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Tuesday 04/11/08

1 message
Bloodh for 5k Dont have more Clintz

Plz dont spam..
I´m not back online till 8.00 am Mid Europe Time +1
2 messages
English -Grave Lie- - last answer from -Grave Lie-, Tuesday 04/11/2008, 15:19.
I'm looking for Rowdy, Gil, Otakool, and Gibson. Give me "at most" 15% discount. I said "AT MOST" so the discount could be less (i.e. 5%). Post your offer prices here, or PM me.
2 messages
English Marubin2080 - last answer from Marubin2080, Tuesday 04/11/2008, 11:26.
Willing to trade Chikko Cr for a Jackie deal guys?
2 messages
English F L I P - subject is closed

5 messages
English redwind - last answer from Joker Reborn, Tuesday 04/11/2008, 09:07.
I want buy the


all together in one price 3k.
if no sell me separate also can.but must be lower than the market price.
want sell can pm private to me.
10 messages
English shumai - last answer from Nonpain, Tuesday 04/11/2008, 08:52.
Much like some other people on the boards, I too am trying to complete the collection. If anybody has doubles of the cards listed below and sends them to me cheap, I'll make a list of the people who send me stuff and divide up all my leftover doubles among them when I'm finished geting all the non CRs. Heck, if people want to send me anything on the cheap, I'll make a party out of it. I'll try to make my leftover distribution relative to my contribution collection. I'll try to give people who contribute more pricey items will get the best doubles that I end up with.

Think of it like a pot-luck supper or a chipino, and when dinner's over, you get to bring home leftovers.

I am missing:

CRs (Not worried about these)

Piranas: Tula, Scubb

Bangers: Naykee, Sleam,

Ulu Watu: Nanook, Gaia Noel, Buck, Gabrielle, Gaia, Hikiyousan, Wee Lee, Tanaraeva, Miss Lullabee

Fang Pi: Yu Mei, Ryuichi

Pussycats: Emma, Baby Q, Louise, Clara, Yayoi, Charlie

Uppers, Jeeves, Rubie, Dorian, Zatman, Jackie

Rootz: Arno, Lou

Nightmare: Nerfenti

Rescue: Aurora,

Leader: Morphun, Eklore, Vhoit (Not worried about these either)

I know these are mostly expensive cards, so please, don't feel obligated to message me with exclamations of outrage at my requests. If you find my request offensive, please know that I don't mean to sound demanding, nor will I take offense if everybody simply chooses to ignore me.

Thanks in advance to everybody who's willing to help. I'll give back to you as best I can.
1 message
I am willing to trade clintz and cards for her..

will to buy her for 325k clintz for her.. pm me what you want for her..

i'll see if reasonable..
5 messages
Deutsch SweedGenesis - subject is closed
For 4 Vickies and a Kerozinn Cr or a Elya Cr PLLEASE
3 messages
English AgriKesici - subject is closed
I'M Selling Vladimir with Full Exp(5Star)


Contact me...
2 messages
English Toxica - last answer from TZI_Beeker, Tuesday 04/11/2008, 04:36.
I'm looking for a Vickie Cr 0xp.

I'm willing to Exchage my Maxed Vickie Cr and 3000 clintz
21 messages
English 0_ROY - subject is closed
I would like to exchange my 4 Vickie 0xp for a Marlysa 0xp

or for each Vickie 0xp i would like to exchange it for 4 Tanaereva 0xp or 8 Marco 0xp

Pm me it's negotiable lolz
2 messages
English Dasypus - subject is closed
Full xp

60 000
5 messages
English KrakaJakAtak - last answer from KrakaJakAtak, Tuesday 04/11/2008, 03:41.
I have 2 Chikko Cr for trade. One is at 0 xp and the other is full. I am accepting offers in clintz but I would prefer if someone could get one or more of the following cards into the deal:
again, offers in clintz are acceptable
1 message
I want a Rowdy cheaper than market maybe round 3500? pm
me for negotiations
Monday 03/11/08

6 messages
English Pingerz - last answer from LoA XONicxOx, Monday 03/11/2008, 23:48.
5 messages
English none91 - last answer from none91, Monday 03/11/2008, 18:56.
I want to exchange my Vickie Cr L.4 for Tessa Cr!!
5 messages
English VB-Suze - subject is closed
Good evening,
as i said i want to trade those cards:
Dragan Cr + Skullface Cr + Reine Cr
Marlysa Cr

give me a personnal message to end the trade
30 messages
English brahmaman - subject is closed
I have up for trade or sale 13 Kolos 0xp.

I am looking for Cr's or clintz. I would prefer Vickies 0xp. But I will consider all offers.

I am also looking to trade for a Marlysa Cr. I will add to the offer for her.

Reserve Per Kolos 18500.

As always thanks.
1 message
Buying Leviatonn
Tell the price you want to buy it : Buying Leviatonn for 7800 clintz
9 messages
English saber-tooth - subject is closed
I will give you Olga Mona and Cassandra and Bridget Hugo and lumilla for chikko

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