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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Sunday 20/04/08

25 messages
English UM-CoNraD - subject is closed
Im accepting the 1st 15 players entry fee is 720 clints and we play 1 match against each other

the prizes are
1st Rick and Yaman and 500 clints
2nd Yookie and 350 clints
3rd Stanford and 50 clintz
1 point for win half a point for a draw 0 points for a loss
and its in fight club
(have fun!)
Saturday 19/04/08

1 message
I want to hold one but i dont know how
Friday 18/04/08

77 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from CharlieCat, Friday 18/04/2008, 09:54.
Date..still dunno yet.....but this tourney will be held in place whr theres NOOOO random

To make this tourney more challenging.....These are the rules
rule #1:Must be at least 3 clans....2 ea clans minimum
rule #2:your deck card must be 6 power and below
rule #3:No Hugo...only..other leaders are available..
rule #4:NOOOOOOOO Allstars,Rescue,Uppers,sakohrm,Junkz and sentinels......
rule #5:Send me the decks pls :3 (not really a rule)
rule #6: PLSSS JOIN :3 ( " )
rule #7:............................................................obey rule 1-4....and pLEASE obey rule 5-6
rule #8:obey rule 7

Entrance fee are 500-(anything above 501)
1st place winner will get
2cd place winner will get
15% OF IT!!! ( yea..15 only)
3rd place will get...
5 % only

TO ENTERM ME UR DECK! sell me a card like Kolos 550 (yes 550...the other 50 r refunds so it will be 500)...than play..and hope you win

need at least 6+ ppl to play

oh..and this is a round Robin cup ( dunno wat isit..got it from GZ)
Win -3 pts Draw -1 pts lose - 0pts

oh well..Good luck
and pls join
Thursday 17/04/08

6 messages
English END_M I K 3 - last answer from WarriorDudeAB, Thursday 17/04/2008, 11:06.
Who's is hosting tournaments and im not talking about the daily tournaments do other normal people like me host tournaments????
4 messages
English Johnny B EVO - last answer from WarriorDudeAB, Thursday 17/04/2008, 11:04.
I know this doesnt really come under the heading but theres nowhere else to put it.
For some reason im only able to see ELO players in any of the rooms, does anyone know why this is as im not in ELO mode and have it switched off. also how do i get it back to normal?

Thanks for any help.
Wednesday 16/04/08

31 messages
English KY Zakzy - subject is closed
I'm Holding a tournament in ELO next week i know Rescue is in but for some of you it's good news, the rules are siple

RULES: to enter the tournament you will need to sell me this card :Esmeralda the stars don't meter for 50 Clintz (Note plz send the card when i tell you to, i need to get 20 people in 1st).

To be faire i exept only levels 1 to 30 to play i might allow levels 31 32 to play + i'm not alowing any one from my guild to play sorry guys

I will allow people to join in once the elo tournament has began

At the last day of ELO tournament i will go around peoples pages and look at the score they have in elo

I will need to get 20 people 1st to start the tournament if i don't get 20 people in the tournament it will be closed and i don't whant that.

1st place:Loma Noju
2nd place:Maciej
3rd place:Corrina
I know the prizes not expensive but if i will get more then 20 people in. The prizes will be beter i mite add 1000-2000 clintz to them

Good luck to all just live a message hear or on my page saying that u wanna sign up so I can keep count.
Tuesday 15/04/08

5 messages
English wolverines33 - subject is closed
This raffle will go until the end of April.

1st Prize: Cassio Cr
2nd Prize: Oyoh and Loma Noju

the cost per ticket is 950 clintz. just send me a bad card for 50 clintz and I will send it back for 1k.
Monday 14/04/08

6 messages
English wolverines33 - subject is closed
This raffle will go until the end of April.

First prize is Cassio Cr
Second prize is Vladimir and Erika

The cost of a ticket is 2.5k. send me a bad card for 50 clintz and i will send it back for 2,550.

5 messages
English UM-CoNraD - subject is closed
250 clintz entry need 10 players aat least and no refunds
now for prizes
1st a Yookie
2nd a natarang
3rd is Frank
as i said if theres not more than 10 peoplwe then theres no refunds
it will be on this wednesday at the fight club
we play each other 1 time 3 points win 2 draw 1 loss
abd prizez are up at the top
have fun!
71 messages
English lanook - subject is closed
This a lottery brain challenge............. You give me a number after you give me a card. ANY CARD IS ALLOWED. Then i choose 3 numbers from 20 numbers and i post the ones i chose. The three who win gets one hard question that might be about music, math, or movies. If any of them answer the question correctly you get a card of your chose 14k under! Rare, Uncommon, or Common. NO CRS! Any one want to join?
330 messages
English soliuz - subject is closed
First the reason im doing this is because i might of did something to someones mom and it goes on from there

hers how you join just say ur in and on april 10th u get a random number april 11th ill draw numbers if u dont trust the 76 coolest person in Ur its cool

prizes: Kolos or cassio depends wich one ends up lower
2nd Rolph or a 2.5k card around there hate inflation
3rd. booden the power or a 1.7 k ish card
4th Eve or a 900 clintz card

im hoping for around 30 people to atleast join but nill settle for a minium of 5

and i know a ton of upper class hates me so please save the drama ^.^

any questions u send me ill ignore cuz its all uper there and only people 3 plus may join srry

plus the drawings will be done SA style
Saturday 12/04/08

77 messages
English ReadTheRules - subject is closed
As long as you have 50 clintz you can join
i will be giving away these cards:
when 20 people join i will randomly choose 5 and first place will have first choice and second will choose second and so on...
2 messages
ελληνικά pl91 - last answer from pl91, Saturday 12/04/2008, 12:01.
Hi guys.i need a cheap eyric or leviatone to make a really good elo deck.i can give about 6-7 k for one of them.thnx for reading and helping.
2 messages
English wolverines33 - subject is closed
Hello, I am holding a lottery (as the title states)

