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Wednesday 17/12/08

1 message
I need Zatman and I only have 7k (i will take him lower but not higher)
pm or write here
2 messages
Español (((-))) - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Wednesday 17/12/2008, 14:56.
Vholt MAX XP 95,000


Wee Lee MAX XP 8750

Hikiyousan MAX XP 5900

Lulabee X2 MAX XP 4700 EACH

You can buy separate or all together for 151,550
7 messages
English Hell Saint - subject is closed
Im buying tanevera for 30k.. any1?
3 messages
English RedRyux - last answer from jazza_9876, Wednesday 17/12/2008, 10:36.
This is the most popular deck in the game and i'm selling it for 21k with every card you see in this preset:
Pm me if you wanna buy one thanks
17 messages
English Pilpopnfreqk - subject is closed
Starting bid is 5000 clintz to buy out Charlie the buyout amount is 15k
2 messages
English foo_fighters - last answer from jazza_9876, Wednesday 17/12/2008, 06:26.
Looking to buy Loma Noju.

I only have 540 clintz, but I will throw in anything else I get between now and the offer.

Also looking for all cheap decent All Stars cards.

6 messages
English Joeisagod - subject is closed
One Aldebaran Cr 0xp up for sale. Offer cards and/or clintz around the 530k Mark.
5 days.
16 messages
Русский Leeroy_RA - last answer from Al3x TCA, Wednesday 17/12/2008, 03:53.
I'm willing to trade my Junkz for Bangers/Freaks(preferably Bangers)
My offer:
Dash, Gibson, Gil, Lolly, Malmoth, Onik, Otakool, Peeler, Rowdy, Taham, Tamy, Veenyle.
Willing to trade for Bodenpower, Willy, Vermyn N, and others. All together or separately. Market price. TRADE ONLY. Post offers here and PM me
1 message
I'm BUYING (for those who don't understand the tag)


Wtb Kolos for 18,000 clintz. (up to x3)
Wtb Lamar Cr for 60,000
Wtb Eklore for 35,000

Better offers are (VERY) much welcomed.


3 messages
English UM_crazy_kill - last answer from UM_crazy_kill, Wednesday 17/12/2008, 01:14.
Buying Ambre for 5000 please
6 messages
Русский ps_gogi - last answer from Black_Enigma, Wednesday 17/12/2008, 00:53.
Im looking for Gil Rolph Glorg All Stars Freaks and other cheist pm me if oure interested
Tuesday 16/12/08

2 messages
English Marubin2080 - last answer from DBWizards, Tuesday 16/12/2008, 23:58.
Please sell it to me or pm me for information.or private sell it to me please and thank you from Darkus-King
9 messages
English bang bang 009 - last answer from Beikae, Tuesday 16/12/2008, 23:53.
I'll buy Carlos, Aurelia and Coby for reasonable price and i'll buy all unwanted card in a reasonable offers.

I'll buy them from 300 clintz and up.
5 messages
English LoA_JJ - subject is closed
Im looking for Morphun
I have an Eyrik and a Toro plus clintz that im looking to sell
please pm me with offers
pms preferred to posts but both r ok
5 messages
English Teh Doc WMD - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Tuesday 16/12/2008, 21:18.
I have a fully leveled Vholt for sale.

Will accept offers over 103,000 clintz or a combination of cards and clintz adding up to that amount. Pm me any offers.
9 messages
Español (((-))) - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Tuesday 16/12/2008, 21:13.
Eyrik, Morphun, AND Vholt I'm selling all 3 to the first person that pms me with 120,000 clintz or the best trade they can offer, please only real offers dont try me, becuase I will not respond to silly offers
3 messages
English Uz3r013 - subject is closed
I want to buy an Ambre , i managed to scrape up 15k for 1
2 messages
English END_M I K 3 - last answer from Thymos, Tuesday 16/12/2008, 18:52.
Im selling Steve. approximate amount around 3400 and 3600
16 messages
English saint_7even - subject is closed
Hi thr ,

im looking to exchange cards with cards .
im looking for cards worth more than 4000clints .
you might mix and match the card that u need from the card that i have listed . i dont mind how many cards you need to make the exchange as long as its sensible .

i said i would like cards worth more than 4000clints because most likely i have all the card below 400oclints and i dont want to waste your time by refusing your offer but i am all open if you have any other deal too.

please check the market value before making any offer.

this is the cards im willing to exchange :

Yu Mei
Candy Jack
k cude

i dont want any card from La Junta or Rescue but than again , im willing to hear any offer that you might have .

it would be great if you could pm me .

thank you

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