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Friday 28/11/08

3 messages
Español (((-))) - last answer from ELM_gate21, Friday 28/11/2008, 20:31.
First person to pm me with 43,000 clintz gets 5 Leviatonn hurry hurry
1 message
I need Marco PM me with the offer.
4 messages
English RedRyux - subject is closed
I will buy them for a good price but nothing higher than market pm me or message here thank you
8 messages
English RedRyux - subject is closed
Could offer clintz or cards i'd prefer all cards but make offers and nothing noob
2 messages
English meantome - subject is closed
Buying veenyle and Gibson for 3.5k post here or pm me, thanks
2 messages
English HolyWizy - last answer from SCAMMER12345, Friday 28/11/2008, 17:42.
I buy ANY card u dont need or dont want simply post in my Privet Sell for 100 CLintz
3 messages
English UFC_Slaugh - subject is closed
Buying copper for 6650 pm me or post here

2 messages
English meantome - subject is closed
Buying Eadh and shietane for 3.5k pm me or post here, thanks
also buying a kenny for 15k
1 message
I will pay 50 clintz for any card that sucks or you do not want
5 messages
English MR Rochey - last answer from TB Bukowski, Friday 28/11/2008, 14:08.
Message me with price. Thank you.
3 messages
English guest999 - last answer from Ozinator, Friday 28/11/2008, 05:43.
I am looking for Alec & Lea

Pm with offers!!
3 messages
Español (((-))) - subject is closed
Kolos and kenny for 50,000 both fully evolve limited time
13 messages
English RedRyux - subject is closed
Only taking good offers im not rich and these are all maxed

(#) - amount of them i have

Fang Pi Clang - Hattori, Kinjo, Ryuichi

GHEIST - Vladimir (2), XU52

Leader - Morphun, Vansaar

Montana - Griezzo

Nightmare - Glorg, Kenny, Nistarok

Roots - Kiki

Sentinel - Hawk

Ulu Watu - Gaia, Hikiyousan, Tanaereva (3)
Thursday 27/11/08

13 messages
English ABU_ABED - last answer from ABU_ABED, Thursday 27/11/2008, 20:37.
Bidding starts at 50k she is lvl 3 needs some exp to lvl up to lvl 4 anyways i can accept trading so please post your offers here or PM this sale ends at 4th of december my birthday!!!! good luck to all

2 messages
English --DJ Z3r0-- - last answer from Phraxx, Thursday 27/11/2008, 19:39.
I want to buy Hawkins for 6000clintz
2 messages
English Ponchos shirt - last answer from Ponchos shirt, Thursday 27/11/2008, 18:57.
I am looking to purchase:
GraksmxxT 6900-7200
Uranus 4000-4500

All deals negotiable!
3 messages
English 0uc-stamper - last answer from un nympho fou, Thursday 27/11/2008, 16:18.
33k any reasonable offers
3 messages
English -Brook-O_C - subject is closed
Hi, i'm buying Aurora and Kerry (both maxed) for my price
Aurora = 4 450
Kerry = 8 550

Also looking for (still maxed) Marco & Alec.

Marco = 12 350
Alec = 5 950

Please put in my private sales if you have any of them
3 messages
English ChRoM3 SaB3r - last answer from Nico De Angel, Thursday 27/11/2008, 14:55.
Im buyin a Uranus for 4k9negotiable) pm me ur offers^______^
4 messages
English 0_SexyKitty - last answer from Marubin2080, Thursday 27/11/2008, 13:12.
I am trading some of my cards for Chad Bread Cr leviaton Uranus Kolos kenny

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