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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 26/09/08

1 message
Jackie for 12000
17 messages
English FK_Sniper - last answer from 0oP_arsim_Eo0, Friday 26/09/2008, 11:50.
6 messages
English cemical - last answer from cemical, Friday 26/09/2008, 08:44.
9 messages
English clemclem16 - last answer from clemclem16, Friday 26/09/2008, 06:41.
Vickie 21k
jackie 12k
Zatman 6k

post your offers
13 messages
English Fiat Lux - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Friday 26/09/2008, 06:31.
I am selling the whole Piranas deck
bidding starts at 25k
will sell instantly at 35k
6 messages
English imnoemo - subject is closed
I need a cheap Sharon about not exeeding 580 clintz
14 messages
English fincho - last answer from clemclem16, Friday 26/09/2008, 04:46.
Thursday 25/09/08

3 messages
English TwR024 - last answer from McV, Thursday 25/09/2008, 23:43.
Buying Gwen 1 star - 600
Buying Wanda 1 star - 700

msg me....
5 messages
English remaths - subject is closed
I have 2x 2 star Gil

I am trying to sell them for 4500 each so that I can purchase cards to get the complete set.
If anyone is willing to sell me cards for 50 clintz that would be amazing.
(not trying to make a profit, just trying to get some cards)
3 messages
English LeBronTheKing - last answer from LoA_JJ, Thursday 25/09/2008, 22:48.
I'm looking for Nellie and I can buy ot trade it..if somebody want to sell it please send me a pm
1 message
Sell to me for 120 or what ever price range he is in it will be most appreciated
2 messages
English 0_ROY - subject is closed
Looking to buy any Splata 0xp for 75 000 clintz

Private Sales it to me if interested

Pm me if you need cards for Splata 0xp or post here
5 messages
English The_Supremist - subject is closed
Alec - 5600
Baby Q-2999

message me for offers
3 messages
English justin123194 - subject is closed
Hay all i need a vickie
im willing to buy now for 24750
if thats good with ayone
send me sale
or message me
2 messages
English Blurred - subject is closed
I need....

Glorg 3000 max xp
Sheitane 2900
Ielena 2500
Azel 1500
Hel 1100
Estalt 800

Miss Twice Cr 40,0000

A little more if max xp except where noted. I do have some Uncommons and Rares to trade below only as part of a deal on the above.

Frankie Hi
7 messages
English -Black cat- - subject is closed
Pm me your offer or leave message here
3 messages
English Blurred - subject is closed
Selling Dalhia 14900

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