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Sunday 09/11/08

1 message
Buy Petra for 1500. u can also post a price here if it's cheaper than 1900
7 messages
English hot_killah - subject is closed
2 messages
English Condottiere - last answer from brahmaman, Sunday 09/11/2008, 03:46.
Hey, I was hoping to trade a Jim Cr for a Nahi Cr. They're both worth the same, so an even trade would be enough.
10 messages
English TnT_Mathwiz - subject is closed
I am selling max level Beltran for 66K. Pm me if interested
2 messages
English Stalkingdemon - last answer from Stalkingdemon, Sunday 09/11/2008, 02:21.
Baying Hawkins of Piranas prefferably below market price pls pm me your offers
Saturday 08/11/08

3 messages
English justin123194 - subject is closed
Hay i have a Lamar Cr
i need a Tessa Cr
if ayone is good with that deal or wants to have a deal
pm me
or just post in here
3 messages
English Fremmeno - subject is closed
I offer:

2 Vickie 0xp [140k]
all Rescue clan [48k]
all All Stars clan (no cr) [22k]

Pm if you have them.
1 message
I have got 80 000 Clintz and i want buy Splata Cr 0XP
3 messages
English -Brook-O_C - subject is closed
Uranus 4.4k.
Petra 1.7k.
Wakai 950
Murray 500
Na Boh 550
TrinmkkT 700
SkrumxxT 3.3k.
Lunatik 250

Please pm me or post here.
If you don't like my prices we might negotiate.
2 messages
English LoA XONicxOx - subject is closed
Pm me i want about 7500 for him
3 messages
English -Brook-O_C - subject is closed
Havok 2.7k.
Hawk 3.7k.
Coby 4.2k.
Lehane 1.3k.
Dayton 500
Rick 670
Miranda 950
Skiner 1.3k.
Copper 5.8k.
John 600

If you don't like my prices, we can negotiate.

Lexaeus V
14 messages
English HolyWizy - subject is closed
My Tanaereva 0 exp for sell
2 messages
English kaneholt_nwnf - subject is closed
Ill trade 116 ludimilla and a Kang i wont go higher no spam if so mods could u take it off
6 messages
English LB DyAbLo - subject is closed
I wanna Buy Tessa Cr (Cr) under market price

or trade

Jackie (R) lvl3
Zatman (U) lvl 1
Jeena (R) lvl 1
With 54k
4 messages
English justin123194 - subject is closed
Hay all
i need a Tessa Cr
im a little under for the clintz atm
i have 68250 clintz
if ayone can help me out
pm me or just post here
ty all
14 messages
English Onivek - subject is closed
Dalhia maybe, but it has to be a good price....but those other cards i'm selling ..anything averaging market price or above. or all of those cards for 1 or 2 Crs.
1 message
Preferred Price is 2800, please.
1 message
I am trading 3 chikko cr's lvls 1,2 and max pm me i am looking for other cr's

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