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Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments

Tournaments are run every two hours. Get pro-tips from the best players and reach the top.
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Saturday 02/08/14

3 messages
addiction08 - last answer from addiction08, Saturday 02/08, 16:15.

My Sakrohm DT1 deck. As title says, PROTECTION ALL OVER

2 DR
2 SOB (1 conditional)

Faced many GHEIST/Roots/SOA users. Nonetheless, I managed to survive most of them. Find this deck pretty defensive.

I only play UR sometimes (I mostly play other games like Dark Souls 2 and Divinity: Original Sin). But when I do, I always play Sakrohm, which is my favourite clan even way back in 2006 lol
2 messages
English newsjustin - last answer from I am Titan, Saturday 02/08, 02:31.
Hey, i was wondering if anyone could build a deck (just 8 cards) for me to use in DT... i have about 380k to spend so maybe as an answer you could link me to a public preset or just comment the 8 characters. I prefer to play a more power/force game style but i am fine with any clan.

thank you
1 message
Since the meta has changed a fair bit and new decks are arising Ive tried to create my own homebrew which is based around power manipulation.

Friday 01/08/14

1 message
Deutsch wild-lionXX - subject is closed
Which of these mono Jungo decks is the best ?

hints/tips ?
type 1 Jungo 1.0
type 1 Jungo 2.0
type 1 Jungo 3.0
type 1 Jungo 4.0
Wednesday 30/07/14

2 messages
English -UE- ToP_LeL - subject is closed

Tried this deck today and went surprisingly well!
Quite expensive though, so not really newbie friendly.
Suggestions and improvements would be nice.
Monday 28/07/14

1 message
Testing this deck out and seeing if I can get to the top! Kinda expensive right now, but players who've been playing for quite some time should have most Montana staples

Hopefully i can hyperlink this right (crosses fingers)

If I fail miserably here's the direct link
Sunday 27/07/14

3 messages
English OC_Striker - last answer from bOCneehog, Sunday 27/07, 19:04.

reached 83rd in first attempt
3 messages
English ManOfLuckHOA - last answer from mistblade14, Sunday 27/07, 17:46.
7 messages
English Jaxx_Hoa - last answer from mistblade14, Sunday 27/07, 17:43.
Amazing deck for DT. Started 16 miz later than anyone else in the DT, and still managed to finish 60/509. R&C http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2761423
4 messages
English Ice dragon T - last answer from RitzMalheur, Sunday 27/07, 15:21.
http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/presets/?id_preset=2760711 my Piranas T1 deck
So,what do you think,what should I change?
I finished 8.th and 18.th in DT,but I think there are some improvements to make
Saturday 19/07/14

5 messages
English 0 Zenos - last answer from 412rayray, Saturday 19/07, 03:44.
So I just recently got back into UR and im confused by the new scoring for DT. it used to be low stars are better and that winning more rounds got you more points. but now I see nothing but 25 star decks in T1 ad a tonof 2HKOs.

then I looked it up and I couldn't find concrete answers on the new meta and if all elo banned cards are penalties or just the ones with the trophy down symbol.

can someone give me a concrete description of the scoring and the general idea behind deck making these days
Friday 18/07/14

4 messages
English jerromy - last answer from jerromy, Friday 18/07, 05:04.
Thursday 17/07/14

15 messages
English CB Maad - last answer from Famous Falco, Thursday 17/07, 19:51.
After this news penalizations what clans are you going to use? And what deck?
Monday 14/07/14

2 messages
English Absurd Turtle - last answer from Six Nations, Monday 14/07, 16:59.
Hello. I want to buy Skeelz deck T2 type. I have 50k clintz. Any suggestions?
Monday 07/07/14

2 messages
English jikwarrior - last answer from Thoazol, Monday 07/07, 19:24.
Raven, Emeth Cr
Draheera, Mechakolos
Mokra, Grak, Copper Cr, Hawk, Lehane, Herman, Lennie, Zatman!
Do you know unpenalized cards?
Friday 04/07/14

14 messages
English Madanga Fu-Fu - last answer from troll4663, Friday 04/07, 21:35.
What clans do you think are the most effective in DT
20 messages
Bagadur - subject is closed
If you really want to win the tournament, but Don`t like popular sets, may be Roots desk is good. They can survive against Sentinels, GHEIST and La hunta.

If you playing just for fun, consider you revenge to Sentinels:
1) The opponent really wants easy and fast victory, so play very slowly. Your defeat will take several minutes and it`ll be impossible to win Tournament for opponent.
2) If you are really hardcore guy, die by time out in the end. It`ll halve the opponent victory points.
Thursday 03/07/14

Wednesday 02/07/14

3 messages
English play_0 - last answer from play_0, Wednesday 02/07, 13:05.

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