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Sunday 28/12/08

1 message
Im selling tanaevera for all Uppers
pm me
1 message
I am relly despret and need a Zatman i will pay u back plz i need a generous person to sell him to me for 6.1k plz

i suggest u do not pos here u should pm me
2 messages
English AFK_CicoMico - last answer from AFK_CicoMico, Sunday 28/12/2008, 04:45.
Ill buy gabriele for 2000clintz privete sale me
6 messages
English zagaa - subject is closed
1 message
Yeah, willing to pay up to 600 clintz
2 messages
English EAM_CHICAGO - last answer from XxBam_BamxX, Sunday 28/12/2008, 02:11.
I want her at her original level of 2. I will pay 650 clintz, as opposed to 590 for a full level one. Pm me with info!
11 messages
English UM slowpoke - subject is closed
Kinjo for 1800
Ricardo 140
Rei 700
Windy Mor 400
all max
pls pm me for faster replies
10 messages
English SkYy WaRrIoR - subject is closed
The autcion is for all of the Piranas and all of the Fang Pi Clang EXCLUDING THE CR'S!!!!!!!!!

Ends: 12/30/08
Starting Price= 100K
Reserve= 175K

i want clints more than cards

i accept cards but there will be a extra fee of 7K

happy bidding
3 messages
English TNT VAMP - last answer from TNT VAMP, Sunday 28/12/2008, 00:01.
Saturday 27/12/08

1 message
Looking for some GHEIST cards
such as Toro, Methane, and most importantly Leviathon
10 messages
English kaneholt_nwnf - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Saturday 27/12/2008, 21:07.
800k in clintz or 850k in cards (choose the clintz lol)it is on the market for 832k and it is the cheapest on market so if you dont have time buy it there offers must be in crs or mostly crs
4 messages
English FXL-humza - last answer from cardschoas, Saturday 27/12/2008, 19:00.
Im willing to trade:
Na Boh

Vickie Cr

Willing to negotiate plz pm me with offer
1 message
I have 50 Kirk full xp and 30 Naykee.. who can trade me these cards for 40 Randy 0xp?
3 messages
English URXU52 - subject is closed
Except for oldile and jilil already got them

2 messages
Español 0 unknown - last answer from 0 unknown, Saturday 27/12/2008, 16:53.
I seel this two cards for 1.9M i am looking speacilly for the cash i accept crs to...waiting your offers

P.S:Thanks to Artemis for advice me
3 messages
English QLooL - last answer from brodym, Saturday 27/12/2008, 15:05.
8 messages
English Krisis09 - last answer from SCAMMER12345, Saturday 27/12/2008, 14:38.
Hi all
I shall except clintz and/or Reasonable trade
1 message
Im selling for 7200
pm me with offers or post here
2 messages
English CoffeeAddict - subject is closed
Can someone sell Lou to me pls willing to offer 700~800 thanks
1 message
Ill buy Rowdy 0 xp for
3k if u want sell it private

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