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Monday 17/11/08

4 messages
English -Negociateur- - last answer from Tanto89, Monday 17/11/2008, 06:27.
I have DJ Korr Cr (8 8 -3 dégâts +8 attack) i want Kiki Cr and something

thank you

pm please
2 messages
English volman101 - subject is closed
I am in need of some cash so i am selling a full leveled up Maamoon for 550 clintz

first one to pm me i will sell it to
2 messages
English KrakaJakAtak - subject is closed
I would like to trade my Chikko Cr 0xp for Wee Lee max level. I also have another Chikko Cr at full xp if anyone is interested. pm me as I will not check this thread often.
1 message
I want to trade my Eyrik and dahlia fully maxed for taneareva any form of evolution
2 messages
English master l 82 - last answer from -Negociateur-, Monday 17/11/2008, 00:55.
I am buying a Marlysa now for 370 000clintz plz someone sell to me if you sell to me send to me on private sale now
17 messages
English ABU_ABED - last answer from -Negociateur-, Monday 17/11/2008, 00:34.
Bidding starts at 49k and if you want we can exchange cards

this subject will end at 22 november
2 messages
English meantome - last answer from meantome, Monday 17/11/2008, 00:22.
Buying kenny for 14.3k message here or pm me, thanks
1 message
50k clintz.
2 messages
English roneck - last answer from xLEG3NDx, Monday 17/11/2008, 00:15.
Selling 7 maxxed Flyer s and 6 unmaxxed fyler s. also selling 12 maxxed Amy and one unmaxxed
im looking to sell all in one group to one of those market tycoons that like to own alot of one card. im looking for clints in this offer but may except trades. pm me for quicker reaction and PLZ, DONT SPAM MY MAILBOX ASKING FOR FREE CARDS OR CRAZY OFFERS. Thank you
Sunday 16/11/08

2 messages
Deutsch TB Bukowski - last answer from Joeisagod, Sunday 16/11/2008, 22:55.
I' looking for Marlysa Cr.

I can offer:
My current sales (Chikko Cr 0Xp, Eklore Full, Vholt 0XP and some more)
This deck: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=170748&from=list
This Deck: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=158279&from=list
Kolos, Jackie....

Make offers please.
3 messages
English GENERALSURGE - last answer from Phraxx, Sunday 16/11/2008, 22:10.
Im buying griezzio for 7000 or 7500 cuz everone know his price will go down also Ludwig for 1500 cuz he will go down to
2 messages
English meantome - last answer from OC-Vanity, Sunday 16/11/2008, 21:50.
Buying Kolos for 17k
3 messages
English bulldogzer - last answer from LoA_JJ, Sunday 16/11/2008, 20:21.
2 messages
English hot_killah - subject is closed
1 message
1 message
Buying Hax 5 Star Card for 4200-4300. Please start the private trade if you are welling to do so.
3 messages
English MDelRey - subject is closed
Starting price 100k Lol only 14k

Trading for tanaereva
4 messages
English DRUMinator - subject is closed
5 messages
Deutsch TB Bukowski - last answer from TB Bukowski, Sunday 16/11/2008, 15:53.
Yayoi *3 35XP 8750
Beltran Cr *2 50000
Eris *3 0XP 9500
Tanavera *3 0XP 29000

All prices negotiable
9 messages
English meantome - last answer from Oneiroi, Sunday 16/11/2008, 15:21.
Trading Thaumaturge Cr for kenny and Kolos. post here or pm me, thanks

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