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Sunday 07/12/08

6 messages
English RETiREd-Z3r0 - subject is closed
Im selling Eklore for 41k(4000)clintz
3 messages
English camenomato - subject is closed
Ambre 2k less than market price ie 15k sold on market full lvl
1 message
I'm looking to trade my Nistarok (full level) for a Gil. Preferably full level but not too important as it's only a 2* card.

Probably quickest to PM me with offers.
3 messages
English Ian_WCH - subject is closed
1 message
Buying Winston for under 175

Put in private sales.
2 messages
English Baron Brixius - last answer from brahmaman, Sunday 07/12/2008, 08:36.
Buying or trading for Tanaereva any level or exp

Looking for a deal somewhere between 5k-1k under market price at any specific time.

Currently market price is 33k so looking for a deal around 28k - 32k
4 messages
English Pride of Pitt - subject is closed
I am looking to buy Jackie around 16,000 clintz
Pm me or leave a post and we can work something out.
6 messages
English Ian_WCH - subject is closed
For 548 please
4 messages
English steel dragon10 - last answer from jazza_9876, Sunday 07/12/2008, 05:54.
Im looking for an Onik. pm me or post a message
3 messages
English justin123194 - last answer from justin123194, Sunday 07/12/2008, 05:40.
Hay all i need those 2 cr
i will buy for these prices
Tessa Cr 75000
Lamar Cr 65000
if these are good pm me
or just put in my private sale
ty all
10 messages
Deutsch Antharos Gub - last answer from Lord Urizen, Sunday 07/12/2008, 03:27.
I sell Vholt 0xp for 110 000 (His price is 120 000 now).
Any questions/want to buy him - just pm me!
6 messages
English TZI_Beeker - last answer from TZI_Beeker, Sunday 07/12/2008, 03:17.
445,000 pm me for faster response
3 messages
English Game Manager - subject is closed
The bid starts on 4k. Reserve price is 4.5k. The Auction will end in 2 days. Good luck!
4 messages
English diabetes - last answer from MAUGHANSTER, Sunday 07/12/2008, 01:33.
I have these cards to trade for: Coby Lehane Aurelia Murray Lou (4 lvl5) (1lvl 2) Dash Kawan Lolly Otakool and Tamy.

if its not wnough for Kolos im looking for other good cards.
5 messages
English Willy_HD - last answer from Ian_WCH, Sunday 07/12/2008, 01:14.
Please send her via private sales

ill but her right now for 3.5k- any level i dont mind
thnx- price may also go up depending on how i feel
1 message
34.500 clintz send mp
Saturday 06/12/08

17 messages
English justin123194 - last answer from justin123194, Saturday 06/12/2008, 23:39.
Hay all i have a Dragan Cr
i want to trade him
im looking for the following cards
Tessa Cr
Lamar Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Kerozinn Cr

pm me if u have all these
we can nigoshiate some
1 message
Selling her for 442 000 clintz now no high no lower send me a message now
2 messages
Deutsch TB Bukowski - last answer from D-Frank, Saturday 06/12/2008, 22:04.
2700 Clintz for one, PN me.
3 messages
English diabetes - last answer from MDelRey, Saturday 06/12/2008, 21:31.
Im trading 21 Lou Dash Kawan Lolly Otakool Tamy Murray Aurelia Coby Hawk and Lehane for other good cards or clintz! PM me for faster answear.

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