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Saturday 30/08/08

6 messages
English clemclem16 - last answer from clemclem16, Saturday 30/08/2008, 11:41.
Im looking for the ff. cards



noodile 0exp

pm me ur prefer price

hopefully a very cheap ones...
5 messages
English Vorpal Scarab - subject is closed
Crassus Maxxed Level from Freaks Clan

Starting Price-2400

Reserve price-2800

Instant Buy-3100

Personal Message Me For Best Chance Of Winning Instant Buy
This Subject Is Only For Auctioning Prices Not Instant Buy Offers
6 messages
English Faeox - last answer from Faeox, Saturday 30/08/2008, 11:11.
I'm going to build some All Stars mono- or half deck for tournaments/survivor and i'm looking for Hammer or Oyoh for reasonable price
2 messages
English Skittish - last answer from Miscr3ant, Saturday 30/08/2008, 09:49.
I am looking to buy the following Ulu Watu cards
Tanaerva for 19k
Wee Lee for 6500
Lulabee for 6500
Shayna for 10k

Also possibly lookin for other cards, Gaia or the other 8/5 card. Pm me if u sell
1 message


5 messages
English _Nic_ - last answer from Job 314, Saturday 30/08/2008, 08:55.
2 messages
English Blade Demon - subject is closed
I'll buy Nellie 7k

I prefer her being a atleast level 3 but depending on the offers I get I might take her any level, PM me or put in my private sales if we have a deal.
8 messages
Español 87Belfast - last answer from U-superelmo-P, Saturday 30/08/2008, 05:57.

all for sale

ill sell all for around 750 below market price
happy bidding
2 messages
English Pride of Pitt - last answer from LoA XONicxOx, Saturday 30/08/2008, 02:20.
I want to buy Peeler Rowdy Veenyle Gil Coby Dayton Skiner Lehane

make your offer. this will end in 48 hours after this is posted
2 messages
English Dino_Austin - last answer from roneck, Saturday 30/08/2008, 01:57.
I want level 1 of all of these cards, please!


(try to keep it fair, and a little cheaper than the market, please)
2 messages
English LoA BlitzMNSN - last answer from WAHHH, Saturday 30/08/2008, 00:06.
I need a alec Hax and Steve
Friday 29/08/08

3 messages
English LOA-MAYHEM - subject is closed
New card Shayna is for sale at max level let send me a offer b4 shes gone!!!!!!!!!
10 messages
English Faeless - last answer from Agent Nexus, Friday 29/08/2008, 23:09.
2 messages
English dj_alex12 - last answer from Dino_Austin, Friday 29/08/2008, 21:57.
Can yu sell me
vermyn m
B Ball
jane ramba
Wardog and Bruce
for cheap please
3 messages
English droppinplates - subject is closed
Selling: Vansaar, Ghoub, Giovanni, Corraille, Thompson, Candy Jack, and Nympheea!!
1 message
Need a cheap Hax. also buying other cheap Rescue cards.
6 messages
English TNT VAMP - subject is closed
Post your offers here
9 messages
English Pride of Pitt - subject is closed
I am looking to buy or trade Gibson Gil Rowdy Veenyle Dayton Hawk Lehane and Skiner

This is what I have Kenny Nistarok Sheitane Timmy Dieter Eadh Glorg Hel Vickie Eyrik Hugo Vansaar

I want to try to make even trades
1 message
Buying gibsoon 1800
16 messages
English U-superelmo-P - last answer from Leeroy_RA, Friday 29/08/2008, 19:24.

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