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Business men and women talk here.
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Sunday 01/02/09

4 messages
English baj123 - subject is closed
I want a Ratanah i will pay 4000k
9 messages
English bushman142 - last answer from bushman142, Sunday 01/02/2009, 18:59.
Hello, I'm looking to trade Miss Twice Cr and Diyo Cr for Lamar Cr.
I might be able to throw in something else, but not much...
2 messages
English LoGiiKaL - subject is closed
I have 1.3k
ps me if u got him
6 messages
English KY Zakzy - last answer from KY Zakzy, Sunday 01/02/2009, 18:04.
For 210 clintz
5 messages
English -DI-Gorebas - last answer from master relic, Sunday 01/02/2009, 17:58.
I sell to:

Anita (C) Nv2: 75xp
Ghoub (C) nv2: 0xp
Lobo (U) nv2: 75xp
Suzie (C) nv3: 100xp
interested order a private message
only individual offers
1 message
I offer 1350 for 10 Sargh.pm me for offert
3 messages
English funnyd - subject is closed
[exch] my Kiki for your bargh
1 message
Buying 10x Flesh Pimp for 350 clintz each
2 messages
English Alimics - last answer from OUC_mickyes, Sunday 01/02/2009, 11:23.
Sellin Anita of Rescue for 2150clintz..if interested tell me
5 messages
English KON ARTIST - last answer from KON ARTIST, Sunday 01/02/2009, 10:39.
2 messages
English oOHellAngelOo - subject is closed
As the title said, looking for copper
1 message
Selling Nistarok for 3.9k(Not Sure) or 4k(Very Sure)

Im Trading it for Fang Pi Clang cards
3 messages
English cjl - last answer from cjl, Sunday 01/02/2009, 07:29.
Just as the title says, I am looking to trade my fully leveled Glosh for Aurora and Elvira
4 messages
English Genesyx - subject is closed
Wish to buy kenny or Kolos a bit below market price pls
11 messages
English Miss_Cr - subject is closed
I am willing to trade Jackie (0xp) + 3-5k for Kolos but will negotiate.
Please pm me with offers!
2 messages
English Shane-o - subject is closed
Offering 1x Lucia + 10x Eris + 3x Gertrud for 1x Tanaereva

Trade only not selling

Pm me if interested

5 messages
English Philosoraptor - last answer from F L I P, Sunday 01/02/2009, 05:49.
Hello all, I bought a bunch of packs and have a huge amount of doubles available for trade. I would like to get at least a few CR's out of it, so if you have a CR you would like to offer in exchange for a BUNCH of other cards (investment opportunities, anyone?) or any specific card you collect, let me know... Make offers below or pm me! Thanks!
3 messages
English TD_Skeelz - subject is closed
Lilith x4
looking for a trade of 2k value
or 1800 in clintz
Saturday 31/01/09

7 messages
English Laughing Rock - last answer from Laughing Rock, Saturday 31/01/2009, 23:50.
Marco morphum kenny and Ambre
2 messages
English TagoNgTago - subject is closed
I am buying Bodenpower for 2k
ty mods
i dunt got much to say

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