Zatman , vickie.... i will now alter some rules too make it more challenging

The game will be elimination....play 3 games..........the one who got the most lose is OUT
Elo banned cards are NOT usable in this tourney
Baby Q is NOT usable in this tourney
Leaders are BANNED from this tourney
Marco is USABLE in this tourney
Lyse Teria Cr is USABLE in this tourney

26 stars maximum deck
send me your deck for the tourney
cheaters shall be ban from this tourney

LET THE TOURNAMENT...................BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday 20/06/08

3 messages
English RedRiver - last answer from 6SimS-Sven, Friday 20/06/2008, 22:00.
How do you organize a tourney. i see them advertised all the time and i've wanted to know how you set one up.
4 messages
English coby55555 - last answer from 000_zKINGx, Friday 20/06/2008, 21:18.
Entrance fee 300 clintz need 24 people to play
prize lulabbe
starts today
just pm me if you want to play
2 messages
English Mr Cool EVO - last answer from slick_back, Friday 20/06/2008, 19:32.

-Not Over 25stars
-No Elo Banned Cards
-Cheater Will Be Ban From This Tourney
-Opponent Did not online for 3 Days will be out


Need Only 16Players

Send me a card for 50 then i send back for 1050. If only u did not brought credit.
Thursday 19/06/08

5 messages
English Boss Z - last answer from Simple0313, Thursday 19/06/2008, 01:56.
I'm planning to make a new tournament (i can't spell well), but i don't have nearly enough clintz to give as the prize... am i allowed to have an entrence fee for my tourney?
Wednesday 18/06/08

4 messages
English yaoihuntresse - last answer from yaoihuntresse, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 18:34.
A while ago, I had dream about the UR world and thought it would make a good story. After sharing what I had with my guild, they suggested that I should post it on this board so I hope the people in charge don't mind and that they and the rest of you like it. It's a general Sentinel story with GHEIST as the enemy though there is a few scenes that will be a bit darker than the offical comic.

Page 1

Panel 1: An establishing shot of Ben’s store during the late afternoon. There’s a poster next to the logo on the front window that says “As Mentioned in Roots’ Battles”. Ben is helping Noodile and Lilly load some of his organic cakes into his teammates’ truck (both girls are standing on the bed). Robin can be seen slumped down on a bench in front of the store with a bottle of Vita-Water in his hand.

Panel 2: This bottom panel takes us to a tavern called “Wenches.” The building is made of cobblestones with a plaque that says “Proudly Exploiting Women (With Their Permission) Since 1986”, and you can see John sitting at a table by the front window, nursing a mug of beer yet too annoyed to fully enjoy it.
2 messages
English Xydou - last answer from mihalll7_UM, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 16:58.
People, I'm noob, can somebody explain me pls how do they pay battle points for each win, draw or loose. I can't understand it even after 5 times playing in daily tournaments.... Thx for helping.....
Tuesday 17/06/08

7 messages
English GoC DeMoN - last answer from Jus CBA, Tuesday 17/06/2008, 15:11.
Just put ur guild name and ask ur founder to talk to our founder
231 messages
English Warr kid - last answer from Warr kid, Tuesday 17/06/2008, 09:51.
Group A
RK Dizkid
Panzer Element
Live Desserts
Large Marge
Cel Mostarda
Daddy Strauss

Group B
Destroyer 34567

Group C
Zeppelin WMD

Group D
What Else
El Falco

Group E
1 Pandaman
Little TK WMD
Bozzy LOD
Momo BB93
Tanto 89

Group F
Logo mantos

Group G
Shadow Falcon
LOA Van Persie
OET pink Cobra

Group H
Dre Dre
1F-KV Raven
Dark Assault

Group I

Group J
Golden Gecko

Group K
1 Child 999
IM Designer

you fight everyone in your group.
best out of 5 wins.
Highest 3 of the group goes through to the next round.

ps#i hope this 1 comes out right
good luck guy/girls
Monday 16/06/08

42 messages
English XC 1984 - subject is closed
Here is your chance to win an Erpeto.
rules come up with a elo deck tht involves Freaks
thts it and u can win an Erpeto. gd luck u have 24 hours before i announce the winner
Sunday 15/06/08

14 messages
English husky1 - subject is closed
I read the locked thread there was no real reason what abuse. and if this is the case why cant the mods or admins hold some lottetries instead of completly getting rid of it.
121 messages
English 3M Andrei 3x - subject is closed
- tax entry 600 clintz----->you sell me a card for 50, and I will sell it back for 650
- no unevolved cards, no Recue, (no pillz)
- room to play ---> Danger Zone
- you play 3 matches against your opponent, and you will post the result here on the forum
- I will make some groups, and the best 2 players from each group will go to the next round/semi
- If any match goes past the timelimit , the player loses that match(he can still play the other 2 when the 2 players will meet again)
- no doubles

Game Calculations:
Score calculations is be based solely on the combined total points earned from all 3 battles.
Even if you win more then you lose, if your opponent has more points,the opponent moves on

1st place---->50% + a Green Card---I will explain this after the admin will allow this tourney
2nd place--->30%
3rd place---->gets Petra( right now at the market is 1k unevolved)

---> this tournament is very similar with the one hold by DarkAssault, which at this time is at it's end <---

2 more things:
-you don't have to send me your decks
-Don't cheat===>DQ
have fun !!!!!!!!

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