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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Thursday 05/02/09

4 messages
English Agnigami - last answer from DjGSP, Thursday 05/02/2009, 01:18.
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English Babs Hartley - subject is closed
I'll buy Lamar Cr for 135k.

Please send me a PM as that will receive a quicker response.
Wednesday 04/02/09

1 message
I'm looking for Cr's up to 108,000. Please make offer that is below market value, or I'll just get it off the market. PM me if you have any.
9 messages
English _Beast - last answer from _Beast, Wednesday 04/02/2009, 21:42.
I will buy Hugos and Bridgets at any level for 600.
I know it is slightly below market price, but it saves time leveling up. I will buy up to 7 of one of them, whichever I get the most from.
I don't have enough to buy all 7, so please be patient so i can arrange some things.
6 messages
English Laughing Rock - last answer from Laughing Rock, Wednesday 04/02/2009, 21:34.
100k any one or 90k worth of cards
3 messages
English rhys40404 - last answer from Agnigami, Wednesday 04/02/2009, 20:28.
I am selling Lin Xia for 3250 clintz
she is max level
i am also wlling to trade for a card of similiar value

pm me with offers
7 messages
English Sobe_Pre-full - last answer from Babs Hartley, Wednesday 04/02/2009, 20:03.
Im sell Tessa Cr 120k we can work out the price some please post messages here and send me private messages.
2 messages
English ste619 - last answer from Agnigami, Wednesday 04/02/2009, 18:14.
I am buying for 4-5k
3 messages
English 0 SickMyDuck - last answer from FAST IS FUN, Wednesday 04/02/2009, 17:58.
270 Tula.I will sell them/exchange only in block,so if you are interested in buying them,i will sell only the whole package.

I'm interested in cr like Splata Cr/Kerozinn Cr/Vickie Cr,but since 270 Tula go higher than the price of those cards,cash/cards must be added.Pm me to speak about the deal.
5 messages
English kaneholt_nwnf - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Wednesday 04/02/2009, 17:55.
NDololo Cr 700k (the price does go that low sometimes but its up to you)
elya cr full 102k
Vholt(please say your price)
36k for a Thaumaturge Cr 42k for 0xp
marco 27k each ill buy up to 40
Denise 170 each ill buy LOADS
Frida 140 each ill buy LOADS
any La Junta please say your price
Lao Cr 670k bcs its 715k at lvl 2 and at 700k for lvl 2 any xp
Marlysa Cr 460k
any otehr cr you please say
no spam or you will be blacklisted

if these are unreasonable please say your prices
1 message
Need a Ambre for 16k please
7 messages
English MAUGHANSTER - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Wednesday 04/02/2009, 14:54.
2 messages
English HERO Cr - last answer from Eric C, Wednesday 04/02/2009, 14:05.
I'm looking to sell my NDololo Cr for a minimum of 650k clintz. I want at least 500k clintz involved and will accept a trade as long as Vickie Cr is involved within it. I'm not looking however, for a bundle of cards at once since people tend to scam through that manner. Please pm me if interested and feel free to negociate
3 messages
English LelenasChild - last answer from jobbar, Wednesday 04/02/2009, 13:32.
Or nearest offer.
5 messages
English M O R D R E D - last answer from M O R D R E D, Wednesday 04/02/2009, 12:56.
Below 1400 please. I know her price goes lower than that.
5 messages
English Slava N - subject is closed
I'll buy him for 7k Clintz. Private sale. Thanks
4 messages
English Baron Brixius - last answer from Baron Brixius, Wednesday 04/02/2009, 11:14.
Looking to buy Chikko Cr from 7k-10k depending upon current market prices at the time. I have clintz or many cards to trade depending upon what you're looking to get for him.

PM me for a much faster response

Thank you all.
7 messages
English Itamae - last answer from Break Lex ST, Wednesday 04/02/2009, 10:36.
Currently, I'm buying a few cards, and ah... I understand that these are less than market price, though... isn't that a bit of the point? D: Getting a cheaper price for it? :3

Edd - 1500-1600 Clintz...
Mona - 3500-3650 Clintz...
Prince Jr - 500-600 Clintz...

Rubie - 2500-2650 Clintz...
Samantha - 200-350 Clintz... truly amazed at how much the price jumped with this card in merely one day...
Zatman - 7000-8500 Clintz...

Those are my budgets, and possibly, just possibly... if you have Vickie Cr, put it on hold for me at a price range from 80,000-90,000 Clintz. This would be if my current cards in the market would sell, so if don't COUNT on me purchasing it immediately. I know these things will sell eventually... except maybe for Nahi Cr. >.>;

You are free to sell it to me at even a lower price specified.
1 message
BUY!NG ANY 900-1000-1500 WORTH UPPER
uhm, i can earn fast and i currently have about 1000 clintz right now...
i'm a really low lvl and i cant seem to lvl up, i'm so desperate to BUY any CHEAP upper
PLS let me know and sell me CHEAP cards if you want to help a poor Fellow like me...
PS: Thanks a Lot... You're My Sav!or xD

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