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Friday 22/07/11

3 messages
English EN PaLePosH - last answer from EN PaLePosH, Friday 22/07/2011, 09:10.
Help me... I have tried so many to get higher and higher points but the result still same..my best rank in DT is 33 with 252 points..I tried to play fast n won 11, draw 3 loss 2..what make me dont understand is ..the 1st rank in DT that day score 420 points..how he do that? it`s impossible for me to think that his point really go up quickly...we play same amount of time ..
this is my preset...hope somebody can fix my deck..so..I can be at par with the 1st dt winner...
Thursday 21/07/11

2 messages
English Mr Smokey_WMD - subject is closed
Made for Dt obviously. Is it worth it to switch Ector to Smokey Cr

8 messages
English fisheatdog - last answer from Pinoy Duel, Thursday 21/07/2011, 04:56.
So i found a tiny cuts All Stars / Montana deck that looked pretty good (Jessie, Kang, Randy, Robb Cr, Stacey, Mona, Ottavia, Prince Jr, Sharon, Spiaghi) so i copied it and tried it out. (dont remember the link to the preset). i ended up finishing 45th using that deck plus a regular mono Montana at the end, which was my best finish, but i really wanna go higher so i can start making bigger clintz are there any tricks? i felt like i played slow and couldve gotten more matches in (i got 16 in), especially when i faced some ridiculous hands like Jackie Cr and Dorian against my little 2*s. are you supposed to try to end those fights fast? and what about using tiny cuts, is it effective for the whole dt? i got quite a few nice 30 ish pointers. i have a lot of questions lol
3 messages
English aFleetingWord - last answer from ManOfLuckHOA, Thursday 21/07/2011, 04:47.
Hey, I originally posted about the pirana/Skeelz deck but I've since changed that after I got lucky with a booster so the deck I have now is Freaks & Pirana

if you have any suggestions or comments feel free to mention them.
Wednesday 20/07/11

4 messages
English Victran - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Wednesday 20/07/2011, 12:40.

hope you like it It didn't seem to be published as a preset already
Tuesday 19/07/11

6 messages
English Jacknife5028 - last answer from Mr Smokey_WMD, Tuesday 19/07/2011, 19:40.
I've been reading some of posts in this forum and decided to open a new dialogue along those lines. I am a new player(tried the game years ago but other games drew me away). I've been playing in DT type 1 since level 11. I run a Freaks/Sakrohm with Hugo. Most of my cards are considered sub-par. I play DT to get top 3rd for the credit, however, even after its a sure thing that I'd stay in the top 3rd I keep playing to see just how high I can get. I am very happy that I placed 43rd once. DT is not only a great way for me to earn credits and clintz, but also for me to improve my strategy by playing against some of the best players out there on occasion. I am becoming pretty apt at predicting just how many pills my opponent will use and adjust my own accordingly. With using Freaks, almost all of my matches go 4 rounds. One of my tactics that frustrates people the most is that by turn 3, if there is a low probability for a win but a high probability for a draw, I will go for the draw. At this point in my gaming career, I do not try to maximize my BPs. A win, even if it only gets me 19 BPs, is enough to make me happy right now.

Many of the ways that I play people have complained about because they would rather have a quick match that they can max their Bps with. Perhaps one day I will be like minded. I just hope that when that day comes, I don't become belligerent to those who are coming up the ranks the same way I did.
5 messages
Русский makebas - last answer from The_HoAx, Tuesday 19/07/2011, 04:39.
Is there smth like the best time for DT? since UR is being played all over the world and among all the time zones it seems to be very balanced. do we have here smth like dead zone (sorry if "dead zone" is not properly used), when DT rooms are free?
Monday 18/07/11

3 messages
English maximo6000 - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Monday 18/07/2011, 13:06.
Angry Zoo Rate Green!
If this preset reached 800+ I will give away a Laura to a lucky player who comment.
So do post a comment so I know that you green faced!
3 messages
English 7leavez - last answer from 7leavez, Monday 18/07/2011, 04:53.
I got a mono Sakrohm deck going rite now n it works wonders for me...but since im lv 34 im about to get Ambre... but when i get her im just gonna sell her cause i dont need leaders to win...i wus just wondering which clan best compliments the Sakrohm..by the way my deck is Corrina, Jautya, Murray, Na Boh, Nimestiec, Petra, Stella, and Wakai
Saturday 16/07/11

6 messages
English Victran - last answer from BritRivalry, Saturday 16/07/2011, 15:11.
Alright guy's .. I am looking for good DT decks that aren't some uber 1st place leet deck .. I am just looking for decks that can get me top 1/3 easily enough .. only reason I care for dt's are the +1 cred

clans I prefer using are one's that use attack manip or power manip

Don't wanna have to pay 80k on a deck because of cr's and such

oh and my current deck which I have been loving is
Spudd , Kang , El Gringo , Stacey , Randy , Ashley , Jessie , Alexie
One me many a games/ top 1/3 in dt's
11 messages
English XC 1984 - last answer from WMDuessel, Saturday 16/07/2011, 05:16.
Urban-Rivals Cheap Decks Ep3

Here is a very fun atk manipulation deck for under 4000 clintz!!! I was originally suggested a deck like this by IM_Daemonfrog after Ep2 of my cheap deck series.

