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Tuesday 16/09/08

10 messages
English LoA XONicxOx - subject is closed
Mort Bax
Candy Jack
Dieter x1
Gran Vista
Janine x4
Pm me or leave prices here you will get cards quicker from PM
the ones marked free are free
11 messages
English Agent Nexus - last answer from Arrai, Tuesday 16/09/2008, 20:20.
Pm me with request
1 message
I offer 38000 clintz pm me if u have it and u want to sell it
1 message
Looking to buy Splata Cr, under market value. PM me with your offers.
7 messages
English HolyWizy - last answer from HolyWizy, Tuesday 16/09/2008, 19:06.
[TRADING] Lamar Cr for a bunch of Kolos Only !! Make an offer in Kolos * [X] <---- X= the number of Cards you offer of Kolos
8 messages
English -Homsar- - last answer from CC_monkeyman, Tuesday 16/09/2008, 18:49.
Here are the current prices for my cards on sale. I will invite auctions and bargains in applicable.

Allison (U) - 240
Dan (C) (x2) - 220
Frank (C) - 175
Katsuhkay (C) - 265
Kimberley - 200
Mario (U) - 350
Robb - 1100

Jenny (C) - 220
Kevin (C) - 175
Syd Noze (C) - 360
Laetitia (U) - 550

Endo (C) - 210
Lihoi Chun (C) - 165
Mini Mosu (C) - 150
Natrang (C) - 200
Otome (C) - 150
Tatane (C) (x3) - 180

Dacha Macha (C) - 190
Kharl (C) - 220
Nanastasia (C) - 195

Dr Saw (C) - 1400
Gheistling (C) - 250
Igniss (U) (x2) - 230
Luba (C) - 240
Nina (U) - 375
Platinum - 225

Amiral Py (U) - 360
Niki (C) - 175
Winifred (C) - 260

Aldo (C) - 155
Angelina (C) - 170
Flesh Pimp (U) - 415
Gary (C) - 345
Lino Borsa (C) (x2) - 155
Mort Bax (C) - 275
Prince Jr (C) - 650
Ricardo (C) (x2) - 150
Simon (C) - 250

Candy Jack (C) - 280
Endora (C) - 180
Erzsebet (C) - 180

Cyan (C) (x2) - 190
Gran Vista (C) - 140
Wheeler (U) - 235

Charlie (U) - 12500
Ninja Nyne (C) - 330

Elvira (R) - 2400

Caciope (C) - 650
Halley (C) - 130
Ingsthra (C) - 175
Murray (C) - 150
Oryon (C) (x2) - 150
Phonos (U) - 525
Pulsar (C) (x2) - 170
TrinmkkT (U) - 1100
Venus (C) (x2) - 390

Carlos (C) (x2) - 340
Josh (U) (x2) - 365

Nanook (U) - 1100

Bob Joby (C) (x4) - 125
Elliott (C) (x3) - 135
Maeva (C) (x2) - 560
Mickey T (C) - 140
Mo DiFalco (C) - 280
Stanford (C) - 240
Zatman (U) - 7340

Thanks everyone. Gimme a msg if ur interested at all
1 message
I'm buying Kolos for 15,000 Clints. I'll also buy other Nightmare cards.

Thank you.
5 messages
English droganheart - last answer from Blankhead, Tuesday 16/09/2008, 17:45.
Hello, i m a newbie in the game,i m current level 7, can someone sell me some card for 100. please!!!!!!!!!!
1 message
Speciffically, I need Lelena and Dieter for the lowest price anyone will offer me.
1 message
Im buying him for 6500... nid it asap
4 messages
English UFC_Slaugh - last answer from --Revan--, Tuesday 16/09/2008, 13:48.
4 messages
English arbiaas - last answer from arbiaas, Tuesday 16/09/2008, 13:45.
Flash pimp

plz the price cheap
4 messages
English ward1 - last answer from WindtheGreat, Tuesday 16/09/2008, 11:49.
I have 50k to spend pls help
42 messages
English Baron Brixius - subject is closed
Alright, I'm trying to complete the entire collection of cards in UR and I'm somewhat stuck. I've acquired every card worth less than Rass Cr, along with Berserkgirl Cr, which is worth more.

I'm asking anyone who would like to help out in some way to do one of the following:

1) Send me cards you don't want for 50 clintz
2) Offer me a trade to my benefit as far as value in clintz
3) If you have an old Cr, please PM me with which one and what value you'd like to get for it
4) Help facilitate some sort of trade for one of the cards I do not currently have

Once I have completed the entire collection of cards on UR, I will be giving away all my extra cards, keeping 1 max version of each for the collection. That's right, once I collect every card, I will be giving away (for 50 clintz each) all my extra cards and every extra card I will ever get. Yes that includes Crs I may win in ELO.

All help is appreciated, and will not go overlooked or be forgotten
1 message
Im buying Shakra Ratanah Zatman jackie Rubie

post here or just pm me your prefer price..thnx
5 messages
English Shane Falco - last answer from Shane Falco, Tuesday 16/09/2008, 06:25.
I will buy any card you'd want to sell to me for as long as its a good price...15-20% below market is fine
5 messages
English orange rocket - last answer from orange rocket, Tuesday 16/09/2008, 05:40.
PLZ sell for 10k PLZ or trade
6 messages
English brahmaman - subject is closed
I am looking for trade or clintz or both. just pm with offers
2 messages
English xLEG3NDx - last answer from xLEG3NDx, Tuesday 16/09/2008, 03:00.
Name Own Price
3 messages
English Transylvanian - last answer from brahmaman, Tuesday 16/09/2008, 02:56.
These are what im trading
Amiral Py
Jane Ramba

And i want these all-stars for them
Loma Noju
I am only trading with a mod watching over and for fair market value. just message me if you wanna trade

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