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Saturday 10/01/09

1 message
Buying at slightly lower than market price like around 750
3 messages
English marshallkid - subject is closed
I am looking for the above cards i am offering clintz only no cards i want to see which 1 of them cards i can buy for the lowest amount possible i will asked this to be closed when i have bought 1 of these cards so if you wanna sell me any of them aboce cards pm or write on here for how much you will sell for
7 messages
English KY Zakzy - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Saturday 10/01/2009, 10:15.
I don't speak French but i know i will not find anyone that could have as many Jackie on the american side.

Beltran Cr 0xp +Nahi Cr 0xp + Chikko Cr 0xp+Chikko Cr 2 stars+Chad Bread Cr+Maamoon X50+Murray X50+Tula X40+Eadh X95 for 25 Jackie
4 messages
English END_M I K 3 - last answer from Genesyx, Saturday 10/01/2009, 09:57.
I'm selling Blaaster and XU52. Blaaster 5450. and XU52 6050. PM me if you want any of them!
3 messages
English TraininUp - last answer from TraininUp, Saturday 10/01/2009, 09:47.
Nellie around 700~800
Don around 800~900
8 messages
English 0 SickMyDuck - last answer from KY Zakzy, Saturday 10/01/2009, 09:25.
Charlie 4* 15000 clinz 145 exp made only...

Yayoi 8500 3* with nearly 0 exp....

got 2 Charlie and 2 Yayoi
2 messages
English UM slowpoke - last answer from UM slowpoke, Saturday 10/01/2009, 08:58.
Buying it for about 2000 or pm me for more clintz if thats not enough
6 messages
English Eduard Khil - last answer from Eduard Khil, Saturday 10/01/2009, 08:43.
Just sell to me a lot of Phonos!Put it in my private sales!
2 messages
English END_M I K 3 - last answer from DL-popojo, Saturday 10/01/2009, 07:33.
I'm selling Hikiyousan for 5400 clintz!!!
3 messages
English F_N_G - subject is closed
I want to trade my XU52 for a Kerry form Rescue. if interested private message me. also more dealing can be arranged if this dose not seem fair.
4 messages
English Kripton258_PR - subject is closed
(sorry for my bad english)
As the title says, i'm looking for a Marina. i prefer to trade her for Coby but i will add clintz if the market prices change.
pm me if ur intrested
4 messages
English F_N_G - subject is closed
I want to trade my Hikiyousan for a Kerry, looking for Kerry with as little exp as possible. more terms can be negotiated later if intrested.
1 message
I'll sell

Molly for 330 clintz

Winifred for 265 clintz

Myke for 170

All of them are fully evolved.

PM me if interested.
3 messages
English ButterMan - last answer from jnz_cr, Saturday 10/01/2009, 03:33.
Buying a cheap Dalhia 4-5k
2 messages
English END_M I K 3 - subject is closed
I'm selling Kerry for 9800. PM me As soon as possible!
10 messages
Deutsch Djeremie - subject is closed
I am willing to trade my Aldebaran Cr full XP which, i think, is worth a bit over 400.000 Clitz.

I am mainly looking for the following Cr:
Skullface Cr, Tessa Cr and Dragan Cr (All 3 + 10k-20k would be perfect)

But i can also accept those other Cr:
Thaumaturge Cr, Dwain Cr and Ambrose Cr (All 3 + 200k-220k would also be ok)

If you don't have all cards or want to add other cards rather than Clitz, u can add
- Coby
- Any Jungo but Scopica, Jalil or Boohma
- Any Nightmare but Kolos

Finally, if you want to pay it with only Clitz, i'll sell it for 410k (Even if the cheapest at market is 400k, the next one already costs 418k)

Please answer here rather than by pm.
2 messages
English LoA BlitzMNSN - last answer from Silverton, Saturday 10/01/2009, 02:28.
For 19500 and i dont go lower very often but if you cant put up a trade that im willing to take than ill take that but for now i need clints pm me if you want it
5 messages
English slick_back - last answer from slick_back, Saturday 10/01/2009, 02:16.
I seem to have a thing about collecting Winston and am wiling to buy at a price of 140 clintz or lower...no need to pm me before hand...just drop them in my sales...thanks
2 messages
English Zeta Ycarus - subject is closed
...for 1350 clintz
6 messages
English Delwyn - last answer from Job 314, Saturday 10/01/2009, 01:13.
Kolos(R),Sheitane(U),and Hel(U) are UFT or you can buy it in Market price but a little Cheaper or you can Trade it for something I would like.

Cards I would like:mostly nightmares
Ombre (Cr)-I can dream can't I,but I would like this for anything

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