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Business men and women talk here.
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Sunday 14/12/08

9 messages
English donaguado - subject is closed
Can someone sell Jackie to me for 15k as a Christmas gift?

Let the spirit of yuletide appear. I'm not trying to get it for free
2 messages
English donaguado - subject is closed
It's less than 3% of the market's real price
2 messages
English thetarget - last answer from SCAMMER12345, Sunday 14/12/2008, 17:23.
I'lll trade kenny OR Dalhia for marco

Send me a private message
15 messages
English Lawlessisael - last answer from igisaki, Sunday 14/12/2008, 17:18.
These Are Ones Im Selling

All Stars

Hammer - 5*-2800 clints

Liu - Almost 2*-2000

Marina-4*- 5700

Striker-4*- 6000


Don-5*- 1200


Kolos - 20000


Baby Q - 4* -3000

Louise 5*-2000

Charlie 5 - 13000


Skrumxxxt 5* 3500

TrinmkkT 4 700

Ulu Watu

Lulabee 5* 5400

Miss Lulabee 5* - 6400


Vickie Cr

Splata Cr

Or Any Really Good Cards
7 messages
English Hyperious - subject is closed
Selling Nahi Cr Max.
i accept trades
im also selling 0xp Hattori

Post here, or Pm for fast reply
2 messages
English palliei - last answer from SCAMMER12345, Sunday 14/12/2008, 17:01.
I will give you Andsom and 500 clintz if you give me Rhed
15 messages
English TNT VAMP - subject is closed
I am selling for 41k post offer here
2 messages
English thetarget - last answer from thetarget, Sunday 14/12/2008, 15:02.
Sending me a private message would be faster
1 message
My Zatman for your Yayoi...
any1 interested send me a message
5 messages
English felix_try - last answer from AndyThePlague, Sunday 14/12/2008, 11:20.
Im selling a Chad Bread Cr 0 xp for 18500
please pm with offers
i repeat if you want to buy pm me dont post here
3 messages
English death knightx - last answer from emil the boss, Sunday 14/12/2008, 10:40.
I am willing to trade

all of these for Sheitane
1 message
Buying Nerfeniti for 900 clintz
2 messages
English Howler668 - subject is closed
PM me if interested
1 message
I'll buy La Junta - wilson and other La Junta. and unwanted cards.

make an offer to me.
2 messages
English -Grave Lie- - subject is closed
I'm looking for:

Wakai- 900
Petra- 1800

I can only afford one. PM me if you're interested.
5 messages
English oOHellAngelOo - subject is closed
I want to trade as soon as possilble.
Saturday 13/12/08

4 messages
English Howler668 - subject is closed
I have the cards below and am looking to trade for Bloodh, Kenny, or most any other card that will help fill out any clans but these. Low level preferred in most cases.

BB Cool G 1*
BB Cool G 3*
Graff 1*
Jenny 3* (x2)
Kluwn 1*
Laetitia 1*
Leila 3* (x2)
Lennox 3*
Lennox 5*
MC Decay 2* (x2)
Naykee 3*

Bob Joby 2*
Burt 3*
Elliott 2*
Gina Glitt 3* (x2)
Janine 3*
Maeva 3*
Mickey T 2*
Mo DiFalco 3* (x2)
Samantha 2*
Sydney 5* (x2)
Zlatar 4* (x2)

Eris 5* (x2)
Globumm 2*
Na Boh 2*
Oryon 3* (x2)
Pulsar 3*
SkrumxxT 5*
Venus 4*

6 messages
English pezura - last answer from Capn Clintz, Saturday 13/12/2008, 20:38.
Trading Kawan Vansaar Timber Winifred and admiral py
i would like Trish Tank Uxoh Burger rbuce Bryan if u have any other stuff tell me what is plz

3 messages
English Dubzz - subject is closed
Buying Hawkins at a cheap price (maybe around 10k) and buying Bloodh leave offer

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