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Wednesday 11/02/09

4 messages
English -Rollstrike- - subject is closed
Buying it for Hattori and 2.5 K. Pm or post here if anyone interested. Pm me for faster response.
2 messages
English Footyroos - last answer from 0 Chopper, Wednesday 11/02/2009, 09:04.
All these cards are max level

im selling:

well there they are hope you'll be one
8 messages
English END_M I K 3 - subject is closed
I'm selling a Mona for exactly 2450 clintz.,
1 message
I want to buy Mellisa CR, i offer about 100k clintz if someone agree please create a private store for me....
thank you
1 message
I'm willing to buy Mona for 4k.
2 messages
English sloppyds - subject is closed
I want to trade a maxed out Lulabee for a new one with no xp

dont really know what to trade Glorg for...pm me with offers
3 messages
English ghost-slayer - subject is closed
Timber 800
Zdrone 620
Ingsthra 145
all at max lv
1 message
I Have 2000 Clintz and the last Rescue i need is Glosh. But I dont have the clintz to buy him. I want to know if there is someone with a double of Glosh that would be willing to sell him for 2000 clintz to help me out. Private Message me if you will help. Thanks.
2 messages
English Insert_Name - last answer from 0 McV T, Wednesday 11/02/2009, 00:46.
I am auctioning my ELO Deck Girlie Pro's

Starting bid at 24,000 clintz.

My Auction will end 2/15/09
Tuesday 10/02/09

2 messages
English TNT_KoRn - last answer from TNT_KoRn, Tuesday 10/02/2009, 23:20.
I am looking for other Cr's that are 0xp that are also around the same value like:
0xp Selsya Cr + difference in clintz
0xp Jim Cr
0xp A Award Cr +clintz
0xp Skullface Cr and i'll pay the difference
1 message
I am trading my Reine Cr 0xp which is worth 135000k and 2 Chikko Cr full for Ambrose Cr.
3 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
I will sell my 0XP Cassio Cr for 27k and my Vickie Cr for 104k
6 messages
English xSAiNTxBrANx - subject is closed
Im selling Chikko Cr for exactly 14k
Im Selling Chad Bread Cr exactly 26k

ps i might lower Chad Bread Cr price
pm me if interested
21 messages
English 0-Homer - subject is closed
Vermyn N
Ice Jim

No Noo Offer
2 messages
English Vic Mace - subject is closed
Only 11 350c 49 clintz lower
1 message
Want to buy Melissa Cr for 100 000 clintz.
If anyone agree please create a private store for me...
Thank you
2 messages
English BIGxFOOT - last answer from BIGxFOOT, Tuesday 10/02/2009, 21:44.
Hi im looking for a tanaereva i have kenny Wee Lee and many other cards tht i may consider including jackie plz cheap
1 message
I have 2 crs and i need quick cash so dont wanna sell em on the market pm me if your interested
2 messages
English NewbieIM - subject is closed
I am willing to trade Miss Chole and give 1.5k clintz for Uranus!!
2 messages
English Laughing Rock - subject is closed
Anyone whant it for 75+k

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