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Business men and women talk here.
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Thursday 11/09/08

1 message
Looking for a cheap Yaman...
i need many....
post your prices here..or just pm me...
2 messages
English Pride of Pitt - subject is closed
I want to buy a Tessa Cr just leave a post or pm me
1 message
I am looking for GraksmxxT, jane ramba, gertrude and Wee Lee....
3 messages
English 0_ROY - subject is closed
I'm looking for a Splata or Tessa 0xp

i have the ff cr:


ombre 0xp
thaumaturge 0xp
diyo 0xp
geuner 0xp
cassio 0xp
lamar 0xp
nahi full
swidz level 2 0xp
seldnor 0xp
2 messages
Česky 0 Spycee - last answer from John Clark, Thursday 11/09/2008, 02:10.
I buy cheap ^____^
5 messages
English HolyWizy - last answer from Shadow_na, Thursday 11/09/2008, 01:44.
I have a 0 exp Larmar one and I have lvl 5 Larmar both for sell / trade
73 messages
English HarbingerZero - subject is closed
1 message
I have 1195 and cards let me know if u r will to trade or sell
3 messages
English James-LoA - last answer from LoA XONicxOx, Thursday 11/09/2008, 00:06.
Any wanna trade vikie for 5 selnor cr's
Wednesday 10/09/08

1 message
Hey guys! i cannot buy Hammer (All Stars)on the market right now and i need to buy him for just a little less. i would be asking for around....1700 clintz thankyou.
1 message
Buying Wakai for 1k
2 messages
English justin123194 - last answer from justin123194, Wednesday 10/09/2008, 19:02.
Hay ill buy now for 13000
if thats good with ayone send me sale
1 message
I need Gabrielle, Sting, Hawkins.

Send message with what your asking.
6 messages
English metallica1811 - subject is closed
Selling Coby and Dayton. Both Maxed.

Starting Price: 2700

Instant Buy: 3500

No seperate sales.
2 messages
English WTJack - subject is closed
Im looking for a cheap Zoltan pm me with an offer if your interested
5 messages
English arbiaas - last answer from arbiaas, Wednesday 10/09/2008, 16:47.
Flesh Pimp
Lyse Teria Cr

who sell those card . with cheap price ...
3 messages
English ChocolateRain - subject is closed
I will happily sell for 3500
plz don't post here because i will rarely check it.

15 messages
Español 87Belfast - last answer from 87Belfast, Wednesday 10/09/2008, 14:48.
Bodenpower, Gyro, Ghoub and Rubie

starting price 6k

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