The deck is made to overpower your opponent's cards by just using it's atk manipulation and light pill usage. It does suffer a bit in Dts with Hugo in the deck but Hugo is a lovely trump card to further boost the sentinels dominance in the game ( Skiner for example has 30 atk at 0 pillz ).

The heavy support also is very daunting for any player to face. John gets an incredible 9 power to play around with and Martha becomes unstoppable as well with the +20 Atk mirroring Rowdy.

The stop cards are very useful for your dt run in countering (or jjust being there) cards with SOA or even the scary Jackie!!

Future changes can be made with Coby, Lehane for example but these will be explained in the video link at the bottom of this post.

I hope you enjoy this cheap gem!!!!

Link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGoVgrKq6hY&feature=channel_video_title

Make sure you post your cheap decks in the preset and make sure you watch all episodes of my cheap deck series!!
Friday 15/07/11

37 messages
English Mr Intelijent - last answer from wasteroftime, Friday 15/07/2011, 09:21.
I am absolutely sick of losing DTs becuase of running into drs. Surely no one posesses a reason to use Uranus, Na Boh, TrinmkkT and GraksmxxT. Dt is a fast format made for quick wins and damaging, DRs are just stallers mabey banning every DR would be a bit over the top but they are extreamly annoying and most DRs can't win a match and if they can they only do like 1 or 2 damage. 99 percent of people who use DRs in their decks like Deebler and Jeena are just out to stall and it's becoming beyond a joke I think 1 dr should be allowed in every deck and no more as for Pussy Cats well their not even meant for dt. Cherry and Muze are in most decks and they require lots of rounds to win which adds to stalling. What do you think?
Thursday 14/07/11

8 messages
Русский makebas - last answer from makebas, Thursday 14/07/2011, 17:22.
Need some advice in deck building. want to make it 22*.
also have an idea to make it duo, but still dont know with whom to combine them. any advices are welcome
P.S. have about 10000 Clintz to buy new cards
Wednesday 13/07/11

5 messages
English (GWN)rush543 - last answer from WMDuessel, Wednesday 13/07/2011, 00:57.
Looking for what could be the best type 1 deck for sentinels
Tuesday 12/07/11

2 messages
English MrkingPin_MoB - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 12/07/2011, 23:35.
I really miss seeing MY and MY friends scores During the DT. Anyone else miss it?

5 messages
Deutsch Scder - last answer from Scder, Tuesday 12/07/2011, 21:47.
A bit of an embarassing question, but I can't seem to find a FAQ or anything about it, so I am here to ask:

Which formula calculates the points you get for a match in a tourney?

So far i figured, that star-levels are taken into account with lower levels relative to your opponent tending to rend more points.
But is this per Round?as in:
Win with 2* vs. 5 star; get A points
Win with 4* vs. 3*; get B points
lose with any star vs. any star; get 0 points

Or per match?
As in win a match with your stars (i.e. 2+2+3+4) divided by opponent stars (i.e. 3+4+5+5) and multiplied by some constant for winning?

What other factors are taken into account? K.O. and Pillz left I know of. Does the overall outcome of the match actually count? The Life-gap? Relative position of combatants as in Elo? Randomness?

Probably there's a link hidden somewhere in these boards containing the answer - but I just couldn't figure it's position...

Thanks for anyone who feels like taking a little time to enlight me
Monday 11/07/11

10 messages
English aFleetingWord - last answer from Famous Falco, Monday 11/07/2011, 21:59.
I started UR kinda recently I'm only lvl 16 so I don't have thousands of Clintz to spend and I was looking for some advice on what people with more experience in the game have for retooling the deck.


Its still missing Tula to fill in the last 2* so keep that in mind.

Thank you in advance for any helpful commentary its greatly appreciated.
6 messages
English markXtheXspot - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Monday 11/07/2011, 18:27.
dt winner: piranas w/ a splash
i get bored always usin the same deck as everybody else but none of the other attack manipulation clans are quite as good as Montana or Uppers for dt's (imo). solution? get rid of the attack manipulation. ta da!
7 messages
English SpongeBobber - last answer from Krazed Rock, Monday 11/07/2011, 09:44.
A lot of people said Roots clan suck but actually they are very good.Their clan bonus is is ''Stop your Ability''.And your cards ability is very important of course .Reason why that makes your card Special!!! Another thing is Roots are very nice to Bluff with and can trick your opponent with ease. You could have a decent deck with just 2000 clints,but if you have the money i advise you to buy Kiki normal not CR,Jerry,Rico,Gernaj,Rosen and Jookie.
oh and another thing Kiki is best to bluff with his natural power is 4 and fury 8,but his ability is +3 power and bonus stop your ability.Many people dont see that abilty so its a very good card for the price
Thursday 07/07/11

5 messages
English cartermatic - last answer from KRKN, Thursday 07/07/2011, 22:22.
Ok lately I've been getting pretty frustrated..

I keep losing battles to cards that have the exact same attack as me And the exact number of pills used. For instance today: I fought a guy with 5 attack power he used 5 pills which put him @30. My guys was a 5 attack power guy and I had happened to use five pills and I was also at 30.. Y do I constantly lose fights like this!?!? It's highly irritaiting and I've yet to win a fight when it ends up like this.. Is there something I'm missing?

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