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Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 10/12/08

4 messages
English camenomato - subject is closed
Kenny and Kolos for sale for not so cheap i mean both will be sold for 40k full lvl and trade then for these

4 messages
English camenomato - subject is closed
http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=259462 is for trade / exch
for only 42635 if trade
Hattori (R)
Enzo (R)
Mona (U)
Anita (C)
Elvira (R)
Edd (R)
Rosa (R)
Don (U)
Murphy (R)
Kinjo (U)
Kati (U)
Lost Hog (C)
and 5k
2 messages
English Majorboss_UM - last answer from Majorboss_UM, Wednesday 10/12/2008, 08:07.
I want to buy Bloodh for 3600 anybody wants to sell me please post here or pm me
5 messages
English Pride of Pitt - subject is closed
I am looking to buy Dalhia Scubb Hawkins Smokey Murray Petra Uranus Wakai

I have a Tanaereva to trade for these cards if you would rather trade.
2 messages
English UFC_Slaugh - subject is closed
Selling Striker for 7 450
selling Marina for 5450

pm me or post offers here
7 messages
English IM_Nem8 - last answer from bubbulicous, Wednesday 10/12/2008, 05:44.

if you wish to trade, im looking for:

Juicy Lord
and Jessie
5 messages
English UFC_Slaugh - subject is closed
Marco = 16,500c
dalhia = 16,500c
Lulabee = 4800c

pm me or post offers here
4 messages
English ur_cute - last answer from ur_cute, Wednesday 10/12/2008, 02:52.
1,100 clintz each 0xp
2 messages
English Sterky15 - subject is closed
For 200 Clintz I Think Thats What There Called
5 messages
lord_Takumi - subject is closed
I will sell them to the first responder

All for 50clintz less then the market can offer

Message me if you're interested
Tuesday 09/12/08

2 messages
Русский ps_gogi - last answer from ps_gogi, Tuesday 09/12/2008, 23:49.
I need Gil Hammer Liu Robb Oyoh Glorg Rolph Methane Azel estald Rhed blod h Kiki IF YOU GOT ANY PM ME
1 message
I buy all your Lehane for 2650 clintz each! i think it's a good price..

If you're ok , you can send directly on my ps!

thanks !

(and sorry if i don't speak english very well.. )
4 messages
English wertqwertywer - last answer from wertqwertywer, Tuesday 09/12/2008, 22:09.
I am buying all 1* Zlatars. I am buying as many as I can can get with 25k. I am buying them for 375 each just private sell them to me and I will buy them. I will post here when i have enough
4 messages
English meantome - subject is closed
Buying Vickie Cr for 50k price is negotiable, post here or pm me, thanks!
2 messages
English bang bang 009 - last answer from bang bang 009, Tuesday 09/12/2008, 21:35.
I would like to buy sentinels for 250 clintz each.

pm me if anyone is interested, you can make offer too.
7 messages
English bulldogzer - last answer from DF-SkYwAlKeR, Tuesday 09/12/2008, 21:25.
Eyrton 1 350 Striker 7 249
Katsuhkay 339 Kluwn 500
Marina 6 100 Pulsar 180
Robb 1 285 Otome 170
Eris 2 350 Rei 925
Boris 1 050 Erpeto 1 400
Hula 7 000 Ironfield 458
Maciej 3 250 Vladimir 1 000
Vryer 200 Gibson 2 200
Perle 1 575 (x2)Edd 1 570
Hugo 870 Enzo 2 599
Filomena 184 Giovanni 298
Lino Borsa 165 (x2)Oscar 730
Azel 1 985 (x2)Candy Jack 576
Mojo 397 (x3)Clara 6000
Sakura 245 Billy Bob 340
(x2)Lou 1978 Shakra 7 699

You offer cards or clintz for one or more cards
8 messages
Português PA Marvaddin - last answer from PA Marvaddin, Tuesday 09/12/2008, 20:50.
Hi, all. I have Marco to trade and I would accept:

- Jackie; or
- Leviatonn + XU52; or
- Leviatonn + Toro + a cheap rare I dont have, that costs like 1000 clintz, lol.

If you offer me Jackie or Leviatonn + XU52, I could add some other cheap cards to the trade.
Player with smaller collection sends the private sales 1st.

Thats it, thanks to all.
2 messages
ελληνικά Dimios - last answer from 0 SickMyDuck, Tuesday 09/12/2008, 20:01.
If u have any Wanda or Gwen at lvl1 message me and I will buy at 800 each. Dont post here, I will be playing and I will see only in game messages. If u have both I will give 2k for both

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