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Wednesday 03/12/08

2 messages
English AC DarkStar - subject is closed
Im auctioning my Tanavera
Start bid: 36k
Resrve bid: 38k
Buy off bid: 41k
My Tanaevera is also max lvl
Happy Auctioning
7 messages
English death knightx - subject is closed
I have a 0 exp dalhia and willing to trade it for a max one plus 4k
4 messages
English Diggy928 - subject is closed
I am still a long way away from affording the expensive crs, but my goal is to eventually complete my collection.

I have some clintz to spend, and am looking for some good deals on some of the cheaper priced crs. Below is a list of cards I am currently trying to buy, and the prices I would like to buy them at. I realize that these prices are a good bit below market value, however I still feel that I am making decent offers that are not ridiculously low.

Beltran Cr - 27k
Selsya Cr -27k
Jim Cr - 28k
A Award Cr -30k
Skullface Cr - 38k
Reine Cr -53k
Elya Cr - 53k
Ambrose Cr - 70k
Melissa Cr -100k
Sigmund Cr -120k

I would be greatly appreciative of anyone who would be willing to sell me any of these cards for these prices. You can put the card in my ps, and either send me a pm or post a response here. Comments are welcome, however please refrain from critizining any of the offers I am making.

4 messages
English Shadow_Xia - subject is closed
I change my Taenerva to dalhia
4 messages
Deutsch TB Bukowski - last answer from TB Bukowski, Wednesday 03/12/2008, 18:46.
2 messages
English Deftones0 - last answer from bang bang 009, Wednesday 03/12/2008, 17:06.
Any card 110 clintz, just send them over, will be bought right away.

3 messages
Deutsch TB Bukowski - last answer from CK_Sniper, Wednesday 03/12/2008, 15:43.
What can you offer, should be around 85k for Clintz and 90k in cards
7 messages
English UFC_Slaugh - subject is closed
Equals clints or Rescue cards
15 messages
English -Negociateur- - last answer from 0_ROY, Wednesday 03/12/2008, 11:56.
I sell guru 0xp for 3 500 000 clintz

I sell General Cr 0xp for 5 500 000 clintz

contact me by private message ...

thank you
16 messages
English RedRyux - last answer from MDelRey, Wednesday 03/12/2008, 09:56.
Pm with your offers or here
7 messages
Deutsch TB Bukowski - subject is closed
Hi there!

I have a full Marlysa Cr for you.

You can buy it fpr 450k or trade it for 500k, please PM me
1 message
Hi, im willing to buy all you unwanted or uneeded trash cards. ill pay 70 clintz each. Private sale them to me and ill buy them whenever i can. Thanks
3 messages
English SkYy WaRrIoR - last answer from Al3x TCA, Wednesday 03/12/2008, 05:50.
I am buying cards above the price of 8K

oh pm with the offer plz

and i dont want them for market plz
4 messages
Română Al3x TCA - subject is closed
Pm me if you have an offer
2 messages
English im-retired - subject is closed
Buying Bryan for 3,600 clintz. Post or PM me if you're willing to sell.. If my price is too low we can negotiaite as long as its below market price.
6 messages
English UFC_Slaugh - subject is closed
Morphun for 19390 and Eris for 4470

pm me or post offers here
10 messages
English J Power wtc - subject is closed
PM me if you are intrested

P.S:I am trading account with great Junkz/Sentiel deck an 500 clinz on it for Kenny or Kolos or Estalt or Trish and Uxoh PM me if you are intrested
Tuesday 02/12/08

7 messages
English Lawlessisael - last answer from LoA_JJ, Tuesday 02/12/2008, 23:07.
PM me if u want them and u can trade cards or buy it
3 messages
English 0 knac - subject is closed
Pm me for quicker result
12 messages
English atn revenge - subject is closed

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