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Tuesday 13/01/09

2 messages
English Louschen - subject is closed
I'm buying Eris for 1000 clintz

5 messages
Česky spagr - last answer from spagr, Tuesday 13/01/2009, 19:07.
if you want to trade your Guru Cr for 3.119.000 clintz in collector cards , just let me know in Private message ... here is the list of cards, that I offer for your Guru Cr (the list was made on 0:00 9.1.2009)

Kerozinn 5* - 70
2x Marlysa 0 exp - 500 = 1000
Marlysa 2* - 472
Diyo 2* - 23
Splata 5* - 110
Miss Twice 5* - 64
Vickie 5* - 58
Shawoman 3* - 1000
Skullface 3* - 73
2x Tessa 5* - 100 = 200
2x Chad Bread 3* - 19 = 38

total - 3.119.000
3 messages
English Super-Lubo - subject is closed
I buy Striker for 8300 if someone sell private sale to me
29 messages
English Grimmjow - 6 - subject is closed
Auction starts at: 50k
Reserve price: 55k (avg. price)

I accept trades for cr(s) or full clan (And some more if market doesn't fill up the price) (With or wthout cr's)
And no dumb offers, i'm very active so i will check this post much
But you can send me a message for quicker respnse
2 messages
English 0 Dark - last answer from 0 Dark, Tuesday 13/01/2009, 10:35.
Plz offer here the price or cards or card u would liek to trade

im sellnig Bloodh for 7k
1 message
I need these Pussycats quickly...

250 for Ella
660 for Meg
675 for Wanda
1 300 for Emma
that's it thanks..
2 messages
English UM_crazy_kill - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Tuesday 13/01/2009, 07:43.
Im willing to trade a Chloe and 13k for him
4 messages
English LOLO24ha - last answer from bergoyang, Tuesday 13/01/2009, 06:39.
Cards i need:
Jane ramba

Cards to trade:
and some more
3 messages
English Snowing Plu7o - last answer from Snowing Plu7o, Tuesday 13/01/2009, 04:10.
Pm me for a list of the GHEIST deck.. or reply here
8 messages
English Damgark - last answer from Damgark, Tuesday 13/01/2009, 03:33.
I am trading my Wanda 0xp for Griezzo and Rhed

PM me for questions.
1 message
Cards i Need:
Dolores Boss
Elly Mae
Baby Q

Cards Im willing to trade:
Any La Junta card except crs
1 message
As the title say I'm buying all the Montana except Lyse Teria Cr and Vickie Cr which I can afford at the moment

But if you make a good offer about Vickie Cr, we can have a deal!
I'm buying them apart or in groups, NOT buying the full clan from one player

Pm me for faster response!
Mods, thx for posting this
Monday 12/01/09

5 messages
English funnyd - subject is closed
Trading my Gertrud for No Nam, Python and Burger
trading my emeth for No Nam, Python and Burger
trading my Dean*4, Tank, Trish for No Nam, Python and Burger
trading my Dean*2, Trish for No Nam
trading my Tank, Trish for Python, Burger
anyway... it's some thing like that...
well, i have Gertrud, emeth, 4 of Dean, Tank, Trish... and want Burger, No Nam, Python...
post here and also give me a pm... THX!!
8 messages
English Laughing Rock - last answer from Laughing Rock, Monday 12/01/2009, 23:43.
Will trade 12 and 2 level 3 jackies with 0-35 xp
pm if you want to trade
3 messages
English MerciAurevoir - last answer from MerciAurevoir, Monday 12/01/2009, 22:48.
Hi everybody! im looking for as much as Jessie 0xp possible! just tell me how much you got and ill make you a good offer a bit more then market price if you have more then 10 Jessie!

im waiting for these Jessie

thanks mods
3 messages
English Robg54 - last answer from Robg54, Monday 12/01/2009, 21:51.
Looking to complete as much of my Pirana and Rescue Collection as possible. I'll buy them at a fair price.. If you want a fast and hassle free sale just sell to me! If these prices are too low, just send me a pm with an offer or you cn put it in my private sales.

This Price is a guideline and a price at which I'll deff accept. Remembe if I get 2 people selling me te same card I'll buy the cheaper...

Slyde (C) 250
Pam (U) 420
Lobo (U) 740
Lea (U) 930
Larry (C) 270
Frida (C) 140
Tanner (U) 330
Bobby (C) 900
Denise (C) 150
Suzie (C) 290
Mark (C) 650

Aktara (U) 400
Andsom (U) 600
Wheeler (U) 290
Cyan (C) 190
Tula (C) 270
3 messages
English e eazy - last answer from Robg54, Monday 12/01/2009, 21:46.
Selling Shakra from Roots for the price of 7999clintz.
5 messages
English 0-Ska - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Monday 12/01/2009, 21:11.
Trading/Selling Kerry for;


Marco + Cards/Clintz

Be back in about an hour if you PM me.
4 messages
English Quizoid - subject is closed
When cards go collectable, do they automatically get removed from the market and returned to their owners, or is there a mass flood to buy up all of the too-cheaply priced cards posted there?

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