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Tuesday 21/10/08

11 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Hi im selling these clans but there is no CRS

im selling Junkz but no crs
im selling Rescue
im selling Pussycats no crs
im selling Sakrohm no crs
im selling Freaks no crs

the value of each set is

Junkz = around 23638
Rescue = around 67072
Pussycats = around 36575
Sakrohm = around 26661
Freaks = around 21838

Pm me or post offers here but im only selling a full clan no individual cards but i will sell individual clans.
2 messages
English CloudArmy - last answer from Pingerz, Tuesday 21/10/2008, 09:23.
I know its slightly lower than market price but ill still buy him
2 messages
English T Doggg10 - subject is closed
3 messages
English -Black cat- - last answer from LiL JoKeR 21, Tuesday 21/10/2008, 04:41.
Just IM me your price
2 messages
English -EA- Dawn - last answer from dakrpaladin, Tuesday 21/10/2008, 03:20.
Buying Katan, pm me with offers
1 message
Buying Lea Rescue card 900 clintz plz!
36 messages
English MR Rochey - last answer from CHR0, Tuesday 21/10/2008, 02:29.
I'm auctioning off a pussycat called Charlie (Full)

- She has 7 power and 8 damage (10 with fury) and has the ability and bonus (combined) to reduce opp damage -4 min.1

Starting price : 999 Clintz.
Finish price : 13,333 Clintz.

Reserve price : 12,500 Clintz.

Ending at 16:00 20/10/08
Monday 20/10/08

4 messages
English Game Manager - subject is closed
I'm willing to buy the indicating cards for a cheaper price than the market. Offer me please.
1 message
I want to buy a Mona for 3k.
Please pm me if you can sell her
2 messages
English diabetes - last answer from devildog666, Monday 20/10/2008, 20:20.
Im buying cheap and good cards like tanae reva for 20k and things like thet i do anything for a cheap Cr!!!!!
2 messages
English Pretklijetka - last answer from MDelRey, Monday 20/10/2008, 20:17.
I am buying Marlysa Cr for price under market's. Deal on PM.
3 messages
English F L I P - subject is closed


3 messages
English diabetes - subject is closed
I can get u any card!! i just need to get someting equally worth back!!

just post here or in my pm so i gonna get it for u
2 messages
English F L I P - subject is closed
Below market..

9kish pm me fast..

2 messages
English Mr Cool 1 - subject is closed
Anyone interested pm me
im not sellin him my friend is
5 messages
Deutsch Gonkster - last answer from iustinic, Monday 20/10/2008, 15:52.
Hello everyone.

I want 3 Wandas Lv1 0 Exp.
I would buy them for 1350 each or you make offers. Thanks.
8 messages
English RobHardcore - subject is closed
65k anyone?
1 message
Selling Sigmund Cr for 156k. Market price is 162k

Please send me a message or post here if you are interest in. Serious buyers only please !


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