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Tuesday 30/12/08

4 messages
English 0-Ska - last answer from 0-Ska, Tuesday 30/12/2008, 17:40.
I just want to get rid of XU52. Looking for Uppers or Piranas. If looking to buy it's level 0 and 6.5k.
1 message
I am buying Tanaereva at 28k

PM me for other offers.
9 messages
English Hell Saint - subject is closed
Uhmmm can i buy vickie for 45k??
2 messages
English IF_Ratchet - subject is closed
Selling Petra for 1800
Selling Smokey for 2400
1 message
Please set a secure trade.
If i refuse, i may have already bought it from someone.
2 messages
English LK-shaakarti - last answer from UM_Pentalift, Tuesday 30/12/2008, 14:47.
About 4.5 to 5k?
1 message
I have here 19,257 Clintz.

I need:

Blaaster (currently 4700 clintz in the market)
Vermyn N (currently 6000 clintz in the market)
B Ball (currently 750 clintz in the market)
Graff (currently 1500 clintz in the market)
Bodenpower (currently 2200 clintz in the market)
Saddy (currently 1100 clintz in the market)

PM me if you are selling them or one of them.
I need discount.
2 messages
English AC DarkStar - last answer from (-DaRkRISIS-), Tuesday 30/12/2008, 11:34.
3 messages
English -Grave Lie- - subject is closed
Hello! I'm feeling generous. I'll buy the following for 200clintz each!


Just private sell them to me. Thanks. If I refused your private sale, that means someone already beat you to it (since I only want 1 copy of these) or you're not selling it for 200clintz.

If you want to know why these cards, it's because they were my first cards ever. They have sentimental value.
2 messages
English wasteroftime - last answer from WAHHH, Tuesday 30/12/2008, 05:19.
Got a Marina i can spare

im looking for a Shakra... its Roots week so hes a bit pricey this week and All Stars are banned so a bit cheaper... Marina did hit 9k last week.

I dont feel like waiting a week.

other cards i would consider
Lullabee plus something else
Weelee or Alec and i add a few clintz
12 messages
English navigatorlv - last answer from Frier_TUK, Tuesday 30/12/2008, 05:05.
Any1 wants Kenny for 17k?
4 messages
English LoA BlitzMNSN - last answer from UFC_Slaugh, Tuesday 30/12/2008, 04:48.
I need Maciej for 900 Hula for 600 and twmh for 50 pm with negotiation
4 messages
English sbton26 - subject is closed
5 messages
English UM_TrpleDoubl - subject is closed
I'll trade Eklore + 4k for tanaereva and Wee Lee. you easily will profit.
1 message
I have 10k and I'm looking to buy some cards...
Would like to see what offers there are for 10k w/o going to the market first.
I have most Montanas and Nightmares, so any other card(s) from any other clan would be nice...
Please pm or reply with what you would like to offer for 10k...
2 messages
English OC-DnL - subject is closed
Im looking for someone too sell me Burger for 1000
pls pm me
5 messages
English JFP_COOL - last answer from jazza_9876, Tuesday 30/12/2008, 03:34.
I need an Ambre i what want you to give me Ambre for maybe 500-1000 clintz
2 messages
English mEngky - last answer from jazza_9876, Tuesday 30/12/2008, 03:32.
SELLING COPPER FOR 10500 clints. . . thanks. . . first come first serve. . . Ü
2 messages
English -Grave Lie- - subject is closed
I'm buying Toro for 4K.

PM me if interested.
22 messages
English UM_crazy_kill - last answer from UM_crazy_kill, Tuesday 30/12/2008, 02:22.
I want all Roots for all Montana with an Eyrik pm me or post here i would prefer you to pm me but i would also like all Sentinel so if you have all Roots or all sentinels and would like all montanas and an Eyrik pm me

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