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Monday 22/12/08

3 messages
English jazza_9876 - subject is closed
Looking to buy Scopica for 2.5k-3k ASAP.

PM me and put her in my private sales please.
6 messages
English UM slowpoke - subject is closed
Pls post your Ulu Watu and i will offer u a trade
these r some of the cards i have and willing to trade
Dr Saw
and more
4 messages
English UFC_Slaugh - subject is closed
=54 500

pm me or post offers here
1 message
Pm me if interested.

2 messages
English ZeroTetsuoWMD - subject is closed
Buying Lamar Cr for 62,000
9 messages
English BEAST-HoA - last answer from jazza_9876, Monday 22/12/2008, 06:36.
I have Kerry Ghoub Anita Elvira Steve Hax Aurora Bobby Lea Larry Lobo Mark Pam slyde Suzie and Tanner full level tell me if you want to trade level one for full level by PM please
2 messages
English IGNH - last answer from Pillow9, Monday 22/12/2008, 06:34.
3 messages
English tredman - last answer from jazza_9876, Monday 22/12/2008, 06:34.
Wanting zydrone for 500 or less
3 messages
English 0_Maverick - last answer from jazza_9876, Monday 22/12/2008, 06:12.
Selling Eklore for 40K

post here..............
4 messages
English Marubin2080 - last answer from Marubin2080, Monday 22/12/2008, 05:57.
Hi I'm willing to pay 1101c for a level 1 or 2 or3 Jalili or in other words any level for that amount PM me for quicker answer but writing here is also welcomed
2 messages
English Kate - last answer from Pitifulfilth, Monday 22/12/2008, 05:47.
Those 3 for Jackie, please PM me if you want them.
1 message
I'll buy Fang Pi Clang and other cards below market price or just make an offer.

PM me if you are interested.
3 messages
English Frier_TUK - subject is closed
If anyone wants to sell Mona for 2 700c please message me or set a private trade...

9 messages
English UM_crazy_kill - last answer from UM_crazy_kill, Monday 22/12/2008, 00:50.
Buying Ambre for 7000 please i got cheated out of money so this is the most i can give just pm me or put in my private sales
Sunday 21/12/08

1 message
I'd like to trade my full Elya Cr for your Splata Cr +5k, please PM me to negotiate
1 message
If anyone can sell me Rowdy for 2k to 2500 please comment or send message.
18 messages
English saint_7even - subject is closed
12 messages
English callisti WMD - last answer from Alimics, Sunday 21/12/2008, 17:21.
Hi all,

I am looking for the following cards:

All Stars:
Alexei, Ashley, Eyrton, Flo, Hammer, Lewis, Liu, Loma Noju, Striker

La Junta:
Bruce, Bryan, Jane Ramba, Tank


Ulu Watu:

Just make me a fair offer and I will buy. Thanks!
1 message
I buy Trish from La Junta for 920 any exp or stars

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