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Wednesday 14/01/09

2 messages
English ManuzDio - subject is closed
I'm looking for tanaereva.

10 messages
English Team SoloMid - subject is closed
Copper, Yayoi, Hawkins, Methane, Toro, Hikiyousan, Lulabee, Wee Lee, two three star dorians, Chikko Cr, Ratanah, Shakra, Marina, Striker, 3 star Vermyn N, and maxed Vermyn N =]
5 messages
English XC Ulquiorra - last answer from Shane-o, Wednesday 14/01/2009, 19:43.
1 message
Who is going to sell Tula for 200 only send to my privat sale plz
3 messages
English Ruslan_EPG - subject is closed
I looking for :

Vermyn N for 5500 clintz

Blaaster for 5100 clintz

Juicy Lord for 3000 clintz

Graff for 1000 clintz
26 messages
English crazylazerman - subject is closed
I am selling a bunch of cards
like Rolph Clara Tyler Dorian Wee Lee Ice Jim Macumba Alexei Kawan Lobo and Josh Anita Bobby slyde Mark Warren K Cube Kimberley Flyer Noon Steevens
i will also trade im looking for sertain cards

pm me or post here

ends on march 16th
2 messages
English Mou_krasht - subject is closed
Change my Sum Sam Cr 0xp for Sum Sam Cr full + diference
4 messages
English joeboe - last answer from Whos_Da_Daddy, Wednesday 14/01/2009, 14:38.
I'm looking for a card and I don't know what the name is. I think it's a blue guy with a bucket on his head. Does anyone have/know this card? Thanks!
4 messages
English KON ARTIST - subject is closed
K Cube:170

PM me withj offers thanks
1 message
I have SkrumxxT and i'm not desperate to get rid of him, but i'd rather exchange him for another card...
The cards i would most like to exchange for are, Steve, Glorg. Ratanah or Lulabee.
However, i am open to any other offers so please pm me if interested.
8 messages
English SkYy WaRrIoR - last answer from Mykeee, Wednesday 14/01/2009, 11:32.
I am selling 5 Yayoi for 8K each
the 5 yayoi's that are listed on the market for 8K are all mine

pm if you would like to trade
3 messages
English scoobydoo2 - last answer from scoobydoo2, Wednesday 14/01/2009, 09:48.
Trading Eris for Armand anybody
4 messages
English _NOD_ - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Wednesday 14/01/2009, 07:21.
Vickie Cr 50k plz use Private sales
1 message
I have a Jackie and a Zatman. I'm looking for a tanaereva.
1 message
Buying 25 x Frankie Hi 0xp for 230 each pm me or just put private sale

2 messages
English FAST IS FUN - subject is closed
Marlysa Cr full for 6 Vickie Cr full. Although I prefer Vickie Cr, I'll negotiate trades involving at least 4 copies of Vickie. PM if interested. Multiple copies of Marlysa available for those interested in larger deals.
2 messages
English bob81 - last answer from jazza_9876, Wednesday 14/01/2009, 01:00.
i'm looking for
Skiner (1200)
veenyle (1200)
Peeler (3300)

anyway we can talk about the price!
contact me with PM please
2 messages
English AC DarkStar - last answer from TD_Skeelz, Wednesday 14/01/2009, 00:35.
Im trading max lvl jane ramba for any lvl Yayoi
Tuesday 13/01/09

1 message
Well l have some slydes max level LOOKlNG to trade for 0xp please pm me

1 message
Please pm or set up private trade if interested....

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