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Saturday 26/07/14

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Looking to trade my Lamar Cr 0exp for a full level one plus 10k compliment. PM me for fastest response. Price is negotiable
1 message
Buy Jackie Cr 190k if interested please put in my private sales
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English CHR0 - last answer from Famous Falco, Saturday 26/07, 18:14.
I would like to sell my Splata for straight clintz but I might be open to trades in Cr's and good cards. No bulks for ex: 200 Boby Joby's.

Mainly looking for Clintz, Offer up, please do not lowball your heart out.
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English GenT LaCaiGi - subject is closed
Hello everybody,

I said nearly everything in the title but I can also sell an Elya Cr 0xp for 670k.
Feel free to contact me.

Nice weekend.
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Română 0Bho - subject is closed
Hi, I exchange a lot of CR, and search at least 40% in money

i trade :
- 100 Blaaster Cr 0xp 140k cad
- Sum Sam Cr 0xp 1.3M
- Elya Cr 670k
- Kerozinn Cr 0xp 690k
- Marlysa Cr 1M550k
- 2 Seldnor Cr ( 1 full 1 0xp ) 90k cad
- Diyo Cr 0xp 83k
- Geuner Cr 83k
- Splata Cr 850k
- 2 Kalindra Cr 145k cad
- Miss Twice Cr 0xp 270k
- Selsya Cr 0xp 225k
- Sigmund Cr 0xp 620k
- Flavio Cr 0xp 1M020k
- Lyse Teria Cr 0xp 7.6M
- 3 Vickie Cr 675k cad
- Ambrose Cr 0xp 385k
- Ombre Cr 0xp 340k
- Cassio Cr 94k
- Manon Cr 0xp 1M270k
- Beltran Cr 0xp 215k
- Kiki Cr full 10.5M
- Nahi Cr 0xp 210k
- Page Cr 90k
- A Award Cr 0xp 210k
- Aldebaran Cr 0xp 950k
- Guru Cr 9.8M
- Dragan Cr 0xp 835k
- Skullface Cr 0xp 205k
- Swidz Cr 0xp 140k
- Rass Cr 0xp 940k
- Jim Cr 0xp 280k
- Tanaereva Cr 0xp 305k

PS for 100 Blaaster Cr 0xp accept : cash DJ Korr Cr 10M, Guru Cr 9.8M, Kiki Cr 10.5M, General Cr 9.1M

For others cr i accept
- 40% cash + CR
- Jackie Cr full 200k /// 0xp 205k
- Caelus Cr full 165k /// 0XP 175k
- Copper Cr full 78k /// 0xp 85k
- ..........
- ..........
1 message
The Title says it all.
Pls message me with your offers

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English baltusu - last answer from baltusu, Saturday 26/07, 10:15.
[TRADE] my Vickie Cr 0xp for your 13 GraksmmxT, pm me, please
4 messages
English Isocka GK - subject is closed
I want to trade my Kiki Cr 0xp 10.500k

i'm looking for:
cash 2M min.
Marlysa Cr 1.500k
Tessa Cr 830k
Dragan Cr 800k
Vickie Cr 670k
Kerozinn Cr 670k
Tanaereva Cr 295k
Jim Cr 260k
Jackie Cr 200k

no bulk thanks

waiting for your offer
2 messages
English DrillaryBandz - last answer from AKP_Kaiser, Saturday 26/07, 04:43.
Looking to trade for:

Miss Twice Cr
Cealus Cr
Emeth Cr
3 messages
English GenT LaCaiGi - subject is closed
Hello everybody,

I'm trading my Kalindra Cr 0xp that I value 165000 cz for your Octana 0xp that I value 15000 cz.

I can make this trade 10 times

edited by DA-sephiroth Friday 25/07, 12:01
Friday 25/07/14

5 messages
English RealDirtyDan - last answer from RealDirtyDan, Friday 25/07, 19:59.
Im mainly interested in Lyse Teria Cr full xp, DJ Korr Cr full xp, General Cr full xp, Crazy Carlo 0 xp, Liona 0 xp, Brody 0 xp, Marjory 0 xp, Splata Cr, Copper Cr 0 xp, Collectors and clintz. Although I will entertain any offer, prices are negotiable and I give highest priority to trades including Lyse Teria Cr or multiple copies of Liona 0 xp.

259 Magnar 0 xp 5000 each

217 Wee Lee 0 xp 47000 each

290 Akendram 0 xp 15000 each

100 Zornado 0 xp 12500 each

117 Valter Bianco 0 xp 1400 each

100 Deebler level 2 no xp 350 each

46 Vito 0 xp 3000 each
2 messages
ZacharyThomas - last answer from ZacharyThomas, Friday 25/07, 18:34.
7.5k each

I have 117 of em.

pm if interested
5 messages
English Six Nations - subject is closed
My Jackie Cr full xp - 200,000 ctz


Your Striker - 37,000 ctz
Romana - 33,400 ctz
Either 129,600 ctz cash
Blaaster Cr - 118,000 ctz + Bodenpower - 10,390 ctz + Tasty Tast - 1,040

All prices + cards negotiable

*prices correct as of lowest market offer when posted*

PM for faster response

2 messages
English Faint Man - subject is closed
Show me your prices.
3 messages
English robotkhatiwada - subject is closed
I have 162 B Bazooka for sale. 98 full xp and 64 oxp priced at 6k and 6.2k respectively.

Oxo 39 full xp and 13 0xp. priced at 1700 and 1800.........

3 messages
English Six Nations - subject is closed
My Kenny Cr - 63,500 ctz


Your Robb Cr - 54,000
9,500 ctz
23 messages
English baltusu - subject is closed
My Lyse Teria Cr 7,5kk
I am mainly interested:
Grax 50k
Uranus 20k
Yayoi 40k
Wee Lee 23k
Dorian 25k
Zatman 16k

I can consider other offers
20 messages
English Unforgiven1 - subject is closed
As the heading says I'm currently looking for lots
I'm offering up my full xp Splata which I value at 850k
I also have Caelus that I value at 170k
And in case someone was looking for her Nahi which I value at 205k

The cards I'm looking for
Noctezuma which I value at 81k
Cortez which I value at 48k
Ongh which I value at 47k
Hax which I value at 13k
Michael which I value at 30k

I am mainly looking for bulk lots if possible, but I am also willing to hear any reasonable offers.
Feel free to post here, or send me a PM. Thanks mods for posting.
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English 0_AAR - last answer from MU-Cisco, Friday 25/07, 05:54.
I'm willing to trade my 230 Wee Lee 0xp for General Cr (I don't care about xp)

Wee Lee will get unbanned next week, which is pretty sure I think.

I'm willing to take a gamble here, Wee Lee is estimated at 38,7k per head if you trade it for General Cr

If Wee Lee will get unbanned, his price will stay around 40k, and you'll make a nice profit.

Thx for your attention
7 messages
English Korrn - last answer from MU-Cisco, Friday 25/07, 05:51.
Want to trade 3 of my Curlix for your 1 Wee Lee
any xP Wee Lee I give 0 xp Curlix

pm me

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