The winner will receive Cassio Cr and Swidz Cr!!

Common cards are 1 number
Uncommon cards are 5 numbers
Rare cards are 10 numbers
Collector cards are 20 numbers

The lottery will end Friday, the 16th of April

Good luck
Thursday 10/04/08

34 messages
English soliuz - last answer from soliuz, Thursday 10/04/2008, 20:42.
Well since you know i have to huge free lotteries and im so lazy i cant wright all the names down... so i was wondering if anyone is interested in wrighting every name on the lottery when the deadline is for a lost hog or 3-4kish card and its a lost hog for wrighting the names of one lottery so im looking for two people

requirements: must be ACTIVE AND ACCURATE

so yea post here dont pm
5 messages
English WELCOMETOHELL - last answer from WELCOMETOHELL, Thursday 10/04/2008, 03:44.
Having a raffle for Kolos starting 4/6 to 4/13...drawing will be monday the 14th.the fee will be 800,2 ticket max,winner will be notified immediately.send a card for 50 i'll send it back for 850..thanks and good luck
Wednesday 09/04/08

25 messages
English Baron Brixius - subject is closed
Is it just me, or does it seem that almost every week of ELO there is at least one guild which has more than one player winning Crs? Looking back it seems to me that the collector cards are awarded to players from certain guilds and doesn't seem completely "random" I've looked back a bit in the boards and not found anything about this recently. I was just wondering what everyone else thought about this, being that there have been something like 2 Americans to win Crs in ELO within the last year or so (LittleTK got Aldebaran Cr and soliuz got Kiki Cr) Maybe there just aren't enough players in the top 100 ELO but to me, it seems that even at that, players from the same guilds shouldn't be getting the cards so frequently. Even in the last 6 or 7 weeks I've looked at, Rage Against Unfairs had only 1 week without winning a Cr. To me that seems extremely unlikely. Even if each of their players was in the Top 100 ELO their guild would still only have a 16/100 chance of getting a collector card from ELO, yet they've had 7 collector cards WON in the last 10 weeks. That means, somehow, the "random" picked a Rage Against Unfairs member 7% of the time in the last 10 weeks. Somehow, to me, that doesn't seem random at all.

2 messages
English Pyro HoA - subject is closed
This is a pretty decent raffle. The prize is Charlie at maxed level. The price is 500 Clintz per ticket. You MUST say that you are in by posting a response here to help keep track in case I miss anyone in the private sales. If you send a card to me and don't post, I won't count it but I'll give it back for 50 Clintz so that you don't lose any money (I'm not a jerk). Send me a card for 50 and I will send it back for 550.

So in a nut-shell:

-Prize is Charlie
-500 a ticket
-Post a response notifying me that you have entered
-You must be able to sell card on the market/privately (or else I can't get you the card and you can't enter)

If I don't get more than 15 people, this will not happen and all Clintz will be returned. When you have entered I will send you a PM saying that you have successfully qualified.

I will assign each person their own number and will choose one number randomly with a number generator. The winner will be send a PM as soon as that has happened and the card will be in that person's private sales.

This will be going on for most of April, so I will make the drawing anywhere from April 25th through April 31st, or sooner if I feel that there will be no more participants. I will make sure the topic becomes locked for at least 6 hours before I pick the number to assure that no one else sends any cards.

Good luck to all who enter! =]
Tuesday 08/04/08

48 messages
English Teh HOBO - last answer from LoD -Anthony-, Tuesday 08/04/2008, 09:05.
Date unknown due to my infrequent access to the internet, I will host a monoclan tourney. Why? Because outside of the international tourney there aren't many monoclan tourneys.

So, the rules: only two 'filler'(non-clan cards) allowed, filler cards can't be the same clan. NO LEADERS!
and that's it, oh yeah and at least 6 of your 8 cards must be the same clan(this is where monoclan comes in, see?)

Prizes: there will be a 500clz buy in and the winner will receive 70%, second place 20% and third 10%, so if 10 people join then the winner recieves 7000c, #2 2000, #3 1000.

Also donations would be super!

To enter: just pm me a decklist, I'll verify it and sell you a card for 650(Larry, or something similar), you then are ready to go(I'll wait till I've got 7+ people before starting)

As I alluded in my intro my internet situation is spotty at best, i can usually check the boards during break so I'll be able to see who wants in and confirm decklists.
Monday 07/04/08

17 messages
English WELCOMETOHELL - last answer from Gambler Dax, Monday 07/04/2008, 00:36.

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