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Friday 19/11/10

162 messages
English Euzebe - last answer from Endymio_DvF, Friday 19/11/2010, 21:05.
Hello all,

In order to make the ELO mode even more interesting, we’ve decided to add a few more characters to the list of characters banned by staff in ELO. Please note that as with the other characters banned by staff in ELO, two penalty points will be removed in DTs if you have these characters in your team. Here is the list of characters: Smokey Cr, Caelus, Charlie, Wanda, Shakra, Sylth, Striker, Hugo, Morphun, Eyrik, Ambre, Eklore. These bans will come into effect from September 13th.

Have fun
Thursday 18/11/10

59 messages
English Euzebe - last answer from Poison Ivy89, Thursday 18/11/2010, 23:39.
From their HQ on the top of Golden Mountain, the Fang Pi Clang has just set loose on the city one of their most devastating secret weapons -Tsubame.  Meanwhile, the Sentinel can now rely on Kyle to find out more for them about time travel, while the GHEIST welcome Elke and the Sakrohm sign up Pieter.
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Tuesday 16/11/10

48 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Hello all,

I talked about it last week, now it's done :
A new flash version has been released. These new optimizations will offer more speed and flowing. This flash version should give your computer a break

The black images glitch is fixed.
The screen you could see at the end of each match with your characters XP has been rebuilt and is much more ergonomic.

Have fun
Monday 15/11/10

61 messages
English Euzebe - last answer from HoA - Zero, Monday 15/11/2010, 09:42.
Hello all

You may have noticed that a Polish version of Urban Rivals has been released.
This community needed a moderator. Bushidou_PWM will be this new mod and will also help in the English speaking team. So Don’t hesitate to contact him our new nice and full of spice mod.

- You won't become a moderator by asking. In fact it's worse than trying to divide by zero.
- There are no set criteria for the moderator position except the changing ones constantly created by my weird and sick mind.
- People are not selected because of their levels, guilds, ELO ranking or colour of their socks, it's far worse than that and I won't tell you more about it or it will wake Cthulhu up. He is always very grumpy when he wakes up and it's not really a good thing.
- Believe me or not, moderators are players who volunteer, they don't get massive super powers, they can't change water in chocolate milk nor tell you what will be next collectors. They are nice people with a big quality : they are very patient. And is some cases, it's a bigger power than changing water in chocolate milk.

And now, let's spam
Thursday 11/11/10

108 messages
English Mac_Leod - subject is closed
If you like the Missions (and a lot of you do), you'll be pleased to know we've just added 92 new ones to the list, which means there are now more than 300 missions available! So, quick, discover these new challenges and increase your mission points. It's time to get back into the ring! To find out more about the Missions, click here.
Friday 05/11/10

296 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
The Clan Wars rage on in Clint City. And now there’s a new bone of contention: the election of Miss Clint City 2010.
Every clan wants to see one of their own walk away with the title. The war looks set to be fierce.
We need all your votes. Firstly, to elect the representative of your choice from each clan and secondly, to elect Miss Clint City 2010, who will be the proud ambassador of the city’s colors for an entire year. This first election of each clan miss will last 15 days. Click here for more info on how voting is progressing. Now, get voting
75 messages
English Euzebe - last answer from crazyguy12345, Friday 05/11/2010, 11:33.
To impose his will and take control of the city, there’s nothing like a bit of brute force. Convinced that violence is the answer, it is with great pleasure that the Vortex welcome the fearsome creature, C Beast, to their ranks. In response, the Montana turn to Tino, another sort of equally grizzly creature. Elsewhere in the city, the Piranas welcome Ector while Burdock joins forces with the Roots.
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Monday 01/11/10

35 messages
English Fraggle - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Monday 01/11/2010, 14:09.
Hi everyone,

Just a quick message to let you know that you can:

Follow us on Twitter:

Become fan on Facebook:

We plan to use theses channels to give you insiders tips, exclusive contents etc..

Hope to see you there!
Friday 22/10/10

78 messages
English Euzebe - last answer from Exuritas, Friday 22/10/2010, 11:01.
The residents of Clint City are well aware that a walk in town has always held its share of surprises. But with the city’s latest arrivals, the situation seems to have stepped a level or two. The All Stars welcome out-of-control mascot, Spudd to their numbers, while new Ulu Watu, Serena, patrols the beaches astride a dolphin. Meanwhile, Saho, a new and very unusual student joins the Skeelz and the Rescue add Lothar, a new music-loving assistant to their ranks.
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Monday 18/10/10

103 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
While the All Stars and the Fang Pi quietly strengthen their numbers with the arrivals of Liu and Kang for the sportsmen, and Unagi and Rei for the residents of the Golden Mountain Monastery, it's the Junkz who are really hitting home this week with Gil and the formidable Taham, a giant hamster doped up on pillz, who's as cute as he is destructive. The Junkz are back. Be prepared…
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Monday 11/10/10

