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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Tuesday 25/11/08

2 messages
English mEngky - last answer from mEngky, Tuesday 25/11/2008, 13:55.
Anyone would trade it for me? ?
22 messages
Deutsch Gonkster - subject is closed
I'm selling a 2* Marlysa Cr and a full Kerozinn Cr.

Marlysa: 410000
Kerozinn Cr: 65000

We can negotiate a little bit.

Please pm me or post here.
2 messages
English master l 82 - last answer from 0-Mystogan, Tuesday 25/11/2008, 10:40.
Im buying a Vickie Cr for 40 000clintz at any level send me a priavte sale please
6 messages
English meantome - last answer from ShareHolder, Tuesday 25/11/2008, 09:43.
Buying kenny and Kolos for 32k message here or pm me, thanks
3 messages
English Triple_Head - subject is closed
Selling Hawkins or trading my Hawkins my hawkin is on the market im selling her for 10.6k.
i want GHEIST cards.
3 messages
English DBWizards - last answer from rey-svp, Tuesday 25/11/2008, 07:36.
Buying Bloodh any level for 6k clintz tops .. no more maybe less
8 messages
English LunarLondon - subject is closed
Jane Ramba
No Nam

All for 20k

Offer here or you can pm me.
2 messages
English meantome - last answer from PA Marvaddin, Tuesday 25/11/2008, 02:44.
Miss Ming
all for 5k, post here, pm me, thanks
2 messages
English _Red - last answer from _Red, Tuesday 25/11/2008, 01:58.
I'm trading: 1000 clintz + Scubb for Katan!

Send me a msg, if you're interested.
2 messages
English justin123194 - subject is closed
Hay all i need a Elya Cr
i have a Splata Cr and a alec
pm me if any is good
price can b negotiable
2 messages
English roneck - last answer from Phraxx, Tuesday 25/11/2008, 00:35.
Hi i need Jessie and will trade Chikko Cr unmaxxed and 5k. he is worth more unmaxxed so this is a far trade. pm me if you would like this offer. thanks.
1 message

Tula for 50-280clintz
Naykee for 50-300 clintz

Send them to my PS!
Monday 24/11/08

1 message

put em on private sales
8 messages
English yugioh52 - subject is closed
I am selling my whole collection for 120-130k
my collection is too big to post here but if you want details pm me
4 messages
English YinYangDMT - last answer from YinYangDMT, Monday 24/11/2008, 22:55.
Im buying Charlie at any lvl
you offer me the price and her
3 messages
Deutsch TB Bukowski - last answer from Gokuthegrate, Monday 24/11/2008, 22:31.

I got:
1 Billy Bob
2 Bunny
1 Candy Jack
2 Crystal
1 Laetitia
3 Nina
5 Sai San
4 Tshern
4 Venus

All on Level 1, 1 Nina is Level 2 each for 650

I also got 4 Warren Level 2, 200 each
26 messages
English joeroberts - last answer from rey-svp, Monday 24/11/2008, 19:41.
All Stars :
Alexei (1*)
Lewis (1*)
Loma Noju (4*)
Mario (1*)

Candy Jack (4*)
Dieter (3*)
Elixir (1*)
Endora (1*)
Erzsebet (1*)
Estalt (2*)http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewtheme&id_theme=2
Urban Rivals - Message Board - Sales, purchases and auctions
Hel (2*)
K Cube (2*)
Melluzine (1*)
Mojo (3*)
Sheitane (2*)
Timmy (3*)

Carlos (1*)
Carlos (1*) again
Amy (1*)
Copper (5*)
John (1*)
John (2*)
Josh (2*)
Miss Chloe (3*)
Skiner (3*)
Zdrone (1*)

I'll update this more later
5 messages
English 0 knac - subject is closed
Pm me with offer
2 messages
English the jr mlg - last answer from death raid 46, Monday 24/11/2008, 17:01.
NO STUPID OFFERS!!!! like: Charlie for Spycee
B Ball
Vermyn N

i will only trade for the following cards!!!!!!! (unless its a really good offer)


Z3r0 D34d

pm plz
2 messages
English Dennis1012 - subject is closed
All for 52k
23 Naykee
12 Lehane

don't say anything i know it is higher then market price
but they are all maxed
and its bulk purchase
Lehane will get out of NB soon
so her price will go up
buy them befor market
post here w/offer or pm me
(selling all not each )

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