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Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 26/12/08

1 message
I'll buy a Zatman for a Willy from the Bangers and 4.6k
pm me for faster answer
3 messages
English UM slowpoke - subject is closed
Ill buy her for 2000
7 messages
English nara_stu - last answer from bang bang 009, Friday 26/12/2008, 05:31.
I want to exchange these for La Junta:
Yu Mei
Ice Jim

Sorry messed up first post i apologise.
2 messages
English IM_Nem8 - last answer from Hooked On, Friday 26/12/2008, 05:12.
Hey, i know someone needs a Hax...

im selling him 10% off market price. feel free to reply here or pm me.

thank you
2 messages
English SkYy WaRrIoR - last answer from SkYy WaRrIoR, Friday 26/12/2008, 05:12.
I am buying the follwing leaders for My Marco Tanaerva


And i am willing to give my 0exp Tanaerva, 0exp Marco
for all eight of them
pm if your interested in this exchange
2 messages
English XxBam_BamxX - subject is closed
Ill buy emeth off of somone for 1000-1800 clintz
3 messages
English SkYy WaRrIoR - subject is closed
I am selling my level 2 Nahi Cr for 46.8K
the lowest i will go is 45.5K

pm with ur offers thank you

i accept cards as well
but the price will increase 1K if you pay with cards thatnk you
4 messages
English elchew_OC - last answer from elchew_OC, Friday 26/12/2008, 02:20.
Buying Tula for 200 clintz
1 message
I only have 600, but i can get up to750 clintz for him
6 messages
English bang bang 009 - last answer from k rsr, Friday 26/12/2008, 01:26.
I'll sell these cards

Baby Q -2000- 2200 Clintz

Noon Steevens - 300 clintz

Sakura- 250 clintz

Pm me if interested.
18 messages
Português Munsterpoo - last answer from eazye916, Friday 26/12/2008, 01:23.
Yes, I MAYBE Sell, and sorry my bad inglish, im portuguese xD
Im now buying Rescue clan, so im selling my Freaks clan
10 messages
Deutsch _AlBo-ToXiC_ - last answer from _AlBo-ToXiC_, Friday 26/12/2008, 00:31.
Hi I wanna trade my 2 Tessa Cr 0xp

make offers
Thursday 25/12/08

4 messages
Deutsch TB Bukowski - last answer from _AlBo-ToXiC_, Thursday 25/12/2008, 22:43.
480k in Clintz or 520k in cards, preferring Tanavera and other Cr, please write here or PM me.
3 messages
English TheFatHobo - subject is closed
I am buying an 0exp Tanaereva for 26k (26,000 Clintz)
If you have one and willing to sell at that price pm me or just put in private sell.
Will buy anywhere from 0-24 hours after you post in private sell.
Will also get a response from me within that time period if you pm me.
So, expect a quick sell/response from me.
Thanks for looking and have a nice day.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
6 messages
English Varathron - subject is closed
Looking fo about 440k but price is neotiable pm me or leave me a message here
1 message
Im looking for
Dalhia .

im giving
Bloodh and another card ....

PM me plz . send message
3 messages
English kaneholt_nwnf - subject is closed
that preset which aint a bad price is it really
18 messages
English WELCOMETOHELL - subject is closed
I'm looking for 1.3 mil. & Lao Cr
anyone interested?
and i know about the other forum..thnks
5 messages
Česky spagr - last answer from spagr, Thursday 25/12/2008, 14:50.
I have -

1x Marlysa Cr
2x Marlysa Cr 0 exp
1x Kerozinn Cr
1x Tessa Cr
1x Vickie Cr
1x Splata Cr
1x Diyo Cr
1x Miss Twice Cr
a lot of Clintz

Who is interested in and would like to sell Lyse Teria Cr or Guru Cr, let me know ... I prefer PM ...

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