81 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Now you can use all your card doubles! Until now Kate only gave away Prize Draw Tickets for common cards (bronze background). But as of today, she'll also give you tickets for unusual cards (silver background) and rare cards (gold background). Kate is giving away 2 tickets for a common card, 5 for an unusual one and 10 for a rare one. Good luck to you all!
Friday 08/10/10

49 messages
English Goralion - last answer from Jyongri, Friday 08/10/2010, 14:04.
Their emperor’s arrival has boosted the morale of the Vortex and with the two new recruits that turned up this week in the shape of Butch and Lovhak, they can now relaunch their offensive, confident of the danger they pose. Meanwhile, the Nightmare welcome Orlok to their ranks, a very cute but nasty demon, and the Jungo let Eduardo loose on the city's streets.
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Friday 24/09/10

70 messages
English Euzebe - last answer from Mr Intelijent, Friday 24/09/2010, 01:49.
As his men seem incapable of annihilating the Clint City clans, the Vortex’s merciless emperor, Dregn has decided to leave his fortress and come to Clint City in person.  At his side is Galen, the Vortex’s unflappable engineer, who has sprung into action to strengthen the link between Clint City and the future. Meanwhile, unaware of Dregn’s imminent arrival, the Freaks present their new star attraction, Magda, the Roller Ball champion, and Jiro joins forces with the Junkz to party the nights away.
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Wednesday 22/09/10

44 messages
English pumpkin - last answer from owButtacup Ld, Wednesday 22/09/2010, 23:09.
Thanks to Feelyn, Clint City survived Kolos, but now’s not the time to rest on their laurels. The child zombies are casting fear throughout the city and Ielena has yet to unveil her demonic plan. You can now find out what happens next in the adventures of the Sentinels.
46 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Hello all !

Good news for players living in South Africa and Singapore :
Credits purchase by SMS with Allopass is now available for them.

You will find more information about it in the shop.
Saturday 18/09/10

67 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Some people would do just about anything to get ahead in the terrible war of the Clans. Take the Sakrohm, for example, who didn’t think twice about releasing a gelatinous and gluttonous alien, who goes by the name of Slopsh, onto the city’s streets. Fortunately the clan’s other new recruit, Nimestiec seems a bit more reasonable. In the meantime, the Nightmare clan welcomes Phyllis the witch and novice demon, Azgroth to their ranks. It would seem that peace and quiet is not on the cards for Clint City quite just yet.
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Friday 17/09/10

119 messages
English Euzebe - last answer from Poison Ivy89, Friday 17/09/2010, 21:37.
Hello all,

After a month of voting, the time has finally come to find out who you’ve chosen.
Clint City’s new ambassador of beauty doesn’t want to pose for the cameras in her current guise. So, you’ll have to wait a few days while we come up with suitable attire for the occasion

Here are the names of the 5 finalists. Can you guess who the overall winner is?


Be here on September 17th to find out who the new Miss is 
281 messages
English Euzebe - last answer from Hula_Daisy, Friday 17/09/2010, 20:10.
Hello all,

You have chosen a miss in each clan. Now it's time to decide who will represent the city during one year.
Vote for Miss Clint City 2010 here :

Tuesday 14/09/10

11 messages
English Euzebe - last answer from Rain-Teller, Tuesday 14/09/2010, 16:31.
Hello all,

We did an operation on the servers between 4 am and 11 am to solve the massive slowdowns problem. During this period of time we had to deactivate missions so you can keep playing.

Some more explanations about the problem :
The number of missions unlocked by players is permanently increasing. For some time now, when a certain number of players online is reached, the server doesn’t have enough room to keep all necessary data in memory. It had to keep on doing round trips to the hard disk (which is far slower than the memory). The result is that it was taking more and more time to give back missions and the other data were pending.

Corrections :
After a lot of optimizations, observations, false bright ideas, real bright ideas... we manage to isolate the problem and then find the appropriate solution.
Last night, we changed the data base structure so the missions requests go faster. We also reorganized the server to give more memory (double it) to the database so it can keep more data in memory.

We will also duplicate this server and split «the work» on several machines. We will optimize the data structure to avoid the slowdowns when there will be even more players than now.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Be sure we are doing our best to solve these problems as fast as we can. Unfortunately, some problem are more difficult and longer to solve than others.
Monday 13/09/10

33 messages
English Euzebe - last answer from Vrungel D, Monday 13/09/2010, 10:58.
After some testing and tweaking the Deathmatch mode is finally leaving the beta testing phase to join the other Urban Rivals’ game modes officially. In support of the new launch we have created new missions for this game mode. Simply logon and play to discover them all!

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