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Business men and women talk here.
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Thursday 13/11/08

39 messages
English LoA XONicxOx - last answer from LoA XONicxOx, Thursday 13/11/2008, 12:41.
Pm me or post here if you are interested i'll tell you if it is sold
1 message
IM BUYING AN Armand IN Roots FOR 1.9K...........
1 message
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English TNT_KoRn - last answer from TNT_KoRn, Thursday 13/11/2008, 08:03.
I'm getting my newly gotten Vholt, it's 0xp and it's in my sales for proof.

i'm looking for the closest offer i can get to this one:
my Vholt = on MP right now it's 135,000 for 0xp

Beltran Cr = he's 50,899 on MP
Eklore = she's 47,000 on MP
thaumaturge = he's 36,000 on MP
total = 133,899

if your interested semd me a PM (that is the quickest way to get ahold of me)
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English SkYy WaRrIoR - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Thursday 13/11/2008, 07:32.
Ok i am buying 2 of each card for the following prices

2 Tanaerva: 45.8K
2 Marco: 15K
2 Kolos: 36.8K
2 Kenny: 25K
2 Dahlia: 24K

pls pm with your offers
10 messages
English Alfa-Tiger-OC - last answer from Alfa-Tiger-OC, Thursday 13/11/2008, 06:54.
I'm buying mamoon's under marketprice I got around 3,2k.
1 message
I'll pay you 550-600 for her. PM me if interested, or just privately sell it to me immediately. Thanks!

Please close, mods.
1 message
Can someone sell me Hax for 4000 or Aurora for 4000 please sell it to me privately
4 messages
English im-retired - subject is closed
Buying the following

Hawk 3,500
Lehane 1,800
Dayton 700
Aurelia 300

if you have other offers PM me.. thanks...
4 messages
English IM_Nem8 - last answer from Neo_ExXxilE, Thursday 13/11/2008, 04:33.
Ill buy them both for 16000 clints.

and they please be fully lvled.. thank you
Wednesday 12/11/08

1 message
5,000 clintz, just send me a private sale, or msg me!
1 message
Buying 0xp Maamoon for 500
3 messages
English Stalkingdemon - subject is closed
Im trading some of my cr for Vickie Cr

looking for a fair trade

i have 3 swidtz cr 0xp
1 Splata Cr
1 Elya Cr

pls pm or post some offers
7 messages
English KON ARTIST - subject is closed
Aurelia: 380
John: 800

Ulu Watu
lvl 1 Warren x 3 :220

Rosa 1200

kenny: 14800
Sargh 200

Yookie lvl 1 x 2: 600

La Junta
No Nam:2000
Gertrud: 3400

chrystal: 400

Wolfgang: 850
Ironfield: 350
boris 1000

Fang Pi Clang
Rei 700
Kinjo 1500

Hax 5k

they are all lvl 1 and i will not negochiate i want pure money thankyou

or bloodth dalhia and amber and smokey for all
3 messages
English Ponchos shirt - last answer from Ian_WCH, Wednesday 12/11/2008, 10:09.
I would like to buy anywhere around these prices please!

XU52 5800 - 6000
Dr Saw 1000 - 1200
Vladimir 800 - 1000

I have posted this message just slightly earlier then I will have the clintz to buy all the cards. be aware though, I will be able to get them all within at least 1 days time.
7 messages
English Game Manager - last answer from ShareHolder, Wednesday 12/11/2008, 10:09.
I need this following cards for my deck, I don't want to give certain prices I want because less people want it to sell it to me for that price so I will accept any offers that is good like 500 clintz below price off the market or 50% or 40% of the original price or trades, so here they are:
It starts from the most important to less important.
Roots: Lou (U), Armand (R), Shakra (U), Kiki (R), Ratanah (U)
Bangers: Juicy Lord (U)
Freaks: Crassus (U), Erpeto (C)
Sakrohm: Corrina (R), Wakai (R), Petra
Montana: Vickie(if someone is generous enough) Edd (R), Don (U), Enzo (R)
All Stars: Liu (U), Loma Noju (R), Striker

Thank you very much for whoever help me!!!!!!
3 messages
English 0_SexyKitty - subject is closed
Iam selling 49 pfull price 650
1 message
Kenny for dalhia
Zatman lvl 1 for smokey and bloodth
offer quick
15 messages
English EAM_CHICAGO - subject is closed
As most of you already know, the new collectors are Vickie Cr and Chikko Cr. Does anyone have any predictions on their prices? How they will change? How long until they change? Will they change? And what's a fair price? Here's the place to talk about it.

Also, just for any of you who don't know, the average price of Chikko Cr is about 7,000 clintz, and the average price of Vickie Cr is about 55,000 clintz.

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