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Thursday 29/01/09

1 message
My level 5 Charlie for your level 4 Charlie with a little of Xp or i could trade for a level 1 Charlie

post here or PM me

8 messages
English RR_m00c0w - last answer from 0 Chopper, Thursday 29/01/2009, 19:43.
Buying as many garys as possible with 3100
level two please
6 messages
English Achilleusnewb - subject is closed
Come with an offer.
1 message

I would like to trade my Splata Cr for your Miss Twice Cr + Nahi Cr, or trade 3 of my Splata Crs for your Marlyssa Cr. Thank you.
5 messages
English hexh528 - subject is closed
About 8.5k PM me
4 messages
English XoV-FasT-VoX - subject is closed
4 messages
English TagoNgTago - last answer from TagoNgTago, Thursday 29/01/2009, 11:55.
As the title says
im buying the following Bangers
B Ball
buying any of these cards individually or as a group.. i currently have 5k but willing to trade any of my La Junta cards for them
we can negotiate
plz pm me for faster responses
3 messages
English ImYourFriend - subject is closed
For 3000 clintz thank you
2 messages
English ImYourFriend - subject is closed
2000 clintz max level please and thank you
1 message
Current Market price is 55.
Would nice to go a little bit lower, that is ~50.
Bargain possible.

Paying cash.
2 messages
English MoMo-MOB - subject is closed
Cards im looking for:

Miss Lulabee
15 messages
English CoffeeAddict - last answer from CoffeeAddict, Thursday 29/01/2009, 07:47.
Im looking for Smokey willing to pay 2000, Ratanah for 3000 or Bloodh for 6000
4 messages
English onbeezyz - subject is closed
Im looking for a jackie that someone is willing to trade for it.

the cards that i am willing to trade for jackie are;
Lilly ans some other cards not listed.

THANKS MODS!!!!!!!!!!
1 message
I'll Trade my 700 x 4* PFULL for CR's
pm if interested
8 messages
English reshman - subject is closed
Winston = 100clintz
Elliott = 120clintz
Eve = 700clintz
Boris = 900clintz
TrinmkkT = 750clintz
Mayhem = 900clintz
Kevin = 150clintz
MC Decay = 180clintz
2 messages
English TD_Skeelz - last answer from jazza_9876, Thursday 29/01/2009, 06:18.
For a Swidz Cr or a marco
pm me
3 messages
English nopokecheck3 - last answer from nopokecheck3, Thursday 29/01/2009, 06:05.
Hawk - 5.5-6k
Marina - 7.5k or under
Striker - 8 or a bit over

i'll take any other reasonable offer! (under market price)
2 messages
English KnightMare- - subject is closed
I'm selling my Splata Cr for 115k.

Any takers?
1 message
Heres what im selling
Beltran Cr (Cr)- full 58,000
chadbread cr- full- 21,000
Chikko Cr (Cr)-full- 9,700
Lamar Cr (Cr) - full 95,000
Dwain Cr (Cr)- 0xp- 60,000
Miss Twice Cr (Cr)- 0xp-71,000
Nahi Cr (Cr)- 0xp- 62,000
Swidz Cr (Cr)- oxp- 26,000
Vickie Cr- oxp- 77,100

im looking to sell the whole group for none crs only, so no seperate sales and noob offers. i dont want doubles of any card so no 90 Denise (C) crap. plz pm me for quicker results. i will only take offers near or at the price i listed above.thanks

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