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Business men and women talk here.
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Sunday 26/10/08

3 messages
English Blackout_BZ - subject is closed
Ok im buying 1 star warrens for about 400 ea if any one has any they r willing to sell pm me or post here thanks
Saturday 25/10/08

6 messages
Deutsch Gonkster - last answer from Gonkster, Saturday 25/10/2008, 21:27.

I'd like to trade my Splata Cr (Cr) for a Tessa Cr (Cr).

If you have interest on the other Freaks then say it to, i would trade them for other good Sentinelcards.

Please send me a PM or write here.
76 messages
English Halowe - last answer from Dan-underwood, Saturday 25/10/2008, 21:19.
If u want a cool, custom, poetic, enigmatic bio for all to see then look no further

all i require is a subject about which to write and as soon as i see your message i'll get started

only 300 clintz per bio
3 messages
English Faeox - subject is closed
650 for one Mort Bax
900 for Gary
PM me
1 message
AM looking to buy Splata Cr now I finally got close enough clintz. I have 73k ill buy the first person that sends it to me on private sale. Thx
2 messages
English justin123194 - last answer from loilkloilk, Saturday 25/10/2008, 19:05.
Hay all i need a Ombre Cr
i have 65k atm
if ayone can get me a deal
pm me or post here ty
1 message

I'd like to trade my Splata Cr for a Tessa Cr or a Marlysa Cr

Please send me a PM
11 messages
English --Freddy-- - subject is closed
I will buy Lamar Cr for 50k and Ashigaru.
Post her or on pm.
7 messages
English kaneholt_nwnf - subject is closed
Ill trade these
Ambrose Cr 0xp 100k Hawkins 11k

55k rhed 1.5k

Bodenpower 2.55k Louise 3k

blaaster 7k Uranus 5k

Graff 2k Wakai 1.2k

vermyn oxp 10k gabriele 4k

vermyn lvl 3 11.7k Gaia 3.9k

Yu Mei 4k Shayna 2k

Erpeto 1.5k Dorian 6.5k 0xp

Trish 900clintz Rubie 2.5k

Wardog 3.8k Nellie 1k

Hugo,Timber,vansar 3k Tyler 1.3k

Don 1.35k zaltar 0xp 700clintz

Mona 4k

Ottavia 2.1k

Azel 1.2k

Dieter 2k

Sheitane 3.6k

sarg 650clintz

all this for Marlysa Cr
158 messages
English wingfighter9 - subject is closed
I have any card you can need! Post what card you want and what you'll trade for. If it's not good, I'll make an offer and send u a sale. The cheaper the card the faster the transaction. I DO NOTaccept money!
2 messages
English Faeox - subject is closed
Buying both for 1.1k
2 messages
English rbman - last answer from _machine_, Saturday 25/10/2008, 08:08.
I want Scubb i have 5500 clints any takers
4 messages
English KON ARTIST - subject is closed
For 6k now i no is dear but it is 900 curently off the market cost! for lvl 3 and if he is in a mono he can do 6/7
3 messages
English KON ARTIST - subject is closed
I will trade John Coby skinner and Rebecca for
11 messages
English KON ARTIST - subject is closed
I will sell levitasion for 300 under market price
i have a lvl 2 and lvl 1 jane ramba i will sell lvl 2 for 7.5k and lvl 1 for 100 under market price
and i will sell Wardog for 150 under market price
2 messages
English callisti WMD - last answer from squirrelord, Saturday 25/10/2008, 07:18.
Hello everyone.

I want 5 Wandas Lv1 0 Exp and 5 Gwen lv1 0 Exp.
I would buy them for 1300 each Wanda or 1200 for each Gwen or you make offers. Thanks.
1 message
English Nico De Angel - subject is closed
Sargh is the latest of the newly released Nightmare cards.

Starting price: 500 Clintz
Reserve Price: 700 Clinz

End of auction: 27th October 2008

If you buy it for more than 750 clintz you get a Mojo for a discount price of 250 clintz too...

3 messages
English FAST IS FUN - subject is closed
Selling 70 copies, all fully evolved, for 55k in clintz or 60k in cards. PM me if interested.
3 messages
English FusionEsq - subject is closed
Buying auroa around 6.5k-7.3k pm me fast

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