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Wednesday 12/11/08

15 messages
English EAM_CHICAGO - subject is closed
As most of you already know, the new collectors are Vickie Cr and Chikko Cr. Does anyone have any predictions on their prices? How they will change? How long until they change? Will they change? And what's a fair price? Here's the place to talk about it.

Also, just for any of you who don't know, the average price of Chikko Cr is about 7,000 clintz, and the average price of Vickie Cr is about 55,000 clintz.
7 messages
English URB4NKILL4 - subject is closed
Ok heres the deal im selling a half deck of Roots probably the best Roots semi deck.

the cards: selling price at 13.5k (500 less than market price)
Kiki, rantanah, Shakra, Jeena, -- -- -- these are the 4 selling in bulk

these cards seperate sale or bulk selling price 4.5k (500 less than market price)
Lilly, Narendra, noodile, Ben, Miken Moose, Yookie,

pm me with offers or leave them here i will take trades for same price cards im looking 4 Chloe, Miss Chloe and copper of Sentinel.

1 message
Buying Hawkins for 8k

any other offers pls post and pm me.

need it as soon as possible.
16 messages
English justin123194 - last answer from justin123194, Wednesday 12/11/2008, 04:15.
Hay i need a lot of kennys
i will pay 10k each
just send em in private sale
as many as u all can
2 messages
English Slava N - last answer from Slava N, Wednesday 12/11/2008, 02:03.
I'll buy Splata Cr for the 65k.
In Pm.
If you have this card and you want it to sell - write me in mail.
Tuesday 11/11/08

352 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - subject is closed
I have many good cards like kenny, vickie, Charlie etc

so make your offer here for my 250++++++++ cards.

fnx tinyg
3 messages
English datenshix - last answer from datenshix, Tuesday 11/11/2008, 22:35.
I am buying the following at:
Uranus -> 4k
Petra -> 1.4k
Ielena -> 2.2k
Dieter -> 1.3k
Please list it for private sale if the prices are acceptable, or PM me to negotiate. I'll try to accomadate with my budget =T.

1 message
20k +Bloodh for tanevara
my offer

pm me back w/ offers
1 message
I am looking for a Kolos

Will trade a Levaitonn and Yayoi for it. PM me if iterested
1 message
Buying 0exp Gil for 4k.
5 messages
English MR Rochey - last answer from MR Rochey, Tuesday 11/11/2008, 16:51.
I am buying many Nahi Cr 's for 30,000 each.

Good price.
1 message
Lol so 800clintz each if u have him sell ill also buy

Vickie Cr for a tanaereva and 11k
11 messages
Deutsch SweedGenesis - subject is closed
Pfull for about 370.000 Clintz
please PM me
1 message
English master l 82 - subject is closed
Buying Marlysa Cr for 322 000clintz send to me on private sale
9 messages
English Oneonone - subject is closed
If you have a good price on these card... I have 200k clintz to spend.
PM me.
1 message
I am buying Nahi Cr for 32k from any one
4 messages
English Damgark - subject is closed
Buying Cassandra for 1.9k
4 messages
English -Brook-O_C - last answer from -Brook-O_C, Tuesday 11/11/2008, 06:40.
Hi there!
I'm buying Miss Chloe for 2 800 and a Dr Saw.
Pleas pm me or offer here
3 messages
English Plastik__Kups - subject is closed
On the market: Piranas= 49,769 clintz
Rescue= 50,471 clintz

Trades are either all for all or equal trades

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