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Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments

Tournaments are run every two hours. Get pro-tips from the best players and reach the top.
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Wednesday 02/11/11

2 messages
English StitchFace - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Wednesday 02/11/2011, 12:20.

That's the preset. I basically want help in deciding whom to replace... I'm thinking of buying Sting, so that I have one decent wall, but I can't decide between Sting, Tyd or rhed. Even Kristin looks necessary at times.... Need adive please... If you have time, please rate my preset.

thanks for your time..
Tuesday 01/11/11

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English benjamin9099 - last answer from fingers2001, Tuesday 01/11/2011, 21:44.

I got 19th in a DT
Friday 28/10/11

1 message
I feel that there should be more gradual steps in how the awards are handled. For instance, there could be better awards for being in top 25% and then top 10% or something.

It's very frustrating that in an hourly tournament with say, 4,000 players accounted for, being #200 will get you the same prize as being #1200.

Just my opinion.
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English StitchFace - subject is closed
For those who can't follow the link:

Miranda , Lehane, John, Kyle, Martha, Tobbie, Katja and Slyde.

It's kinda low damage, but synergizes well. The slyde splash helps a lot in many battles versus Bangers, Berzerk, Rescue , Uppers and any other High damager. John and Martha are useful in mono Sentinel decks, esp. Martha as she takes on all bluffers without any pills. A proper explanation of the deck strategy is given in the preset comments.

Please help me out with any suggestions. I know this deck is fish food for SOA/SOB clans, but with Ftaghn Ld out, i'm running into mostly Vortexes and Sakrohms in DT type 1, which are decent targets for this deck due to it's attack manipulation capabilities.

Thanks for your time.
5 messages
English Aviceemy - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Friday 28/10/2011, 10:49.
I need opinions and suggestions regarding this deck.
2 messages
English StitchFace - subject is closed
I have no money, and it doesnt look like I'll be rolling in any soon.... I'm about to hit 70 credits and buy some elite packs, but i got burned with my last few packs in terms of both usability and clintz values, so outlooks not good there.... So i'm probably gonna be sticking to a Rescue deck or a very cheap Piranas deck, the latter of which which will take me a lot of time to buy....

The deck i'm using now is below.... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Tuesday 25/10/11

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English Snazzy-WMD - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 25/10/2011, 23:14.
This supposed to be long done and I think the creator is either banned or just not coming back. Even though I won and should be getting a bunch of clintz, I'd be happy to have it deleted and get back my entrance fee (or even just have it deleted and call it a day):

3 messages
English misslaplay - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 25/10/2011, 16:13.
I was accepted to a event that you have to play in the even specific rooms however I have no idea how to get into such rooms, help anyone?
5 messages
English 0MissLdNoelCr - last answer from K1R1T0KUN, Tuesday 25/10/2011, 07:56.
I need helps sirs!

Saturday 22/10/11

5 messages
English Dalldude - last answer from Carnage_Time, Saturday 22/10/2011, 19:10.
I dont know how to find out when there is a daily tournament when im on my iphone, is there like an icon? and where.
Monday 17/10/11

6 messages
English iLegacyx - subject is closed
Won 1st Place in DT 3 Times , Any modifications needs?
Friday 14/10/11

2 messages
English 0 Oliver - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Friday 14/10/2011, 10:04.
deleted - Rate and Comment
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English teSG-Light - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Friday 14/10/2011, 10:03.

This is my current deck for playing in Type 1 tournaments.

I've been seeing some success with it. (getting to top 1/3 consistantly, and reaching 100-150 place once)

But I'm wondering how I could improve this deck more. I assembled it from relatively cheaper cards with an empahsis on high damage / power.

I don't have problems with mono Pussycat / Junkz because of Poison and their (relatively) low damage.

I do have problems with mono Montana / Sakrohmn (although this isn't as common I think) / Nightmare / Skeelz.

I don't intend to spend alooooot of money on the game, so really expensive cards are...... out of the question.
Wednesday 12/10/11

2 messages
English -Vehement- - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Wednesday 12/10/2011, 12:44.
My concerns are about Na Boh and how to turn this into an ELO deck

Raeth Summons the Kraken!

Feel free to check out my other decks too.
Tuesday 11/10/11

7 messages
English wats_happenin - last answer from Mr Intelijent, Tuesday 11/10/2011, 13:09.
Mainly because i can

7 messages
English IlIllllllI - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 11/10/2011, 10:55.
Just wondering but I just came back from a break of UR and when I beat someone they tell me I'm a coward for using a Bangerz Mono deck. So is there a hate of Mono decks now? Just wondering
2 messages
English aFleetingWord - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 11/10/2011, 10:53.
Id_deleted Comments are appreciated
2 messages
English Graboid - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 11/10/2011, 10:52.
Check out my profile, i have my decks posted there,

Comments and suggestions highly appreciated!
2 messages
English sunbunman - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 11/10/2011, 10:49.

Flanagan finally gives what the Junkz need for a long long time - a solid 2*
18 messages
English Taekwonbro - last answer from Taekwonbro, Tuesday 11/10/2011, 00:07.
Hey folks, just started playing around the 1st of Oct, so still new, enjoying the game so far.
Realizing that its going to take a really solid deck to accomplish anything in this game (including just to get a halfway decent amount of clintz), I considered this powerhouse deck.

Kawamashi 3*
Kostner 3*
Melanie 2*
Miho 2*
Total = 10*

{La Junta}
Trish 3*
Naginata 5*
Bryan 4*
Jane Ramba 3*
Total = 15*

Constructive criticism welcome.

The main idea is to have large powerhouse characters, where most of them can act as a good bluff card, leaving my opponent open to one of the devastating punishments of another card in hand.

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