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Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 31/12/08

1 message
2 messages
English mEngky - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Wednesday 31/12/2008, 18:13.
1 message
BUYING Tessa Cr....
message me no BS plz
4 messages
English TagoNgTago - subject is closed
Hi im Francis!
Im selling Ambre for 16k.
I can also trade my Ambre in exchange for a kenny.
Happy Holidays!
5 messages
English 3L Janissary - last answer from Oneonone, Wednesday 31/12/2008, 11:43.
I'll buy all Jessie 0xp 2500 clintz each one.
1 message
Ill buy it for 1500c to 2000c
50 messages
English SkYy WaRrIoR - subject is closed
I am auctioning the following cards my
0exp Marco
0exp Tanaerva
Max Seldnor Cr
Max Page Cr

Starting price=85K
Reserve Price=150K

Happy Bidding and Merry Christmas

Auction ends 1/3/09

i accept cards but there will be a extra 5K put on the auction if you pay in cards
thank you
2 messages
English XoV-FasT-VoX - subject is closed
Im willing to pay:
Don: 1000
Edd: 1300
pm me for your sell price and ill buy if it is close or satisfactory( for me hehe)
3 messages
Deutsch _AlBo-ToXiC_ - subject is closed
I sell/trade tessa lv3

pm me your offers
or post it here
2 messages
English TheFatHobo - last answer from TheFatHobo, Wednesday 31/12/2008, 06:15.
Hi i am looking to buy a 0exp Alec.
I am offering 8k (8,000 clintz).
If you have one and willing to sell it to me at that price, just put it in private sale.
If you have any question feel free to pm me.
I most likely buy it within 1hour of your post or msg you within the hour as long as it is sent today,
Thanks for looking, and happy holidays.
3 messages
English AmberRed1994 - subject is closed
I want a quick blaaster for 4.6k is anyone interested? just private sale to me, i just need 1 blaaster...
the market price is currently a little less than 5k, and what i asked for is just a few hundred clintz of discount, anyone interested just private sale and pm me...
2 messages
English jazza_9876 - last answer from jazza_9876, Wednesday 31/12/2008, 04:59.
Looking to buy Hikiyousan at any level (0xp is preferred)

Hoping to pay about 5k.

PM me or post here with offers.
3 messages
English LoA_JJ - last answer from LoA_JJ, Wednesday 31/12/2008, 01:31.
I have Marina and Leviatonn here both maxxed im looking for
Coby Shakra and Lehane or fair sale pm me plz
2 messages
English Tajima TFGN - subject is closed
I have volt 0xp
i want to trade with 7jackie at the discretion of xp
or some cards i can deal
3 messages
English 0 Dark - subject is closed
We start off at 1k

if it getss too high ill ad erepto n if it gets even higher ill add another card
Tuesday 30/12/08

3 messages
English onlyChaos - subject is closed
Both Morphun and Bodenpower are fully levelled and I don't mind what level Kolos is at.

It's a good offer, the combined value of the cards is approx. 21.5K - a good deal for Kolos.
5 messages
English 0 SickMyDuck - subject is closed
After asking a player that had 80 jackie(ain't kidding,he gad more then 70 jackie)i decided to give a shot here....

Offer will be between 15000(if there is such a good soul to sell her for this low amount)
and 17500(max im going to pay for this always more and more overpriced card)

good UR to all
4 messages
English UM_Pentalift - last answer from Joker_DvF, Tuesday 30/12/2008, 17:59.
Hey guys im trading all my Junkz and La Junta.Here are the cards Peeler,Rowdy,Gil,Gibson,veenylefor the Junkz and for the la juntas Bryan,Dean,jane ramba,Bruce

pm me thanks
4 messages
English 0-Ska - last answer from 0-Ska, Tuesday 30/12/2008, 17:40.
I just want to get rid of XU52. Looking for Uppers or Piranas. If looking to buy it's level 0 and 6.5k.
1 message
I am buying Tanaereva at 28k

PM me for other offers.

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