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Sunday 07/12/08

2 messages
English Dennis1012 - last answer from Baron Brixius, Sunday 07/12/2008, 23:52.
Selling 9 Lehane for 27k
8 messages
English death knightx - subject is closed
I have a maxed sednor cr and i want to trade it for a 0exp one
i have a maxed Diyo Cr and want to trade it for a 0exp one
i have a maxed Swidz Cr and want to trade it for a 0exp one

pm me for fast responses or post here
2 messages
English mihalll7_UM - subject is closed
5 messages
English ste619 - subject is closed
I have 16850 clintz
i need loads of Junkz
pm me or post offers here
2 messages
English iLonely - last answer from ExtremeDemon, Sunday 07/12/2008, 17:52.
Trading a Meyen for a Ben pls pm me if interested
4 messages
English Game Manager - last answer from Game Manager, Sunday 07/12/2008, 17:52.
I'm selling Ambre for 7.5k
7 messages
English liurunye - last answer from Kate, Sunday 07/12/2008, 17:48.
Hello guys .
i have 3 marco two is 0 xp and one is full xp.
valued about 40k-45k..(0xp is more ex than full xp)
i want to trade them to 45 Trish or 20 Cassandra.
price can be discuss.
pls pm me your offer..
2 messages
English Kate - last answer from 0 Hockey15, Sunday 07/12/2008, 16:55.
3,500 Clintz.
PM me.
1 message
The bid starts at 17k. Reserve price is 17.5k. The auction ends within an hour based on when this is made.
1 message
If you have a card you don't want private sale it to me for 100 clintz, i will accept the deal when i can so do not rush please since i do save up Clintz to buy other Characters i need.
2 messages
English Faeox - subject is closed
Buying Randy for 700, PM me
3 messages
English UM slowpoke - last answer from retired rip, Sunday 07/12/2008, 14:57.
Ill buy him for 150
6 messages
English RETiREd-Z3r0 - subject is closed
Im selling Eklore for 41k(4000)clintz
3 messages
English camenomato - subject is closed
Ambre 2k less than market price ie 15k sold on market full lvl
1 message
I'm looking to trade my Nistarok (full level) for a Gil. Preferably full level but not too important as it's only a 2* card.

Probably quickest to PM me with offers.
3 messages
English Ian_WCH - subject is closed
1 message
Buying Winston for under 175

Put in private sales.
2 messages
English Baron Brixius - last answer from brahmaman, Sunday 07/12/2008, 08:36.
Buying or trading for Tanaereva any level or exp

Looking for a deal somewhere between 5k-1k under market price at any specific time.

Currently market price is 33k so looking for a deal around 28k - 32k
4 messages
English Pride of Pitt - subject is closed
I am looking to buy Jackie around 16,000 clintz
Pm me or leave a post and we can work something out.
6 messages
English Ian_WCH - subject is closed
For 548 please

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