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Tuesday 03/02/09

11 messages
English Itamae - subject is closed
Alright - I received a few goodies from the packs... and unsure of prices, I've decided to let everyone just offer it out. All of these have 0 EXP trained, and thus, I believe some to be of more worth.

Loma Noju - 1400 Clintz minimum. Reserve Price - 1550 Clintz.

Lost Hog - 2900 Clintz minimum. Reserve Price - 3100 Clintz.

Yayoi - 8000 Clintz minimum. Reserve Price - 8300 Clintz.

Alec - 10550 Clintz minimum. Reserve Price - 11000 Clintz.

Aurora (2) - 6800 Clintz minimum each. Reserve Price - 7000 Clintz each.

Havok - 3200 Clintz minimum. Reserve Price - 3500 Clintz.

Miss Chloe (2) - Unsure. Please offer; I'm assuming that because Miss Chloe gets her ability at level 4, she would be worth more, but ah...

And finally, Nahi Cr is also up for sale. Sadly, this has maximum EXP, so... I'm putting her up for 60,000 Clintz.

I guess I'm not giving much of a discount, but I desperately need the money at the moment (Vickie Cr... -shudders-), and thus... I cannot give up too much. I am free to discuss/negotiate if needed. =] Send me private messages for quicker replies.
3 messages
English marshallkid - subject is closed
As you know prices are chipping and changeing throught the game so atm i have 3 cr cards id like to sell they are the following i know these prices may seem over rated but thats the going rate and the cards a fully maxed so post offer here or pm for faster respones i will trade for clintz or other crs only

Vickie Cr (93k-110k)

Tessa Cr(122k-130k)

Lamar Cr(121k-130k)
16 messages
English Babs Hartley - subject is closed
I've got Scarlett Cr unleveled on the mkt for 3 mil. I'd be willing to go lower, but would definitely prefer to sell than to trade (unless someone wants to trade a Guru Cr for her!).
Make me an offer!
3 messages
English drakonix - last answer from 0_Maverick, Tuesday 03/02/2009, 17:49.
Buying worst 0xp cards for 150-160 clintz
Oryon Zodiack Strynge Tafa Mo DiFalco Mac Hen Tatane Natrang Otome Lino Borsa Kharl
Sunnygoat Aldo Maeva Tunned Ingsthra Myke Brutox Kevin Melluzine Elixir Cell and other similar 3 star cheap cards Remember 0xp
1 message
I have 3 Splata Cr max up for trade. I am looking for trades that involve Tessa Cr, Nahi Cr, Miss Twice Cr, and Kerozinn Cr (we can negotiate as you like).

Another trade I am very interested in is my 3 Splata Crs + Charlie 4* + Jackie + Kolos for Marlysa Cr if anyone is willing to do that.
8 messages
English _wise_ - subject is closed
Im trading one sylth for any reasonable trade from either

Ulu Watu
3 messages
English Robg54 - last answer from Robg54, Tuesday 03/02/2009, 16:20.
I wanna buy Bloodh 6900
2 messages
English reshman - last answer from reshman, Tuesday 03/02/2009, 15:55.
I will buy kenny for 12k or if you wait for 1 week i will buy it for 14k but i will not go abov the market price!
1 message
For 14K...pleace pm me
12 messages
English HD_Sergio_HD - subject is closed
Selling Kolos at 23k or if you want i can go a bit lower
7 messages
English calz XC - last answer from RR_m00c0w, Tuesday 03/02/2009, 07:55.
I have 100 Sharon and 340 Oscar

i am looking for crs mostly chikko if you have any one has a Chikko Cr i will offer 30 Oscar or 40 Sharon for one
if you have more than one i will add more and for any other cr i will make diffrent offers for near to there price

pm me if you want to do a deal thanks
1 message
I wanna trade my jackie Rubie and Ambre
for a Tanearava

pm me if interested
1 message
I want to buy Lucia for 4.5k send the trade to comferm
4 messages
English cjl - subject is closed
I have a maxxed Kenny and I want to trade for equal value in Rescue. Am hoping for Kerry, but will also accept Aurora, Elvira, and others. Will also accept reasonable offers of cards and clintz.
PM me with offers
2 messages
English eire - last answer from eire, Tuesday 03/02/2009, 06:24.
I have a Striker and i want to swop it for Kerry
anyone interested , pls pm me
2 messages
English xSAiNTxBrANx - last answer from xSAiNTxBrANx, Tuesday 03/02/2009, 06:22.
Well this might be a long shot but for those Crs out there who have multiple Crs
if any of u guys have multiple Vickie Cr im willing to give all of these For 1 Vickie Cr

if anyone interested plz pm me
4 messages
English _Anon_ - subject is closed
Can't decide whether to buy Ottavia or Edd first so I'll let the community help me decide.

Please leave a post or send me a PM with your offer. I only have ~1300 saved up so far so you may need to give me a few days to come up with the money to meet your asking price. Thanks.
1 message
i have Yu Mei and Hattori.i need this card.hopefully you guys like this offer.
1 message
I am buying these Rescue:


The price will drop back down soon thats why they are so cheap
8 messages
English TnT_Yo - subject is closed
Chikko Cr 0xp
slyth maxxed
Charlie maxxed
Yayoi maxxed
Zatman maxxed

all for 1 Vickie Cr any lvl

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