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Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 02/01/09

2 messages
English kaneholt_nwnf - last answer from roneck, Friday 02/01/2009, 21:04.
Cmon good offers are thought about its on market for 2.45mill but i obviously go lower offers please
5 messages
English SkYy WaRrIoR - subject is closed
I am selling my level (4) Tessa Cr for 94.5K

pm with ur offers

i also accept cards
7 messages
English -Brook-O_C - subject is closed
I'm buying Jalil, Elea and Scopica.
Jalil = 1 000
Scopica = 2 800
Elea = 5 000

Pm me about price change if needed.
2 messages
English TheFatHobo - subject is closed
I am looking to buy an 0exp Lulabee
I am offering 3.5k (3,500 clintz)
If you have one and willing to sell at that price just put in private sell.
And i buy it asap.
thanks for looking and have a nice day.
4 messages
English dead fire - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Friday 02/01/2009, 20:04.
I will trade a kreen max for a Psylo 3* above or i will buy a Psylo from any1 of u
4 messages
English Kate - subject is closed
Buying Lin Xia for 7,400 Clintz, PM me thanks.
6 messages
Deutsch TB Bukowski - last answer from dead fire, Friday 02/01/2009, 19:04.
4 messages
English KY Zakzy - last answer from roneck, Friday 02/01/2009, 19:03.
Need Noodile 2stars
will pay 700
4 messages
English roneck - subject is closed
Hello, im selling two never played(o exp) Yayoi.
im mainly looking for clints but good trades will be considered.
I will take all serouis offers into consediration, but that doenst mean ill take it.
I will only take near market offers.
Plz pm me for quick replys

7 messages
English FXL-humza - last answer from dead fire, Friday 02/01/2009, 18:47.
Im willing to trade GrakXxmt, Trinkmxt, Petra, Corrina, Uranus, Murray, naboh and Wakai
Bloodh, Dalhia , Hawkins, Katan, Deadeye , smokey and any other pirhanas
Pm me with offers willing to negotiate
6 messages
English 0 Dark - last answer from JFP_COOL, Friday 02/01/2009, 18:13.
Sellnig Bloodh- 8k or rtade for Striker

erepto and Miss Lulabee together 2.9k or trade for Methane

or if u wanted u could make another offer
111 messages
English HolyWizy - last answer from WhatDanell, Friday 02/01/2009, 17:55.
Her , if u looking for some cards and cant afford them with clintz but u can afford them with the cards I m ur guy

Here is my Collection (1655 characters including 1591 doubles)

I m prity sure 90% of the time i will have the card u need in double .. So i m here to trade for CR's, ELO ban or other cards.

Now here is only one rule I M trading buy the market value so please Make offers in = Trade .. Thank you

One more think I do prefer recive all the trade offers througth my PMs . You will get a 100% better respond if u PM me .

Thank you for mod to approve this Post !
1 message
Offering 4 Lamar Cr and 150k clintz

PM me if you are interested.
2 messages
English 0_Maverick - subject is closed
I'm buyying Uranus for 3.7k..................................

Pm me with offers
1 message
I am selling Crassus for 4000
i have more Freaks.if you want some send me a message
1 message
I'm selling all Piranas for 47k not accepting lower price
8 messages
English Ruslan_EPG - subject is closed
1 message
4.5k is all i got =)
1 message
I'll buy Boohma for 150 Clitnz and For Lobo 650 Clintz.Mail if If deal or Not.I need them ASAP.
2 messages
English Play-Fast_Pls - last answer from MDelRey, Friday 02/01/2009, 11:52.
I offer 5000 clintz.
Message me if you wish to haggle.

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