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Thursday 20/11/08

5 messages
English Zephyrus-Mike - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Thursday 20/11/2008, 17:57.
Cyan 7/1
ability = dmg = opp dmg
bunos = SOB
1 message
I am buying her for 75,000 - 80,000.

Please contact me for further details.
13 messages
English LB Droukx - last answer from LB Droukx, Thursday 20/11/2008, 14:57.
I'm looking for cards no full.
You can put directly in my private sells all your cards no full

I pay 200 clintz for :
- 2* > 250/500 xp lvl 1
- 3* no full

I pay cash 400 clintz for :
- 4* no full

I pay cash 600 clintz for:
- 5* no full

10 messages
English UM-Pinstripe - subject is closed
Hi, looking for Marlysa Cr

my offer:
Splata Cr - 0xp
A Award Cr - full xp
Ambrose Cr full xp
Vickie Cr - full xp
3x Chikko Cr - full xp
41000 clintz
Diyo Cr - full xp
Geuner Cr - full xp

^ totals - 434596 clintz! pm me or write here if you are interested
10 messages
English xLEG3NDx - subject is closed
pm me
3 messages
English xLEG3NDx - subject is closed
33 Of um maxxed
120 a piece
3 messages
English worldpad - last answer from TB Bukowski, Thursday 20/11/2008, 12:04.
I will include 5k clintz in the deal. beltran is max level, and the level of kerozinn doesn't matter
11 messages
English clemclem16 - last answer from ShareHolder, Thursday 20/11/2008, 08:57.
Charlie 6000k
Yayoi 4000k

post your offers....or just pm me
3 messages
English brfc4lyf - subject is closed
If u want to buy a 5 star Hugo, Timber and vandeem i sell you 1 for 2500
2 messages
English YinYangDMT - last answer from YinYangDMT, Thursday 20/11/2008, 00:58.
Im buying him for 900 clintz ppl
any offers pm me
Wednesday 19/11/08

2 messages
English RG LoA - subject is closed
I'm selling 0xp Malmoth (best 1* Junkz card) at 1495 each, check the market

I have 6 at this time.
3 messages
English Amberwolfe - last answer from Amberwolfe, Wednesday 19/11/2008, 20:23.
I am looking for a Ombre Cr. I have 20,000 clintz and many valuebly cards I can send with the clitz for it. PM me with a list of cards you would want and I will trade if I have the ones you are seeking allong with the clitz. Try to keep the value close to equal please
1 message
Buying as many Elya Cr as your selling.
1 message
I need this two cards if you have contact me with PM
2 messages
English Nico De Angel - last answer from SCAMMER12345, Wednesday 19/11/2008, 17:41.
I can trade Uranus (full exp) for a Nistarok




Azel + Nerfenti

OR sell it for 4.6 K clintz (Bargain able). PM me or post here.


P.S.-> Mods dont lock this thread pls.
8 messages
English Tanto89 - last answer from Tanto89, Wednesday 19/11/2008, 17:26.
I'm looking Marlysa Cr (level max is good since I will use her anyway) and willingly to pay 360K in Cr
I know that below 40K from the market, but I think Marlysa Cr overpriced right now.
cards that I wanted to trade for Marlysa Cr:
1 Lamar Cr 0 exp
1 Kerozinn Cr level 4
1 Geuner Cr max
1 Splata Cr max
1 Chd Bread cr 0 exp
1 Jim Cr max
1 Page Cr 0 exp
1 Nahi Cr 0 exp

and I will add 12K clintz

also looking for mellisa cr (any level)
1 Cassio Cr 0exp
1 Seldnor Cr 0 exp
1 Geuner Cr max
10 Hax
4 alec

PM me if you are interested
4 messages
English cutfinger - subject is closed
3 messages
English MR Rochey - last answer from -Brook-O_C, Wednesday 19/11/2008, 14:37.
I'm buying them for 29,000 each.

If you want in on this great deal.
Contact me and we will trade.
2 messages
English mEngky - subject is closed
Anyone who is willing to trade their zEr0 d34D and Toro for my Rolp,Methane and Bristone.? ?

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