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Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 23/01/09

15 messages
English wasteroftime - last answer from wasteroftime, Friday 23/01/2009, 00:26.
Got the following available for trade

Yayoi x2
Dorian x2 (both level 3 and one almost level 4 so just about ready for some DT use)
Vermyn N 0xp
check my sales for other cards.
a Jackie could also be available for the right offer

cards NOT for sale, just trades. make sensible offers please
Thursday 22/01/09

10 messages
English xSAiNTxBrANx - last answer from silencerX, Thursday 22/01/2009, 22:23.
Well I Have These Cards That I Want To Exchange For
Is Jackie Dorian Rubie and Zatman And They're All Max Lv:
Lin Xia


Those Cards Cost Around 39k-40k
The Cards I Want Cost Around 36k
Pm Me If Ur Interested
4 messages
English Frier_TUK - last answer from JZarashi, Thursday 22/01/2009, 20:57.
Exchanging SkrumxxT for either Glorg, Steve or Ratanah...
Will also consider any other offers as i don't use Sakrohm and would rather exchange for a card that i may use...
4 messages
English TZI_Beeker - subject is closed
Buying Marco under market value...Thank you
2 messages
English Fear_Renz - subject is closed
Pm me if interested...
10 messages
English CDG213 - last answer from DriftingFlare, Thursday 22/01/2009, 17:32.
Pm me

as it says i have 2 0XP yayois and im wanting 2 0XP 3 star yayois for them
10 messages
English Robg54 - subject is closed
I am looking for Ratanah and Kiki.

I have various cards that I would be WILLING to trade for Ratanah and Kiki.

I have Grassmxt, Katan, Kreen, Bragh, Borss, Radek, Edd, Bruce, Ottavia, Lehane, Eris and credits.

I am looking for reasonable offers! I am not desperate. If my card(s) are worth more than what you are offering thn I will likely not do it or ask you to add.
3 messages
English Ruslan_EPG - subject is closed
I will buy all Montana but dont need Griezzo so post here or pm for the price no cr
1 message
Im buying ghiest cards as low as 2000xtz
2 messages
English Ian_WCH - last answer from TagoNgTago, Thursday 22/01/2009, 12:51.
4k deal or no deal?

pm me
1 message
Selling them at 550k each or 1,050,000 for both.
21 messages
English ShareHolder - subject is closed
I got some doubles i wud like to trade or sell for a good offer

all 0 exp

Miss Chloe
Frankie Hi
BB Cool G

ill trade any or all for more or less these cards @ market page 3 Bangers , jackie , Tanaereva , Lulabee , wee leee, Hikiyousan , Kolos , Yayoi , corrinna .. n more i cant think of rite now !

plz no pms ! leave offers here .
3 messages
English XC Ulquiorra - subject is closed
Hattori 4999
Unagi 599
Ambre 15250
Unagi 600
Kerry 8299
Elivira 3700
Steve 4300
Lea 900
Gil 5100
Taham 3300
Gil 5100
Windy Mor 599
3 messages
English onbeezyz - subject is closed
Hi im looking to trade for XU52.

THESE are the cards im willing to trade for him.
5 messages
English Team SoloMid - subject is closed
Lamar Cr is the only full xp one and Splata Cr and Kerozinn Cr are 0 xp...willing to trade them mainly for all Rescue and Sentinel
2 messages
Русский ps_gogi - subject is closed
Hi im selling Greow for 9600 please pm me for a quicker respond
2 messages
English oOHellAngelOo - subject is closed
I will trade my Charlie 11k3 for some cards same price
4 messages
English Fear_Renz - last answer from death knightx, Thursday 22/01/2009, 00:45.
Just as the title says... i wanna buy some nightmares... i will buy them for clintz or for a trade... i have some Jungo.. These are my Jungo cards...

all are 0xp.. pm me if you want... i only accept fair trade... thanks...
Wednesday 21/01/09

2 messages
English Frier_TUK - last answer from Silverton, Wednesday 21/01/2009, 23:53.
Must be all the Freaks excluding the CRs

32 messages
English Ouroboros-WMD - subject is closed
Starting bid 3k
reserve 6k

ends 21/01/09 17h00

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