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Sunday 11/01/09

13 messages
English Silverton - subject is closed
Up for bid are all the Piranas.
Starting Bid 55,000
bids no smaller than 100
Bidding ends 1/11/09
there is no reserve
who ever has the highest bid come sunday wins all 20 cards
please post your bid here and not privately
I will not sell them individually
Saturday 10/01/09

3 messages
English _wise_ - subject is closed
I have Marina and im looking to trade it with granmxxt

i will also trade for Uranus and clints

pm for quiker results
6 messages
English kaneholt_nwnf - subject is closed
Hawkins 11k
Glorg 4.5k
Jeeves 1.5k
Hikiyousan 5.5k
smokey 2k
Jessie 2k

if you need any other crs or normal cards put it here
9 messages
English marshallkid - subject is closed
I am selling a some decent cards at price i think are fair can be negoatied plz leave offers on here and im in a emergancy pm all cards are at 0exp

the following cards im selling are

chole x3 (3.5k to 5k)
copper(9.5k to 15k)
miss chole (2.9k to 4k)
Methane (3k to 5k)
valdimir x2 (1k to 5k)
Elvira (5k to 7k)
Hattori (5.8k to 8k)
Lost Hog (3k to 5k)
Steve (5.3k to 6k)
Charlie (13k to 15k)
Baby Q (2k to 5k)
Bragh (16k to 25K)
3 messages
English F_N_G - last answer from F_N_G, Saturday 10/01/2009, 20:29.
I am looking for a zero exp Hax , i will trade a Liu from All Stars and 1000 clints...this may b a little low but i am trying to get a zero exp and all the low price Hax are maxed out...send a private message if interested.

I appreciate the help
2 messages
English Black_Enigma - subject is closed
Selling Kerry for 9500-9900 clintz or will trade for Hawkins
just leave post please.
I respond very fast
4 messages
English AC DarkStar - last answer from Shane-o, Saturday 10/01/2009, 19:16.
Im sellin:
Noodile 890
Bobby 1200
Kluwn 500
Miss Ming 300
Olga Noel 400
SkrumxxT 6500
10 messages
English _wise_ - last answer from Sooniie, Saturday 10/01/2009, 18:42.
Im looking for any 0xp Gwen and Wanda, ill pay 800each (i may go higher)
2 messages
English WindtheGreat - last answer from WindtheGreat, Saturday 10/01/2009, 17:30.
I am looking for Cr exchange.

01 x Ombre Cr maxed = 01 x Reine Cr maxed
01 x Ombre Cr maxed = 01 x Tessa Cr maxed
02 x Ombre Cr maxed + 10,000 clintz = 01 x Dragan Cr any

pm if you are interested. thanks.
8 messages
English ExXima - subject is closed
I have

Platoona (C)

Eyrton (C)
Alexei (U)

Eve (U)

Fang Pi Clang
Yusuke (U)
Windy Mor (U)
Kati (U)

Onik (U)

Mojo (U)
Estalt (U)

Spycee (U)

Ghoub (C)

Ulu Watu:
Coraille (C)
Ice Jim (C)
Jeff (C)
Nympheea (U)
Warren (C)

Janine (U)
Sydney (U)

im looking for Kolos!!! i need a good offer
1 message
Please set private trade or pm me if interested...
3 messages
English Game Manager - last answer from darkone178, Saturday 10/01/2009, 15:47.
25k or better. Any other offers?
4 messages
English marshallkid - subject is closed
I am selling Splata Cr for 95k upwards i accpet clintz or cards or even both you can either pm for a quicker response or leave ur offer on here
6 messages
English bob81 - last answer from bob81, Saturday 10/01/2009, 14:16.
Looking for

emeth 2800
Skiner 900
Taham 2700
Peeler 3000
veenyle 1000
1 message
Buying at slightly lower than market price like around 750
3 messages
English marshallkid - subject is closed
I am looking for the above cards i am offering clintz only no cards i want to see which 1 of them cards i can buy for the lowest amount possible i will asked this to be closed when i have bought 1 of these cards so if you wanna sell me any of them aboce cards pm or write on here for how much you will sell for
7 messages
English KY Zakzy - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Saturday 10/01/2009, 10:15.
I don't speak French but i know i will not find anyone that could have as many Jackie on the american side.

Beltran Cr 0xp +Nahi Cr 0xp + Chikko Cr 0xp+Chikko Cr 2 stars+Chad Bread Cr+Maamoon X50+Murray X50+Tula X40+Eadh X95 for 25 Jackie
4 messages
English END_M I K 3 - last answer from Genesyx, Saturday 10/01/2009, 09:57.
I'm selling Blaaster and XU52. Blaaster 5450. and XU52 6050. PM me if you want any of them!
3 messages
English TraininUp - last answer from TraininUp, Saturday 10/01/2009, 09:47.
Nellie around 700~800
Don around 800~900
8 messages
English 0 SickMyDuck - last answer from KY Zakzy, Saturday 10/01/2009, 09:25.
Charlie 4* 15000 clinz 145 exp made only...

Yayoi 8500 3* with nearly 0 exp....

got 2 Charlie and 2 Yayoi

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